An apology poem from Les Amis de l'ABC to Marius. (Okay, to be honest, it was just Courfeyrac and Jehan who wrote it, but they signed it from everyone anyway. Marius was not persuaded.)

To introduce you- mend your flaw,

And feed potential that we saw;

By bringing you, we thought you'd start to see.

No great alarm or suffering

We meant- a buzz, but not a sting;

We meant to show it's better to be free.


We're sorry that we caused you sheer

Humiliation, even fear,

But Marius- your views are for the past.

We do assure you, our intent

Was not for our own merriment,

But rather to get through to you at last.


It's not much worth to us, dear friend,

If you continue to pretend

We've misused you like others have before.

We'll try to speak with friendly sound,

We'd flip your politics around,

If only you would come to us once more.