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Bree's POV:

It's been a week since I had my panic attack and I've been taking the Xanax pills more than the Adderall. It's been making me drowsy so I haven't been eating and I have been a lot calmer. But it's just been so fucking boring in this stupid ass lab. Today is not my day at all, I just been feeling depressed as fuck. I hate being in the lab and not interacting with nobody except the people I live with. Fuck it I'm going to run away. I get out of my capsule and take the chance to pack my purse. I put the Adderall and Xanax inside my purse as well and took my phone from where Mr. Davenport had it and used my invisibility app to become invisible to my family. I turned off my gps signal from the cyber desk and then turned off the location services from my phone. I then snuck off and went to the nearest gas station. I called Kevin and had him come to the gas station. Within the first few minutes I've gotten 6 missed calls from Mr. Davenport. I see Kevin coming into the gas station so I break my phone and go with him. "What plans do you have?" Kevin asked me. "I want to stay with you and your brother," I replied. We stopped walking and he looked at me. "That is only my brother's apartment, we stay at a big house" he told me. "Ok even better" I said, excited. "It's not like that Bree, we're gang members" Kevin told me. My heart dropped all the way to my stomach. "That explains your gun, which you left and my dad is investigating whose it is," I told him. "He can try to find out, I'm not registered and I don't have papers and the serial number of the gun is scraped" he replied. "But I touched it so my fingerprints would be on it" I say. "Yes but knowing your dad and who you are, they aren't going to believe it's yours". I nodded and stood quiet. "Have you killed anybody with it?" I ask. "I'm not going to lie Bree, yes I have and the people who live in the big house have killed people as well. I'm telling you all of this because I trust you and I don't want you to be surprised when you get there". "Wait; do they know who I am?" I ask. "My brother and I are the only ones who keep up with news, the rest of them just sell, gamble and kill our enemies'' he replied. I get a sharp pain in my stomach. Am I a bad person for hanging out with Kevin, now that I know his secret? I mean they say anything for love. Plus we can both do drugs and I have someone to interact with. "Let me call my brother and tell him to tell the people that you're a part of the team" he said. "Team? I just want to stay with you" I replied. "I know but if I bring a stranger, they're going to kill you" he said, which startled me. "Anthony, my girlfriend wants in. Tell them that she's coming to the house" he told his brother. So his brother's name is Anthony. He was on the phone for a good minute before he hung up. "He said ok, but please don't let expose your bionics to them no matter what" he said. I nodded and he paid for a cab to the house. It took like an hour to get to the house but when we did we had to get through security. The guards had rifles. This is when I realized I'm stuck in some evil shit. I get into the big house and it's as big as home. I get inside the house and I go straight to Kevin's room with him. I unpack and take a shower. After I showered I put on some clothes and Kevin invited me to a gang member dinner, to meet everyone. I went to the dining room and I saw everyone sitting in a chair. I sat next to Kevin and stood up quiet. "Kevin got himself a baddie" I heard someone say. Everyone was laughing and I chuckled a little bit. I mean they don't have to gas me up like that, but I am pretty. "Beautiful people like you don't kill, so why do you want in?" someone asked. "Ummm" I said. "She wants in because she wants revenge on someone" Kevin said. I put two and two together. I can use Krane as an excuse but I also have to hide that I'm bionic. "There's this bionic villain called Victor Krane, he killed my mother. If I can kill him it would be amazing" I lied. They were all in disbelief and Anthony chimed in. "And this young lady is Kevin's girlfriend so she deserves the respect". "Ok, I'm going to need to train you for anything. But if you are a part of this team our battles are yours just like your battles are ours" someone said. I nodded and agreed with them. They shook my hand and handed me a pistol. "What is this for?" I asked. "You need protection at all times so take that" Kevin said looking at me. "I hope you are serious and don't take Kevin for granted," an older lady said. "Mom she's serious, plus you already know her story. I would do the same for you" Kevin said. So Kevin's mother is a part of the gang. I eat the dinner which was equally as delicious as Tasha's and go to Kevin's room with him. I sit down on his bed. Kevin closes the door and gets a glass piece and takes out some weed from his dresser. "Does your mom know you do drugs?" I ask him. "Yeah and in this house everyone does drugs excluding Anthony, he doesn't like it. My mom only smokes weed but in this house we do weed all the way to pills and other shit" he responded. "You guys sell too" I ask, taking a bong rip. "Nah we only buy but we do gamble and kill so be prepared with that gun" he said. I nod and we both get stoned. I'm not in a mood to have sex so I tell him I'm not comfortable yet. He understood and then I heard an alarm. "Bree, get your gun ready, it's war" Kevin said. "I don't know how to shoot" I tell him worried. Just load the pistol, cock it, aim and pull the trigger. I nod and then go outside and get into cover, loaded the pistol, cocked it, aimed at the enemies and pulled the trigger. I missed my first few shots but then shot someone. I then kept my momentum and kept on shooting the enemies until the head of the enemy drove away. "This your first time shooting?" someone asked. I was on the verge of getting an anxiety attack and started crying. "This is her first time killing someone but she defended us today" Kevin said walking me to his room. I kept on crying and hyperventilating. "Kevin I can't do this, take me back to my house" I whisper. "You can't, you already killed someone plus you're a part of the gang" he responded. "I'm a murderer and I'm also supposed to be a hero" I say hyperventilating. "Forget your hero days, you look much sexier killing people" he told me. "NO, I CAN'T BE HERE" I yell. "Shhh, the people might hear you. "I don't care," I say. "Hey how can you imitate my voice so well?" he asked. "Fuck, my bionics are glitching I need my capsule in order to control them," I say desperately. "Well you can't go back home to try to control them" Kevin said. "Yeah good plan, like they can't control me" I replied back. "I'm sorry, it's just stressful. I don't know how bionics work" he said. "Take a Xanax" he suggested. I opened my purse and took one. While waiting for it to kick in, Kevin took a shower. I started to feel a little calmer and my bionics stopped glitching. But I don't know what to do. Without my capsule for too long, I can glitch just like what happened when Douglas blew up the lab. Why the fuck did I decide to move in with Kevin? I love him but I can't do this gang shit. I heard someone knock on the door. "Who is it?" I asked. "Kevin's mother, please open up," she said. "He's in the shower" I replied. "I actually wanted to speak to you," she said. I opened the door and she came in and asked me to sit down. I did and she asked "Did Kevin make you come here?" I immediately said no. "It was completely my choice" I say. She nodded. "I can tell you never killed anyone until today and I know you're a beautiful young lady but Kevin is not for you. He kills people just like the rest of us and he does drugs" she told me. "Yeah he probably isn't but I love him" I replied crying. She looks at the pills I left on Kevin's bed. "Those are mine, I'm kind of addicted" I say embarrassed. "It's ok, we do drugs here but you're young. Focus on yourself and get the help you need. You don't need to be here" she told me. I question if I should take her advice and leave, but I love Kevin too much to abandon him. "I can't abandon Kevin, but can I not be a part of the shootouts?" I ask. She nodded and then hugged me. Since I know you teens, you guys are obsessed with phones so I bought you one to stay in contact with anyone you want. I take the phone and thank her. She then left the room and I turned on the phone. I then realize what might be going on. She is testing me if I tell anyone where I'm at. I open the back of my phone and see a chip inside of it. I close the phone and then realize I can't tell Mr. Davenport or Douglas where I'm at. I log in to my Facebook account and see everyone post missing posts of me. They must be worried but I can't do anything. I then think of things that I can do. But as I'm thinking I start feeling drowsy and go to sleep and turn off my phone.

Kevin's POV:

After I showered I went to the backyard and practiced on my aim. I saw that Bree was sleeping and didn't want to bother her because I know how anxious she is. I see my other brother Tito. He's my twin brother and Anthony is my older brother. "Aye Tito, you good there?" I ask. "Yes bro, we are securing the house even more" he replied joining me in the shooting practice. "That girl that you bought here, can she be trusted?" he asked. "Of course bro, I wouldn't bring anyone dangerous to us. Plus she's a baddie and I hit that already" I replied. "I see you bro, do you love her or you just baited her?" he asked. "I actually love her, she's different but enough about her" I say getting uncomfortable. "Bro imma smoke, you want to join?" he asked. "Nah, imma practice until I'm tired. I have to keep my guard up" I say. He headed inside the house and I kept on shooting.

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