At school Melinda had taken the bus like she did before. The bus went faster than walking and it drove all the way to the school. It dropped her off in front so that when she went in it was closest to her first class. Once she passed the safety desk, she walked through the school hallways to get to where her locker was, immediately, her best friend Rachel appeared,

"Hey.",she said with a smile on her face.

"Hey.",said Melinda.

She smiled back once she had opened and reached to her locker to organize her stuff. It was important she was ready with her books organized before her first period of class. All this activity went on while Rachel stood and watched.

"So, how did that therapy group go?",asked Rachel curiously.

Rachel's smile on her face has turned into smirk while as Melinda turned around to face her,

It went good.",nodded Melinda with a smile.

"Really was there any boys in that class that you thought were cute?",asked Rachel teasingly. Melinda then had started to roll her eyes around the time when she then shut her locker to talk to her

"No we went over this Rachel I'm not ready to date.",scolded Melinda.

Rachel's face made a frown. It started to make Melinda laugh. The laughter only stopped when Rachel's new boyfriend, Ben , jcame over to surprise Rachel by wrapping his arms around her to reach down to kiss her on the cheek

"Hey babe", said flirty Rachel giggling.

Melinda watched a smile seeing that her best friend is in a relationship where she is happy and safe

"Would you like me to walk you to class?", asked Ben as Rachel nodded in agreement.

The both of them walked together. Melinda followed them because Ben was right it is close to when the bell is going to rung which means they have to get to class now.