Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Brothers – Justin Finch-Fletchly and Harry Potter
Warnings: alternate universe; het; original characters; mentions of torture, murder, and death; and morally gray Finch-Fletchley family
Prompts: (Character) Justin Finch-Fletchley; (Object) Desk; (Word) Future; and (Word) Soft

Acts of Kindness
002. Family Sticks Together

From a young age, Justin Finch-Fletchley had his future planned out ahead of him. Truth be told, his future was planned before his birth even. It was the planned the moment his parents were engaged. He represented the bright future of both families.

The Fletchley family was once proud and rich before loosing their money in bad investments and outright theft from one of their own. The loss of money and a scandalous divorce and affair led to the family losing everything that mattered. In the end, Isabelle lived as did her parents, but they were forced to hide out of shame and embarrassment. Her uncle left his high society wife for his personal assistant – his male PA – while Isabelle's grandfather robbed his own diamond store to cover his gambling debts.

With the family's decline, Isabelle was afforded freedoms she wasn't before. Her parents were too busy worrying about their image and the financial matters, allowing her to date anyone. Isabelle found herself interested in a local bad boy, Richard Finch.

Richard Finch was the son of immigrates. It was rumored the Finchs were criminals, but no one could prove anything. All anyone really knew was they had money – a lot of it – and some rough looking security. According to one local boy, he saw a security guard take a baseball bat to a man's knees.

By the time Isabelle's parents discovered her boyfriend, it was too late. She knew the family secret, even going as far as to make her bones and prove she was worthy of Richard. Richard's parents welcomed her with open arms. Isabelle's had a choice: accept their daughter and her new fiance or lose out. In the end, Isabelle's parents accepted Richard and his family.

Their wedding was a grand affair. The ceremony held on the grounds of the Palm Parterre at the Kew Gardens in London. It was a large affair with over 500 guests. The reception was held at one of the ballroom at The Dorchester on Park Lane. The Finchs made sure no expense was spared while letting the Fletchleys arrange the finer details, wanting to impress their high society friends.

Justin was destined to be the prefect son and heir. He was raised like an aristocrat through his mother's connections while being groomed to take over the Finch family's import business and related affair. The Finch family were in several businesses, such as loaning money, gambling, constructions, and alcohol.




Justin was only seven when he got a new brother, one close to his own age. A man – Dursley, according to Marko and Louis – was behind on his payments. When they went to collect, the man offered them his nephew, a small and scrawny boy named Harry Potter. While Marko wanted to pass on the offer, Louis was quick to accept.

When they returned to the office, Justin was with his father.

"You know we don't accept people," Richard Finch snapped. "I'm not in a people business." That much was true. The Finch family didn't touch anything related to human trafficking and prostitution. They had some morals – as few as they were.

"I'll cover Dursley's debt," Louis explained. "He was mistreating Harry. I did what I did to save Harry."

Richard looked long and hard at Louis before turning his attention to the boy. He was small, probably five years old, with pale skin, messy dark hair, and green eyes. He was squinting, and he wore large and dirty clothes. "How old are you?" he asked, making his tone a little more friendly.

Harry shifted from foot to foot, glancing over at Louis.

Louis smiled encouragingly. "Go on," he urged. "Richard wants to hear it from you, not me."

"Seven," Harry replied, his voice soft. He sounded scared.

Justin's eyes narrowed. Why was Harry scared? His father was intimidating, but he was rather kind, unless someone interfered with his business.

An unpleasant expression settled on his father's face. "Harry, do you know what happened to your parents?" he asked.

Harry nodded, looking sad. "They're dead 'cause they were useless dranks that got into a car crash," he whispered. "They killed the other family."

Justin frowned, feeling a little annoyed at Harry's terrible grammar and speech. It was a sad story, but he couldn't ignore the improper use of words.

Richard held up a hand, as if signaling for for something. He looked over at Justin with a raised eyebrow. "Harry, do you know your parents' names?" he asked, keeping his voice friendly.

The boy shook his head, looking a little head. "Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia don't speak of them," he whispered.

Justin's father frowned, rubbing his chin. "I'll see what I can find," he promised. "Do you know which of your parents were related to Petunia?" Since he did business with Vernon Dursley, Richard knew the man had a sister named Marge. He didn't know anything about Petunia's family because he never had a reason to look or be interested. Now, he did.

"My mum," Harry answered, brightly. He looked happy to know that much.

Richard nodded, writing himself a note. Look into Petunia Dursley. Harry's mother was her sister. "Do you know anything else about your mother?"

"She was useless and lazy," Harry replied, dutifully repeating his relatives' toxic words, "and Aunt Marge says she was an ungrateful bitch, and Aunt Petunia blames her for the death of grammy and grandpy."

Justin's eyes widened at Harry's casually use of 'bitch.' If he dared to say such a word, his mother would wash his mouth out with soap.

"Harry, I want you to go with Justin and Miss June," Richard instructed, opening one of his desk drawers.

Marko quickly left, stepping out of the office to retrieve Justin's nanny. She would spend time with him outside of school when his parents were unavailable.

Miss June entered a moment later, offering Harry one of her pretty smiles.

Timidly, Harry smiled back.

"Miss June," Richard said, placing a few bundles of money on his desk, "I need you and Justin to spend the afternoon with Harry while I tend to some affairs. Please, make sure he is presentable for dinner tonight."

Miss June nodded, picking up the money and sliding it into her large handbag. She eyed Harry. "I'm thinking hair and clothes," she stated. "Anything else?"

"Use your best judgment," Richard said, dismissing her.

Miss June walked over to Harry, offering him a hand as she held the other one out to Justin. Both boys took her hands before they departed the office.

Justin didn't know what happened after that in his father's office.

Harry stayed with them a few days before his father announced that Harry was joining their family and Louis would be his godfather. Justin remembered hearing his grandparents – Grandfather Fletchly and Grandmother Fletchley – being excited, talking about titles and connections.

Honestly, Justin didn't think too much of it. Having a new brother didn't change too much in his life. He got a best friend, and father taught Harry as much about the family as he did Justin.

"You're brothers, remember that," he would tell them, "and family must stick together."

Harry would nod while Justin found the lectures boring. He heard this same one a few times before with Gabriella before both Joshua and Penelope were born.

The plans for Justin remained the same. He was still his father's heir, but Harry would be his closest and strongest ally. According to father, Harry's biological parents were wealthy and his father was from a powerful family with a Dukish and a large manor.




When Justin turned eleven on the thirteenth of November, those plans changed. A woman in a green dress with her hair pulled back in a bun knocked on the door. The butler invited her inside before informing the family of her arrival.

"How can we help you, Miss McGonagall?" Richard asked as the family joined her the parlor.

Everyone quickly took a seat. Richard and Isabelle sat in the matching armchair across the coffee table from Miss McGonagall with Justin and Harry taking the couch.

Her eyes looked over all of them before stopping on Justin. "I'm here to offer Justin a place at Hogwarts next September," she stated. She offered him a sealed envelope.

Justin eagerly opened it with Harry looking over his shoulder.

"Justin and Harry will be attending Eton next year," Isabelle explained, pride in her voice, as she looked down at two of her sons.

"I've never heard of this Hogwarts," Richard said. He had researched boarding school extensively a few years ago before Gabriella was old enough to attend. Currently, she attended Roedean Independent School.

"Is this real?" Justin demanded, waving the letter.

Frowning at her son's actions, Isabelle took the letter. Her hazel eyes widened as she read Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "Richard?" she said, her tone pleading, as she handed the letter over to her husband.

There was only a small widening of Richard's eyes when he read the letter. "Miss McGonagall, please explain," he requested.

"Your son Justin is a wizard," she stated. "In children, magic presence itself in unusual ways, like turning someone's hair a different color or replacing one object with another."

"What about disappearing from one spot and reappearing in another?" Justin eagerly asked. He exchanged a glance with Harry.

That caught the interest of their parents.

"That is incredibly rare," Miss McGonagall stated, looking at Justin with interest.

"See, we told you!" Justin exclaimed, gesturing towards their parents. "We were running from William and Andrew one moment and the next we were on the roof. We didn't climb up there or anything."

"So it would seem," Richard confirmed, frowning. Magic explained a few things – and incidents – about his sons. "Harry would be accept, as well, correct?" he asked, turning to the woman. She had mentioned Justin, but she hadn't said anything about Harry.

Justin's eyes widened. "I'm not going without my brother," he stated.

"Magic is unpredictable," Miss McGonagall explained, "especially in non-magical families, such as yourselves. There are times when only one child is magic and there are some when multiple children are. I'm afraid your twin isn't magical."

"Harry isn't my twin!" Justin said. "He's my younger brother."

"When is your birthday?" Miss McGonagall asked, taking the time to look at Harry. As her eyes trailed over him, she frowned. When her eyes landed on the lightening-bolt shaped scar on his forehead, she gasped. "Harry Potter!"

Harry's green eyes widened while Richard's blue narrowed.

"How do you know my son?" Richard asked, possessiveness in his tone.

With wide eyes, she looked at him. "What did those terrible muggles do?" she asked.

"Muggles?" asked Justin.

"Do you know the Dursleys?" Isabelle asked, placing a hand on her eldest son's shoulder. She knew all about the Dursleys and the circumstances surrounding Harry's adoption – the Dursleys were more than willing to sign the paperwork and move out of the United Kingdoms.

"A muggle is a non-magical person, such as your parents," McGonagall explained, nodding towards Justin. "You are a muggle-born, a magical child born to non-magical parents."

"What about Harry?" he quick to asked.

"Harry," began the woman, looking at the ten year old in question. She was starting to look overwhelmed. "There is a lot I should explain about Harry," she admitted, "but first I would like to know how he joined your family."

Isabelle and Richard shared a look.

"I did business with Mr. Dursley," Richard began, "a few years back. He ran into some financial troubles, and I offered to take Harry in since he was close with my son." He shifted, taking his wife's hand. "When his financial troubles turned out to be permanent, we decided to make Harry part of our family."

Miss McGonagall stared at them, her lips pressed together in a thin line. "Mr. Finch, I know there is more to that story," she stated. Holding up a hand, she added, "I don't need to know the rest. I am merely relieve to know Harry is happy and he has a good family."

She sighed, looking over at Harry. "Harry, you'll find is famous in the Wizarding World," she began, "for defeating the Dark Lord. You received that scar the night your parents were murdered."

Harry nodded. He knew part of the story about his biological parents. Richard found some, from his sources and from the Dursleys.

"The Dark Lord," she shook her head, "he was so terrible that people do not speak his name out of fear and a taboo. He was known as Lord Voldemort. He and his followers tortured and murdered countless people – muggles, muggle-borns, half-bloods, and even pure-bloods that opposed him. He seemed to be unbeatable."

She paused for a moment, her eyes looking heavy as she stared at Harry. "You defeated," she continued. "He murdered your parents. When he tried to kill you, the Killing Curse rebound and hit him instead."

Silence filled the room. That was darker and heavier than the version they previously knew. They knew Harry's parents were murdered, and he was the only survivor of the night. There was no mention on the murderer of Harry's parents. Richard had people looking into it. While they had answers, he would continue to have his people dig. They needed answers. There were holes in Miss McGonagall's story, and he wanted those holes filled.

"How was Harry able to defeat him when no one else could?" Justin demanded, immediately seeing flaws in the story.

"No one really knows," she replied, "but there are several theories. Albus' – Headmaster Dumbledore's – theory is Lily performed some kind of magical ritual."

"But you don't believe that," Isabelle stated. She had a good read on Miss McGonagall.

The woman sighed, shaking her head. "I believe it was either James or your godfather," she explained. "Both James and Sirius were from old and powerful families. I believe one of them had a method to protect the heir – you."

"Who is this Sirius?" Richard asked, a little irritated. This was new information, and it irritated him that he was just now learning it. He didn't like being surprised.

"Sirius Black," McGonagall said, a note of distaste in her tone. "He was best mates with James when they attended Hogwarts." She shook her head. "Sirius betrayed James to the Dark Lord, selling out the location of you and your family."

Richard really needed to find informants in the Wizarding World. There was a lot to know concerning his middle son.

Another silence fell over the room. This one was filled with discomfort and tension.

"So, Harry is accept as well?" Isabelle asked, breaking the atmosphere.

"Yes, he is," McGonagall confirmed. "Harry's been registered since his first birthday."

"Why my first birthday?" Harry asked, a little confused.

McGonagall smiled, a little bittersweetly. "You made your cake levitate," she fondly recalled, "and sent it flying into Remus. James was proud and Lily was horrified."

The visit with Miss McGonagall lasted another thirty minutes or so with Richard and Isabelle asking questions about the curriculum and the subjects. They were disappointed to learn the core subjects weren't taught. They would be sending their sons with several dozen workbooks to keep up their muggle education.

"Just because you're going to magic school isn't an excuse to slack on your studies," Isabelle lectured. "You're both still expended to attend university and receive degrees."

Miss McGonagall left after a few displays of magic. With pride, she showed off her abilities in Transfigurations.

"James was talented in Transfigurations," she fondly told Harry and his family. "Lily was skilled in Charms and Potions."




Following Miss McGonagall's visit, Richard sat to work on finding new informants. He needed to know about the Wizarding World, and he needed to take measures to protect his family.

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