Vampires are well know beings, everyone knows that they eats blood from humans, that they have superhuman strenght and senses and that they have red eyes but there is some stuff that no one knowsabout them... Their calices aren't just blood bank for the vampire, they are the vampire's soul mates and when bonded to their vampire, they become immortal and will lives until their vampire dies... Vampire Royalty have differrent eye color than normal vampires... Royal vampire have vampiric powers, but their powers can't affect their mates... Vampire are not necesserally evil, some are good... This is the story of six royal vampires who shares the same mate...

Eye Color

Namjoon : sky blue

Seokjin : bubblegum pink

Hoseok : glittering silver

Jimin : metalic gold

Taehyung : forrest green

Jungkook : deep purple

Vampiric Power

Namjoon : can destroy anything he touches

Seokjin : can heal any injuries and/or illness

Hoseok : can feel people's emotions and manipulate them

Jimin : can talk in people's minds and can makes things move by thinking about it

Taehyung : can read people's minds and manipulate them (the people's mind)

Jungkook : can makes and control the elements (fire, earth, wind, water and lightning)

Soul Bond and Calice

The six vampires are from six different royalty but are all soul brothers, allying their families together. They all have the same calice and soul mate, his name is Min Yoongi.

Min Yoongi

Yoongi is an human, he is 19 years old and lives with his parents who abuse him (physically and mentally), he is bullied in school and is close to fall into depression and suicidal toughts, unknowingly from him, he is the calice to six of the most powerful vampires that ever existed, when those vampire will find out he is their calice, they will do everything they can to save him from his hell...