I did, in fact, consider writing an Evil!Andrea piece, but that idea didn't seem very appealing when I had the triggers of canon at my fingertips.

She was the Fixer to his Mobster

Her body-hider to his killer

Thick as thieves

Snatch the weave

Black is her theme

From clothes to steam

One man dead, will this stop?

Find the book inside the clock

But she took a risk when she chose Justine

Over her homeboy, is this destined?

Outside the other tube of glass

Eva was fast

But she focused on the girl she trusted to save her life

2 steps out of 3 completed

But Eva was faster

She was done

Lele unlatched and out

While the black gas was unleashed without a doubt


He was the Mobster to her Fixer

His killer to her body-hider

But the next body would not be hidden

As it would be one would call a public execution

"An eye for an iJustine."

But in the end, it was all for naught

And set the Savant

Onto the Path of Darkness

DATE OF WRITING: 1 Jan 2020 (~1900-1935)

DATE OF POSTING: 2 Jan 2020 (0028)