Chapter 1: Manifestation

Hello, people! I thought of this story, pretty random.

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"WHAT? I-Impossible! I am the all powerful DIO!" DIO screamed, as his stand and body was slowly cracking from Star Platinum's punch.

How did this happen, he was DIO! He was to be the ruler of this world! HE WAS DIO!

DIO was sent flying with that last powerful punch. His vision began to blur, his abnormally long life flashed before his eyes.

"You thought your first kiss would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!"

"I reject my humanity, JoJo!"

"JoJo! Let me go! Release me! Think of what we two could achieve! You'd like a taste of eternity, would you not? I can heal your wounds! You and Erina can live together, forever! JoJo! ...No... It's too late... He's dead..."

"Do not be afraid... Let's be friends."

"Do you believe in gravity?"

"Die, JoJo!"

"I honestly just wish I could start over."

As his eyelids fluttered shut, the last person DIO saw was his bane, Jotaro Kujo.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a votax-like portal appeared, and DIO was approaching the portal quite fast.

"Wha- what the hell is that?! No! Shit his head-" Jotaro thought, he tried to move. Too late.

DIO's body flew inside the portal which actually closed and disappeared.

Jotaro could do nothing as he just witnessed his greatest enemy vinish in thin air.

DIO was barely awake, he just kept holding on. All of a sudden his entire being felt like it was breaking into a bazillion tiny bits and shifting through this weird rainbow moving cosmic plain.

At this high altitude of energy, it was a buzzing, tickling, pins-n-needles kind of feeling. It was truly exhausted.

"WWWWRRRRYYY!" DIO again felt even more pain flaring through his body. NO, Johnthan' body. starting from his neck. He curls tightly in a ball, while clutching at his neck, panting.

Something was wrong. But now it was so so so so definitely wrong. "I-I'm feeling a change, as if I'm srinking." He groans, he wishes foe anything, to distract his from the pain and the heat. Why is all of this messing with his body? He bites down hard on his tongue, tasting blood.

He was granding his teeth together. The light around him started to brighten. He looks down at Jonathan's body, and see's that blood is seeping out. The body started to disintegrate slowly.

'WHAT? No!' DIO could do nothing. All that remains is his head and nexk now.

But more pain just joins in. Is this Torture Poor DIO week?

And then it increases. A hundredfold.

He squeezes his eyes shut, a scream building in his throat, but he never allows it to come out. He hears the sound of flesh and the creaking of bones? There' immense pain in his head and neck. It feels like something is growing by his neck.

His new body looks smaller. Like when he was a teenage. He js now covered with sweat and his own blood. The pain increases and increases. DIO'S hair tickles his temples and his feet rub against each other to try to distract him. But with the pain in his new body also emerges some sort of...tingling.

Something that feels different. New. And with his younger self, it feels so amazing.

"What's this? A new body?' he said out loud in pain. He noticed immediately, his voice sounds much less deep exactly like his teenager self.

There was a super bright light at what seemed the end of this colorful wormhole.

But before he could see what was on the other side, he falls unconscious.

A soft sigh could be heard from the private garden of the Phenex household, one which was usually forbidden except for the masters and their guests, a young blonde-haired girl sat.

However, unlike her usual prideful and haughty look, right now she is looking depressed.

Although she was looking at the flowers intensely, however, her mind was actually focused on a boy named Issei Hyoudou.

Who is super perverted low-class devil and ranked in Rias Gremory' peerage as a Pawn.

Rias is the next heiress of the Gremory Clan after her older brother, Sirzechs, who took the title of Lucifer. She is known as the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess. '

On Issei' left arm, he wields the Sacred Gear , Boosted Gear , making him a dangerous opponent to underestimate.

Ravel use to follow her brother's authority to a full degree. Riser Phenex , a man who is also part of the Phenex Clan who was betrothed Rias.

After her brother's defeat at the hands of Issei, who fought for Rias. Ravel use to infatuated with Issei. But soon relisled it would never work between them.

He is in love with Rias Gremory and wants to be a harem king. Which Ravel does not want to be put of. She wanted Issei to be hers and hers alone, not to share. But she is slowly getting over him. Besides, there are plenty of great guys out there, right?

'Am I jealous of Rias Gremory? No, of course not!' Ravel was glaring at the floor now.

"Hah…" She let out a very unladylike sigh, and then she buried her face on her thighs. "I wish, that I don't have to feel lonely anymore. I want someone like Issei … strong, handsome, loyal, determined, kind, protective and caring..." the young Phenex was looking dreamy at the sky.

"Am I really that desperate?" Ravel frowned at that.

As if the Satan or God heard her wish. A few yards away, in the sky, a shockwave of energy was sent out.

Colourful lights gathered around the place, like auroras. The younger Phenex noted, a small purple fl shockwave happened.

Ravel narrowed her eyes, the light in the sky piercing were nearly blinding her.

Never had she seen anything like this before, and the pure energy was so shocking and unstable she even seemed to be affected by it. "Wha- what is that…?" She stammered. Her thoughts, however, were interrupted as the destructive energy disappeared, the light fading away.

Left was only a blonde haired boy around her age, falling towards the ground with at a fast pace. Her instincts, surprisingly, took over, and she quickly spread out her flame wings and flew straight at him.

She felt the wind against her face as her, flame wings fought to keep her in the air.

After a very intense chase, she finally caught the boy in her arms, saving him from an early death.

Her feeling of accomplishment, though, stopped as she turned around, flying back towards her room as fast as she could. Landing beside her bed with a thud, she gently put the boy on her bed.

There was a big problem... he was naked!

"AHHHHH! Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. I was carrying a naked boy into my room! I was trying to save him, yeah. I didn't see everything. Nothing too scandalous. Heh, he, he, he, he, he." luckily she turned around quickly.

The Phenex princess couldn' help herself from blushing furiously at what she just witnessed. How did she not notice THAT? Oh yes, the Adrenaline rush!

His got to use some form of clothes. But what? I don't have any boys clothes in my room." Ravel was thinking, while looking around. She saw her pink nightgown hanging by her dressing chair. What choice does she have? She quickly grabbed it and threw it at the blonde boy without looking at him.

Thankfully for her it covered most of his body. She moved closer to him and lowered the gown to at least cover his bottom have of his body.

Ravel began looking at him properly, analyzing his wounds. Which he seemed to have none. Just a alot of blood on his body – not that she could. It was all over his body. After a few moments, she finally began the healing process, starting by cleaning his body.

Ravel that started to clean his body from blood.

She blushed at the sight of a very muscular body. A strong abdomen and a thick chest made her heart race a bit.

Suddenly the teenage boy let out a groan, which startled the young Phenex. The blonde boy shook his head. "Hmm?" He opened his eyes slowly, only to find himself looking at a young woman. He got up with a jolt.

"Wha? Who are you? Where am I? Why can't I remember anything?" the blonde haired boy was panicking, looking around in fear. Ravel placed both of her hands on his shoulders trying to calm him down.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure that you will be alright and all will be explained." she tried to subdue him.

Which actually worked on the mystery boy, who started to relax under her touch and voice. He seemed to be listening to her, with the utmost servility. Which caught her over guard, she let it slide.

"My name is Ravel Phenex, and who might you be?" She formed a magic circles in both of her hand as she applied her healing magic at the blonde haired boy. He was staring Ravel performing her magic in wonder. He didn't know what she was doing, but he did notice immediately the pain lifting off his body.

"I don't remember anything... no wait... I remember now..." he was pondering and than smiled, looke directly into Ravel's eyes.

"It's Dio Brando."

Well, that was good.

Wonder how things will turn out?

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