The day after Jewel had told Blu about what are they going to do, that .they were going with Eduardo' . They were going to Japan so that Blu could be trained under Jiraya. Before they opened their wings to fly up to the sky, Jewel had to go and say goodbye to her friends and family. Jewel doesn't like too much attention, so it would be better if she had a goodbye to Eduardo and Roberto in private. The last bird she had to say goodbye to was Mimi but before she could say that Mimi then ran up to her to give her a big hug

"Take care! Jewel always keeps her family !",shouted. Mimi as Jewel nodded in response to what Mimi had said

"I will., Mimi said

She turned away so she could join Blu and her family. They were ready to fly off and head to Japan...that is how the greatest journey begins...