When Jewel,Eduardo,Blu and the three hatchlings made it to the event, they stopped themselves into their tracks. Once landed on the ground, they looked up to see Nagato flying above them laughing in a evil way. He was watching all the chaos going around him.

"How did you get here, Nagato!?",shouted Eduardo.

Nagato turned around to face the bird family that was below him. Then,before answering Eduardo's question, his head then turned over to Nico and Pedro who were currently trying to hide somewhere. They were told on to run and that, somehow, maybe, Nagato must have followed them here. Nagato turned his head back around to the blue macaw family.

"I have gathered hints to where other bird may be going.",answered Nagato.

That made Eduardo growl in frustration as he tried to protect Blu from going near him. Nagato flew down towards them and then Nagato used one of his talons to grab Eduardo by the neck almost chocking him!

"Dad!",shouted Jewel as she tried to stop him.

He was choking her father. Nagato shushed her before turning his head back around to Eduardo,

"Blu is coming with me!",shouted Nagato.

"No,no he would never! I already plan something for him...",choked Eduardo.

Nagato let go of him. He was already tired of hearing him.

Then, he flew up into the sky

"Fine then. If you don't give me Blu, then, there would be war.",he said before flying away.