Fandom: Harry Potter
Main Pairing: James Potter/Lily Evans Potter
Side Pairings: Eldad Smith/Meissa Richards; one-sided Severus Snape/Lily Evans Potter; and Sirius Black/Athena Carrow (OFC)
Warnings: alternate universe; het; mentions of off-screen character deaths, murder, blood and icky stuff, and torture; and use of original characters
Prompt: (AU) Zacharias Smith as the Boy-Who-Lived

Acts of Kindness
002. A Loyal and Kind Child

The power with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...born to those who are Loyal and Kind, born as the year dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the year dies...




When Sybill Trelawney spoke the words of her first prophecy, it was overheard by two people, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape. Neither man knew exactly what to make of the prophecy other than it predicted the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Dumbledore quickly hired Sybill before hurrying her into Hogwarts, wanting to keep her safe and the prophecy secret, as he mulled over the prophecy. Snape rushed out of the Hog's Head, the words ringing in his head. He wanted to make some sense of it before reporting it to the Dark Lord. The lines identifying the savior left each man stumped: born to those who are Loyal and Kind, born as the year dies.

It was surmised that the predicted savior was born in the final days of 1980. Likely between the twenty-four and the thirty-first – the last week of December, but it was probably the thirtieth of the thirty-first.

Armed with a date, Snape took his information to the Dark Lord while Dumbledore looked over birth records. The line born to those who are Loyal and Kind was harder to unravel. Dumbledore focused his extra time and attention on the prophecy, desperate to the war and defeat Tom. But he couldn't neglect his other duties – to Hogwarts, to the Wizengamot, the International Confederation of Wizards, and the Order of the Phoenix. There were too many matters that demanded his attention.

It was Voldemort who figured out the identifying line of the child and his family. The answer came to him as he handed Bellatrix Lestrange the Cup of Hufflepuff. He couldn't help but fondly recall the murder of Hepzibah Smith when he remembered her mentioning her family, passing. They were direct descendants of Helga Hufflepuff through her only daughter, Olga Smith, nee Hufflepuff. After instructing Bellatrix to take care of the Cup, guarding it with the lives of herself, her husband and his brother, he sat off to do some research. While he order his follower to pull records and look things up, bringing him copies of everything.

Hepzibah Smith didn't have any children, but she had two brothers: a younger brother named Hazael and an older half-blood brother named Eldad. It took a few days to find complete records on the brothers, but Voldemort was more interested in the younger brother, Hazael. He remembered Hepzibah was fond of her younger brother.

Hazael Smith was talented with magic, ranking in the top of his year and he went on to work for the Department of Magical Transportation upon graduating. He married a pure-blood witch, Laurel Greengrass, and they had two children later in life, a son named Joram and a daughter named Tamar. Both of them were grown, having graduated Hogwarts in the last few years. Joram was married to a pretty French pure-blood witch, and Tamar was engaged to the son of Minister Millicent Bagnold. Neither of them had children. Just to be safe, Voldemort had his spies watching them.

With Hazael being a dead end, Voldemort returned his attention to Eldad Smith. He was older than both Hepzibah and Hazael by ten years, and he was a half-blood, the only child form their father's first marriage. Eldad was a mediocre student with remarkable skills in Herbology, which he used to open a small store on Diagon Alley called The Watering Can. Surprising, The Watering Can was a successful store, noted for the high quality of plants and it was a favor location for Potion Masters and top Potion brewers.

At eighteen, Eldad married Meissa Richards, leading to his disownment by his family. There was confusion around Meissa's identity. Some said she was a muggle-born, and the others said she was the bastard daughter of a muggle-born, and there were faint whispers that she was the bastard daughter of Regulus Black, the brother of Lord Arcturus Black. No matter her blood or parents, she was five years older than Eldad.

The couple only had one child, a son named Asher, early in their marriage. Unlike his father, Asher was an outstanding student, a talented Chaser on the Hufflepuff Team and Head Boy, with notable skilss in Herbology and Charms. After graduating, he married his long-time girlfriend, Primrose Brown, and he took over the family business, allowing his parents to retire to the English countryside.

That retirement was short lived. Primrose died of blood loss during childbirth, bringing their daughter Mary into the world, and Asher was killed a few months later, leaving his infant daughter to his parents. Eldad and Meissa raised Mary and they returned to running The Watering Can.

Mary Smith was a quiet girl with a strong interest in books and animals, and she was Sorted into Gryffindor over Hufflepuff – it was worth noting Joram and Tamar Smith was in Hufflepuff at that time. She was a close friend of Lily Evans, despite being two years younger. Mary had given birth to a son, Zacharias, on the thirty-first of December. After a few days in St. Mungo's, the pair were released and they returned to the family house with Mary's grandparents.

Wanting information on the girl, Voldemort summoned Snape. As Lily Evans' best friend from childhood, Snape knew a lot of Mary. He knew how much she meant to the redhead. Mary was like Lily's little sister. In fact when they were fourteen, Lily had stated that Mary was more her sister than Tuney.

After answering the Dark Lord's questions, Snape found himself uneasy. He couldn't stop thinking about Lily and her tears when she learned of her friend's death. It was guilt, and it slowly ate away at him. It climaxed at the Dark Lord led an attack on Diagon Alley and it destroyed The Watering Can and some surrounding businesses.

Under the high temperatures and the bright sun of July, Snape met with Lily at their childhood park. Her green eyes were narrowed as she sat across the picnic table from him.

"He's going after Mary and her son," he told her, explaining the prophecy. He led, leaving a shocked Lily behind.

From their, Lily sprung into action. She ran home, telling everything to her husband. James was furious that she went to meet with Snape by herself, but he didn't press the issue. There were more important matters at hand.

James and Lily lingered after the Order meeting a few days later, where they told Dumbledore everything. As Dumbledore made plans, Lily and James approached Mary and her grandparents. The news that Zacharias was prophecized to defeat the Dark Lord left them horrified. He was just a day – barely seven months old. He could barely sit up on his own.

With great reluctance, Mary and her grandparents agreed to go into hiding to protect Zacharias. Dumbledore oversaw the arrangements, and Eldad selected James to be their Secret Keeper.

Mary and her son were mentioned in passing at Order meetings, which caught Peter Pettigrew's attention. He recognized the names from the Dark Lord. Late one night in September after a few bottles of firewhiskey, Peter asked his friends about them. James told Sirius, Remus, and Peter about Lily's meeting with Snape and Mary and her family being in hiding.

Eagerly, Peter shared the news with the Dark Lord. In a fit of rage, Voldemort killed Snape with the Killing Curse before ordering his other followers to dispose of the body. No one would really miss Severus Snape. He didn't have any close friends or family.

For the next step, Peter thought and carefully planned. Mary and her family were hidden under Fidelius Charm with James as the Secret Keeper. James wasn't going to offer that information to anyone, even under torture. He might break if Lily and Harry were tortured in front of him, but Peter wasn't willing to risk it.

Instead, Peter used his animagus form as Wormtail to smuggle himself a long for a few visits. He hid amongst Harry's toys, with neither James or Lily any wiser. It took a few visits, but Peter discovered several things. The Smith were hiding outside a small muggle and magical village in a place called Blacksmith Haven.

Peter eagerly shared every piece of information with the Dark Lord. With that information, the Dark Lord discovered they were hiding in Helga's Den, a small village. It was original a magical settlement, but muggles started moving there in the late 1800s.

On Halloween, the Dark Lord arranged several high profile raids for his followers. It was draw the attention of Magical Law Enforcement and Dumbledore's Pet Vigilante Group. With everyone distracted, he would be free to visit the Smiths and kill the boy.

His visit to the Smiths didn't go as planned. Eldad Smith stood in his way, telling his wife and his granddaughter to run as he tried to fight off the Dark Lord. It was pitiful. Voldemort easily killed the old man before moving on. Meissa put up more of a fight that her husband, but she easily distracted and devastated by the news of his death.

Voldemort had Mary and her son cornered in small room on the second floor. Mary placed herself between her son and the Dark Lord, begging him to spare her son and take her instead. Uninterested in her blubbering, he killed the girl before turning his wand her son. He was shocked when his Killing Curse backfired and he was forced to leave his body.




Lily Potter grew more worried by the minute as she waited for Mary. The pair had plans to meet up at a small restaurant for lunch. They were supposed to meet at noon, and it was approaching one with no sign of Mary or her grandmother. If something had happened to Mary, Meissa would have been sent to inform Lily.

With a large sense of unease, Lily tossed a few bills on the table as she stood. It wasn't a long walk to Blacksmith's Haven form the little restaurant. Lily made the walk with her wand in hand and a hex on the tip of her tongue.

From the outside, everything looked normal at Blacksmith's Haven. It was two-story cottage built with gray stones, and there was a small chimney at the back of the cottage. As she stood in front of the open wrought iron gate, that sense of unease built.

Taking a deep breath, Lily moved forwarded until she was standing at the front door. She knocked with her left hand, trying to wait patiently for someone to answer. A moment passed, and no one came. She frowned, knocking again, harder and longer.

Another moment passed.

"Mary, it's Lily!" she called, rapping on the door.

There was still no response.

Casting a glance at the rode behind her, Lily casted a wordless Unlocking Charm. When the door, dread filled Lily. That shouldn't have worked.

Something was wrong.

Something was really, really wrong.

The grip on her wand tightened as Lily entered the cottage. A few steps into the living room, Lily found Eldad's dead body. She choked back a sod at the sight, forcing herself to move on. She found Meissa in the kitchen, guarding the stairs.

Dread built as Lily walked up to the second floor. She checked each room until she came to the small office at the end of the hallway. Peering through the door, she spotted two bodies. One was Mary's.

Lily opened the door all the way and she forced herself to enter the room, looking for Zacharias. Where was her godson?

As she stepped over the Dark Lord's body, Lily heard the familiar babbles coming from behind Mary, making her spring into action. Behind Mary, in a small bassinet was Zacharias.

He squealed at the sight of Lily and he clapped before holding his arms out. Lily quickly scooped the infant up, tucking his head into her chest. She didn't want him to see anything inside the house.

With Zacharias in hand, Lily fled the cottage with tears streaming down her face. She didn't want to Mary behind with him, but she had to protect Zacharias. It was her duty – she promised Mary. Mary would want it this way, knowing her son was protected and cared for.

Once she was outside, Lily tightened her hold on Zacharias before apparating home. She arrived in the living room. James and Harry were playing on the floor. Her husband was laughing, but it died when he spotted Lily's tears.

He stood up, ushering his wife onto the couch as he tried to coax information out of her. Lily started to shake, clutching Zacharias tighter to her chest as tried to tell her husband what she found.

"Is Mary alright?" James asked, concerned.

Lily broke down in sobs, shaking her head. Turning, she showed James the infant in her arms.

The sight of Zacharias with Lily made James speechless. "Lils, what's going on?" he asked, his tone soft.

"They're gone," she choked out between sobs before she pulled Zacharias close in her right arm. Her left was open.

James stood up, placing their son in her open arm. He could only watch as Lily pulled both boys close.

An hour later found James flooing to the Ministry of Magic to report the deaths – murders – of the Smith family. From there, he alerted Dumbledore. He kept the details surrounding their deaths vague to most of his co-workers, only telling Amelia Bones and Barty Crouch the truth. The Dark Lord murdered Eldad, Meissa, and Mary Smith before he was killed and Zacharias Smith was somehow still alive.

The Fidelius Charm was broken with the death of Eldad. While Dumbledore had cast it, it was a secret between Eldad and James. It was Eldad's secret at he entrusted to James. Within minutes of reporting the crime scene, Blacksmith's Haven was filled with Amelia Bones and a few of her trusted Aurors with Crouch following behind. Dumbledore arrived minutes later.

After seeing the body and checking the wand, they knew the Dark Lord cast four Killing Curses. The wand taken to Ollivander for confirmation. They wanted to be thorough in their investigation. The questions about the boy started. James seethed as they called his wife's godson the boy, not Zacharias or Zach. There was clear excitement on the face of Crouch. While Amelia was visibly excited, she was trying to contain herself and she was asking if the boy was alright. Dumbledore remained silent, watching everything.

"Perhaps we should have young Zacharias see a healer?" Dumbledore suggested. "I would like to make sure he's alright."

Amelia and Crouch agreed.

James apparated home to take Lily and their boys to St. Mungo's where they met with Amelia, Crouch, Dumbledore, and Healer Olivia Sawley. Healer Sawley was sworn to secret before James and Lily entered the room with Harry and Zacharias.

Lily refused to part with the infant for more than a few minutes. While it was irritating and made the examination harder, Lily was allowed to keep ahold of her godson. In her arms, he was happy and babbling baby. Outside, he would scream and cry, reaching towards Lily.

Once the examination was done, Healer Sawley gave Zacharias a clean build a health, though she did note high levels of Dark Magic on him and he had an odd lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead that was soaked with Dark Magic. She wanted to arrange future appointments to monitor the levels of Dark Magic. If the levels remained the same or increased, there would be cause for concern. The healer expected those levels to disappear over the following days, a week at most. The scar should heal up just fine. Given Zacharias' young age, he couldn't be treated with potions or magical balms. It had to heal natural.




It wasn't until the fifth that the news was leaked to The Daily Prophet. The headlines screamed "Zacharias Smith is the Boy-Who-Lived! He Survived the Killing Curse at the Hands of You-Know-Who!" and "You-Know-Who Defeated by The Boy-Who-Lived!"

Amelia and Crouch raged. They wanted to finish their investigation before alerting the press. They had Minister Bagnold in the loop, and she agreed with their plans. They wanted to tell the public the good news, but they wanted to collect information and check their facts before making an announcement.

Within an hour of Zacharias Smith being named the Boy-Who-Lived and the defeater of the Dark Lord, there were various requests for custody. It seemed that everyone wanted the boy, including his Smith relatives.

Lily and James refused to part with the boy, claiming their rights to him through Lily's placement at his godmother. They pointed out that the Smiths had no grounds to claim him since Eldad was disowned.

The matter was taken to court. Lily and James were surprised to find Lord Arcturus Black supported their claim. Apparently, Zacharias was his great-grandson through his illegitimate daughter, Meissa. He wanted Zacharias to grow up happy and healthy in a loving family, which he knew the Potters could provide. In exchange for his help, Arcturus convinced Sirius to return to the Black family as his heir. By the end of 1981, Sirius was engaged to Athena Carrow.

Due to the help and support of Arcturus, James and Lily won their case. They were awarded full and complete custody of Zacharias Eldad Smith. The identity of his father was unknown, and each man that claimed the role was tested, the results proving there wasn't a match.

With custody of Zacharias came his family's possessions. The Smiths stilled owned the storefront of The Watering Can, though the store was gone, and they owned several dozen greenhouses across United Kingdom. After some debating, James and Lily leased the store space and they made arrangements for other stores to sell the various plants, which were looked after by Madam Pomona Sprout.

James and Lily didn't know much about business and they knew even less about Herbology and plants. They wanted to ensure Eldad, Meissa and Mary's legacies were in place for Zacharias when he was old enough.

While the Potters were busy fighting for custody, Amelia and Crouch continued their investigation. Through a tip from Barty Crouch Junior, they caught several high profile Death Eaters, including Peter Pettigrew and Bellatrix Lestrange. Under Veritaserum, Peter confessed his role in murders of Eldad, Meissa, and Mary Smith. In fact, Peter planned to finish the boy off when Lily and James left Harry and Zacharias in his care.

Following his confession, Peter was sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss.

Bellatrix's capture and interrogation were kept quiet. During her questioning, she revealed that the Dark Lord had entrusted the Cup of Hufflepuff to her. It was locked away in her Gringotts vault, and the Dark Lord ordered her to guard it with her life. That caught Amelia's interest. Before leaving Azkaban, she sent a request to examine the contains of Bellatrix Lestrange's Gringotts vault off to the goblin nation and Lord Arcturus Black.

Arcturus had quickly agreed to the request. With his permission, the goblins agreed as long as their representatives were present. The Cup of Hufflepuff was requested and it tested high – off the charts, according to Mad-Eye Moody – for Dark Magic. Since it was considered a danger item, the goblins allowed Amelia to remove it from the bank.

With the Cup in hand, Bellatrix met the same fate as Pettigrew. She laughed, vowing vengeance as she was Kissed.




Zacharias settled into his new family rather well. There were several difficulties. He would cry, searching for his mum and his great-grandparents. There were night when he woke James and Lily up with his screams that would have them charging into the nursery. When they entered, Harry would be by Zacharias' side offering the young boy a toy.

For all the difficulties, James and Lily were thrilled to have Zacharias in their lives. Lily continued to mourn Mary, but she saw glimpse of her friend whenever Zacharias laughed. His brown eyes sparkled the same way Mary's did when she felt care free and whimsical.

In the summer of 1985, Harry turned five when his parents announced he and Zach were going to be big brothers in a few months.

"What do you want: a little brother or a little sister?" James asked with a wide smile.

Harry thought for a moment, looking over at his little brother. That was a silly question. "A little sister," he answered with a slight lisped. "I 'ave a little brother. I need a sister."

His answer made the adults laugh.

"How do you feel about a god-brother or a god-sister?" asked Athena Black with a smile.

Harry ran off to play with his friends, thinking grown ups were crazy. He just wanted a little sister because then he would have both a brother and a sister.

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