Ponyboy has sprung awake from his bed once his alarm clock had started ringing. He went to turn it off and he could see that two of his older brothers, Sodapop and Darry, were standing near him

"Whats going on?", said Ponyboy, who was still sleepy after he got out of bed.

"You overslept you're late for school." scolded Sodapop.

"Yeah? I tried to call for you for breakfast but you didn't hear me."said Darry.

Ponyboy's eye's all of a sudden widened as he quickly got out to change into his outfit then moved into the kitchen with his older brothers to eat the breakfast that Darry had left out for Ponyboy.

A Few Minutes Later~

Ponyboy was out of the house with his backpack on to run to the school as he was saying goodbye to both of his brothers

"Bye I see you two soon." He said to them

as he ran off while as he ran both of Sodapop and Darry were waving at him

"Bye." When Ponyboy was gone to school both Sodapop and Darry both looked at each other

"What are we going to do with him?" ,They both said.