Chapter 25: Phantom Planet – Aftermath

"Danny, is your speech ready?" Maddie asked.

"Yes, Mom." Danny answered. "I still can't believe the award ceremony is taking place so few days before the recall election. Kinda makes me regret telling the world about how Plasmius rigged the election. Then Ernesto Montez wouldn't be pulling this publicity stunt."

"You did the right thing, son." Jack pointed out. "Not to mention that whoever was running the town otherwise would be pulling the same trick."

"Will Invisigirl be there for the ceremony?" Jazz asked. "Or will Violet be there?"

"Mr. Incredible will be there, Jazz." Danny answered. "The others will come as Parrs."

"Will Tucker and Sam appear as well?" Jazz asked.

"Yes." Danny answered. "Mayor Montez agreed to save seats for them."

"I meant as their superhero selves, little brother." Jazz replied.

"They can't now that they returned the Miraculous, Jazz." Danny explained.

"Will Superman and Supergirl come?" Jack eagerly asked and then tried to act serious. "To get the deflector belts, I mean."

"Are they ready?" Danny asked. "I thought you were supposed to call Batman through that beeper he gave you."

"Oops." Jack sheepishly replied. "I knew I forgot something."

Meanwhile, at W.O.O.H.P. headquarters, Jerry was giving three of his best spies an assignment. "Girls, answering a request from the National Super Agency, I've agreed to send the three of you to Amity Park to guard the homage to Danny Phantom." Jerry said.

Alex was worried. "Uh, Jerry? Does Agent Dicker know I once dated Danny and he doesn't know I'm a spy?"

"Don't worry, Alex." Jerry reassured the Queen of Sports. "You won't meet Danny Phantom. You'll be watching from hiding spots while looking for signs of trouble."

"Okay, Jerry." Alex replied.

Later on, the Citizens of Amity Park were watching the ceremony. "Look at that, Sam." Tucker said. "Do you think I'd be that good as a Mayor?"

"Do you think pigs can fly?" Sam asked in reply.

"So, Danny Phantom, what's it like being Amity Park's greatest superhero?" Mayor Montez asked.

"Mr. Mayor, it's such a great moment I'd love to share it with a special girl." Danny replied.

"I'm here, my ghost boy!" Paulina exclaimed as she stood up and started walking towards the stage.

"Not you, Paulina." Danny replied.

"Paulina, I warned you." Paulina's father stated as he started pulling her away by the ear.

"Ouch. Daddy, you're embarrassing me!" She protested.

"You're doing a great job yourself." He retorted.

Unbeknownst for them, three girls were watching the spectacle from a distance. "Wow!" Clover exclaimed. "I never thought I'd say it of anybody but that girl is more pathetic than Mandy."

"Clover, we have more important things to do." Samantha scolded Clover.

"I have terrible news." Clover said. "To Alex. Danny's still dating that Violet girl."

"I don't mean that." Samantha said.

"I'm also keeping count of the number of handsome boys." Clover said. "I hope at least one of those with red jerseys is available. Why couldn't Jerry let us mingle with the civilians?"

"Uh, because he was afraid they'd see you making a spectacle?" Alex suggested and Clover glared at her.

"They sure are." Supergirl commented from a distance.

"What?" Batgirl asked from a nearby rooftop.

"Some of those W.O.O.H.P. girls who helped us against Drakken's robots are making a scene, Batgirl." Supergirl explained.

"Are they also concerned about Danny knowing their secret identities?" Batgirl asked.

"I don't know but it seems one of them also dated Danny through You+Me=Love." Supergirl answered with a frown.

"If it turns out he knows she's a spy, I'll start suspecting he deliberately chose a normal girl because he felt intimidated." Batgirl commented.

"It doesn't sound like the Danny I know." Supergirl replied.

"True." Batgirl agreed. "And Batman noted that Violet Parr, the girl Danny chose over us, came to Amity Park for her first date with him the very same day Invisigirl was first seen in Amity Park."

"Stop right there before I start thinking that the website was meant for superheroes, Batgirl." Spergirl demanded.

"Okay." Batgirl replied. 'In that case, I won't tell her about Kim Possible, Starfire, Sailor Jupiter and any of the other heroines Danny, knowingly or not, met.'

At the stage, Mayor Montez made another announcement. "Knowing our ghost hero might be absent again like when he helped capturing that French terrorist, I've created a team of ghost hunters: I present you… the Ghost Blasters!"

"Ghost Blasters stop disasters!" They exclaimed.

"Can you believe that, Tucker?" Sam asked with a frown.

"I know, Sam." Tucker answered and then smiled. "I need to find a rhyme for 'Phantom'."

"Really?" Velma asked. "Another team of ghost hunters shows up and that's your reaction?"

"BEWARE!" They heard and the Box Ghost phased himself in front of them. "I am the Box Ghost, master of all things cardboard and square!"

"Get real." Velma replied in disdain. "I've unmasked fakes that remained more impressive than that even after being unmasked."

"Beware." The Box Ghost said and left.

"Does that Crate Creep do it every day?" Velma asked.

"More like every week but it feels like it's every day." Tucker answered.

"But please don't call the Box Ghost a Crate Creep in front of Jazz." Sam asked. "It'll just encourage her."

"What's wrong with adding an alliterative appeal?" Velma asked.

"Oh, no." Sam muttered. "Another one."

"Look." Shaggy said. "Isn't that, like, Musa the Musician?"

"Yeah, I've seen some shows on TV." Tucker answered.

"She's, like, one of the girls I met through the dating service." Shaggy explained.

"Well, she started her career in Gardenia." Tucker commented. "She could be the same Musa Danny met there."

'If I still had any hopes with Danny, they ended now.' Sam thought.

Afterwards, they went to Fentonworks. "Yes, Tucker." Danny answered. "She was Musa the Musician." For obvious reasons, he didn't mention about her and her friends being fairies. Not only because he didn't want to betray other people's secrets but also because he didn't want to risk sharing a padded cell with that Crocker guy from Vicky's home town.

"I just don't get why the Mayor expect Danny to use the key to the city." Jack commented. "The ghosts can simply phase through the door."

Everyone around him facepalmed. Before Jack could ask for explanations, they heard the doorbell. "I'll get it!" Maddie eagerly said. "Agent Dicker? How may we help you?"

"It involves a secret not meant to be known by civilians with no clearance." Rick said. Taking the cue, Tucker and Sam left. "Danny, the World Organization of Human Protection has reason to believe you know the identities of the agents who captured the criminal known as Tim Scam in Amity Park."

"During my second date?" Danny asked and soon realized his blunder. If Rick and Jerry still had any doubts, he'd just ended them.

"Have you ever told anyone about them?" Rick asked with a stern face.

"No, Sir." Danny fearfully answered.

"Not even the people you trusted with your identity back then?" Rick asked.

"It isn't my secret to tell, Sir." Danny answered.

"Good." Rick commented. "Had W.O.O.H.P. learned that you know before you joined the National Super Agency, they might have resorted to extra measures to make sure you'd never tell anybody but, as another agent, you have clearance. You still have to keep their identities a secret."

"Yes, Sir." Danny replied.

After Rick left, Tucker and Sam returned. "What did he want, Danny?" Sam asked.

"That's confidential, Sam." Danny answered.

"But it's okay for your invisigirlfriend to know, isn't it?" Sam retorted.

"She's a super who works for the Government, Sam." Danny replied. "And you should stop antagonizing Violet just because I'm dating her. Now I'm curious: back when you assumed she'd dump me for losing my powers, did you hope for another chance with me or do you think of my powers as the only reason someone would want to date me?"

"Danny!" Sam exclaimed. "How can you think this? I actually liked you even before you got powers!"

"Really?" Danny was surprised but then steeled himself to answer the question. "Well, you thought Violet would dump me while I was powerless."

"It was mostly wishful thinking, Danny." Sam meekly said.

"Well, you'd better stop." Danny demanded. "If you can't accept I'm dating someone other than you, I don't think we can even be friends anymore."

About time you had him say that, Luiz4200.

Deadpool, stay out of it.

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Meanwhile, back in New York, Wade Wilson's girlfriend was being abducted by the scientist who turned him into Deadpool.

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"I'll stop! Please!" Sam pleaded.

"Alright. One! More! Chance!" Danny replied.

End chapter.

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