As Melinda's day of school ended, the afternoon mood was in full swing at the school. There were kids sitting in the sunshine. There were kids scattered across the lawn standing and chatting before they moved off, heading home. Melinda walked out of the building and walked towards her brother, Dennis's, car. He was picking her up, like he did yesterday. When Melinda opened the car door, she threw her bookbag into the backseat and then, she sat right next to Dennis. He was already in the driver's seat, holding his hands on the wheel. Melinda buckled her seatbelt. Dennis looked out to check for oncoming traffic , so he could pull away from the curb. When Dennis was sure it was safe. Then, he started to drive. While Dennis was driving, he had his eyes focused on the road,

"How's Dad doing?",asked Melinda.

Dennis turned to her to spot her facial expression after he heard what she just said. He knew what she was referring to about last night.

"He's doing fine. Listen, he didn't mean to say what he said. After all, we want you to still enjoy you're second day of group therapy.", encouraged Dennis.

That reminded Melinda that today was the second day of group therapy for her, which meant that she was about to see Ponyboy again. The thought of it had made her smile. The thought of seeing him again.