Author's Note/Disclaimer: I was inspired by another fanfic and the trope of turning characters into animal and the shenanigans that comes its way. I had this idea in my head for about a month but was too lazy to actually write it out since I need some creativity. Not a slash. I don't want to start a civil war. This story might spiral out of control real fast but I had fun writing this. I'm still new to writing fanfic game so keep that in mind. English conventions prepare to be broken. Also, prepare for characters to act out of character!

Spoiler Alert: This take notes from the manga around chapter 241.

I hope y'all enjoy!

Endeavour catches a chicken

Enji was at his agency, in his office, at his table, on his laptop when it happened. He was in the middle of typing up a report when he heard something scratching at his window. He was weirded out since he's all the way up on the 42nd floor in a skyscraper! He cautiously got out of his seat and begin to approach the big window as it creaked open. He looked around outside the window and scratched his beard as he doesn't see anyone.


"Waah!" Enji fell backwards, startled as he sees a tiny red blur swooped into his field of vision and made a beeline for his face. Reflexively, he scooted back and activated his quirk as he put his hands out to defend himself from the little creature trying to peck at his eyeballs out flapping his wings erratically slapping his head and making angry-bird noises.

Irritated, Enji reached out and caught the small thing trying his best not to crush it. The tiny feathery body struggled desperately against his fingers, shrieking at him. "How did a chicken fly all the way up here?" he muttered. He brought the chicken a bit closer to his face. "There's something familiar about this chicken but I just can't put my finger on it."

The chicken froze and stared at him almost like it understood what it said. It had an incredibly piercing glare. "Did someone put eyeliner on a chicken?" he chuckled as he tried to rub it off the chicken's eyes. It flinched up causing Enji to stop and instead began to lightly pet its back and it started to scream as he reached for its tail feathers. "Woah! I won't hurt you!" he exclaimed as he tried to comfort the chicken. "Maybe I will keep this one as a pet" he muttered as he sits it in his lap and continue to stroke its back. It begins to coo. 'Cute...I guess?' Enji thought.

He gets up and carries the chicken in his arms to his desk and begins working again on his report on his laptop after letting it rest comfortably in his lap. It sits up and begins to bob its head at the laptop as Enji types in his password which turned out to be Shoto's birthday. "You won't tell anyone my password right?" It shakes its head no causing Enji too feel a bit unnerved as he feels that this chicken is somewhat intelligent, he shakes his off thinking it's just a coincidence.

Enji begins to open up the Hero Network app and he got a notification saying Hawks' agency is requesting some assistance since they have no clue where their boss is. "Ooh. That doesn't sound good." He accepts the offer. "Well, I kind of like Hawks, surprisingly. And it's not like he's working as a double agent or anything" he chuckles. The chicken starts to freak out internally and starts shuddering. "Aw..what's wrong?" At that, the chicken begins to make a peculiar face. "Man, are we sure we haven't met before chicky?" Enji rebuts as he cringes at the nickname he gave the chicken. It begins to nods his head.

Enji couldn't help but begin to laugh...he never laughed so hard in his life. It begins to unnerve his sidekicks hearing him laugh so loud from his office. They're too afraid to check. He sighs and wipes a tear from his eye but stiffens as he notices the chickens is still nodding his head. He shudders as the truth hits him like a truck.

"HAWKS?!" he yells as he starts to fall backwards with both him, his chair and his chicken. As if on cue the door slams open with Moe Kamiji (aka of Endeavour's sidekick) screaming "HELLO?! HELLOOO?! IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT IN HERE BOSS?!" She looks around the room surveying the situation. "A chicken?!" she asked. "Wahh! Why is there a chicken in here?"

Enji was about to answer her but he noticed the chicken, supposedly Hawks, shake his head no. Possibly for the first time in his life, he stutters " probably came in from the window or something." (that's the truth) "It's basically harmless." (that's a lie)

Kamiji knew something was off but she didn't press for more info. "I can handle it" she said. But Enji quickly shoot her idea down yelling out "No!" and quickly calms down as not draw suspicion "I will handle it." Kamiji nods and turns around and goes off to finish her duties "Well...if you say so."

Enji wipes off the sweat building on his head. He's been stressed out with the turn of the events happening lately. 'I swear this man will be the end of me' he thought.

He begins to had to weird gut feeling. Almost like he's being watched. He doesn't feel safe. But is going home really any better? Perhaps, it would be too suspicious to break his routine...well for now. It's getting late and normally he would go home and have dinner in his office as he finishes up work.

He picks up his cell phone and calls Fuyumi. "Pick up. Pick up. Pick up." he chants as his phone begins to dial. What seems to feel like forever, she finally picks up. "Hello?"

"Hey sweetie? (he cringed at the pet name he never used before) were gonna have a special guest with us tonight."

"Ooh! Should I prepare more food? I will get the dining room ready."

"Wait. That won't be necessary. You will see." he hangs up.

Fuyumi looks down on her phone is bewildered and worried by his father's tone, 'he sounded so nervous'. She shudders thinking if a villain got to him or something after all her father must have made a lot of enemies over the years. She decides to call Shoto, who was at his dorm at the moment with friends.

A/N: This felt like a good stopping point. It was weird trying to break past my usual 500 word count.