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My Wizarding Academia

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Boy who Learned he was Magic

It was all started many years ago in China when a baby was born who shined like the sun. Soon afterwards other people began to gain powers known as quirks and the world had become one filled with Supper Powers. About 80 percent of the population had a quirk.

Most quirks shows up around the age of four.

One such boy who was expecting to have a quirk was Izuku Midoriya, a very sweet boy with green hair and freckles.

He knew he had to have a quirk as things often happened around him and he and mother decided to check with the doctor to see what it was.

"I'm sorry but he doesn't have a quirk." Said the doctor.

Izuku froze when he said that, dropping his All Might figure.

"You and your husband are both fourth generation Quirk users right?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, I can attract small objects while my husband breaths fire." Said Izuku's mother Inko picking up his figure with her quirk, "But are you sure he doesn't have a quirk."

The doctor pointed to an X-Ray of Izuku's foot.

"You see those without a second joint in their pinky toe never develop a quirk." Said the doctor.

Izuku looked like he lost hope when he said that.

"But Izuku does things." Said Inko.

"What do you mean things?" asked the doctor.

That was when suddenly the jars nearby suddenly shattered.

The doctor was startled, but quickly realized what was going.

"Remember, I just said he was Qurikless, not that he was powerless." Said the doctor.

"What." Said Inko.

The doctor rolled his chair over to the phone and called someone on speed dial.

"Hello Kazumi. I got one." Said the doctor.

Inko was confused.

However the second he hung up a very kind looking woman with lavender har appeared in the room with a loud pop startling Izuku.

She saw the broken looked on his face.

"Hello there sweetie." She said bending down to Izuku's eye level.

"Hi…" said Izuku nervously.

"My name is Kazumi, what's you name." said the woman named Kazumi.

"Izuku…" he answered nervously.

"That's a nice name." she said.

She then took out two things from her pocket, one was a bottle and the other was a rather ornate stick.

She gave Izuku the stick while placing the bottle on the desk.

"Izuku I want you to wave the stick at that bottle." Said Kazumi.

"Why?" asked Izuku.

"Just try it." Said Kazumi.

Izuku waved the stick at the bottle which shattered.

Izuku was in shocked.

"How… I don't have a quirk…" said Izuku.

"You don't." said Kazumi.

She patted his hair and gave him a bright smile.

"You're a wizard Izuku!" she said with a smile.

While 80 percent of the population had quirks, about 16 percent of the population had magic.

"He's a wizard?" asked Inko surprised.

"He is." Said Kazumi, "I'm the ministry social worker for this hospital. We do need to discuss quite a few things."

"Okay…" said Inko unsure how to respond to everything.

Magic has existed for millennia, however there was the International Statute of Secrecy created to protect Wizards and Witches from Muggles… however many things changed when Quirks started to appear.

For unknown reasons as Quirks started to arise, so did the number of "Muggle-Borns" witches and wizard born to non-magical people or "Muggles", "No-Majs" and other various words…

It is believed that magic decided to start showing up in muggle-borns more as a way "combat" the rise of quirks.

However it wasn't just that but rather thanks to quirks as well as technology it was getting harder and harder to keep the Statute Going.

After many months of debate, the magical world revealed itself to the non-magical world. If it wasn't for the rise of Quirks there would have been a bigger problem, but being the rise of quirks learning about magic didn't seem as strange.

Even though the magic world was revealed, the magical people and the mundane people still had their own seprated governments as they all refused to completely folded into them.

Plus there were still those that preferred the "Old Ways" keeping themselves seprated from Muggles.

Through part of it depended on country to country.

And this country was Japan, where the old ways as quite prevalent.

Which was why Kazumi needed to talk with Inko.

Kazumi had plenty of magical toys that Izuku played with while the grown-ups talked.

Kazumi seemed to be giving Inko rather harsh looks for some reason.

"Now I know that having a wizard child instead of one with a quirk might be different." Said Kazumi.

"I'm just happy as long as he's happy…" said Inko.

Kazumi blinked, she looked at the green haired woman in front of her.

"Really?" asked Kazumi.

Inko nodded.

Kazumi breathed a sigh of relief. It was also common for Muggles in Japan to dislike magic and it's users...

"You don't want to get rid of him?" asked Kazumi.

"What…" said Inko horrified.

"Sorry it's just that most parents of muggle-borns deicide to ship them off to Mahoutokoro when they turn 7." Said Kazumi.

"That's the magic school isn't it?" asked Inko.

"It is… but it's deeply seeded in the old ways." Said Kazumi, "They essentially indoctrinate most muggle-borns into the old ways… that we're better than muggles and we shouldn't have any contact with them, even if the Statue has been gone for centuries now."

"Most?" asked Inko.

"Well if he wants to play quidditch that's the school to take him to." Said Kazumi, "Thankfully if he goes there to learn quidditch skills the upperclassmen who are on quidditch teams will protect him and make sure he doesn't get sucked in."

"What about if he wants to be a hero?" asked Inko.

Thanks to the rise of quirks, a new profusion had arisen, Heroes. Or essentially super heroes. Many kids growing up wanted to be one so it was one of the most popular professions.

Including Izuku who was a big fan of Japan's greatest hero All Might.

"Then Mahoutokoro is not for him." Said Kazumi, "Thanks to Japan's hero schools and the fact that well… it indoctrinates who don't want to play quidditch, Mahoutokoro is the worst magic school when it comes to its hero program."

The truth was that Mahoutokoro was the third worst when it came to heroes of the 11 Great Magic Schools. Though technically it was the worst as the two worst schools honestly didn't have a hero program.

One school was Durmstrang, the magic school for much of eastern and northern Europe. It never accepted Muggle-Born students so it made sense for them not to have any sort of hero program.

While the other the Russian magic school Koldovstorretz… they did accept Muggle-born students, they just didn't have a hero program due to the old Russian magic saying "What did the muggle government do now?". In order to have a Hero Program, they needed to have contact with the Russian Muggle Government… and it was the Russian Muggle Government… It made sense that even the Russian Magical Government didn't want anything to do with them.

"But he can be a hero?" asked Inko.

"Of course, there's plenty of magic heroes. Though Japan doesn't have any in the top 50 right now it could very well change in the future." Said Kazumi, "Plus Britain's top hero Golden Seeker is a wizard."

"I can really be a hero?" asked Izuku who was listening on this part of the conversation.

"Yep!" said Kazumi, "But you have to work very hard on your magic, only the best of the best can become heroes."

"Of course!" said Izuku with his eyes sparkling.

"All right!" said Kazumi, "Looks we're going the tutor route when."

"Tutor?" asked Inko.

"Muggle-Borns that don't attend Mahoutokoro along with Pure Bloods and Half-Bloods with parents too busy ask the ministry for magic tutors. As this is Japan their assigned at the age of 7. And if the student wants to be a hero at the age of 12 they can be assigned a heroism tutor, which is a pro-hero who teaches them how to be a hero…" said Kazumi.

"There's a catch isn't there?" asked Inko.

"Only for heroism tutors." Said Kazumi, "If the child wants to be a hero, either their Charms tutor, their transfiguration tutor or the defense tutor must approve of them getting a Heroism tutor. Well of course there are cases where two of them or even all three approve, but just one is really all that's needed"

"Is it still be possible to enroll in a hero program?" asked Inko.

"Of course, but he will be a disadvantage without a hero tutor… but to be fair it means he's either too lazy or not skilled enough to be a hero to begin with." Said Kazumi.

This made Inko sweat drop at her bluntness.

"But it should be fine… he seems like such a sweet little guy that I'm sure he'll work hard to get one." Said Kazumi.

"I will!" said Izuku, "I will become just like All Might! I want to save everyone with a smile so that they will know that things will be all right!"

"Oh! You're such a sweet heart!" gushed Kazumi, "I'm sure you're going to be an amazing hero!"

Izuku smiled brightly at the social worker.

The next day, Izuku was very happy as he went to his pre-school.

That was when his best friend Katsuki Bakugo, a little boy with ash blonde hair and red eyes and a very powerful quirk saw he was in good mood.

"Hey Deku!" said Katsuki using his nickname for Izuku (which meant useless), "What got you so happy!"

"Oh I went to the quirk doctor yesterday and I found I don't have a quirk!" said Izuku.

"Then why are you so happy?" muttered Katsuki staring at him like he was crazy.

"Because I'm a wizard!" said Izuku very happily.

"You're a wizard?" asked Katsuki surprised.

"Sure am!" said Izuku.

Katsuki's eyes lit up.

The reason why was because he was a huge Quidditch Fan.

With the rise of quirks, most sports fell out favor, after all with super powers it meant they could cheat. Thankfully wizarding sports filled that gap. With the fall of the Statue of Secrecy wizarding sports exploded, so much that what used to be teams in sports such as baseball and football (both kinds) were now teams of wizarding sports.

It was the reason why Quiddtch players at Mahoutokoro weren't indoctrinated into the old ways, after all quidditch meant you would be playing for everyone, not just wizards and witches.

However it was very rare for someone with a quirk to play them, they would have to have a quirk that let them fly and certain other things.

Katsuki was very disappointed that his quirk wouldn't let him play Quidditch.

However now his friend was a wizard…

"You have to play Quidditch!" said Katsuki.

"But I want to be a hero Kacchan…" said Izuku using his own nickname.

"You can do both!" said Katsuki.

"I guess…" said Izuku.

"Good! Then you're going to play one day!" said Katsuki.

"Okay…" said Izuku.

It would take years… but Katsuki would eventually stop trying to live through his friend in playing Quidditch. Especially since Izuku's first Quiddtch game went really badly, but that's a story for another time…

"Hey! When are you going to get a wand!" said Katsuki.

"Not until I'm 7." Said Izuku.

"Oh that's going to be forever!" groaned Katsuki.

"I know! But still I can't wait!" said Izuku.

Izuku would indeed become not only a great wizard but a great hero as well as this was only the start of his story on how he became the greatest Wizarding Heroes of All Time.

Next Time: It's been 10 years since Izuku found he was a wizard. On the way home when he gets attacked by a villain he meets All Might and stumbles upon his secrets, actually secrets... what are they? Find out next time!

A/N: Something else I do have to mentioned I do have plans for at least two canon characters being wizards. I won't say who yet but none from Class 1-A or any of the other classes.