Author's Note: Five years ago, on January 1st, 2015, I originally posted the High School of the Dead/Star Wars Crossover that proved to be my most popular entry to my profile to date. While being inspired by the re-iterations done in 2019 for Resident Evil 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I've also been meaning to give this story a bit of a revision for some time. That being said, this is where the"Reimagining" treatment so to speak, comes in. It's so I can use my much improved writing skill to give this story the treatment it deserves.

If you were a fan of the original, thank you for finding this story once more and I hope you once again enjoy "Temptation of the Dark Side"


The Jedi Knights were all but extinct…

Only legends and rumors survived to tell the grim tale of their torment and pain, thus burying any good reputation their order once possessed.

This once powerful force that roamed the Earth, sacrificed their lives, aiding human history through times of conflict, were reduced to nothing. As times began to change, the relevance of their beliefs began to crumble as their call to action continuously led them to their undoing.

Existing on the opposite side of the spectrum, the Jedi had a mortal enemy that battled their light for generations: The Sith.

They would feed on darkness, and with every wake, they took every opportunity to spread chaos wherever they traveled. There was but one link to the origin of the power that the Jedi and Sith wielded.

It bound the universe together, with one party believing in finding balance through peace and harmony, while the other sought to free themselves through chaos and power.

But through those different points of view existing on the spectrum of Light and Dark, existed the Force, a power that only a capable Jedi or Sith could reach out and connect to, thus granting them power that an 'ordinary' person would consider 'out of this world.'

Some individuals who existed on both sides were against waging war against one another, and yet despite their protests, the fighting still continued, and it hadn't gone unnoticed by the world. And yet, despite the carnage, chaos, and grief, the world had already moved on.

It was now 2012 and fifty years had gone by since they were all but wiped out. This society looked down on these once heroic figures, condemning them to a legacy of ruin and unwelcome.

Some speculated that there were some Jedi remaining throughout a 'Normalized' society despite outlawing any individual's use of the Force.

Whether they were aware those born with a connection to the Force in some shape or form, could've been subjected to persecution and "Rehabilitation" no matter how old they were.

One such figure existed in the heart of Tokonosu City, Japan, carrying out his life, blending into the sea of black uniforms that the education system required male High School students to wear.

He'd blended well enough to hide his connection to the Force throughout his entire life and had continued to maintain a normal life as a student of Fujimi Academy.

His name was Akio Jin.

Life for the quiet, reserved, and slightly intimidating Akio was simple. He would carry out his day, mostly to himself. Though he remained engaged to his classes, and excelled in his grades, he did not speak much of himself and there was no form of a social life like most of the youth that were housed within those school walls.

Most of the time, he would keep busy in the school's library, not minding a single soul that wondered through as he tried to complete his academic studies. Though at times he would need a break and would find solitude on top of the school roof where he looked out into the city and thought carefully to himself. This quiet September afternoon was yet another one of those "breaks".

"Mizuki…your form could use some work. Let me offer you my assistance. Here."

The memories that he tried to block out persevered as he covered his mouth and started to see his vision blur through tears forming.

"I wanted to talk to you about something…we've been training so hard in secret to become something we're going to eventually die for. What are we doing here, Akio?"

"Father believes that it is best to prepare, even if doubt challenges our very belief."

"But that's not it…I want something more."

"You cannot ask for more! This is our life, Mizuki! We cannot give up our traditions!"

"No Akio…it isn't."

Akio could feel himself choke. Feelings of regret made him shiver as he tried to keep it together. He was thankful no one was around to see him like this. His blood began to boil as his heart raced faster and faster as he tightened his fist to ease the pain.

Snapping him out of the vast array of memories that he considered his worst nightmares, was a distant clanging. On the opposite end of the roof, existed an overview from where the school's front gate could be seen.

Rushing to see what the consistent clanging was, he glanced in curiosity as he looked down to see a man constantly colliding with the gate. It took him a few moments to regather his composure and focus. To him, the movement of the man was something that seemed suspicious yet…familiar.


Akio watched as he witnessed in the span of a few minutes, one of the teachers using excessive force, screaming in agony shortly after a bite to the arm caused blood to spurt all over the ground, eventually succumbing to the pain and shortly passing out dead afterwards.

"NO…!" He gulped, continuing to watch things unfold.

The teachers that knelt to aid their injured colleague, unaware of what would soon occur. In shock, one fell and another ran for his life as the dead teacher awakened from the deadly wound they'd just endured and bit hard into one of the other teachers with a single bite to the neck.

"No, no, no, no, NO!"

Immediately dashing back into the school, his first instinct was to run and obtain something that he could attack with brute force. In doing so, he ran to the school's Shrine where a purple haired girl who was deep in her meditation, was interrupted by his entrance.

Saeko Busujima, Captain of the Kendo Club. Though Akio, being seventeen years of age, was a year younger than her, she remembered him as being one of the most formidable swordsmen in her club, not before he suddenly quit a few years ago.

She missed his company and could only piece together a conclusion as to why he'd quit, since coincidentally he'd quit to grieve, and she remotely remembered to momentarily grieve as the entire school was informed of a passing of one of their own students. That student, being Mizuki Muto.


He payed her no mind, taking one of wooden Bokken practice swords that sat neatly stacked in the shrine.

"Saeko…" He hastily turned to the now standing student. "Leave this school and be prepared to fight for your life. Strike at the head and do not look back."

"Wait…what are you saying?!"

Akio had already fled back to the door he entered from, but only opened it slightly to respond back to her one more time as he slowly turned his head back.

"Our society…this world you know. It's over. Everything will be gone. Only survival of the fittest matters."

With that, Akio wasted no time and slipped out the door as he dashed away down the hallway with his Bokken in hand.

She was left confused by his warning, baffled that he had only talked to her once more only to leave her so soon. What was he afraid of? She couldn't guess.

Recollecting herself, staying focused on whatever she thought was awaiting her, she took up her own Bokken to her side, suddenly casting her attention to the principal's voice sounding over the intercom.

"Attention all students! An emergency situation is occurring within the school right now! All students must follow their teachers instructions and evacuate!"

"What…is happening?" Saeko gulped.

"I repeat, an incident is taking place inside the school and all must-!"

The sound of the microphone wailed sharply for a mere moment, sounding as though it had been knocked over.

"No! Get away from me! Get back! Help, HELP! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL-!"