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Chapter 28: Finally Getting It

Izuku decided to try something that night in training. Trying out wall jumping. He tried, but it didn't really work that well.

He kept crashing.

However the next day, Gran Torino noticed the shape that Izuku was in.

"Geeze what happened to you kid?" asked Gran Torino.

"I tried to put into practice what you were talking about…" said Izuku, "It didn't really work out."

"Well that's why they call it training." Said Gran Torino, "You know you don't look that tired…"

"My heroism tutor used to break into my room in the middle of the night in order to test me…" said Izuku.

Gran Torino started to laugh.

Izuku sighed…

"You and All Might are as different than night and day. Not only with your magic skill but the fact that Toshi was a natural when it comes to that quirk."

Izuku sighed when he said that.

"Each person is different…" said Gran Torino, "I mean if you're as half as skilled as I think you are then you'd be an Animagus one day."

"About that…" said Izuku blushing.

"Wait… don't tell me…" said Gran Torino.

Izuku turned into a rabbit and then quickly turned back.

"So a rabbit…" said Gran Torino.

"Yeah…" said Izuku.

"It's fine kid… just think of those giant rabbits from One Piece or what happened that to that American president who once got attacked by that swamp rabbit." Said Gran Torino.

"Yeah…" said Izuku.

He couldn't help but to wonder why that was always brought up.

There was a knock on the door.


"It must be the new microwave I ordered." Said Gran Torino.

"I'll get it." Said Izuku.

"Once you do, we have more training." Said Gran Torino.

"Yeah…" sighed Izuku.

He brought in the microwave and set it up, followed by the training.

With Ochaco was she was learning some marital arts thanks to Gunhead, and she was quickly picking it up.

Meanwhile Iida was on patrol with Manual.

At the same time Kirishima was doing some community service.

With Mineta…

Uh well…

He was crumpled on the ground.

"Can we take a break?" asked Mineta.

"Fine… but next we'll be working on dodging." Said Tsubasa.

"Are you going to use spells on me?" asked Mineta.

"No…" said Tsubasa.

Mineta shudder not liking the look on Tsubasa's face.

He would soon learn why Izuku often used birds in transfiguration.

With Katsuki… he was taking a break when he noticed several alerts on his phone.

"Oh what the fuck!" yelled Katsuki.

Several sidekicks went to check on him because of this.

"What's wrong?" one of them asked.

"Some bullshit video some asshole posted of me from something from a week ago." muttered Katsuki.

"How embarrassing is it?" asked the sidekick.

"It's not embarrassing at all! Or it fucking shouldn't be!" yelled Katsuki.

"What is it?" asked the sidekick.

Katsuki grumbled and played the video.

The sidekick was confused by the video but then realized.

"It's because you defended a wizard?" asked the sidekick.

"Yeah…" muttered Katsuki gritting his teeth in anger.

"That's a good thing." Said Gang Orca joining them., "You might be a self-proclaimed Asshole…"

"I'd beat them all up if I could." Growled Katsuki.

Gang Orca could only sweat drop.

"What! Those jackasses just get sucked into whole "Magic is bad" bullshit!" yelled Katsuki, "Unless it's Quidditch or they need a healer than magic sucks! What the fuck is wrong with people!"

"You really care about this." Said Gang Orca.

"I grew up with Deku… Izuku" Muttered Katsuki.

Gang Orca knew who was talking about.

"I had to watch as so many people belittled him because of magic… what the fuck is wrong with people." Muttered Katsuki, "Most of the time you can even tell a wizard from a muggle… what the fuck is wrong with people."

He looked at Gang Orca.

And realized he was preaching to the choir.

After all the hero looked like a monster orca. Of course he probably got a ton of prejudice.

"You know… I wasn't sure what type of hero you would be…" said Gang Orca, "But someone who would try with all his might to tear down produce wasn't one of those things…"

Katsuki grinned.

He did share the video with his friends, unsure if they would see it anytime soon.

Sometime later back with Izuku…

"I think it's time for a break." Said Gran Torino, "Let's eat."

"The only food you bought was frozen Taiyaki." Said Izuku.

"what can I say, I like the finer things in life." Said Gran Torino.

Izuku put the taiyaki on a large plate.

He continued to think about his response time and how to fix it.

Soon the Taiyaki was ready and Izuku gave it to him.

"Let's dig in!" he said.

He took a bite. But found it was still frozen.

"You idiot! You put in a plate that was too big to spin!" yelled Gran Torino.

"Oh sorry… my microwave isn't the type that spins." Said Izuku.

Gran Torino looked at him.

"Magic proof appliances are expensive." Said Izuku.

Gran Torino sighed.

"It has to spin in order to evenly disturbed it." Said Gran Torino.

That was when it hit Izuku.

"I'm a Taiyaki!" he suddenly said.

Gran Torino looked at Izuku.

"You know… I always had the feeling that magic does affect wizard's brains…" muttered Gran Torino.

"Not that's not what I mean…" said Izuku, "What I mean is that I've been using One for All like a switch! Putting all of it in a part of my body in a now or never move… but if I evenly describe it throughout my body."

He began to pull One for All and distribute it all over his body. He started to spark as red lines briefly appeared all over his body and faded.

"Heh… so you finally figured it out." Said But the real question is if you can move like that." Said Gran Torino.

"I think so, I just have to see…" said Izuku.

"Then let's begin." Said Gran Torino.

"Wait what?" asked Izuku.

The two began to fight., With Gran Torino once again taking off.

However Izuku got hit a few times, breaking his concertation.

Unfortunately anytime he was hit it broke his concertation.

He thankfully came up with a plan to hide under the couch to avoid any of the hits.

Once he was ready he launched the couch at Gran Torino, who dodged, but it was clear he was proud.

"You're showing real progress kid!" said Gran Torino, "Now I think we should really a take a break with some Tai…"

He saw that the ensuing fight had knocked away the Taiyaki.

"You brat! How dare you go buy more!" yelled Gran Torino.

Izuku ran out of the budling as far as he can.

As he left though he was happy that he was able to get the quirk down… even with his magic this was a big deal for him… After all it meant he was much closer to mastering the quirk…

Next Time: Thing go wrong in Hosu... when Izuku and Gran Torino pass by the area in a train a Nomu attacks... and that's the just begging, when Iida and his mentor see the Stain attack a hero things go even more wrong. What will happen? Find out next time!