(Well, I'm back with that sequel you all wanted. It will feel like a combination of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien but not with every single element from both series. Just relax and enjoy the opening.)

One night Albert Jefferson, grandfather to eleven kids of the Loud Family, and a retired Plumber of the Space cop variety. He was currently inside his old RV he dubbed the Beast cooking up some dinner.

He took a whiff of the food he had over the stove and sighed heavenly, "Cooked to perfection."

Outside the Beast was a figure sneaking around, while giving off a buzzing sound. When Albert was about to chow down he heard a sound coming from outside, "What's that?" he asked himself, before opening a compartment and pulled out a miniature plumber's blaster.

He carefully opened the door to the RV and looked around while aiming the blaster, "Hello? Who's there?" he called out, but received no answer and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Dismissing it as hearing things, Albert returned inside the Beast. Unfortunately the minute he went back inside he was ambushed by something so quick he didn't have time to use his Plumber's blaster.

The next morning, the scene cuts to outside the Loud House that didn't look as crazy and chaotic from the outside. Inside and up the stairs, one of the bedroom doors opened up and a figure walked into the bathroom, before coming out and returning to said room. The figure got dressed and stepped outside the house to reveal it was who else but Lincoln Loud.

But Lincoln was no longer the eleven year old boy from before. He was now fifteen years old standing taller, and his white hair was a bit messier and even longer in the back while no longer sporting a turkey tail. His attire included sneakers, blue jeans, and a black shirt with short orange sleeves.

When he stepped off the porch, he looked to the fourth wall and smiled, "Oh, it's you guys. Hello," he spoke in an older voice, "I know it's been a long time. Four years to be exact. As you can see I'm a little older and a little wiser, and I have more hair growing in other places now. But I should probably get to school. Come on. Since there's more to tell you, we'll take the scenic route." he whipped out his hoverboard he got from Tetrax and hovered down the block and into town.

"As I said, it's been four years since I retired from the Alien Hero life. I'm a freshman in high school now. Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan have moved out of the house and are off to college and such. Yes, even Leni," Lincoln joked, "Lori's attending Castiel University with Bobby like they planned, and even rented their own place off campus. And Lori's golf skills have really made her famous. Leni is still into fashion and starting her own line of original works. And she's not as dumb as she used to be, which is by far a miracle. Luna and Sam went off together and share a dorm room. They like to play gigs at the local club, and their relationship is still strong. It's actually gotten more serious, but I'll stop with that there."

Lincoln made a turn around a corner passing Flips that more or less was still the same, "Luan is still doing her party business which has gotten more popular over the years. And thankfully no longer pranks the entire family with over the top pranks every April First, thank God. And she was currently the last one to move out. Lynn more or less stopped being such a jerk to me with the insults and dutch oven threats, especially now that I learned how to properly fight back. She still is the star player of all her sports teams, but tries harder to be a good sport to the losing teams. Lucy's still into her bats, vampires, and all that, but she's learned to try and act more normal about other things. Like she no longer talks to her bust of Edwin. Lana is still the messy girl who loves looking out for animals, but thankfully she doesn't keep every animal she finds as pets. Lola is still the pageant princess, but is not a tattle anymore. Lisa's still our resident genius sister, but has learned to not be ruled by science and facts. And Lily is older and since she started talking surprised us by remembering everything from when she was still a baby."

When the teenage boy arrived at Royal Wood's High School, he deactivated his hover board and walked inside. As he walked through the hall to his locker, he continued to explain things, "I've actually been enjoying myself not having to fight aliens and criminals all the time. Gave me the time to find my true calling in life. With all my years of reading Ace Savy I've decided to start my own kind of series about an alien hero much like me. It's not much now, but it'll get there." he grabbed his books and closed his locker before heading to class.

As he walked the hall, a voice called out, "Yo, Lincoln!" Lincoln looked back and saw coming down the hall was who else but Clyde McBride, who much like Lincoln had also grown into a fine teenager. He changed his hairstyle to long in the back, and wore contacts instead of glasses. His attire included sneakers, black jeans, and a blue short sleeved shirt.

"Clyde, what up?" Lincoln asked, as the duo high fived.

"All good." Clyde answered, until some girls walked by.

"Hi, Clyde." they said collectively.

"Hey, girls." Clyde greeted back sounding more suave and confident.

As they walked on, Lincoln spoke to the viewers, "Believe it or not Clyde really got over his crush on Lori, and became quite the ladies man even as a freshmen. And he no longer has to see his therapist anymore. I'm really proud of his development. But don't be fooled by the ladies man act. He's in a relationship with Lucy's friend Haiku. Haiku much like Lucy is still into her dark and horror stuff, but does act like a regular girl from time to time. Once she also got over her unrequited love. What about me and Ronnie Anne? Well, even though we had a thing going, we sort of just drifted apart in that sense. Make no mistake we're still very close friends. But given the fact our oldest siblings are together, we wouldn't wanna make it awkward in both families. Basically it was a mutual separation. Do I have anyone else on the go? Not really. But I'm not too worried. If there's a Mrs. Right out there for me, I'll know it."

Clyde spoke to Lincoln, "So your older sisters are coming home for break today?"

"Yeah. It'll be nice to see them after so long." Lincoln admitted.

"Just pray your house doesn't resume into chaos." Clyde joked.

"Come on, Clyde. We're not as dysfunctional like we were back then." Lincoln assure him.

"You sure about that?" Clyde raised a brow in suspicion.

"Ok, maybe we still have our hectic and wild moments, but compared to how we were in the past. We're more tamed."

"If yo say so." Clyde answered, as the two went to class.

After school, Lincoln spoke to Clyde, "I'll see you later, Clyde. I'm gonna visit my Pop-pop."

"Later, Lincoln." Clyde said, as he left for home. So Lincoln got on his hoverboard and headed off.

As Lincoln arrived at the retirement home, he stopped in front of the Beast, but saw the door to it was left open, "Huh?" he asked curiously before going inside the RV to see it was trashed.

"Hello? Pop-pop?" he asked, but there was n sign of the old man, "What happened to this place. It's like a struggle broke out."

Lincoln looked around trying to find some kid of clue on the whereabouts of his grandfather, but found nothing. Suddenly he started hearing a buzzing sound. He moved carefully while surveying his surroundings, until he looked back and saw something tackle him.

As he and the intruder rolled onto the ground, Lincoln kicked him off. They got up and Lincoln came face to face with an anthro hornet creature.

"Oh, man. Someone call an exterminator." he gagged at the sight of the bug.

The insect said nothing, as he attacked Lincoln who used his knowledge of combat training courtesy of Ronnie Anne to defend himself. He had to be especially careful of the creature's stinger. When the bug tried to sting, Lincoln he dodged, and saw the frying pan Albert was using last night to cook. He grabbed it and bashed the bug's head with it. After several beatings, the creature piled out of the door and flew off before dropping a message at Lincoln's feet.

Lincoln picked it up and read the fine print, "Lincoln Loud, if you want to see your grandfather again you will come to the Royal Woods train station at nine tonight, and bring the Omnitrix," he gasped, and continued reading, "Failure to comply and your grandfather will be permanently retired. Pop-pop." he gasped. He got back on his hoverboard and headed for home.

Upon arriving back at Casa de Loud, he saw a few cars parked right outside and knew his older sisters were already home. He opened the door and saw his whole family gathered.

"Lincoln!" the girls cheered, as Lori, Luna, Leni, and Luan got up and hugged him.

"It's good to see you, Lincoln." Lori began.

"We missed ya, bro." Luna greeted.

"Like you're really looking more handsome than last time." Leni noticed.

"You're a real knock out." Luan said, while knocking on the door and laughed.

When the Loud's took notice of Lincoln's depressed expression, they were concerned, "Lincoln?" Lucy asked.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Rita asked in concern.

"It's Pop-pop." he answered, which got the family worried.

After showing them the ransom note, the family was in shock, "Pop-pop's being held prisoner?" Lola gasped.

"I'm afraid so." Lincoln confirmed.

"And they want the Omnitrix?" Lana asked.

"That's right."

"What do we do?" Lily asked.

"There's only one thing to do." Lincoln answered, as he looked at the trophy case where the Omnitrix sat next to Lincoln's most improved brother trophy, along with an award for most creative story in the 8th grade.

He walked up to the case and opened it before taking the watch out, "Lincoln, are you sure about this?" Lori asked curiously.

"You put that thing back on, and you're giving up your social life for the most part." Lynn warned him.

"Pop-pop's in trouble, and as always it's because of the Omnitrix. Well, I'm not gonna let this happen to him. I owe him so much. Besides like I said four years ago, it was going to be a matter of time before I would have to put this back on."

"Indeed. Though I didn't imagine it would only be in the span of four years." Lisa said.

Lincoln looked to his sisters, "So, who's with me?"

"I am." Luna spoke up.

"Same here." Luan added.

"You know it, bro." Lynn put in.

"I still have the old magic charm in me." Lucy smirked.

"We're all in it together." Lori declared.

"Alright!" Lily cheered.

Lincoln turned to his youngest sibling, "Sorry, Lily. But you're going to have to sit this one out."

"What? No fair!" Lily pouted.

"This time I can't risk you're safety the most. Your older sisters know more what they're doing. But don't worry, we'll all be ok. Promise." Lincoln assured her.

"I'll hold you to it." Lily answered.

"Great. We should get going." Lana said, until there was a knock at the door.

They opened it to see Clyde and Ronnie Anne standing in the door way. Ronnie Anne was fifteen like Lincoln and Clyde and has truly blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She started letting her down freely, and was wearing sneakers, jeans, and a violet crop top.

"Clyde! Ronnie!" Lincoln gasped.

"We got your message, Lincoln." Clyde began.

"Glad you decided to wait up for us." Ronnie Anne added.

"And exclude you two, not happening." Lincoln answered, as they high fived.

"Hey, girls." Clyde greeted the older siblings.

"Hey, Clyde." they greeted back.

"So we gonna do some rescuing?" Ronnie Anne asked.

"Of course." Lincoln replied.

"One moment, Lincoln," Leni stopped him, "Before we go. I have something for you." she presented him with a box.

"What is this?" Lincoln asked, as he took it.

"Something I've been working on the last two weeks. A late birthday present." she smiled.

Lincoln opened the box and held up an orange jacket with two white stripes on the right sleeve, and one going down the left side on the front along with the number 10 stitched on it.

"Leni." he gasped.

"Happy birthday." she smiled.

"Thank you," Lincoln said as he dawned the jacket, "It fits. How do I look?"

"Like a million bucks." Luan answered, as the others gave a positive approval.

Lincoln looked at his reflection in a nearby mirror and smiled at himself, before turning to his sisters, and two friends and pocketed the Omnitrix, "Let's go save, Pop-pop."

"Yeah!" the girls cheered.

"To vanzilla!" Lori cheered, as they piled outside and into the family vehicle that was still running thanks to Lana's recent work on it.

Lynn Sr and Rita watched with Lily, as the car drove off, "My children going off to be heroes once again." Lynn Sr. shed a tear.

"I know." Rita agreed.

"Good luck, everyone." Lily said.

(And there's the opening. There won't be anything like the DNAliens, but a different invading force. I decided to not keep Lincoln and Ronnie Anne a couple for the sake of the Lori and Bobby ship. I hope you will enjoy this, but I don't want to see any Bowser beggars like last time. And Lincoln will until further notice be only able to access the new aliens before he can use the old ones from before. Also what voice actors/actresses do you think would make appropriate voices for teenage Lincoln, Clyde, and Ronnie Anne? Enjoy and keep an eye out for next time.)