Word Count: 316 words

Enji was in his office trying to think of a lead that could help them find the person who turned Hawks into a chicken.

Hawks was relaxing on his desk.

A lightbulb lit up in his head.

He remembered how Hawks somehow managed to come through the window of the Agency. Which means he didn't travel too far on foot.

He grabbed Hawks and headed to the police station.

"I see." Detective Tsukauchi said, tipping his fedora.

Enji just explained the situation to Naomasa.

"So that's why there was a BOLO." Naomasa continued.

Naomasa turned in his office chair towards the computer.

"Here's the traffic cam footage from last week." Naomasa said.

Enji pointed to the screen. "There."

Naomasa paused the screen.

The two tracked Hawks' footsteps all the way to the subway station.

"What happened next?" Enji said.

"Nothing. We need permission from the subway to view their footage." Naomasa said.


Naomasa flashed his police badge to the security guards and they let them see their camera footage.

"So he rode the subway for a few minutes and got on from the Yellow Line." Enji noted.

It took a bit more digging and going back and forth but the detective and the hero were able to find the exact footage of Hawks turning into a chicken.

"Oh my-" Enji said.

"There are probably a couple of folks still stuck as animals we need to find." Naomasa said, adding it to his notepad.

Naomasa rewound the footage and zoomed in on the girl's face.

"A...villain?" Enji said.

"No, it looks more like 'quirk gone wrong'. It happens often with adolescents and their quirks going berserk due to hormones." Naomasa answered.

Enji nodded.

Naomasa screenshot the footage of the girl and used a face-matching program to find out her identity.

"I got a match." Naomasa said.