Finally! The last one that I have to write! Also, sorry this is a little late, I spent the better part of an afternoon studying Mathematics with my mother.

To our OG Cinnamon Roll, who did have it rough, especially as the early days were… on the lighter end of the scale, when compared with the last two seasons.

The first of men
To tread the grounds
Of hearts of many
With innocence to spare

He was once another
Gentle giant, not to fire
Keeping the level head
When the going got rough
The peacemaker of rivals
The conscience of a dozen souls in chaos

To kill has never been his intention
Apologies as screams were muffled in soil
Battering for victory and life beyond darkness
Not a word of complaint outside of thought
With trust, loyalty, perseverance
It could only end as his life was tied to another

Pain erupted along his nerves
But in the end, the third ring took its place
And as steps were taken to hide and hunt
(He came in as the Hunter, why was he now the prey?)
And memories haunting his nightmares were buried
He kept in contact, their lives entwined
As they watched, helpless, when escalation ensued in the night

(204 words, for the record.)

DATE OF WRITING: 30 Jan 2020 (~2227-2250)
DATE OF POSTING: 30 Jan 2020 (2315)