Waking AI Assistant…

Initializing AI Assistant…

AI Assistant Initialized:

PP: Good Day BW. How may I help you today?

BW: The pantry won't open.

PP: What do you mean by that?

BW: I mean the door won't open.

PP: Have you tried using the control panel next to the door?

BW: Yes.

PP: Have you interacted with the door in any manner that would prevent the door from opening?

BW: I've been here less than 24 hours.

PP: Have you interacted with the door in any manner that would prevent the door from opening?

BW: No.

PP: Have you checked if the control panel is connected to the door to the pantry?

BW: How do I do that?

PP: Either by removing the panel or by finding the Security Console.

BW: Do you know where the security console is?

PP: The Security Console is the podium located in the server room.

BW: Alright give me a moment.

BW: I can't get into the server room.

BW: I did manage to pry off the pantry panel, and it appears the back of the panel's batteries burst and ate away at the internals. So it shows all of the UI, but it can't actually communicate with the door.

PP: Would you like to place an order for a new control panel?

BW: Are there any service providers who are in business?

PP: One. Watt's Electronics: The Power you need!

BW: So that's a no then. We can't get a new one.

PP: Affirmative.

BW: Is the control panel on the server room more armored than the panel for the pantry.

PP: According to the blueprints, it is not.

BW: Great. I'll be back.

BW: Alright, fantastic, I got the panel off. Which wires open the door?

PP: The thick black wires.

BW: Just those.

PP: Just those two need the circuit between them connected.

BW: Alright, got the door open. The alarm went off. How do I turn it off.

PP: Have you checked the Security Console?

BW: Yes. I got the pantry open, but there's no option to turn it off locally.

PP: That means that it requires an outside signal to turn off.

BW: It just has to receive the right signal to turn off, right?

PP: Affirmative.

BW: Are you able to look up the signal to turn off the mayday signal in the Mint?

PP: Affirmative. However, I do not have the means to turn off the signal from the servers.

BW: What if I connected you to the Security Console.

PP: Are you sure? The security protocol dictates that the AI kept in the Mint should be relegated to the servers until suitable vessels have been made for them.

BW: Screw protocol. How do I do it, because any longer and someone will notice.

BW: And if its not the grimm outside the bunker that'll hear, someone in Atlas will.

PP: What is the danger of someone in Atlas hearing?

BW: When was the last time your data was updated.

PP: Approximately 1056 days ago.

BW: Here's an update for your system: Atlas is gone.

BW: It got wiped a few years ago. Just a little after your last update, if my math is correct.

PP: Affirmative.

BW: So how do I hook you into the Security Panel.

PP: There will be multiple chords located on top of the server towers. Find the one with the square ends.


PP: USB. Though if possible, you may plug in the HDMI as well.

BW: Alright, plugged you in. Can you turn off the alarm now. My tinnitus is acting up.

PP: First aid kits are located in every main room. Drivers will take time to download.

PP: Connection complete.

PP: Signal sent. The mayday signal should have ended.

BW: Thank the brothers.

BW: Wait, if you have access to the Security Console, does that mean you have access to the cameras?

PP: Affirmative.

BW: How many cameras can you look through at once.

PP: All of the Cameras BW.

BW: So about how many ration packs are remaining?

PP: About 365.

BW: Fantastic.

BW: Do you mind if I ask a question?

PP: Of course not. I am here to serve.

BW: How sentient are you. It's kind of put me off, because you don't seem like a tin can.

PP: I am a learning AI BW. I was designed to be able to learn and adapt to various scenarios.

BW: And why would Atlas need a learning AI?

BW: Nevermind, its Atlas. Why wouldn't they design more robots.

BW: So you're like an actual person.

PP: Affirmative.

BW: So would it be better if I talked normally, or more properly.

PP: Either works for me.

BW: That doesn't help.

BW: So are you able to hear me?

PP: Negative.

BW: How come?

PP: The security system does not have any microphones or speakers.

BW: Which means you can't talk at me either.

BW: So if you're like an actual person, should I still put the monitor to sleep or do you want me to leave you on or…

PP: I don't need to sleep, and with the ability to access the Security Console, I am able to do more than access my internal archives.

BW: Alright cool. Just going to leave the monitor on then. I'm going to go and eat something other than dead man's jerky. Talk tomorrow?

PP: Affirmative.