The forests of Naturra were generally peaceful this time of day. But ever since Pit had befriended a melancholy harpy, things weren't as undisturbed. Shrills and wails came from the Forces of Nature's central garden.

Serenade, the meek harpy spread her azure wings out as she shrilled one of the higher notes. Pittoo tucked the tips of his wings close to his ears, hoping the soft plumage would obstruct the sound. Pit just looked on with a reassuring, yet broken smile for Serenade as Viridi tried to help her manage her notes.

"No,'s all wrong." The nature goddess said, a bit flustered. "Serenade, you're hitting high notes when they should be sung at your chest level. Because of that, your song is off-key."

"Off-key? Viridi I'm doing the best I can with my vocal cords." Serenade shrilled, a bit irritated herself. "It's difficult for me to keep the melody in line." Annoyed, the harpy fluffed her wings and leaped from her perch to take a breather.

Viridi just looked at Pit, hesitant. "Why did you talk me into doing this again?" She asked, straightening out her flows of blonde hair that straggled out of stress. "It's not even just her performance that's rough, her attitude is a bit cruddy too."

Pit sighed but spoke softly. "Because she wants to find her post as a great singer someday, even one possibly performing in the operas of Skyworld." He insisted. "Besides, I know you two have your differences. The fact you were willing to cooperate though at least gave me some divine encouragement." Viridi looked down, she knew he was right.

"Maybe I should go talk to her, girl to girl at least." Viridi insisted, showing a reassuring, soft smile. "We could possibly negotiate to let her sing at her own pace, but I help her manage keeping her songs and vocals in-key." She added, taking a hold of her flowered staff and calmly going to find her.

Pittoo removed his tucked wings from his ears and looked upon Pit with perplexed feelings. "You're really focused on helping this bird lady follow her dreams, aren't you?" He asked.

"I like helping those in need accomplish their dreams. I feel it gets not only a good feeling out of my heart, but I get to see them grow and expand their motivation further." Pit added, as he watched with a beaming smile on his face as Viridi and Serenade composed to discuss a plan with one another.