Dennis's car finally pulled up at the building. Melinda shifted herself out of the car to walk into the building

"Have a good day. I'll pick you when schools over.", said Dennis.

He drove off as Melinda waved him goodbye.

Then she turned away to walk to the door, suddenly, Melinda slipped on a crack part of the sidewalk that was near the gate.

"Ahhh!",she shouted as she was falling, but,all of a sudden, she felt somebody caught her just in time. Melinda looked up, it was a tall boy with blonde hair wearing a black jean jacket. He looked concerned. Melinda was silent, quickly scanning his face and body language to see if he was friendly. Melinda had trouble trusting boys, after what happened. She didn't even trust her own brother at one point.

"You okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine, thank you.", said Melinda as she tried to stand quickly,"So it's your first day two?"

"Uh, yeah.",said the boy as he nodded.

"You?",he asked.

"Yeah, me too.", said Melinda.

They walked side by side now. The two of them were getting close to the gate that's when they stopped and turned to look at each other.

"Hey is it okay if I open the door for you?", asked the boy.

"Yeah, it's okay.",said Melinda.

He opened the door to let Melinda through before walking in himself.