A/N: Hello There! After watching the Movie Rock Dog I fell in love with it and I knew I had to make a fanfic of that. So after a lot of planning I finally came up with a good idea and an old friend in my stories: Zabivaka the Wolf!

After I found that my stories are the only stories with Zabivaka in this site I decided to do more, but take note that this story has NO connection to my previous stories with him in Zootopia and it's entirely in a new universe where each world cup animal mascot lives in his own country and… no humans

Also I decided to add a backstory for Zabivaka and small additions for Bodi nothing too big

Last Note: Zabivaka is 16 years old and Bodi is 15 - though this doesn't matter. Without further ado, let's get started

We did it! We won! We actually won! Maybe you don't know how it feels to finally achieving this but I do! And as I just said… we won the European championship, the championship we've been trying to win for two years. Well, it's not actually the one that we are dreaming but every step counts!

Today we won the Sub-17 European World Cup which not only it's a step for our futures but also guarantees our spot in the China Confederation Cup, not so big like a Sub-17 World Cup but it's enough. Also, the fact that you scored the final goal in the last 10 minutes of the match feels even better, it's a feeling that… well, it's hard to explain, but you'll understand once you do it.

However I wasn't the one who did everything, we actually won in a really close 3-2 against France, and if it wasn't for my teammates then I wouldn't be telling this, ha! I wouldn't even be playing football in the first place!

Oh, oh! I got a bit excited, maybe too much, so I forgot to introduce myself, but as I said… I can't believe we won!

Anyways. My name is Zabivaka the Wolf and with our team, I'm gonna be the best football player ever.

Um… Hello there! My name is Bodi and two days ago was one of the craziest days in my entire life. I met the rock legend Angus Scattergood and then we created a song called 'Glorious'… Later I got kidnapped but my friends came to rescue, I saved my village with the fire and finally Angus and I played the song at the concert in front of many people, lots of them

I got to admit it, it was crazy but it was also fun, if you asked me what my favorite moment was, that would be when I and my dad hugged each other.

And… Recently I've been staying in Mr. Scattergood's house; he's got plenty of space for me and maybe for like 12 more but I think he doesn't like being too crowded, I could see that when we left the stadium last night. But I like my village and my small house more, the city hasn't been what I imagined and it's was more peaceful in Snow Mountain. Here, Mr. Scattergood is telling me that I'm going to get famous and that everyone is going to look after me and all kinds of stuff.

Despite everything I could only describe my recent experiences in one word: Glorious

Sochi – Russia 9:46pm

Yes, yes, winning and scoring the golden goal is fun and exciting but not everything that comes after it is fun… Our team just got out of the stadium here in Sochi and it's completely crazy! Camera flashes everywhere, everyone is saying "one quick question", officers are trying to hold these people while we're just sweaty trying to get into our trusty bus with the cup hoping to get to our house, get a nice shower and rest for maybe five minutes.

Luckily we were able to overcome all of this, get into the bus and leave the place, once we did the real fun began.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" shouted our coach

His name is Uchi, he's the best coach/manager ever and you can't deny it, he usually gives us short, usually predictable but fun pep talks before every match but his energetic personality is what we all love

After he cheered we all joined him in a mix of claps, cheers and howls especially howling, man that thing is so contagious

"We all did an amazing, outstanding job tonight, no one did better than the other," he stopped for a second and then made a kind grin "maybe Zabivaka, he was the bomb". This caused everyone to clap and laugh but the only thing I did was blush.

"C'mon, stop it coach," I said embarrassed by his comment, classic of him "We all know that I wouldn't be able to shoot that ball if it wasn't for Zabotit's pass".

"Nonsense!" Zabotit replied "My pass was blocked by Footix! You were the one who intercepted that and scored".

"Yeah, Zabo, I only scored 1 out of 3 goals and the one who stopped like 6 shoots was not me, it was our goalkeeper Bloki. What I mean is that football isn't a game of one, we are a team and none of us could've won this without the rest".

"Zabivaka is right," Uchi said "I was just kidding Zabi don't worry. Ty Nasha Komanda!"

"Ty Nasha Komanda!" We all cheered. In case you don't know that's a small catchphrase we have, you're probably going to hear it a lot of times

"By winning this we're not only winning the European Cup but this also assures our place in the Sub-17 Confederation Cup which takes place in only a few weeks… But for now, you all should rest, you really deserve it" Uchi said.

And with that our talk closed with a loud clapping and a nice trip to our houses, subway stops, apartments etc.

I get along with everyone on my team but my best friend of friends is Mogayet, right now I'm sleeping in his house, or better said in his grandmother's house located in a small neighborhood. His parents live in Moscow but they had to set him here due to work commitments two years ago, and as for my parents… My mother died in a car crash and my dad left me after her death a year ago, if it wasn't for Mogayet then I would probably be in an orphanage and that place… let's say that it isn't my favorite.

But for now I'm good, winning a minor European league and having one of the sweetest grannies taking care of me and us taking care of her is good and speaking of it, we arrived.

"Bye everyone!" we both said leaving the bus and once it was out of sight we embraced in a tight hug.

"You killed it man!" Mogayet said.

"No, you did it too; you were the one who scored the first goal!" I said, and yeah, he was the one who started our comeback after a humiliating 0-2.

"Yeah, yeah, as you said back there we all did well. Let's enter already; grandma should have already made the dinner".

We entered into the house and greeted his grandma telling her of course how we performed and what we achieved with her giving us small compliments.

"Sorry for coming this late," Mogayet apologized "Is dinner ready? We're both starving".

"Oh sure it is!" she replied in her usually sweet and calmed tone "Is on the kitchen, you can grab it, I'll go to sleep".

"Sure grandma!".

We both grabbed our food which was a simple soup with beans and headed into our room which consisted of a bunk, a small table, closet and usual stuff you would find in an average room.

"You wouldn't believe this but I'm not tired" I said while eating.

"I… actually believe it Zabi" he said chuckling "You have a lot of energy, I would worry if you were tired".

I chuckled.

"Maybe it's just the excitement I have after scoring that goal, but I'm playing outside after I finish eating".

"You know what they say about doing exercise after eating".

"Yeah, I don't believe it".

"Whatever, it's your choice; I'm sleeping and good luck".

I finished my plate, washed it and then got to the backyard with my own red-blue-white ball. Suited up with my googles and started playing!

It's really hard to do ball tricks in a closed space like a backyard, I usually talk to whoever-I-can after the matches to see if I can stay for a few more minutes after everything's finished, but this time it was a finale and I knew I couldn't.

But that doesn't stop me! I still do the trickiest of tricks trying always to polish something, maybe a flaw, a move that I'm not good at, anything, the more alone I am, the better. Maybe some people see it like I I'm just having fun but for me it's something else and something more meaningful, it's not just playing with a ball it's… a glorious feeling, I don't know how to say it.

After playing for maybe 10 minutes, I decided to sleep, I normally take more time doing it but I don't want to awake Mo and his grandma. I'm so excited right now! Confederation Cup, here I go!

Lhasa - 10:11am

Oh boy… I thought I knew many things, now I feel like I only the most basic stuff you could imagine. There are so many things in the city I never knew it could be possible!

The one that stands out the most is this black device called "phone" everyone likes it, everyone uses it, everyone wants to have it but I still can't exactly figure out why people love it so much.

Apparently you can talk with people through it but you can already do that without one! You can also know where you are right now but you don't need that if you know the city, and finally you can play mini-games in that but the games without the phone are also pretty fun too!

Oh and the sarcasm, Mr. Scattergood has been explaining me that but I don't fully get it.

Anyways, it has only been two days and the albums with our song have been sold really quickly! Some people want a copy, while others expect me to sing again soon, I'm pretty sure I can do it but Mr. Scattergood isn't so happy about this.

"Hi Ozzie," I said to the little ro-bot in the living room "Can you tell me where Mr. Scattergood is?"

The little bot after a small pause walked away quietly.

"Oh, okay, I'll follow you then".

And so I did, he led me into the room where I and Mr. Scattergood made 'Glorious' with all those machines and music stuff, also confusing but helpful. He was just sitting in his chair bouncing through the room back and forth.

"Good morning Mr. Scattergood, I was wondering if you already found a good song to-".

"No, no, no, no and finally no! You've asking me this like every hour" he replied somewhat annoyed by my unfinished question.

"That's ok Mr. Scattergood; we have plenty of time don't we?"

"Actually my friend," he said still in his chair "Your- our song skyrocketed in these last two days not only because of how good it was but because of what you managed to pull out, you are truly talented and unique".

"Y-You mean the fire?"

"Yes! I still don't know how you do it but it's awesome! And apparently everyone else loved it".

"But I'm still new in this; I don't think it works like a supernatural power or something".

"Yeah, they don't see it that way though".

"But why do we need to hurry? Can't they wait?"

Mr. Scattergood sighed finally leaving his chair and approached with his paw in my shoulder.

"Listen here my dear friend; the only problem about this is that rumors run faster than… uh… us when we tried to go to your village. People started saying that another concert would be held with you as the star and now based on those rumors now we need to hurry. Understand?"

I stopped for a seconds analyzing what Mr. Scattergood had just said.

"Yeah, I think I do, but why would they share false information?"

"That's… an excellent question".

Ah well, apparently in the city if you repeatedly share wrong information it becomes true and now we need to create a new song like for the next week, and Mr. Scattergood seems to stressed about this but don't worry, he'll be fine when we find a good song!

"Ok then Mr. Scattergood; I'll just leave to my room to think on something while you think on something too"

"Oh, Bodi by the way, quit calling me 'Mr. Scattergood', Angus is fine"

"Sure Mr. Scattergoo- Angus" I saluted him as a goodbye and headed out into my room

There wasn't actually too much to do around Mr. Scattergood's house, I'm still used to my busy routine back in Snow Mountain but here Ozzie is the one who does all the heavy work. Huh, creating a song was easy two days ago, right now I've had a few ideas but Mr. Scattergood says that I need to create a song that makes people feel good.

The computer is as confusing as the phone but I feel that the computer is more useful because I can know what happens in places that are far, far away. Did you know that you can make money by playing games? Recently there has been news and excitement about a football championship that will be held in China; I've been researching about this "sport" to see if I can make a song about it but… nothing for now.

It's getting a bit late, maybe I should rest and then think of a good song, maybe my mind will think on something in the morning. I hope

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