Ponyboy walked all the way home from the therapy meeting. He opened the door, and saw that his older brother Darry was in the kitchen cooking dinner.

"Hey Darry.",he said.

"Hey.", he said back.

He was focused on steaming on whatever was in the boiler. Then, he held his hand over the oven

"I'm going you to call out for dinner so you could tell me on how was your first day at therapy?,said Darry.

Ponyboy looked over at him. While he was talking to him, Ponyboy responded with a nod before heading into his room. He unpacked all of his stuff in the backyard, before he sat down to eat with his brother Darry, and also his other brother Sodapop

A Few Minutes Later~

At the dinner table, Darry had place plates of salad in front of Ponyboy and Sodapop before sitting down himself so he could also eat. The plate that has salad keeps everyone's focus. After moment of heavy chewing, the three brothers looked up from on eating their salads. Darry had said something. He brought up the question that Ponyboy was waiting for.

"So, how was therapy?",he asked.

Ponyboy looked up at his brother from his plate to he could answer the question,

"It was good.",he said.

"Good. I'm glad to hear that.",said Darry.

He and Ponyboy went back to finishing their salads. Time to talk about the Ponyboy's first day and first experience at therapy again.

"You know I did that so I could help you, right?", asked Darry as Ponyboy looked up at him again.

"Yeah, of course, my brother, and, brothers stick together."agreed Ponyboy

Darry responded with a laugh causing the two other brothers to laugh along with him

"Alright, so, it's getting late so time to go to bed.",said Darry.

He watched Sodapop and Ponyboy get out of their seats as they picked up their plates to put them in the sink before going into their rooms and going into bed to sleep for most of the night.