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Bree's POV:

It's been a week since we took a school break and we are transferring from Mission Creek high to a school out of town. It's been so hard dealing with all the fame about being bionic in mission creek high that we are moving schools. So let me tell you all what happened, one week ago, last Thursday everyone from school, including Adam, Chase, Leo and I went to a party at a boy's house and the boy who hosted the party leaked where we were at and because of fame we were attacked by strangers. I guess that's how this celebrity thing works, right? Wrong! We were always attacked and instead of seeing us as allies because we save people, they see us as enemies because we have more power than regular humans do and for that we were being harassed and threatened every day. So that's when Mr. Davenport decided to transfer us from Mission Creek high to a school out of town.

Mr. Davenport's POV:

"Ok kids it's time to go to school" I said to Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo. And then they all come up from the lab. "Leo, give me the keys so I can drive you guys" I told Leo. "Mr. Davenport, I can super speed us to Meganopolis High" Bree replied. "That's true" I said grabbing the keys. "Ok get your backpacks and hold onto Bree" I said holding Bree's hand tightly. And then I just felt my stomach flying out my mouth and before I can say anything we are already in front of Meganopolis High. "It looks alright" Bree said looking disappointed about how the school looks. "Just try it out" I said walking back realizing that I have no way back home. I look at Bree but then I realized that I don't want that scary feeling of super speeding so I decided to call a cab.

Adam's POV:

I walk into the school and I see a poster saying vote for the class president and Vice President. I then feel my back get touched and I turn around quickly, just to see a middle aged man and he says "Good morning you must be Adam, and those must be your siblings Bree and Chase & your step brother Leo?" he asked me, pointing at them. "Yes" I replied giving the principal a hand shake. "My name is Principal Jackson" he responded and I nodded. What grade are you and the rest of your family in. "I'm in 11th grade, Bree's in 10th and Chase & Leo are in 9th grade" I reply to him and he signs some papers. "Ok, this is your schedule and a lock, your locker is #53" he told me and I nodded and walked towards my locker. Ugh he's so nerdy and he talks so smart. I see him talking to Bree, Chase and Leo and giving them their schedule and lock. They come toward me and put their locks on lockers near mines. "Alright, I'm going to be in the gym, since that's my first period and I don't want to be late" I told my siblings. I go into the gym and then I bump into a pretty girl with straight blonde hair and blue eyes. "Oh sorry" I say to her and she tells me sorry as well. We stare at each other and then she sits on the bench. I go to the weights and I start weight lifting the heaviest weight. Everyone was looking at me and I quickly put the weight down. I can't risk having myself and my sibling's bionics exposed again. The bell rings and I sit down on the benches like everyone else does. "Ok class, who's ready for PE class this year" the PE teacher says. Everyone makes noise meanwhile I just sit there. I just remember how bad it was for my family and I to be harassed and I just keep seeing that moment. "Adam, Adam" I hear and I feel like I'm being shaken. I snap back into reality to see that the beautiful girl shaking me and calling my name. "Huh" I reply. "Adam, the teacher is waiting for you" she says and I look up to the PE teacher and the kids waiting for me. "Oh" I said and I quickly went to the circle, where the rest of the kids were. "Ok Adam & Emma you guys are partners for practicing how to pass the basketball" and the beautiful girl walks towards me with a basketball. I then start passing the ball to Emma and she passes it back to me and after a while I start to think about what happened again. "Not too much into basketball?" Emma asked me. "No, I love basketball but I just keep remembering what happened to my family and I a week ago" I replied to Emma. "Oh" she replied. The bell rang and I quickly went outside and opened my locker. "Adam, these help just take one a day" she said to me giving me a little Ziploc bag with pills inside. I quickly put the Ziploc bag in my locker and closed it. I then turned around to see my brothers and sister. "What's wrong" Leo asked me. "Nothing" I replied running off outside crying. It was honestly more than my family being hurt, nobody knows what happened to me meanwhile I was late to the party that happened a week ago. I couldn't say anything because they had a gun to my head. I just sit on the bench crying and my siblings were all in front of me. "What's wrong, Adam" Bree asked me. Bree & I have the strongest connection so it was hard to not tell her, but I chose not to tell her. It's just hard. "I'm fine, I just need some time to think, it's just some minor issues with some girl" I told them. "Ok, but if you need anything Adam I'm here" Bree replied and they all left. I had to lie. I can't let them know the truth. I then got up and started walking back inside the school. But I stopped by my locker and got the Ziploc bag Emma gave me and then I went to my last class, you see today and tomorrow we get out at half a day because of regents exams, but since Bree, Chase, Leo and I took the regents exam in Mission Creek High we don't have to take it. So I go to my last class before the day is over and I sit down at my desk. I then start remembering what happened to me. If you tell anyone about what I did to you and what my friends and I plan on doing to your family I will kill you. That's all I keep hearing. I then start to feel tears going down my eyes and my cheeks. Then the bell rings and I just run outside, and keep on running. You know, I'm the strongest one out of my whole family but I feel like the weakest one. I feel pathetic and useless. I stop running and I open the Ziploc bag Emma gave me and take a pill.

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