In the middle of the night, in the big Brazilan jungle called the Amazon, there was a celebration where all the animals are dancing and having fun. The had gotten rid of the illegal loggers!

There was Blu, the blue macaw dancing with his mate, Jewel.

"Are you sure that you can make Amazon our home?", asked Jewel.

They continued discussing making the Amazon their new home as they danced the night away. Blu was just getting used to not being afraid of the jungle.

"With the heat and creepy bugs..?", asked Jewel playfully teasing him.

"Are you kidding? I'm , totally wild and very birdly!", said Blu confidently.

Right at that moment, Blu turned around- he could see a spider right behind him that made him almost scream landing into Jewel's wings.

"Maybe we could do summers in Rio.", suggested Jewel.

"You're my one and only Jewel.", said Blu lovingly.

The two of them moved closer and nuzzled each other's heads.

Above them on who's watching was Jewel's father, Eduardo smiling at the lovely scene between his daughter and son-in-law.

"Eduardo,the leader of the Akatsuki, are here again.",said Roberto in panic.

He landed right behind Eduardo to let him know. Eduardo turned around in shock to hear about it. He thought the Akatsuki was long and gone he didn't even imagine about hearing them again. This time this was their leader wanting him to see him.

"Roberto, again, I thought we were done with those pesky birds!?",asked Eduardo in shock.

"I thought so too,but, we can't let anyone know in our tribe that they're coming back !I'm pretty sure Jewel and her family won't like it either. It would make them feel they are in great danger.",said Roberto.

Eduardo was silent for a little while as he looked back at watching Jewel and Blu dancing, then, looked back at Roberto.

"Tell the leader I would be there in a minute.",said Eduardo.

Roberto nodded and flew away. Eduardo hopped down to where Jewel and Blu are dancing to excuse himself from the party.

"Uh hey Jewel and Blu, I'm sorry I have somewhere to be.",said Eduardo.

"Okay Dad go right flew off leaving Blu and Jewel watching him as he left. While watching Eduardo leave, Jewel and Blu's two friends, Nico and Pedro, flew to them in curiosity on what they just saw.

"Where is your old man going?",asked Pedro.

"Yeah the best part is about to start!",shouted Nico.

"Oh he has somewhere to be.",explained Jewel.

"Yeah we don't mind if Eduardo has to go somewhere.",shrugged Blu.

The two of them resumed to dancing. Nico and Pedro looked and each other and decided to follow Eduardo.

Through the jungle, Eduardo soared, he still couldn't imagine that he had to hear about the Akatsuki again! They were a old bird tribe of criminals that didn't care about life in the Amazon. What made them dangerous is that they had powers that bring out destruction. They were a problem for the blue macaws as well. Eduardo hated to see blue macaws who tried to stop them get hurt in the battlefield. Even the red macaws weren't any help. The illegal logging was a problem.

The red macaws helped, but, now this was a much more problem to face. Bythe time he reached the den where the Akatsuki leader was in, the leader was already turning his back away from Eduardo.

"So you wanted to see me?"asked Eduardo the leader turned around.

"Yes.",he answered.

"Nagato, do you want more of our berry trees is that what?",guessed Eduardo annoyed .

Remembering the reasons why the Akatsuki came was to steal their food which was the berry trees,


"Then tell me",said Eduardo.

"I want is that skinny blue bird that is with your daughter.",said Nagato.

Eduardo's eyes widened up in shock easily he exactly knew who Nagato was talking about...Blu.

"You can't ehave him!",growledEduardo.

"We can have whoever we want, Eduardo.

"You don't know the way how the Akatsuki worked after we learned that Itachi, one of our members, killed his clan. We made him our member because he would help us." ,explained Nagato.

"With Blu I could see the frustration he had inside of him during Training Day.",continued Nagato.

Eduardo was shocked again. He didn't realize Nagato was watching him and Blu during training day, nobody knew!,Sure, Blu kinda failed through his lessons during Training Day.

If Eduardo heard about the Akatsuki earlier, then maybe he would've had Blu train more. They had to prepare the Akatsuki for coming! Eduardo looked straight into Nagato's face he could see a smirk beneath his cloak covering half of his face.

Eduardo screamed at the top of his lungs. He opened his wings for his talon claws to grab Nagato on the throat,

"You are not taking Blu from me. He is part of my family, he would not be...", Eduardo could finish his sentence, Nagato started using his telekinesis to unleash Eduardo's talons from his throat.

Eduardo floated right above the air.

Eduardo!",shouted a voice, Nagato looked over to see who was calling. It was Nico and Pedro peeking through the hole where Eduardo entered in the two of them were shock to see what was happening.

"Who are you what are you doing to Eduardo!",yelled Nico angrily.

Nagato unleash Eduardo from choking him. Eduardo dropped to the floor almost unconscious. Nagato walked up to Nico and Pedro,

"Run.",said Nagato.

"Hold up! What my best friend was about to say was...",before Nico could finish his sentence,

"I said run!", said Nagato in a more loud and serious voice that made Nico nervous "Okay let's go.",agreed Nico to Pedro, as the two of them flew off screaming.