Final chapter! Third-person view this time for the purpose of the "scene" as this is happening simultaneously.

NOTE: The song you're about is based on the real song "Komanda" by Polina Gagarina, the only thing I did was an English cover for the story but the melody and music are the same. I take no credit for it.


Lhasa – 5:00pm

Brazil vs Russia was already starting and the team of wolves and the team of armadillos were in the line-ups ready for the match.

Before it officially started Zabivaka the Wolf gives a wink to Fuleco with him replying with a rivalry nod.

Angus and Bodi's new song, along with Darma & Germur, was being played.

BODI: We're here, believing, dreaming.

The final preparations were under way and everyone in the match was seconds from playing.

We're here, where they have been waiting

The match started with Russia as the locals with slow-pacing passes.

Between the seven winds

We feel it in our hearts

Zabotit passed the ball to Zabivaka who began a sprint approximating to the penalty area.

Through the toughest times we're flying higher

It is easy and you can't deny it

Zabivaka was using all of his "deceiving" skills always faking one direction and going to the other.

We will start and we're only winning

If we fall then we'll get up freewheeling

When approaching to a safe spot, Zabi found himself surrounded by several armadillos so instead of shooting he passed the ball to Mogayet who was behind.

BODI & ANGUS: We know what the trust is

Mogayet began a straight sprint and kicked the ball to the goal net but it was blocked accidentally by the paw of someone who was not the goalkeeper, causing a penalty kick.

You are our best team

Zabotit got in position ready to shoot.

Without you, we won't win, we won't start, we won't place

He kicked the ball to the left in a simple shoot scoring the first goal of the match cheering and celebrating with his teammates.

Without you, we are never going to race

In the concert there was a long instrumental break but it wasn't played by the drums or guitar but by a violin that Vesh was playing on stage.

BODI: There are goals that we have been dreaming

Back at the stadium the armadillos continued the match and they started to pass the ball between them trying to reach Russia's goal net.

BODI & ANGUS: And friends that also share our feelings

You are awesome if you're on the limit

When they reached the penalty area with Fuleco kicking the ball Bloki was able to send it to a corner shot.

You're amazing if you live believing

The corner kick was shot but it was foiled by Mogayet who bounced it off with his head.

We know what the trust is

After this corner the ball ended up in possession of the wolves again.

You are our best team

And our team, without you, won't start, won't fly

Zabivaka received the ball and with a free space he quickly ran towards the goal with the Brazilian goalkeeper also coming towards him.

Without you, we are never going to win

Back at the concert Vesh's fire was starting to be seen after there was another instrumental section with the blue aura coming from the guitar and the 'light rays' started to form around him.

BODI: We're in the game

Zabivaka kicked the ball but it was reflected in the opposite direction by the goalkeeper; however Zabi did not waited and quickly turned to the ball trying to keep the possession of it.

We're in the game

ANGUS: We're in the game

We're in the game

We're in the game

Zabivaka didn't had time to adjust his position and face the goal and kick at the same time so he only thought of one thing though he didn't knew if it was going to work since he was almost in the middle of the field.

You know we're in the game

He took a step back, jumped backwards as high as he could and with all of his strength… Kicked.


And with this the fanfic is finished! Just a small note: Zabivaka's last goal was based in the Ibrahimović's bicycle kick goal in the Sweden against England match in 2012

But tell me what you think! Honestly I think it wasn't 100% perfect but I believe it's an improvement from my first Zabivaka x Zootopia fanfic. R&R!