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"I'm telling you, Lady Palutena, it's shocking how nice these humans are! For all the wars they start and how greedy they are, individual people seem to be nothing but kind! Just yesterday, my friend Ryatt gave me half his lunch because I didn't have one. And today-"

"Yeah, I get the point," Palutena cut the essentric boy off. "The humans at this library are actually rather polite, too. Most of them, anyway."

Pit smiled without thinking, the motion not really meaning anything anymore. He supposed he should be happy- he was walking to the library from school on a bright, sunny day. He was a little sore from yesterday's training, but for the most part, he felt fine, just...empty. Unfulfilled.

A sudden scream from around the corner snapped Pit from his thoughts and he, without thinking, ran towards it. The street was crowded, as if there had been something interesting, but now all the people were screaming and fleeing in terror.

"It's a mutated dog!" Some lady shrieked. "Call the police!"

Dashing forward and pushing his way through the thinning crowd, Pit soon saw what they were so scared of. A massive- and he meant unnaturally giant- dog was growling and snapping, dagger-like teeth glistening in the sun. That wasn't the most alarming part, though. The beast had 2 heads, smoke curling from their nostrils, eyes that held more intelligence than an animal's should. Its fur was a deep red, mottled with black and yellow, giving it the apperance that it was on fire.

The second it laid its eyes on Pit, the dog gave a deep, rattling roar and charged at the boy, closing one of its sets jaws around him before the angel could react before sprinting in the other direction. Pit gave a cry of fear and surprise, although he noticed that the dog had taken great care not to hurt him. Strange, but he wanted to be released nonetheless.

"Hey, hey, drop it!" He cried, wondering if the beast could even understand him. "Drop it, boy, come on!"

"That won't work," Came his goddess's mocking laugh. "It's not some pet, you cabbage, it's Twinbellows. The watchdog of the Underworld?"

"I'm desperate!" Pit yelled, struggling to free himself. "Some help would be greatly appreciated!"

In a bright flash of light, Pit's human clothes, backpack, and gold necklace disappeared, replaced by his chiton, flightless wings, and golden laurel. In his hands, free of the beast's maws, his Palutena Bow materialized.

"Sorry, doggy," He said, before firing a light arrow at Twinbellows' paw. It hit with pinpoint accuracy, making the monster stumbled and release the angel. He flew a few feet forward, before hitting the ground and rolling back to his feet.

"Why are you here?!" He demanded as the dog got to its feet. "What do you want?!"

Twinbellows staggered to its paws with a pained growl, then set its sights on Pit and roared again. But instead of charging, it took a deep breath of air, then both its jaws seemed to unhinge and open impossibly wide.

"Whoa," He cried, stepping back. "I know I'm jaw-dropping, but that's a little extreme!"

Two jets of fire flew from both of the dog's mouths, forcing Pit to leap to the side. In a fluid, practiced move, he nocked an arrow, aimed, and let it fly, right into the beast's shoulder, bulging with muscle. It barked in pain, nearly collapsing as its shoulder and paw burned.

"I don't wanna hurt you," The angel said. "But you have to go away. You can't threaten these innocent people."

Twinbellows growled, eyes narrowing as it seemed to weigh its options.

"Just send it back to the Underworld yourself," Palutena said.

"And how would I go about doing that, exactly?" The angel asked, his eyes never leaving the monster-dog.

The goddess sighed and Pit could practically see her rolling her eyes. "The Pearls of Wisdom, duh. In your pocket? Just throw one at it, or are you too incompetent to do even that?"

Frowning, the boy felt around his pockets until he found a small drawstring pouch. He fished out a single, glistening pearl, a pale blue in color, and admired it for a moment before beaming it at the dog's paws. The pearl shattered on the ground in front of it, releasing a blue smoke that seemed to swallow the beast, roaring in confusion. The smoke diminished quickly, leaving no trace of the pearl of Twinbellows.

"Well, that was quite rude of you," Pit heard an unfamiliar, feminine voice say. "Twinbellows wasn't hurting anyone, you know."

"Medusa," Palutena seethed, her voice more hateful than Pit had ever heard it before. "You've got a lot of nerve sending you pet to the Overworld."

"You said Twinbellows wasn't a pet-"

"Shut up!"

"Oh, calm down, sister," Medusa said. "I came to warn you."

Palutena let out a bark of laughter. "Warn me? Of what?"

"Yourself. Palutena, if you keep living life the way you are, you'll end up regretting it. Your mistaken in your ways, far more so than you realize."

"Who are you to tell me I'm mistaken?" The goddess of light demanded. "You're a traitor and a liar, nothing more!"

"And you are a hypocrite! You're no better than me, you lazy slug!"

Palutena made a strange sound, like a hiss and a gasp, that hurt Pit to hear, even if he didn't like the goddess all that much.

"'m the goddess of light!" She cried. "I am the living embodiment of benevolence!"

"And quite humble, too, I see," Medusa muttered.

"Shut up," Palutena snarled. "Shut up! Go back and rot in the Underworld, double-crossing rat!"

Medusa sighed. "I'm just trying to help you, Palutena. Situations are more dire than you think."

"Is that a threat?" The green-haired goddess nearly growled. "Because if it is, mark my words: you'll not live long, Medusa, not long at all."

But Medusa cut her connection without answering. Pit winced as Palutena cried out in frusteration.

"Just get to the library," She yelled, transforming Pit back into a human-looking student. "I'll figure something out later."

Too scared to argue, Pit just did as she said and booked it down the street, shuddering as he heard police sirens in the distance, undoubtedly looking for Twinbellows.

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