Chapter 2 Attack Cornelia

Royal Office - Council Meeting

Hadrian stayed quiet and watched in deep thought on what his older sister has planned for this Zero figure. At this rate, the plan could be anything and the information on what it entails was less, to say the least. He will have to wait and see what will unfold as time moves forward. Though Hadrian has a few ideas on what Cornelia has planned.

Hadrian had plans already being set in motion. Those plans include getting his spy network set up in Japan (Area 11), have the Fenrir Knights ready for the hunts to come, see if his knight/second in command has any information about this Zero and his rebels, ensure that his Knightmare is ready for action and lastly find the time to be with his sisters like the good old days.

But first, he must deal with a council meeting with these obnoxious royal nobles. Damn vultures that want something and credit on taking down the Masked Man Zero. Such fools, but this should be interesting and amazing for the young prince to enjoy.

Hadrian soon pays attention back to the meeting and being silent like a statue. Only Cornelia, her general and knight noticed him.

"I say we wipe out those filthy Elevens, put them down like the dogs they are. That will show that the Empire is in control," One noble said.

"You may fear them but I don't. The Empire has the ultimate power and stands on top, I suggest we use it and show Area 11 the Empire's might," A prideful noble said with a smirk, getting a good number of others on board as they were Clovis' allies and didn't like Cornelia's control or Hadrian's knights

Cornelia raised an eyebrow at this, holding her hand up to stop Guildford and Dalton from talking back as her brother has something to say.

"That won't be necessary as the groups of rebels are cells that have no backbone and have no plan what so ever. They will fall like the mongrels they are but our true focus should be on this Zero. He seems to have the charisma and the intelligence to make anyone fight for his cause. He will have an army at his beck and call soon enough," Hadrian said.

"Then we should strike now and burn the area to the ground. With our numbers, we can wipe these rebels out," The noblemen said, getting everyone on side agreeing.

"Don't be so proud of yourself because of your superior numbers. It takes more than starting a fire and burning some buildings to get people in line. That sad trick had been used before in the EU and does little in terms of strategy. That only builds their hatred for the Empire. Europe will not yet fall in the years to come, but Britain shall fall once the problem here in Japan is dealt with," The dark-haired prince said.

It was no surprise that the Twelfth Prince of Britannia wants to take back the Empire's place of birth and hunt down the enemies of the Empire with one strike. It was common knowledge that he wanted this more than anything and many wondered if the prince could do what others have failed. So far, he is very close.

"Don't try to explain yourself, Hadrian. Prince or no prince, you haven't given Emperor Charles, Britain as you promised or captured Zero for the Empire's sake. Your sad dream on stomping the Britains has failed and I'll make sure you are brought forth of your failures to the-," The noble said but stopped all the sudden and felt a powerful force hitting him

Hadrian had walked forward a little with his right hand out, clenching his thumb and pointer finger in a choking matter. The noble was trying to grasp for air but couldn't get any.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing," Hadrian said in a monotone voice.

The nobles were scared as they felt the room get colder and colder. There was a reason to fear the prince and this was it. They all saw the foolish noble fall to the ground trying to breathe air when it was not possible.

"Enough of this! Hadrian release him!" Cornelia ordered but was a little grateful for her brother on shutting the fool up.

"As you wish," Hadrian said as he released the man from his grip and allowing the noble to breathe.

"This debate is getting nowhere. My plan on capturing Zero is in motion and when it's fulfilled, this rebellion will end before it becomes what we fear it to be." Cornelia said.

Hadrian smiled at that. Cornelia was always determined to see things through. If she thinks she can succeed, most often than not, she will. Hadrian is looking forward to the results.

Small Time Skip

Hadrian and Cornelia walked to an elevator with Cornelia pressing a button for it to go up to the command deck of G-1 transport.

"Interesting, on prompting someone to the rank of Warrant Officer. For that person to be Japanese no less. I'm a bit surprised my dear sister," Hadrian commented with a smirk on his face.

Cornelia raised an eyebrow and said, "It wasn't without merit. Suzuka is a fine soldier. I'm trying to win the loyalty of our people, not give the rebellion assistance in increasing their numbers."

"Noted," The dark-haired prince said.

"You should know that Officer Suzuka was with our sister for the whole day and protected her from harm," Cornelia said, shocking her brother.

"What?! Why would she need protecting if she is at one of our many safe houses? It's not like she jumps out of the window every day for some sightseeing?" Hadrian said, getting his sister to be quiet at his remark.

"She jumps out of the window for sightseeing, doesn't she?"

"Yes, yes she does."

"And she meets up with Suzuka."


"Have you told her that I was here."

"I have not yet. I want to surprise her."

"Very well. I shall meet Euphemia soon. I'm curious how she will feel with me here."

Cornelia stays quiet remembering a bad memory but push it aside for the time being. She will have to talk to her brother once things calm down about the memory in question. But not now, for now, she has an important mission. To find Zero and bring him to justice for his crimes.

Soon enough the elevator stops with the pair exiting and entering the control room to oversee the whole battle taking place. Cornelia took her sat on the command throne with her Knight Guilford at her side. Darton was at the holo maps with other soldiers and started the plan in motion. Meanwhile, Hadrian leans up against the wall and just watched.

"So, we proceed now?" Darlton asked having everyone set up and ready.

"What will be the effect on production?" Cornelia asked.

"Primary sector outputs are decreased by 0.2 percent," The general answered.

"Within expectations you mean? Alright," The princess corrected getting a nod from the general and brought her attention to the men that once survived under Clovis's rule.

"All of you here participated in the Shinjuku disaster. Is that correct?" She asked.

"Yes and we're indebted to you Princess Cornelia for your mercy," One of the troopers said.

"That's not what I'm asking. Do you think the conditions are similar?" Cornelia asked, getting the troopers confused but three of them got on quickly on what she meant.

"To those in Shinjuku. Zero is a criminal with a flair for the theatrical. I've recreated the same conditions that existed in Shinjuku to draw him out. If he's the overconfident type, I predict he'll come here to try and kill me," The princess said, sharing the plan out and Hadrian was a bit impressed.

Recreate one plan that brought the fall to Clovis and see if it will happen again to her. Very risky, at least for Zero. Though Hadrian was curious if Zero is indeed overconfident. Intel suggested that he is vastly intelligent and strategic. Perhaps his continued successes made him think he's unbeatable. Such arrogance will be his downfall if that's the case. Hadrian will have to wait and see.

"Viceroy you'd risk your own life?" The trooper asked but was shut up when he saw a glare from the Warlock.

"You clearly can't see the big picture. A battle has two sides, the victor that stands on top and the loser that is broken in the ground. War is a struggle between one's pride and their life. Cornelia's plan will exploit Zero's pride and overconfidence and when he least expects, he will fall," Hadrian said.

"Well said my little brother, well said," Cornelia commented.

Hadrian smiled and watched the events take place on the holo map with Cornelia's plan being in motion. He was impressed with the battle taking place and how things were going faster than he had anticipated. The Britannian's forces had the upper hand but that changed when they walked into a trap. Their foolish pride cost them their lives. A shame really, he imagines they were good soldiers but in this line of work, people die. Grieving them will have to wait.

"Alright, that's enough child's play. Guildford, shall we depart?" Cornelia asked.

"As you wish, your highness," Guildford said with a bow and was going to join the battle.

"Wait," The prince called out as he got his phone out.

"Fenrir Knights, it's time," Hadrian said.

"As you wish your highness. Are we launching the full unit?" The solider on the other end asked.

"No, send three men from unit two and have them follow Guildford's orders if they were Cornelia's or mine. It's time for some of our wolves to hunt" The dark-haired prince answered.

"As you wish, your majesty." The soldier said as Hadrian hanged up his phone

"You have three of my Knights joining you Lord Guilford, please make the hunt enjoyable for them. They get bored very easily," Hadrian said.

"Understood, Prince Hadrian," Guildford said before taking his leave for the launch bays and meet up with the knights to join in the battle.

"I thought you said that this was my mission?" Cornelia asked.

"I did but I never said I wouldn't add some of my forces into the mix," Hadrian explained.

Cornelia just smirked at that and saw no harm in that. It will work best and give Zero a taste of the Warlock's forces. This will be interesting.

Within a few short minutes, Guildford and three Fenrir Knights had easy taken out the rebels without breaking a sweat. Some of the rebels tried to give up but were shot down. No prisoners, no mercy. A strong example must be made. Those that dare fight against the Empire shall face death.

"Is that all? Such a shame, I was hoping that Zero would show by now." Hadrian said.

"It's not over yet. Guildford, have the Fenrir Knights and yourself check all the Sutherlands. If Zero is here, then he'll either be watching the battle from afar or is in one of our forces' Knightmares," Cornelia ordered.

"At once, Your Highness," Guildford and the Fenrir Knights said over the radio and started checking the Sutherlands.

"To all forces, exit out of your Sutherlands. Failing to do so, you will be killed in the spot," The Goddess of Victory demanded but they failed to follow orders.

"Oh, it seems we have no one following orders," Hadrian said with a smirk feeling a victory was near but felt something off all a sudden and he sensed a familiar presence.

The Warlock hadn't felt this before. Not since that day. Not since the day of...

"It's Zero!" A Fenrir Knight shouted, getting everyone's attention to see Zero standing on a worn-down building and faced at G-1 transport.

"So, he shows up after all. Very well, all men fire at will." Cornelia ordered having the men on the battlefield firing at the Masked Man but missed.

Zero then leaned backward, falling off the building and got the soldiers to head out to find him but he was gone. He disappeared out of thin air.

Hadrian hummed in thought as he watched his sister ordering the men to clear out and return to base. The young prince started to think back on what he felt. He knows this presence. It was only one person he could think of.

"CC," Hadrian said with a low voice, having no one hear him.

If she was here, he must find her and talk with her. He needed answers to some questions.

But right now Hadrian wants to rest as Cornelia wants us to spend time tomorrow with Euphemia. This Zero is certainly going to be a fun opponent for the young prince. This will be fun.

Next-Day (Morning)

The next day, we see Cornelia and Euphemia were hanging out in the gardens in the palace. They were enjoying the crisp morning air. Cornelia was lying down on the grass using Euphemia's lap as a pillow.

"It's been a while since we got to spend time like this. It's been busy since we came here," Cornelia said as she squeezed Euphemia's sides which made her yelp in surprise.

"Desk work made you gain weight."

"Don't say that. That's just mean," Euphemia said with a pout

"I told you a long time to not eat too many sweets," A familiar voice said which made Euphemia and Cornelia look to the source.

When they did, Cornelia smiled and got off of Euphemia's lap. Euphemia, on the other hand, was stunned at seeing her brother again. She then slowly got up from the ground and stood in front of him.

"You going to stand there or you going to give your brother a hug?" Hadrian asked as he opens his arms. Euphemia then had tears fall out of her eyes and quickly jumped into his arms

"It's so good to see you," She said as Hadrian held his beloved sister as tight as possible.

"Me too, Euphemia. Me too," The dark-haired prince said with a calm and warm smile on his face as he hugged his sister.

For the rest of the morning, Hadrian, Cornelia, and Euphemia enjoyed the peace and quiet moment they have. Enjoy the moment as some things might kick up but was hard to say for the moment and anything can happen. But for now, some peace and quiet to enjoy.


Fenrir Knights:

Hadrian li Britannia (Founder/Leader): Raijin - Black and gold theme and was slightly taller than other Knightmares. Its forearms were slightly bulkier and seem like the Lancelot than other frames, the helm was samurai and wolf-like theme with ears. On each hip were two black weapons, being railguns pistols. The arms have whips that are ignited with lightning that can rip apart any Knightmares but has some trouble with Guren and Lancelot armor. A combat knife MVS hid in the right arm for close combat. It was is development but energy wings for flight ability are in works and rest TBA.

Hermione Granger-Darlton (Second in Command): A black and silver Gloucester with a wolf-theme.

The rest of the Units have a costume made Gloucester, Sutherland, and a few Vincent Ward in works. But all of the Knightmares have a wolf symbol on their frames and wolf them claws, making them stand out as wolves.


Hadrian's Harem: Milly. CC. Rest in works.