Chapter 7 Aftermath

G-1 Transport - Office

Hadrian sighed as he finished up the paperwork that he was dragged in by his sisters. No one likes paperwork these days but it must be done and taken care of.

Hadrian had plans after paperwork and dare note to be late as he needs to train more, much more as he can feel the storm will kick up and the enemy will raise up more. The Battle of Narita was only the start and more to come, the prince could feel it as his times in the EU front taught him that the enemy would only stop when they chained, dead, or give up on their own wills.

Despite the victory over the JLF and their aces, the Black Knights have left big damage onto the Empire in Area 11 and the siblings have work to do on getting back up.

Cornelia had seen a request to the homeland on getting more supplies, better-equipped Knightmares, and troopers as well.

Euphemia had taken to herself on sending the word out on the news of the sudden attack at Narita and ensures that the civilians were moved out of the city when the landslide happened.

Hadrian had also seen a request to the homeland as well for more equipment, special order, and call his personal knight to Japan as he needs her help on getting information on the rebels.

Then a knock came at his door, getting his attention, and answered, "Enter."

Three came in which Cornelia and Nonette were the first and last a familiar face that made Hadrian smiled on seeing his knight who is a trusted friend was here at last. She was a young woman around the same age as the 12th prince with brunette wave hair, clear blue eyes, and a gentle smile. She wore a white shirt that had golden buttons with a black bow tie while a black overcoat over her to act like a cape with a silver wolf howling to the moon on the back of the said coat, brown pants with white leggings, and brown shoes. This was Hermione Granger-Darlton, adopted daughter of General Darlton, second in command of the Fenrir Knights, and Knight of Hadrian. (Hermione looks are Fiore from Fate/Apocrypha)

"Ah Hermione, welcome to Japan, my Knight," Hadrian greeted.

"Thank you, my prince. The trip was long but now worth it," Hermione greeted back to her prince, the man she will follow and have feelings for.

"I bet," Hadrian said as he finished his work.

"If I may your highness, maybe a holiday can help you with relaxing after the battle you had?" Hermione offered.

"I agree with her, brother. I insist that you take a holiday," Cornelia said, agreeing with the brown-haired knight and give her brother some relaxation to enjoy himself.

Sure Hadrian has it but small ones, never a long one that lasted a few days.

"I already have one. Last month before I came to the area," Hadrian said, claiming of his last holiday.

"Nope, my hobby. Burning a village settlement where your former aunt and her family home with them inside to the ground doesn't count as that was part of your assault in the EU fronts," Nonette remained.

"Poor resistance and their use of deathtrap Knightmare Frames, stupid metal coffins with meager armor and weaponry," Hadrian muttered as his response which made the three smiled at his childless reaction.

"Ohh I also forget, my hobby. A report from EU Front by Lucardo Bradley," Nonette said, handing Hadrian a report file which made him raised an eyebrow and wonder what the Vampire of Britannia as to report from the EU.

Hadrian cupped his chin and read the report, knowing most of was written by Lucardo and the rest from another soldier to proofread it, of course. From the report, Lucardo and his forces have encountered new machines during their advance. The new machines happen to have the Potter Family crest on them and their pilots were Aces, making the advancement harder and pushing Britannia back. It was thanks to Marrybell mel Britannia and the Glinda Knights for pushing them back while getting some half-destroyed machines to scan in the hopes to recreate.

Before Hadrian could go on from the report, he noted that this report was half-finished and some were messing. He had an idea why and raised an eyebrow to look at his fellow knight who was smirking at him.

"You have the full information, don't you Nonette?" Hadrian asked or rather stated as he knows light green-haired vixen.

"Yep yep, Harry. I'm willing to give you full access to the rest of the information about the report, to my heart's desire," Nonette replied as she puts the data chip away and learns closer to 12th Prince.

"But?" Hadrian said, knowing that Nonette has something in mind.

"I like to go out on a date with you, Harry," Nonette cheerful explained, getting much closer to Hadrian.

Hadrian felt some heat in his cheeks at this bord request but shouldn't be surprised by this as Nonette has done this before over the years of knowing her.

Cornelia and Hermione were surprised by this request as well but not so much due to knowing how the cheerful knight has feelings for the prince.

"Hmm, I'm willing to but will have to wait after some sparing lessons and finishing the reports," Hadrian said.

"I could finish the reports for you, my prince," Hermione offered.

"Very well, and make sure a new file is created that has the information on Britan R & D program & their Knightmares. Tell our spies in the EU to have their attention towards that as well," Hadrian informed.

"As you wise, your highness," Hermione said.

"Good. Now sister, let's head to the training yard for our sparing. It has been quite some time since we spared," Hadrian said as he gets up with a flip of his cape and headed to the door.

"Indeed it has," Cornelia agreed.

The li Britannia siblings left the office, leaving Nonette and Hermione to themselves.

Later - Imperial Palace, Training Yard

The sounds of battles clashing against each other can be heard throughout the training yard and we see our young prince in his Knightmare sparing against two other Knightmares.

Hadrian was sparring against Cornlai and Darlton in their Knightmares, all of them treating it like a battle instead of a sparring duel. He had given them sabers to better withstand his attacks and test his pilot combat skills on them.

Blue and green clash against purple and red as the training was becoming at a faster paste now.

"Stop using standard attacks, use the unorthodox," Cornelia said as Hadrian continued to deliver fast and powerful strikes against her and Darlton, the two knights being able to block his attacks with their own weapons.

However, seeing his attacks didn't work, Hadrian threw one of his blades in the air, using his as he struck with the one that remained in his other hand, while using his Knightmare's foot to grab the blade that was thrown in the air, attacking with a spinning strike as his moves began to be more vicious and even faster than before.

"How often must I tell you...," Darlton began as he blocked another strike, Hadrian now moving his blades around, switching his grip on them with every second, and even using both to strike the ground where Darlton and Cornelia used to be before dodging the attacks.

"...control my central eye," Darlton finished as Hadrian used both of his blades to attack him, each blade following the other, as Darlton was able to dodge, but two small cuts being present on his Knightmare.

"Good," Darlton said just as Hadrian was rushing to attack again, however, Cornelia was able to launch a cable around his Knightmare's legs as she dragged him away from Darlton, only for Hadrian to make his Knightmare return on its feet a second later with incredible speed as he continued his attacks, now facing Cornelia.

"You must try to destroy my focus, you're holding the blade too tight," Cornelia said as she blocked a few more of his attacks, eventually knocking one of his blades out of the Knightmare's hand as it landed on hers.

"And now too lightly. Hmmm? A new one?" Cornelia asked, noticing the hilt designs was different and looked like Eleven's katana hilt instead of Hadrian's original work.

"Your training has served me well. It has awarded me many trophies," Hadrian said as he placed his blade back on his Knightmare's hip, where many others were also present, all of them being the weapons of his fallen enemies, those that fell by his own hand.

"Don't let your pursuit of trinkets cloud your reality. Remember what you were taught, my prince. If you are to succeed in combat against the best of your enemies like Britan-EUs, Black Knights ace, or the Potters, you must have fear, surprise, and intimidation on your side; for if any one element is lacking, it would be best for you to retreat. You must break them before you engage them. Only then will you ensure victory... and have your trophy," Darlton said, as he handed Hadrian his saber back which he gladly takes and took those words to heart.

Unlike most, some members of the Imperial Family don't take other's words of wisdom but Hadrian always listens to others and finds knowledge as he seeks it. Darlton and others have taught him well over the years and made sure that the 12th prince doesn't become a hungry warrior but an honorable one and see clear views on the battlefield.

"Wise words, father," Hermione said as she walks into the training yard, being on the upper platforms, and saw that the three were done with training.

"Ah, my daughter. We are finishing up with the training," Darlton informed as he pilots his Knightmare to be loaded back up.

"Good as I have finished the desk work and already found a book store I want to check out here in Area 11. I think the boys will enjoy the downtime, father," Hermione said, having a habit of dragging her brothers and father to bookstores and reach a lot more than normal.

"I had a feeling you would say that," Darlton said, knowing first hand how much his daughter loves to read and use knowledge.

"With sometime down are in order, I will talk with Euphie over a few things before finishing some work as well," Cornelia said as she pilots her Knightmare for rest as well with her brother following in next to her.

"Agree and I have a date later with a certain vixen," Hadrian said, remembering his date with Nonette will happen, information or not.

Cornelia would be worried but shouldn't be like her best friend/rival and little brother were going on a date. Sure, she is worried like any older sibling will be when their younger sibling goes on a date. She sighed and will have to pray, maybe hope, that their date goes well. She hopes it does, for their sake.

Small Time Skip

We see Hadrian setting in the garden that bears a strong feeling and look to a certain place back at the homeland. Clovis had loved that place and ordered to have one be built in that similar matter which Hadrian is very grateful for his older brother for doing that.

Hadrian had requested for the date to be at the gardens before out in the open and wanted to be at peace here.

Nonette had no disagreement with that but asked for their next date be at her choosing which that part scares the prince a little.

Soon enough, the light green haired vixen joined the prince and out of his thoughts.

"How's my hobby doing?" Nonette asked as she hugs Hadrian close to her.

"Doing well and relaxed thanks to you, Nonette," Hadrian replied.

"Good as my hobby should relax more. You seem tense during these past couple of days, not because of the rebels or Black Knights but something else," Nonette said.

Hadrian sighed as he rubbed his covered eye a bit, calming his Geass, and said, "As you know, good many knows of my powers but a great number of you don't know is that this power is also a curse. A double edge sword if you would. If I don't control my emotions, my power will hurt those I care about. During these past couple of days, it has been growing stronger and stronger, to the point, it is hard to control them."

Hadrian felt very relax speaking to someone he's grown to care about and even love about this problem. He vowed to find CC and ask her questions on why his powers are going out of his control. The young man doesn't know if he can live with himself harming those he cares about, all because he can't control his powers.

Sensing and seeing more trouble to her prince, Nonette then brought Hadrian to face her and hugged him close to her which relaxed the young man a lot, feeling peace wash into him.

"My prince, my hobby, my Harry. If this power scares you and keeps growing, I promise to stay by your side and remind of you the life you have...even if you have more girls coming to you," Nonette whispered to the prince's ear who was shocked at that.

"Wha-," Hadrian said, about to question the woman in front of him but was cut off when she placed her finger on his lips and giggled at him.

"I am aware of your relationship with some other girls and noble statues to have more than one wife down the road. I can live with that as I know your heart has room for more than one in your life. Your knight and a certain blonde have their eyes on you," Nonette explained.

Hadrian was quite on that, taking Nonette to deep thought and know she was right as he had feelings for Milly and Hermione but never told tell them due to his noble status and didn't want to force them into anything. And yes, he has feelings for Nonette too.

"I-I will admit that you say is true but I don't want to force anyone into something they don't like," Hadrian honestly said.

Nonette smiled at Hadrian's kindness for those he cares about.

"I know but we can make it work," Nonette said as she lightly pushes them forward to the ground with Hadrian down first and her on top for the moment.

"Would age be a problem?" Hadrian asked, wanting to sure about this and won't mind it but he had to be sure.

"Nope. Age is just a number and I don't mind you being younger. Heck, my grandparents had this kind of thing. My grandfather was eleven years older than my grandmother when they meet. So, I don't think this would be a problem, what do you think?" Nonette asked, having her face inch closer to Hadrian's and lips nearly touching each other.

At this point, Hadrian decided that words won't be needed but action and pushed forward to capture Nonette's lips into a passion and heated ones. Nonette was shocked for a second but soon welcome it and kissed back with the same passion that the love of her was giving to her.

Hadrian and Nonette stayed in the garden for a while kissing each other and held each other in the warmth of the sun, enjoying the peace and quiet as it might be given to them for a while.

Hadrian knows that he will have to speak with Milly and Hermione about his relationship status but first he will enjoy his time with Nonette first. He has time and should enjoy his downtime.

Yeah, that sounds good.



Hadrian x Harem: Milly Ashford. CC. Nonette Enneagram. Hermione Granger-Darlton. Cecile Croomy. Alessandra Dolos. Naomi Inoue. Maria Shaing. Marrybell mel Britannia. Oldrin Zevon. Jeanne "Jean" Rowe. Shirley Fenett. Nina Einstein. Valkyrie Squad. Laila la Britannia. Clara Lanfranc. Nagisa Chiba. Marirrosa Noriega. Other female Knights of the Round could work and others are open to ideas.

Lelouch x Kallen

Suzuka x Euphemia

Guildford x Cornelia

Ohgi x Villette