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Bree's POV:

The bell just rang to dismiss the day. "That's all for the day, make sure to do the homework, it's essential for your exam tomorrow" my science teacher said. I grabbed my textbook, notebook, my bag and went to my locker. I then put my stuff away when I hear some girls talk about pills that help with stress. "This drug gets you high and helps you help with stress" I hear. I close my locker and approach them, while checking the time on my phone and it's currently 1:30 PM "I heard you said something about stress loss" I say to the girls. "Yes Bree, but I wouldn't expect a bionic hero to do drugs" they said. "Can I come with you?" I ask desperately. "Sure, it's free to come, here's the dealers business card as well. I take the card and go with them. "This is the place" I ask. "Yup, it's totally safe" they say, but I'm suspicious. We go upstairs and knock at the door. "Hey girl, I've missed you" a blonde girl with a Puerto Rican accent said. "Me too" one of the girls I'm with replied. "So where are the Adderall you were talking about, the ones to help reduce stress" the other girl I was with said. "Right here, but they're $15" the Puerto Rican girl said. I take $15 out my pocket and give it to her. "I know who you are" she said all panicked. "You're Bree Davenport, one of the 3 bionic superheroes, what are you doing here? You came to catch me?" the Puerto Rican girl said. "She's with us, she's trusted" the girls said. "Yeah, I just wanted something that'll help me reduce stress" I say. "Oh, well let's get the party started. The Puerto Rican girl took out 4 Ziploc bags that were filled with multiple Adderall pills. I then drink 2 of the pills that were in my Ziploc bag. 20 minutes later, I start feeling different, I feel more confident about myself, but also high I guess. I then feel my phone vibrate, it's Mr. Davenport. What do I do? Do I pick up or leave him to my voicemail? If I pick up he'll notice I'm high. I decide to let my phone ring.

"You see Bree, this is the life you were missing while you save people" I hear one of the girls say. I start laughing, but in reality I see 4 of the same people. I start giggling. Then I see a boy come in through the door. He has blue eyes, blonde hair and a perfect body. "Hey, you got more?" he asked. "Of course" the Puerto Rican dealer said. I get up and walk to him. "You're cute" I say. "Thanks, and you are?" I giggle. "Don't you know who I am, the whole Mission Creek knows who I am" I say. "No, sorry I don't. You see I'm new to mission creek, but I'll like to know it and you as well" he said. "My name is Kevin" he says, kissing my hand. I think I just fell in love. "OPEN UP" I hear someone say outside the door, loudly. The Puerto Rican girl got up anxiously. "Everyone, go that way there is a window, use the fire escape as an escape, I owe someone some money and he's very dangerous" she said. The people in the apartment used the window to escape but I stood there. I was trained for this, but I'm high. I can't fight like this. I decide to escape as well. I can't let that lady alone like that, but if I call Davenport or Douglas I'm screwed, I have to go back. I super speed back to the apartment and I call Adam. "Adam, I can't talk but someone is in danger, I'll send you my cell signal" I say and leave my cell phone inside her apartment.

Adam's POV:

I hurry to the location Bree sent me. What is this place? What was she doing here? I go inside the apartment to see someone being choked. "Hey, what do you think you're doing to her" I say. I then use my heat vision to burn his hand. We're fighting until I beat him up and cuff him. "Wait, you're Adam Davenport, one of the 3 bionic superheroes" the lady said. "Are you with the police" she asks. I look around the place and see pills inside Ziploc bags all over the floor. "No, I know them, don't worry I won't report you. But just because you're cute" I reply winking at her. She blushes. "Okay, time to take you away for putting this fine lady in danger" I say escorting the man away and giving him to Mission Creek police. I then head to the other side of the street and see Bree. "Thanks Adam" Bree says. "Yeah, but what are you doing here" I say. She giggled and told me she was with some friends. I know I'm stupid, but it doesn't take a dumb person to put two and two together. "Bree, are you high?" I ask examining her eyes. "Shh" she said, putting her hand on my mouth. "How do I explain this to Mr. Davenport? You are gonna have to act normal and take a shower and sleep in your capsule" I say carrying Bree until we reach the front door. "Act normal" I say. I open the door and go straight to the elevator; good there is nobody in the living room. I just hope Chase, Mr. Davenport or Douglas aren't in the lab. That will blow Bree's cover. The elevator opens and I walk Bree to her capsule. To my surprise there's nobody here. Ohhh, they must be having lunch, as it's 3:00 PM now. Great this gives me time to help Bree sober up and make her explain to me what she was thinking. "Bree, I'm gonna make the capsule give you a cold shower and change you to pajamas, and I'll grab you some tea. Hopefully that'll sober you up faster" I say. I go upstairs to get tea and I see the door open with everyone. "Oh Adam you're home, we were worried you and Bree were somewhere else" Tasha said. I smile and leave. Hopefully the shower is done with Bree and she's all changed. I go downstairs, but this time I'm accompanied with everyone but Tasha. Oh I hope this ends well. When the elevator opens, I see Bree on the lab couch all changed, with her phone. "Guys, guess what" Mr. Davenport said. "What?" Leo replied. "Your training is at 7:30 so after you eat dinner, get ready" Mr. Davenport replied. Everyone goes their own ways while I'm next to Bree. I give her the tea. "Here take this, so you can sober up faster". She takes the tea and starts laughing. "Hey, sleep it off, and sleep in the capsule" I say guiding her to it. "That'll help you sober up faster". She's in the capsule and she falls asleep quickly. Who knew this day would come? The dumb brother would take care of the high sister. I go to my capsule and start to close my eyes and drift to sleep.

~ 4 hours later~

Mr. Davenport's POV:

"Wake up, time for training" I say to Adam and Bree, who are sound asleep. "Maybe their worn out and need the rest" Douglas said. "No, training is important and they know it. We need to be ready for any mission" I reply. Really? Tired. Something is going on and I know it. I've raised Adam, Bree and Chase since they were little; something is up that their sleeping. "I SAID GET UP" I said, a little louder. That woke them up quickly. "Why were you two sleeping, you never sleep before training" I ask. "You know, I go to the gym everyday to build my strength" Adam replied. I nod then look at Bree. "How about you?" I ask. "I truly don't feel well Mr. Davenport, I've had a headache since I've came home from school" Bree said. "Ok then, training is cancelled, but tomorrow it's 6PM sharp. No excuses" I say and leave the lab. I have my suspicions but I go upstairs to spend time with Tasha.

Bree's POV:

Mr. Davenport seemed pretty mad. Did he find out? "Bree, how you feeling?" I hear Adam ask me. I feel fine, I don't remember anything though" I replied back. "Let me help you". "You were in that apartment, doing drugs and getting high, then you saw that something dangerous was happening". "And because you were high, you couldn't fight". "So you called me". Adam said. For him being the stupid one, he sure figured this one out. "Look-" I was then interrupted by Adam and he said, "Don't worry, I won't tell Davenport or Douglas, but don't do it again". "What if we had an important mission, right now Mr. Davenport almost killed us for sleeping" he said. "Yeah, you're right, I won't do it again" I said. "Thank you" Adam replied walking out the lab. He's back to being dumb. I'm not going to stop taking the Adderall's, they help me reduce stress and I also heard they help you concentrate. I grab my bag and I then realize I have the Ziploc bag full of Adderall's and the card still. I look at the card and read Rebecca's drugs and lingerie store/ apartment, 222 West 55 Street, Apt. 2H, Mission Creek. I put the card away and my bag away. I then go upstairs to not look too suspicious and sit on the couch with everyone else to watch a movie.

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