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Adam's POV:

I wake up and see Bree and Chase on their phones. It's so boring in here and I become desperate to leave. "Chase, do you have a plan to take us out of here" I whisper, since Douglas and Mr. Davenport can hear us. "Yes, this is the plan he whispers". "Try your best to take Spike out and then Bree can tie Mr. Davenport and Douglas up and take Leo" Chase said. "Afterwards we go to the plugs house and get something" Bree whispered. I nodded and we waited until Mr. Davenport and Douglas came to the lab together. I start the show with "Ugh why can't we just fucking leave this lab already". "Watch your tone mister" Mr. Davenport told me. "No you watch your tone, I was raped and all you give a fuck about is Bree, Chase, Leo and I training and going on missions" I reply back. "Watch your tone with Donnie, remember he was the one that raised you" Douglas added. "You tried to kill us twice and not to mention, gave us a new enemy" Chase added. "Ok are we done with the blame game?" Douglas asked. "No we aren't, why do you give a fuck if we like to do drugs" Bree said. "I'm not tolerating this type of disrespect no more" Mr. Davenport said calmly and looked at Douglas. Douglas nodded and Mr. Davenport tried to hit Bree. "Get the fuck off my sister" I say pushing Mr. Davenport away from Bree. I see Bree was surprised and hurt emotionally. We were never hit as kids. Chase jumped in and we started tugging at Mr. Davenport. Douglas jumped in and held Chase down. "CHASE DON'T DO THIS, YOU'RE TOO WEAK!" I say, hoping it caught him off guard and triggered Spike. "IM TOO WHAT?" I hear in a deep voice. There he is Spike is here baby. "Bree NOW" I yell and she super sped and tied Mr. Davenport and Douglas up. She then super sped Chase and I to Leo and then Leo, Bree, Chase and I to the plug's house. "WHERE ARE WE" we all hear. "What the hell is this?" Leo asked. "I'll explain later, try to turn Spike into Chase again while I get some pills" I say, knocking at the plug's house. "Hi Bree" I heard the plug say. I overhear her asking the plug for some meth and a pipe. We've never done meth before, so why would she ask for that? "Come on let's go" I hear Bree say to us. She grabbed Chase, Leo and I and super sped us to an abandoned alleyway. "Where are we?" Leo asked. "Don't worry about it", she said preparing the meth in the pipe. I hugged Chase to try to get Spike back to Chase. "GET OFF ME'' Spike said. I continued to hug Chase, but gently. Leo joined in and with all the comforting we did, Chase returned back to normal. "Did the plan work?" Chase asked. "It sure did" I replied laughing. "Ok let me disconnect from our GPS signals and let's relocate" Chase said. I felt a slight tingle on my neck. Leo started to scratch his arm. "That itches" he said. "I know, but you have a GPS too, so I had to disconnect it" Chase said. Bree grabbed all of us and went to a park. "This looks much better" Leo said. Bree took out a lighter and smoked out of the meth pipe. She then passed it around until we were all done. We then sat down in the swings. Within 15 minutes I felt the effects of it. I jumped up and started destroying things with my heat vision. "HELL YEAH, THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER" I yell. Chase started levitating and moving things with his molecular kinesis. Bree started to run around the park and Leo started destroying things with his laser balls. I feel so energetic. I use my super strength to destroy the swing set. I rip everything apart and then I start destroying signs. "Bree, this is the best shit we've ever had" Leo said. "Let's go back, there was a party there I heard" Chase said hyped. Bree took us all there instantly and we went inside to the party. There were females everywhere so I talked to 3 females. I'm the best looking so of course all the girls want me but I saw Chase and Leo get females as well. Bree was talking to all the boys there so we were pretty much having the best time of our lives. I kept telling the girls about my life and how stressful it is to be a bionic hero and I could not stop talking. I then hear loud knocking. "POLICE OPEN UP'' I hear. "What are we going to do with the drugs?" one of the guys asked nervously. I immediately started destroying all the drugs with the help of Leo. "Done" I say. They all were still worried. The police busted open the door. "What's going on here?" the police asked. "A regular party" one of the boys said. "Ok, who's Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo?" the officer asked. "Us'' Bree, Chase, Leo and I say raising our hand. "Come with us" the officer replied. We all came out of the house. His partner told the people in the house "Thank you for the cooperation, don't make too much noise" and closed the door. Mr. Davenport and Douglas came out of the police car and explained what happened to the police. "We also received reports that in Mission Creek park there were teenagers that used Crystal Meth and then destroyed most of the park" and we all were quiet. "I want them to go to the hospital and get drug tested and put in rehab" Mr. Davenport said. "But what happens to our missions?" Leo asked. "They're going to be put on hold until you guys can get help with your drug addiction" Douglas replied. We were then driven from the plug's house to the hospital. "3 teenagers admitted to the drug addiction section" the police officers said. I looked at Bree, Chase and Leo and we nodded. Chase moved everything with his molecular kinesis and I threw Davenport and Douglas to the ground. "Tase them" I heard. Bree, Chase, Leo and I were tased and we were taken to a room all together. We were put in beds and had IV's attached. Within a few minutes I was all drowsy and fell asleep.

Mr. Davenport's POV:

The kids were put to sleep to alleviate their withdrawal symptoms. I looked at Douglas worried. "Don't worry, their bionics won't glitch until a week without their capsules. Plus they need the help" he said. I nodded and watched what the doctors did to them. They took their blood out and came back with the drug test results. "They all have Xanax and Crystal Meth in their systems," the doctor said. I nodded, I'm not even disappointed or mad, I'm sad. Why and what are they experiencing that is making them do these drugs? "Can we put them in rehabilitation for a week and continue at home rehab?" I asked. "Of course, they definitely will need it," the doctor said. Douglas and I went home and went straight to the lab. "Do I hide this from Tasha?" I ask Douglas. "I don't know, she will be mad, but that's also her son" he replied. "I could tell her he is gone for a few days doing some special training in Facility X with Adam, Bree and Chase for a week". "That sounds like a good lie, now let's contact the psychiatrist for when Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo come, they continue their rehab" he said. I contacted the psychiatrist and afterwards I got a confirmation that he can come next week. I get a phone call from the investigators in Adam's case. "Am I speaking to Donald and Douglas Davenport?" he asked. "Yes" we both replied. "We caught Adam's rapist and he confessed so Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo don't have to testify". Douglas and I thanked him and we set the lab together for when Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo come next week to welcome them back home.

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