Chapter 2 : Conclave

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"So…basically I was flunge out of a portal. I end up in the underworld. You saved me and healed my wounds. Also you're a devil?" Dio asked, while looking skeptical.

He was trying to digest all this information, he finds it quite bizarre.

Ravel basically explained mostly everything.

Currently they are in the Underworld, which Devil's mostly reside in.

There are many other different worlds too. Some vast and ancient. Mythological beings exist, including, Gods, Buddhas, Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels, Dragons, Souls, and various otherworldly creatures that dwell around.

Then there is the most important. Humans, who are the most common species with the largest population on Earth. After the Great War had exhausted all Three Factions, the Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils all had to rely on humans to continue their generation.

Devils need humans to sign contracts with them, which increases their power and standing in the Underworld. However, in order to get the human to sign the contract, the Devil must first fulfill their end of the bargain.

Dio is apparently a human, which surprises Ravel. It's not everyday a human gets to walk around in the Underworld.

He was radiating this… unknown energy. His giving off so much of this unique power. It will give most powerful Devils a run for their money.

She could feel his barely restrained energy. Yet it felt comforting and surprisingly safe. Like it will cause no harm to her.

She decides not to mention his high power, yet. She is not sure how she is going to explain to Dio. Also, is he truly good or evil? He doesn't seem bad.

She has to play it safe. She can't trust him, right off the bat. He could be a threat. Even though she had already given a lot of information.

Deep down, she feels like she can trust this newcomer.

"Yes… I already explained to you. I am a Pure-Blooded Devil… Where are you going with this?" she asked. She wondered, what was going on in his head. What could he be thinking now.

"Honestly, I expected a Devil to look like a wretched beast and was considered to be an evil incarnate. Guess it was mankind trying to depict Devils." Dio was pondering.

"Yes, the mention of Devil or Demons tends to evoke various different images with humans." Ravel said, as she was sitting on a chair next to Dio.

"Mankind's descriptions are entirely wrong… before my eyes, I see a beautiful and kind young lady. You saved me and I'm thankful for that." Dio spoke with utmost sincerity, which surprised him and even Ravel.

The young Phenex was flattered by his words; which also caused her to blush.

" Y-You're not so bad yourself!" she quickly replied back without thinking.

Dio was laughing. "I apologize for my bold words, but I just had to speak the truth." Dio was smiling.

'What has gotten into me?' Dio was thinking.

"Idiot… acting like we are friends." she huffed and folded her arms.

Dio was staring at Ravel, in a trance like state.

'Friends? I don't mind that at all.' They both thought at the same time.

She is absolutely gorgeous. Her long, blonde hair were tied rather neatly into twintails with large, drill-like curls, and red ribbon straps keeping them in place.

Her face was creamy white, not a pimple or blemish in sight. Two dark blue eyes shone like glistening like sapphire jewels. Her body figure was… amazing to say the least.

Overall, she could be considered an enigma.

Dio refrained from ogling too long, afraid of disrespecting his savior.

But Ravel noticed, her cheeks flushed a little red. "What are you looking at?" she asked nervously.

"I was just admiring your beauty, that's all." Dio replied back innocently, while smirking.

Ravel blushed at that comment.

"Pervert! Keep your eyes to yourself!" she was covering herself like she was covering herself with her arms like she was naked.

"Oh, I'm the pervert? I bet you were also ogling me, while I was asleep. Also… could you get me some clothes please? Or would you rather have me remain naked?" Dio asked in a smug way.

"Wha- no! How was I to know that you were literally going to drop by? No, don't even answer that. You will get your clothes." she quickly got up from her chair by her bed, heading for the door.

She was about to grab the doorknob-

"Ravel, dear? Are you well? I'm coming in." it sounded like an older woman on the other side of the door.

Dio was alarmed, what was he to do in this circumstance?

Ravel froze. She was panicking.

'Mother is here?! Oh no, oh no, oh-' Ravel was about to quickly lock her door, too late.

"Mother, wait-" Ravel was afraid, how was she to explain this situation to her mom?

Her mother was too quick. She opened the door and was already in the room. She closed the bedroom door.

Most surprising, she was carrying clothes in her hand and a pair of shoes. It was Male clothing to be exact, from the looks of it.

Ravel' mother looks exactly like her daughter, probably in her early twenties with the same blonde hair and blue eyes, with the only exception of her hair being done up very high with ornate hair decorations.

'She definitely carries the proper demeanor of a noble lady.' Dio noted.

"I'm your mother, Ravel. There's nothing to be afraid of. I already knew you had a guest."

She directed her eyes towards the young man.

Ravel and Dio were baffled.

Her mother started to smile. She decided to have some fun. She needed to lighten the mood here. Everyone seemed on edge, which is not helping.

"My, my. You never told me you had a lover, Ravel. Hope, I wasn't interrupting the two of you." The older Phenex teased.

"WHAT?! Mother, it's not like that! I-I-I saved him and he was in this state." Poor Ravel' face was red as a tomato.

Dio was also red faced. 'What is this woman implying?'

Her mother was laughing. Much to the two younger duo' embarrassment.

Dio looked at Ravel's mother. She looked a lot like an older Ravel, which he found quite appealing.

He wasn't scared and didn't sense any danger. But he was quite nervous.

She was looking directly at him.

Dio decided it was best to get out the bed and at least bow to the older Phenex. He is using Ravel' gown around his waist. Much to his embarrassment.

"There is no need for that, Dio Brando." the order woman was smiling casually and raised her hand for him to stop.

Both Dio and Ravel' eyes wided.

'How does she know my/his name?' they both thought at the same time.

"You two look like you seen a ghost. Ravel, have you forgotten about my Familiar?" the Phenex mother made it sound like a rhetorical question.

Ravel felt like smacking herself for being so unretentive.

Dio was oblivious, he doesn't remember Ravel mentioning anything about a Familiar.

"Gaia… so you were allowing Gaia to spy on me?" Ravel was looking down while trying to figure out the situation.

Her mother nodded.

'Gaia? So that's the name of her Familiar?' Dio pondered.

"Oh… it was because of Dio' sudden appearance and you immediately sent Gaia to investigate the matter." Ravel looked at her mother for an adequate response. She did sense something in her room. She thought it was Dio. Due to his unknown power.

"Indeed my child. Young Dio' entrance had caused an uproar in Underworld. Everyone thought that another war was to occur. Thankful Gaia had investigated and seen the whole spectacle." the Phenex mother explained.

Both teenagers were surprised, the entire Underworld noticed that incident!

Dio was bewildered and Ravel was amazed that the blonde boy next to her had caused such a commotion. It obviously wasn't his fault.

'The entire population of hell knows? What have I done?` Dio was worried, hopefully he doesn't get into trouble.

'Also, where did Dio come from? Definitely from the human world. But where exactly? He does sound british, but is he really from England?' Ravel was thinking.

"Your Father is having a meeting at this very moment with The 72 Pillars via a communication magic circle. He is currently explaining everything to the other Devil clans of our situation. Gaia is by Lord Phenex' side, informing him mentally, about everything he witnessed." The Phenex mother looking at the two teenagers.

Dio and Ravel were attentively listening to the older Phenex. Both of them taking all of this in.

'This must be a huge meeting. Ravel did mention something about clans earlier. Just how many Devil clans are there? Communication magic circle? So magic is real? I am in hell. Anything seems possible now. There are more questions than answers here.'

Dio was trying to grasp all of this new knowledge. Hopefully someone will fill him in on everything. He was truly confused.

'It has been ages since all remaining Devil clans had a meeting this large. It can't only be about him, something else is going on.' Ravel noted.

''The 72 Pillars are a list of all the families of pure-blooded devils who are also known as pure devils. However, after the end of a Great War, every clan lost a majority of their armies and over half of the clans from the 72 Pillars even faced extinction. Currently, only 33 of the 72 are remaining. You seemed confused young one, so I decided to fill you in.'' the Phenex Marchioness said, while looking at the blonde boy. Dio's eyes went wide.

'Yes, Ravel did mention the 72 Pillars. But she didn't mention anything else about the clans. Guess she didn't trust me. I am a stranger who could have had an ulterior motive.' the blonde male thought to himself. He understood where Ravel was coming from.

'My mother is telling him all of this?' the youngest Phenex worried.

Lady Phenex senses Ravel` anxiety. The older woman looked at her daughter and nodded her head.

Ravel wided her eyes a bit. She got the message.

'If mother trusts him. I already did earlier, why am I worrying now, all of a sudden.' Ravel overcoming her own self-doubt.

"Oh yes, Lord Phenex himself would like to meet you, Dio Brando. He is busy now, perhaps later on." Lady Phenex added.

"I understand." Dio nods slowly, wondering what Ravel` father like? Sooner or later, he was going to meet many individuals.

'Father, wanting to meet him personally? Wonder how it will turn out.' Ravel is surprised to say the least.

'Earlier my familiar did read his mind and there was no ill intent. One of his many psychic abilities. Gaia did state that young Dio is trustworthy. My familiar has excellent judgment of character. If he approves, so do I.' Lady Phenex was glad she had a familiar like Gaia.

Gaia was pleased to hear this.

'You are most kind Lady Phenex.'

Lady Phenex was walking towards Dio with grace in every step, which Dio noticed. She carried herself well.

"Here young man, we cannot allow you to walk around like this now, can we?" The older Phenex handed Dio some clothes and a pair of shoes.

'Hopefully it will fit.' the Phenex High-Class Devil thought to herself.

He was looking at her, then at Ravel and then back at her. 'They look so much alike. Almost like sisters.'

Dio bowed respectively towards the elder Phenex.

"Thank you, Lady Phenex for your generosity."

'My, he's taller than me and quite muscular! His british, from the sound of his accent.' the older Phenex woman thought.

"My, you are well mannered. You are most welcomed. Anything to please our guests." The Phenex mother nods her head in approval.

"Oh yes, how is your memory? If I may ask?" The older Phenex questioned.

"I still don't remember much. Just my name… I'm trying to remember, but still no luck." Dio was looking down in hopelessness.

"You will get your memories back! Cause, I'll help you."

It was Ravel who spoke up.

Dio and even Lady Phenex were bewildered.

"You barely even know me and yet you want to help… why?" he was amazed by her generosity.

'This is out of character, Ravel… I hope you know what you are doing. I truly worry for my daughter.' She was looking at the two, considering what will happen next.

"I can't explain it… but I feel like I can trust you and I honestly want to get to know you more." Ravel was looking down shyly.

Dio was flabbergasted to say the least. Her mother was proud of her. Ravel is changing for the better, she never was this kind before. This change is most pleasant.

"I feel the same way… Ravel." Dio was glad that Ravel had found him.

Who knows what his fate would have turned out like, if it were someone else who found him.

The young Phenex wanted to change the subject quickly.

"You should get dressed. My dressing room, it's over there. You are allowed to use it."

Ravel points towards a certain door, which leads to said room.

'Lady Phenex, this boy was giving off this… unique energy. A tremendous amount of it earlier. It seems he's been able to keep it under control, without him knowing. All on his own.' an unknown voice spoke in Lady Phenex` mind.

This was the voice of Lady Phenex' Familiar, known as Gaia. Only Lady Ravel knows what he truly looks like.

The unknown Familiar is able to use telepathy. Which allows him to communicate with anyone mentally. He also prefers to stay hidden. This way he is able to guard his master.

'Oh, you are back. Yes, I did sense something unusual about him. Quite unusual, it didn't seem dangerous to.' Lady Phenex was able to sense him, he was within the room.

'Have you already forgotten about my omnipresence ability? I was always in this room. Part of me did leave.' the stoic familiar relayed.

'Oh right… how foolish of me. You're truly an enigma. All these years and I still haven't figured out all of your powers.' the Phenex woman

'The other part of me at the meeting was no longer needed. Also, you should take a look at the boys left shoulder, close to the neck. That distinct, five-pointed, star-shaped mark…' the familiar was hinted out.

'Yes… how strange. Looks like a birthmark… Ravel seems to notice too. Do you sense anything? Is it dangerous?' The Phenex Woman questioned mentally.

'What is that? I never noticed it before. A birthmark… I have never seen anything shaped like that on someone. What more is there to figure out about you Dio?' Ravel was looking on in curiosity.

Lady Phenex was looking at Dio' star mark in a peculiar manner and also weary.

Dio already entered Ravel' dressing room.

'No, it is not dangerous and I don't sense anything out of the ordinary. Now look at young Ravel' neck in the same area… you might be startled by what you see.' Gaia warned.

Lady Phenex looked… her eyes wided. She is astonished.

Ravel Phenex, her one and only daughter… has the same star shaped mark, like Dio's on her neck too.

Ravel' dress does expose her neck a little.

There was a sudden knock on the entrance door bedroom.

"Lady Phenex, I apologize. Please, it's an urgent matter!"

It was one of the Household guards.

Both the Phenex ladies were tense. The Phenex mom calmed down, but the young Phenex was still nervous.

Her mom was still preoccupied with the star shaped mark and what connection it has with the two teenagers.

Looks like that matter will be on hold for now.

"Don't worry Ravel, I will handle the matter. Also, try to behave yourself while I'm gone." the older woman giving her daughter a light hearted look.

"Mother, what is that supposed to mean!?"

Ravel looked a bit embarrassed and was blushing a little at that implication.

Her mother just smiled and she was heading out of the room.

'Gaia, keep an eye on the two children.' the older Phenex Woman mentally spoke.

'Of course.' he answered kindly and was still hidden, who knows where, invisible to all.

As soon as she was out. She had a calm composed look on her face.

"Yes, you may speak." she is concerned now, she is noticing the guard is on edge.

"Forgive me, Lady Phenex for my abrupt appearance." the Phenex guard was on one knee and bowing. He was looking anxious for some reason.

"What is the matter?" she was perplexed, what's got this guard so distressed.

"The Arondite Sword, my lady. It's glowing!"

The Marchioness of Phenex was astound.

'Could it be...' she was trying to speculate, how-

Suddenly a very loud explosion could be heard in the distance and was followed by distant rumbling.

"What was that? Guard, report back to the others and check the premetar for any abnormalities. We need to know what predicament we're in. Report back to me when you find out the full details about our situation." the High-Class Devil commanded in a high authority voice.

"Yes, Lady Phenex." he bowed quickly and he retreated back to his fellow men.

Then she heard Ravel screamed.

"Ravel?! What- YOU FIEND! LET GO OF HER!" Dio was sounding very hostile.

The Phenex Woman immediately burst through the door with her flames.

Pyrokinesis: Coming from a family that represents the Phoenix, they are capable of using fire based attack.

"Ravel! Are you-" the Phenex noble woman's eyes wided.

Words didn't even make it up her throat at what she was witnessing.

Dio now fully clothed. Is glowing with a golden aura and his also extending his right arm forward. He was aiming a punch a few feet away at the Fallen Angel, who was holding Ravel hostage.

`A Fallen Angel!? What could he want?' Lady Phenex was alarmed.

The fallen angel was caught off guard and was fiercely punched across. The fallen had let go of Ravel in the process.

The corrupted angel was soaring out of Ravel` room through one of her windows.

Ravel landed on her feet, but nearly tripped. Due to her landing. She was falling backwards.

Dio caught her before she could hit the ground.

"Don't worry, I got you. Are you alright?" Dio was concerned.

"I'm alright, thank you for saving me! Just what was that you just did?" she was hugging him, Ravel seemed frightened.

Dio was caught off guard, but eventually he returned the hug.

"I honestly don't know. My body moved on its own." Dio was also bewildered.

Lady Phenex was glad and still surprised that Dio had saved her Daughter.

'I'm sensing many others like him too. So that's where Gaia is, fighting the rest of them outside.' Lady Phenex was looking serious now.

"Are you alright Ravel?" the Phenex mom was really concerned.

Ravel let go of Dio and hugged her mom.

"I'm fine mother. It was thanks to Dio. I was trying to activate my magic, but nothing was working…." Ravel was shaken up by that experience.

"Your magic wasn't working? But how?" Dio questioned, while also on edge.

'That is not good. Just what was he using to cancel our magic? Could they be the ones responsible for this mayhem? It seems more likely. But why?' Lady Phenex was trying to figure out this occurrence.

Ravel let go of her mom and decided to interact with Dio.

Dio was using a formal white shirt, which was not tucked in and black pants. With black dress shoes.

But the strange thing about his attire, he was using his grey socks over his knee. Which Lady Phenex noticed.

'Why is he wearing his socks like that? Only in the late 18 century- Could it be? His from the past? No time, I will figure it out later.`

the young Phenex was more worried about everyone's safety. How is her family doing? What to do now?

Lady Phenex also noticed Dio` attire, but decided to mentally contact Gaia.

'Gaia, where are you?` Lady Phenex was worried.

'I apologize for letting one escape, but it seems you guys handle him well. I'm outside fighting fallen angels. I don't know what their objective is. But I will find out.' the familiar reassured his master.

'No, it's fine. Young Dio actually fought the fallen angel and won. I was distracted before.'

Lady Phenex felt resentful for not being in the room at the time. She understood Gaia had engaged a treat immediately outside, before things got out of hand.

'Really? That human is full of surprises. I'm handling the situation well. I'm getting back up now. The guards have arrived.' the supernatural being sounded relieved.

'Alright then, just be careful. I will take the children somewhere safe. You're still invisible, I'm guessing.' the Phenex mother made it sound more like a statement than a question.

'You know me too well.' the mysterious familiar sounding aloof.

Lady Phenex was looking at the two teenages and saw that Dio and Ravel were getting along well. He was making sure that she was safe. Ravel was annoyed for being treated like some baby.

The Phenex Queen looked happily at the two.

'No time for this, we need to get to safely first.` the Phenex mom had to act serious now.

"Come children, we need to get to safety now!" Lady Phenex calm and collected.

"Right!" Dio and Ravel spoke at the same time, while nodding.

The trio exited Ravel` room, walking past said person's door. Which was burned and in pieces.

Ravel wasn't that bothered, material things don't matter.

'Where are the guards? Are Fallen Angels that much of a treat? Hopefully I can use that mysterious power of mine. At least I have a fighting chance.` Dio is noticing that it is too quiet, which is not good.

Lady Phenex was leading the way to their next destination.

'The Arondite Sword…' the Phenex Marchioness was planning to head there.

They just made around a corner… and there were numerous Fallen Angels.

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