(I have returned once again with another installment that I hope you'll enjoy.)

Lincoln had just arrived at school where Clyde was waiting for him outside, "Morning, Clyde."

"Morning, Lincoln." the two high fived.

As they entered the building, Lincoln spoke, "I hope there's no surprise quiz in any of my classes today."

"I hear that." Clyde agreed.

Lincoln turned to the fourth wall, while still walking, "Compared to school work, the Stingers, and recent crime activity in Royal Woods I hope I never see another surprise as long as I live."

Lincoln was cut off as he collided into someone making them both fall to the floor. Lincoln groaned, "Oh, dang it." he cursed, before looking ahead to see who he bumped into.

It was a girl about his and Clyde's age. She had honey blonde hair that went to her shoulders, and dark blue eyes. Her attire was composed of biker boots, jeans, and a pink crop top that exposed her midriff.

When the two met at eye contact both were taken aback by who they bumped into, "Uh, hi." Lincoln greeted.

"Hi." the girl greeted back.

"Here, let me help you." Lincoln said, as he helped her up.


"Sorry about bumping you." he said.

"No, it's my bad. I should've known better than to stand in the middle of a hallway."

"We're guessing you're new here." Clyde guessed.

"Am I that obvious?" she asked rhetorically.

"That, and we know just about everybody," Lincoln replied, "I'm Lincoln Loud, and this is Clyde McBride."

"Hi there." he greeted.

"I'm Titania Walker."

"Titania?" Lincoln asked.

"If it's too much a mouthful for any of you, then call me Tia." she insisted.

"Works for me." Lincoln admitted.

"Well, I got to go. Hopefully I'll see you around." Tia said, as she walked.

Lincoln watched her leave, before speaking to Clyde, "Well, a new girl, huh?"


"Well, come on we gotta go." Lincoln said, as the two headed for class.

Soon they were in class with the rest of their classmates until their teacher entered, and spoke, "Alright, settle down class. Before we begin today's lesson, I'd like you all to join me in welcoming a new student with us."

As the sound of 'new student' perked the students heads up, while Lincoln and Clyde knew what was coming. Sure enough entering the classroom was Tia.

"Everyone, this is Titania Walker." the teacher introduced them.

"Please, call me Tia." she replied.

"Welcome!" the boys greeted.

"Now go and take an empty seat." the teacher said, as Tia took the closest empty seat which happened to be close to Lincoln.

"I knew we'd be meeting again soon." Tia said.

"Small world." Lincoln chuckled sheepishly. As the two smiled casually, Clyde watched them curiously.

After class let out, the two were walking the hall, as the dark skinned boy spoke to his friend, "So, you and Tia seem to be hitting it off quite well."

"What do you mean?" Lincoln wondered.

"Come on, Linc. How long have we known each other?" Clyde asked rhetorically, "While I'm no love expert, I do have an eye for these things. And I could tell you were digging on her."

"What?" Lincoln asked, "Clyde, that's crazy talk."

"Isn't it?"

Lincoln wanted to keep arguing but after thinking of how he spent a good amount of class time looking over at Tia not just because she sat right next to him started wondering himself.

As he walked, he turned to the fourth wall, "Wow. Could I really be crushing on Tia? I know I feel this overwhelming sensation in my stomach when I look at her, and she is quite pretty... Oh, man I really do have it bad for her. I mean I haven't felt this way since Ronnie Anne and I dated. I actually missed that feeling." he continued on with Clyde.

Later in the cafeteria Lincoln, Clyde, and their friends were at their table, until they saw Tia looking around.

"Hey, Tia, over here!" Stella called making Lincoln nervous.

Tia hearing her name, went over, "Hey." she greeted.

"Hey, Tia," Lincoln greeted, "Meet the rest of my friends. There's Liam, Zach, Rusty, and Stella."

"Nice to meetcha." Rusty greeted.

Tia took a seat, as Stella spoke, "So, Tia, where you from originally?"

"Just moved from a few cities over. I live with my dad above a tattoo parlor he owns."

"Your dad does tattoos?" Zach asked.

"That's right."

"Man, I can't wait till I'm of legal age to get one." Rusty said excitedly.

"Ya know they use needles for that?" Liam reminded him.

"It'd be worth it." Rusty said still excited.

"So it's just you and your dad?" Lincoln asked.


"What about your mom?" Clyde asked.

"She actually works out of town as a fashion designer. And that's a very big job. But she does manage to come home whenever she's not busy."

"Well, I hear you about the fashion designer business being busy. I mean, my sister Leni is studying fashion, and even for her it's quite a handful."

"You have a sister?" Tia asked.

"Yeah, and not just one." Lincoln admitted.

"How many?"

Lincoln pulled up an image on his phone of him and his ten sisters. The sight of that practically left Tia speechless.

"You have ten sisters?" she asked in disbelief.

"Crazy, isn't it?" Clyde asked.

"That's my family for you." Lincoln admitted.

"How can you live in such a big family?" Tia wondered.

"It's never easy. Never has been, and never will be. But it's all good. After all family is family." Lincoln said. Tia smiled at Lincoln optimism and enjoyed herself getting to know Lincoln and his friends some more.

Later as school let out, the students were taking their leave, as Lincoln and his friends walked with Tia, "So, Tia, what'd you think of your first day?" Clyde asked.

"It was really good, actually." she confessed.

"Glad you think so." Stella said.

"If you want you can continue to pal around with us, if you'd like." Lincoln offered.


"Yeah," Stella confirmed, "Being the lone gal of this group gets pretty lonely after a few years."

Tia smiled, "I'd really like that."

"Great, we'll make sure to keep another chair open for you." Lincoln said.

"Thanks again. See you guys tomorrow." Tia said, as she headed off.

"Looks like we got us another in our group." Liam said.

"We could use the change up." Rusty admitted.

"Well, I gotta get going. Catch you guys later." Lincoln said, as he headed off.

Lincoln walked through town thinking of what went on at school today, "Man what a day, a new student and a new friend. Could this day possibly get any better?"

Suddenly some explosions was heard in the distance, resulting in several pedestrians screaming in fright while running away, "Explosions and screams are not what I'd qualify as 'better'." he told himself before following the source.

He made it through the crowd of people running away before hiding behind a car and peeked out to see the cause of the commotion. Stepping out from a blasted hole in the Royal Woods Bank, was a figure wearing cybernetic armor that was all too familiar to Lincoln.

"Kurt!" he gasped.

Yes, it was none other than Kurt Bolin; a once regular pitiful crook, until he got merged with the technology of one of Vilgax's drones and became a more threatening thief. Though Lincoln had stripped the armor off Kurt many times, the schematics and blueprints for the armor of the drone remained embedded into his mind allowing him to rebuild newer and better armors.

Lincoln rolled up his sleeve and activated the Omnitrix, "Alright, Kurt. Hope you're ready for old times." he stopped on an alien and slammed down on the dial transforming.

As Kurt carried bags of money, he spoke to himself, "Yeah, this ought to be enough. And if not I'll hit another spot." he said, before he picked up an alert on his sensor, and jumped aside before almost getting hit with a chilling air that froze the ground he was standing on.

Kurt looked and saw Big Chill descend, "Hey, Kurt. Either you're out on parole, or you're violating your jail time."

Kurt smirked, "I just wanted to get back to my roots. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah. I get it." Big Chill agreed.

"Like I missed doing this." Kurt aimed his hand blaster at Big chill and fired laser shots.

Big Chill went intangible causing the shots to pass through him. He then flew at Kurt punching him to the ground, before unleashing his chilling breath that turned his hand blaster to ice.

Kurt discarded the frozen blaster, "So I see you picked up new tricks. Well, so have I." compartments opened on his armored chest plate releasing several small orbs. He threw them at Big Chill that exploded releasing smoke screen allowing Kurt to punch Big Chill making him crash into a lamppost.

Kurt approached with a new blaster forming, "Now to squash me a bug." he aimed it at Big Chill.

Before Kurt could blast the ice bug, he was hit by a silver blast of energy knocking him away from Big Chill. The two looked and saw descending onto the scene was a being whose body was dark silver colored, from its head was radiating of glowing silver energy almost like medusa tentacles that gave the appearance of hair. It wasn't wearing any clothes, had no visible ears, nose, or lips, but plain white orbs where its eyes would be.

"Squash is not my ideal fruit." the being said in a female voice.

Big Chill got his second wind and flew up to the beings side, "Thanks, I owe ya one. Whoever you are."

"Call me Fey." she answered.

Kurt got up and looked up at the two, "This was between me and the bug, now you're part of this." he released mini missiles from his suit at the two.

Before Big Chill could react he and Fey were shielded by a silver energy shield, which Big Chill noticed was being generated by his new partner.

"That's amazing." he admitted.

"Oh, that's nothing. Check this out." Fey replied, as she flew down at Kurt and fought him hand to hand.

"Whoa." Big Chill gasped, as he watched her fight Kurt.

Fey kept blasting energy balls at Kurt who dodged some, but took a few hits, "You're really getting on my nerves!" he flew in tackling Fey into a wall. He peeled her off and started slamming her into the wall multiple times.

Big Chill flew in and tackled Kurt off Fey fighting him head on, "That's no way to treat a lady." he warned the cyber thief, he threw Kurt against a billboard making it fall off the stand.

Fey flew up to Big Chill and spoke in admiration, "Quite a gentleman, aren't you?"

"I've grown to deeply respect women." the bug answered.

"Good to know." Fey said.

As Kurt got back up, he started once again blasting the two who flew around fighting back with a combination of energy shots and ice breath attacks.

Fey flew up behind Kurt and blasted his rocket pack making him fly out of control before crashing onto the street. Big Chill flew down and unleashed another icy breath of air freezing all but his head in a block of ice.

"Cool off, Kurt." Big Chill told him.

Kurt sighed, "Old times, all right."

Fey flew over to Big Chill, "You ok?"

"Fine, are you ok?" he asked.

"No problem. Big Chill so I've heard?"

"That's me," he confirmed, before the Omnitrix started beeping, "Whoops. Sorry to fight and fly, but I gotta go!" he quickly flew off for cover. Fey seeing the police arrive decided to take her leave as well.

As Big Chill ducked into an alley way he changed back to Lincoln, "Man, that was very unexpected. But what was that person?" he wondered, "I better do some digging."

Meanwhile Fey herself landed in a secluded spot in the park before panting, "Man, they weren't kidding when they said Royal Woods was experiencing crime and alien activity as of late. And it looks like they weren't exaggerating on the alien heroes in this town either. I hope they don't mind if I decide to help out from time to time." she started to glow brightly before it faded.

Then standing in place of Fey was Tia, "After all, we all got to have our after school activities." she smiled.

Later on at the Loud House, Lincoln was talking to Albert with his younger sisters and Lynn gathered around the laptop. After explaining to the girls about his unexpected helper against Kurt, Lincoln decided to let his grandfather know.

"An Anodite, Pop-pop?" Lincoln asked.

"Based off your description, there's no doubt about it," Albert confirmed, "Although the description you gave me isn't the normal look for an Anodite."

"How so, Pop-pop?" Lisa wondered.

"Well, this is what they normally look like." Albert said, as he pulled up a file on Anodites showing them that Anodite's main color schemes is dark purple bodies, and their supposed 'hair' is colored bright pink.

"They look pretty." Lola marveled.

"And dark too." Lucy added.

"So why does the one I met today look so different?" Lincoln asked.

"Probably something to do whatever DNA was in hers." Albert suspected.

"So what else can you tell us about Anodites?" Lana asked.

"These aliens are a race of energy beings from Anodyne. They're made up of pure energy that draw life from the mana around them."

"Mana?" Lily asked.

Lucy spoke up to the youngest sister, "Mana is the supernatural substance that is the essence of magic and life itself. Theoretically, any sapient species can potentially learn to manipulate mana through study and practice."

"Astounding." Lisa said intrigued.

"And she's correct," Albert confirmed, "Since Anodite's bodies are entirely comprised of mana they have a strong innate capacity for manipulating it."

"What else do you know?" Lincoln wondered.

"Well, Anodites are very free-spirited, and most don't take life as seriously as most people do to the point that some Anodites disregard the morality of their actions and would rather satisfy their own personal pleasures. And they can also be slightly condescending to non-energy beings."

"Sounds like the behavior of someone else we know." Lisa said, as all eyes fell on Lynn.

"What?" she asked in confusion.

"Well, this Anodite was actually willing to help me." Lincoln noted.

"That's a relief." Albert said.

"But where could she have come from?" Lisa asked.

"I do not know, but we should be glad she's on our side." the old man replied.

"Believe me I am." Lincoln said.

"For now, you just keep doing what you do best, Lincoln. And if this Fey shows up again show her that you trust her enough to help in keeping Royal Woods safe for others."

"Will do, Pop-pop." Lincoln nodded.

"I'll see you all later." Albert said, as they ended their chat.

When Lincoln closed the laptop, his sisters gathered around him making him uncomfortable, "What?"

"Now that that's out of the way, tell us about this new girl in your class, Lincoln." Lola said especially interested.

The girls bombarded Lincoln with questions right from left about Tia, while Lincoln wished he could just avoid the Sisternado as he referred to when they started behaving that way when it concerned him and girls. Still he couldn't deny that Tia was still on his mind despite what happened in town earlier.

(And there you go. There's a new student at Royal Woods, and unknown to everyone, is another alien life form. She's made silver unlike regular Anodite coloring for a little twist on it. The name Fey is another term for fairy. Don't miss next time, guys.)