Hello, and welcome to my new fic, Into the Night, written for the ETNuary (2020) event by Leah Merone (canyoufeelthemagictonight) of AO3 and YouTube. You can find more submissions for this event by other authors on AO3, as well as this fic - my entries.Since my mid-terms span over half of the month, poetry is all/mostly what you guys are getting for this fic.
I've never actively participated in writing events such as these before (that I left completed, that is, I tried Inktober and managed for about a week in 2018, also tried NaNoWriMo that year and Freetober 2019), so… bear with me, alright?

At first, beloved

In the end, beloved

The fandom shall love her

Until the very end

A friendship torn apart

Was what contributed to the start

To a cycle of life and death

Distrust, then trust again

Secrets were kept

So even when the tea was spilt

Things spiraled downhill

Down the rabbit hole of betrayal

First a box of spikes

Then the Minotaur, despite

The second time, the opposed played dirty

And the myths were defied, disgraceful

But the friendship came full circle

With coins exchanged, they return

As allies, as though they were a bribe

But it is not the case

For the price to pay was eternal demise

Which she cheated anyway

For the price was paid

With sacrifice and wit

Revenge and cunning

Captured and found

No more grievances, she's unbound

A phoenix in flight

For survival is in sight

Thrice is the charm, indeed

Through the portal

Now we ponder

How to explain her survival to mortals

But in the end, it matters not

She's alive, been through strife

Perhaps she will find peace at last

After all

We only wish the best

For the King of Camelot

Who will always be in our hearts

My exams begin tomorrow, and the first entree is my worst subject, Chinese (ironically, for the people out there, I guess), so… yeah, I'll cut this short, and I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully!

DATE OF WRITING: 1 Jan 2020 (~1115-1148)

DATE OF POSTING: 1 Jan 2020 (1946)