(Welcome back, everyone. I'm glad to see how excited you guys are for this sequel. Of course, I once again have to remind some not to overwhelm me with ideas and such. I have a good idea with what I'm going to be doing. Other than that I hope you'll enjoy seeing our hero back in action.)

As Lincoln, his sisters, and two friends rode in Vanzilla on their way to the train station to rescue Albert Jefferson, Lincoln looked at the Omnitrix in his hand while recalling all the action and adventure he's been through with it when he was a kid.

"You gonna put it on already, or what?" Lynn asked snapping Lincoln out of his thoughts.

"Yeah. If you're going up against someone, you should really be arming yourself, dude." Luna agreed.

"The ones who captured Pop-Pop want me to hand over the watch," Lincoln reminded them, "If I put it on know who knows what they'll do to him."

"It is rather strange don't you think?" Lisa asked everyone.

"What do you mean?" Leni wondered.

"Things have been quiet for years and now suddenly this bug alien and who knows how many more have decided to take Pop-Pop prisoner and ransom him for the Omnitrix." the genius girl explained.

"I know what you mean," Lincoln admitted, "But it doesn't matter now. Pop-Pop's in trouble, and I'm not abandoning him."

"And neither are we." Lori put in.

"We're closing in on the train station." Lana said looking up ahead.

"Pull over right here, Lori." Lincoln ordered, as she did so.

As everyone exited the van, Lisa opened the trunk space to reveal several Plumber's blasters they used when they fought side by side, "Always come prepared." she grinned.

"Oh, I missed this." Lynn said, as she picked up a blaster.

"This is gonna be sweet." R.A agreed with excitement.

"So what's the plan, Lincoln?" Clyde asked the Man with the Plan.

"I'll go first. You guys follow me," Lincoln began, "And if it looks like all hell is about to break loose, we give 'em hell." he finished, as the group nodded.

So Lincoln walked further into the train station to where all the empty boxcars were, while the girls and Clyde followed behind while keeping to the shadows. Lincoln kept his eyes peeled in case of an ambush, and his ears were wide open at the first sound of a buzzing bug.

Suddenly he heard said buzzing and proceeded carefully, before spotting several bug aliens like the one he fought at the Beast. He saw a few of them had Albert bound and tied. He frowned seeing his grandfather in such a state, and was prepared to make a stand.

As he made himself known, the bug aliens turned their attention towards him, until Albert spoke in disbelief, "Lincoln? No! What're you doing here?!"

"Silence!" one of the guards buzzed while aiming a sword shaped like a stinger to his neck.

Stepping out was one of the bugs who was taller than the others, had a stinger sword at his side and badge on his chest. He spoke to the teen boy, "Lincoln Loud. So nice of you to accept our invitation."

Lincoln just frowned before speaking, "Who are you guys?"

"I am General Hornitor, and we are the Stingers." the general introduced.

"Stingers?" Lincoln asked in confusion, "Well, this it the first I've ever heard of you guys. So how about forking over my Pop-Pop, and maybe I won't squash you all."

Several Stingers buzzed angrily at the threat, until Hornitor motioned them to stand down, "First of all. Did you bring the Omnitrix?"

"Yeah. Right here." Lincoln showed them the watch.

"Excellent. Give it up and we'll let him go."

"How do I know you'll keep your word?" Lincoln squinted his eyes at them.

"I don't think you quite grasp the situation here," Hornitor began to remind him, "The Omnitrix, or your grandfather's life."

"Lincoln, don't do it!" Albert cried.

Lincoln sighed, "I'm sorry, Pop-Pop. But I don't turn my back on family," he stepped closer, "You want it, take it." he tossed the Omnitrix into the center of the stand off, much to his sisters and friends shock.

Hornitor motioned to the guards to release Albert, and they did so. As Albert walked, the general spoke to him, "Grab the Omnitrix and you'll get stung where it really hurts!"

Albert scowled at the threatening bug, before walking along to Lincoln's side, "Alright, you got the watch." Lincoln said.

"Indeed, but unfortunately for you we can't leave witnesses." Hornitor answered, as a whole swarm of Stingers came out from hiding and surrounded the old man and his grandson.

"This is why I didn't want you coming here." Albert told Lincoln.

"You forget, Pop-Pop? I'm always prepared," Lincoln answered, before calling out, "Hell's broken loose!"

On that signal, Team Loud came out armed and ready, "Girls!" Albert gasped in relief.

"Hey, Pop-Pop." Lori greeted.

"Wish our reunion could be less hectic." Leni said.

Hornitor buzzed angrily, "You were supposed to come alone!"

"Good thing I didn't listen to you double crossers." Lincoln said smugly.

The general announced to his army, "Attack!" the Stingers armed themselves with their stinger swords swarmed around and attacked the teens and kids.

The humans spread out and started blasting at the bug aliens with some dodging or some taking the hits. Lucy concentrated her magical aura and started firing magic blasts at several Stingers.

"Good one, Luce!" Luan called, as she dodged one Stinger.

"Thanks. I've been practicing." Lucy smiled.

R.A was dodging sting strikes before smirking, "Luchador time!" she jumped and performed some of her favorite luchador moves on a Stinger.

In the midst of all the excitement, Lincoln saw the Omnitrix still on the ground, "The watch!" he ran for it while dodging the attacks of incoming Stingers. As he closed in on the Omnitrix, he saw General Hornitor flying right for him.

"You will not have the Omnitrix!" Hornitor shouted, as he was about to pierce him with his sting sword, until he got blasted.

Lincoln looked over seeing it was Albert holding a Plumber's blaster supplied by the girls, "Get away from my grandson."

Lincoln smiled seeing his grandfather still had his spark, and grabbed the Omnitrix. Knowing what had to be done, he put the Omnitrix back on his wrist and it clamped on, "Ok, watch. It's hero time!" he slammed down on the dial, but nothing happened. He tapped the dial a few times to see it was glowing blue.

"Lincoln!" Lynn called.

"You know this thing doesn't always work right!" Lincoln called out.

"Well, ya better make it work right soon," Luna called, as more Stingers were showing up, "Because we got a bigger infestation!"

Everyone's eyes widened, as the bug aliens started round two and attacked. Clyde along with the twins were opening fire and dodging some of the Stingers, before Lola pulled out her perfume bottle, "It's not bug spray, but I imagine it should work good enough on you!" she sprayed a Stinger in the face making it buzz in pain while clutching its face.

"Come and get some, space bugs!" Lynn called, as she blasted some Stingers, before seeing shooting at a billboard sign that fell and landed on three of them.

"Squashed like a bug!" Luan laughed.

As Lincoln kept tapping the Omnitrix, he was running from a Stinger that was pursuing him. He quickly jumped into an open boxcar, and when the Stinger flew inside he looked around until, Lincoln ran at him and swung a sandbag at him knocking him out.

He looked down at the Omnitrix that still wasn't working, "Come on, watch. I know I haven't used you in a couple of years. But for old times sake, I could really use some help right now!" he turned the dial a few times, until the watch started glowing green.

Suddenly the Omnitrix started transforming, and then on his wrist the watch looked new and improved. It looked like a slimmer and sleeker wrist watch now with a green wristband, and the face of the dial becoming black and green.

"Whoa!" Lincoln gasped, "It's never done this before. But I kinda like it." he activated the upgraded Omnitrix, and saw a hologram of an alien standing on the core. Lincoln curiously turned the dial and saw another alien, and then another. What confused him was, they weren't any of his old classics he used when he was eleven.

"I don't recognize any of these guys. Then again, the first time I used it I went into battle without knowing how t use any of them," he stopped on one of them, "Ok. Here goes everything." he slammed down on the dial and suddenly his body began transforming. To Lincoln, it was a sensation he hadn't felt in years, and yet he still remembered how it felt the many times he did it in the past.

When the green flash died down Lincoln appeared as a new alien. He was a humanoid, plant-like alien that had an overall green and black colored body, mostly with a red flame-patterned head and root-like feet, seemingly holding black rocks. His eyes were oval-shaped with points at each end with pupils copying the shape but are smaller. His shoulders and head had red petals and his elbows and legs had green frills sticking out.

"Swampfire!" he announced, before looking himself over, "Wow. I look good. Wait a minute. How did I know to say the name 'Swampfire'?" suddenly remembering the situation they were in, raced back.

As the girls, Albert, and Clyde were still fending off against the Stingers, Hornitor spoke, "It is futile. You can never stop the Stinger Swarm."

"Wanna bet?" came a new voice, as they saw the transformed Lincoln standing atop a boxcar.

The group saw the Omnitrix symbol on his torso, and realized who it was, "Lincoln?" Clyde asked.

"In the flesh! In a manner of speaking." Swampfire answered.

"Dude, we've never seen that alien before." Luna said in shock.

"I know, right?" he jumped down and looked at all the Stingers, "Ok, boys. Let's tango!"

The Stingers started attacking Swampfire who started punching and kicking at his opponents, "Oh, man. I forgot how much fun this was."

"Look at him go." R.A said in awe.

"He hasn't lost his touch." Luna smirked while crossing his arms.

"Does anyone smell that repulsive scent?" Lola asked, while covering her nose.

"I do," Lisa answered, "It's like methane."

A Stinger suddenly sliced Swapfire's right arm clean off, shocking the group, "Lincoln!" they cried.

"Whoa!" Swampfire gasped, until suddenly roots emerged from the severed arm and attached back to his elbow good as new.

"Regeneration?" Lisa gasped.

"Like Wildvine," Swampfire gasped, "Now you guys are in for it." he smirked at the Stingers and once again engaged them with no worries about taking any stabs or slices.

"Alright, Lincoln, knock 'em out!" Lynn called.

Hornitor buzzed angrily and flew at Swampfire from behind, "Lincoln, behind you!" Lucy called.

Swampfire spun around and extended his palms out unleashing blasts of fire at the general knocking him backward and rolled across the ground.

"He shoots fire too?" Leni asked in confusion.

"Like Heatblast?" Lana asked in surprise.

"A alien that's plant and fire-like?" Clyde pondered.

"Now I've seen it all." Lisa said amazed.

Swampfire seeing what he was truly capable of smirked, "Alright. Now it's time to exterminate some bugs!" he started blasting fire at the Stingers who were flying around to avoid the flames. Some were successful, and some weren't so lucky.

General Hornitor got up to reveal the left side of his face was badly burned. He looked at Swampfire and the others, before making an irritating buzzing sound with his wings.

"What's he doing?" Lynn groaned from the sound.

They saw the Stingers ceased their attacking and flew back over to their general who spoke to them, "You just made an enemy of the Hive, Lincoln Loud. You have not seen the last of us." he activated a transporter and the group teleported away.

"They're gone." Lana gasped.

"But we know they'll be back." Lori reminded them.

Swampfire approached and suddenly turned back into Lincoln, "Whoo, just like riding a bike." he said to himself.

"Lincoln, you were awesome!" Clyde cheered, as they high fived.

"Thanks. Swampfire was pretty impressive." Lincoln admitted.

"Swampfire?" Lana asked.

"You literally named him already?" Lori asked dryly.

"Not entirely," Lincoln explained, "When I transformed I just announced that name. Almost like it came to me with the transformation."

The girls smiled, until they embraced their grandfather with Lincoln, "Pop-Pop!"

"It's good to see you guys. And nice to see you still got that fighting spirit in ya." Albert said.

"Pop-Pop. Have you ever seen those guys before?" Lincoln asked.

"First time for me." he replied.

"Those Stingers were some nasty bugs." Luna said.

"And knowing bad guys we've faced before they probably mean about us not seeing the last of them." Clyde added.

"For real." Lincoln agreed.

"Well, in that case we're gonna need some help." Albert suggested.

"You bringing back your old Plumber buddies again?" Lana guessed.

"Not exactly. There are still other Plumbers out there in the galaxy."

"But we thought..." Lisa trailed off, as Albert explained.

"Just because the Earth faction of Plumbers shut down doesn't mean every faction did."

"Well, it's good there are still some active," Lincoln said in relief, "If those Stingers are coming back we need to be ready. And I got some new aliens to break in." he looked at the Omnitrix.

Meanwhile somewhere out in space on a ship designed like a giant bug, General Hornitor presented himself before an anthro female bee alien sitting on a throne while wearing a red robe.

"Report, General Hornitor." she began.

"Queen Waspella, I regret to tell you the ransom was a failure," Hornitor began sounding guilty, "Lincoln Loud had dawned the Omnitrix again and is just as crafty as he was said to be years ago."

Queen Waspella frowned, "I am displeased with this, Hornitor," she got up from her throne and came down, "You are my greatest general and you come back in failure."

"I am ashamed of myself, my queen. I beg for forgiveness." he pleaded.

Waspella laid a hand on his head, "Worry not. For this is a minor setback. Now that we know what we're up against, we'll have to change our tactics." she began walking, as Hornitor followed her out of the throne room.

They walked through the ship, before stopping in one room that had a machine that looked like it was laying eggs, that started hatching into new Stingers, "We have conquered several planets throughout the galaxy. But planet earth will be our real cream of the crop. And with our army continuously growing. We will make it happen. And no one. Not even Lincoln Loud will stop us."

"Yes, my queen." Hornitor agreed, as Waspella continued watch as more Stingers were being hatched and smirked sadistically.

(And there you go. Lincoln has just had a taste of his first new alien after four years. And more to come. And in this series instead of DNAliens and the Highbreed I'm using my own alien species called Stingers. I'll see you all next time.)