The school bell rung at Merryweather High School. 16-year old Melinda Sordino stepped onto the school steps when she stepped out of the building. She looked very cheerful. She had a very bright on her face tossed her hair into the blowing wind. It was the middle of December and sophomore year had already begin.

It had been this much better since the home arrest of Andy Evans. That happened this summer.. Melinda continued telling her teachers,family members and friends after the court sentence that she felt more safe at school.

When she got to her sophomore year, she saw that the friends she reconnected with also changed. Rachel was in a brand new relationship,Nicole was on the girls tennis team and Ivy is in a top grade in art class. With all her friends growing, Melinda had been beginning to wonder is it time for a change in herself yet? Or was she late into changing?

Rachel has keep suggesting her that she should get a boyfriend so they could go on double dates, but, Melinda didn't Petrakis seems pretty nice but she sees him more as a friend. Melinda decided to start her own journey.

Since her sophomore year began, she had been going to an art club to honor her teacher, . ,and ,after school she went to coffee shops and to therapy. Her parents and friends were proud and supportive of Melinda's decision on what to do in her life today

Now, in December, Melinda was going to this special therapy that her brother recommended. after Melinda waited outside and could finally see her brother's car had pulled up. Melinda quickly hopped into the front seat,

"Hey Dennis.",greeted Melinda.

"Hey Melly.", teased Dennis softly.

He playfully messed with Melinda's hair, making Melinda laugh. That made Dennis smile. He liked to see his sister began driving off the entire car ride was almost silent before somebody started the conversation,

"So what is this special therapy Dennis?",asked Melinda.

"Oh well Melinda, it is a group therapy. Well,I didn't recommended it for you. Mom and Dad told me so I could suggest it for you.",explained Dennis.

Melinda became a little silent.

Dennis took one look at Melinda, "Look I know that you been through a lot.

I couldn't forget the first time you told me what happened and made me promise not to tell Mom and Dad. Before you told them, I remember Mom feeling devastated about not protecting you,not knowing and Dad calling the police.", said Dennis seriously.

Melinda got quiet. She remembered it like it was yesterday. The entire summer was spent in court. One session after another on what to do with Andy, These sessions involved herself, her parents,his parents and Dennis sitting there with lawyers surrounding them. She could remember the guilty look on Andy's face the entire time. It felt good he got what he deserved. No secrets or fear anymore. Dennis was in tears during his impact speech on sexual assault. This was clear that everyone in her family was horrified by what happened. Dennis said he couldn't imagine it happening it to her and was glad she got to face her 's parents were glaring angrily at Melinda's family. It was very tense when their son was sentenced to house arrest when the court session was over. Melinda remembered on the steps that Andy's Dad socked her father in the nose and Andy's mom yelling, "Your little punk of a daughter ruined my son's life!"

Melinda forgot it right now just to focus on her sophomore year, but,looking back at it now just made her feel more powerful.

"I know Dennis that your worried about me,but, I'm more capable of protecting myself now.",said Melinda softly.

"That's good to hear. Its just I don't want you to get hurt again." ,said Dennis.

Melinda went for the last time.

"I know Dennis, I would like you thank you for suggesting me group therapy, anyway. I would like to meet people who need to work through experiences like I do.",said Melinda.

"Anytime.",said Dennis,

He continued driving with hoping in his heart that this therapy would be help for his sister's needs.