Aura Awakening

Chapter-1: The Awakening and The Journey

No One's P.O.V

An old man was currently working on his computer, sending various massages to other people around the world.

This was Professor Oak, one of the most respected and well known Pokémon researchers in the world living in a small place called Pallet Town.

The older man was in his late 40's with gray hear, a red polo shirt under his white lab coat and kaki pants.

Pokémon were creatures with amazing powers that trainers use to battle, bond, or put on extravagant shows. It was Professor Oak's job to study, catalog, and understand every Pokémon he could. Thanks to his studying and training when he was younger, Professor Oak was able to understand and catalog over 150 Pokémon in the Kanto region and even dozens more in other regions in the world.

The Professor was so occupied with his computer he never noticed the door to his office open before closing gently.

Professor Oak stretched his arms and felt a good creak in his back.

"Finished," Professor Oak sighed as he leaned back in his chair. "Now maybe I can work on a Haiku, or maybe a poem-"

"What's a Haiku?"

"Ahhh!" The professor yelled in fight before whipping around and giving a small glare at the person behind him. "Ash, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" He said while putting a hand over his heart.

Standing not far from the professor was a young boy about 8 years old boy, Ash Ketchum. The boy had dark black hair, brown eyes and had two lighting bolt-like markings underneath his eyes.

Ash was born and raised in Pallet Town all his life and the Professor had a soft spot for the Ketchum family, as Ash's mother was once a student of his when she was younger. Ash was a headstrong boy with a big heart that loved all Pokémon, his dream was to become a Pokémon Master.

The boy looked down rubbed his hands. "I'm sorry Professor Oak, I was knocking on the door, but you didn't answer." He said before bringing up a bag. "My mom made you cookies."

That seemed to bring a smile to the old man as he gently took the bag. "Thank you Ash, I really appreciate this." He said as he quickly took a cook out. "You mom's makes the best cookies in the world." He said before he handed one to Ash, one he happily ate.

The two munched on the snakes in silence while having a little chats in between, mostly about Pokémon.

"So Grass beats Water but Water beats Fire and Fire beats Grass." Ash said slowly as he carefully listened to the professor.

"Exactly," Professor Oak said while clapping his hands with a smile on his face. "Every type is stronger or weaker against another type. Figuring out the type of a Pokémon is very important for becoming a trainer." He said while nodding.

"Wow." The boy said in an exited tone. "I'm going to become a Pokémon Master when I get older, so I'll know all of this!" Ash exclaimed while jumping in the air.

Professor Oak gave a laugh and rubbed the top of Ash's head. "It's not going to be easy. You have to have lots of knowledge of Pokémon to just become a trainer."

Ash made a face at that. "I hate studying." He said, making Professor Oak laugh.

"It is a necessary evil to be the best Ash." He said before glancing at the time. "I think it's time you go home, it's going to be dark soon."

"Alright." Ash sighed before looking up with a smile. "Can I come tomorrow and you can teach me all about Pokémon!"

Professor Oak was hesitant and rubbed the back of his head. "I would, but I need to do some work around the field and study up an any changes."

"Oh, can I come, that sound way more fun!" Ash shouted with stars in his eyes.

Professor Oak just laughed as he nodded his head. "Well, you might hate studying, but maybe you'll love field research."

The next day Professor Oak led Ash to his research field, showing off all different Pokémon from the Kanto region and even some from the Johto.

"This is a Charmander." Professor Oak said while pointing to said Pokémon from a distance. "They are classified as a fire type, but in their final evolution they also become a flying type."

"So cool!" Ash whispered in excitement as he watched from afar from behind a bush.

"Yes they are, my first Pokémon was also a Charmander." Oak said with a fond smile at his first Pokémon. "Did you know that the flame on their tail is a show of it's life. If it's ever blown out, it will die."

That brought a look of horror on Ash's face. "But isn't that dangerous for it to fight water types."

Oak smiled at Ash's concern before shaking his head. "It would, if it wasn't for the fact a Charmander's flame burns hot enough to not even be put out under water." He said, making Ash sigh in relief.

Suddenly Oak's phone made a beep making him quickly pull it out, what he read made him frown.

"Is something wrong?" Ash asked while tilting his head.

Oak put his phone away and quickly gave a small. "Someone just entered my lab, look's like we'll have to cut our research short."

The two quickly made their way back to Oak's lab with hast, a worry expression on the older man's face.

Once the two entered, they were treated to an interesting sight.

Two large men in black suits stood as stiff as a board with their hands behind their back, no expressions on their face. The next two were a completely different sight.

The older man was fat, the unhealthy kind of fat with saggy cheeks, a big round belly, and deep gray hear and mustache.

The youngest of the group was clearly the man son. The young teen was just as unhealthy big with dark brown hair and high class cloths on. The boy's face was in a game and he didn't even bothered to look up.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Oak said in a professional tone, moving Ash behind him.

The overweight man gave a cocky grin as he walked up to Professor Oak, his belly and cheeks jiggling with every step. "My son just turned fourteen and he wants to be a Pokémon trainer." He said, the son not even looking up from the screen of his game.

Professor Oak strained a smile on his face as he looked at the man. "I see, well, he is at the right age to start, 14?" He asked, getting a nod from the man. "Well then, may I see his trainer ID?"

The man gave a small laugh at that. "Well, I was hoping you can give him one."

Professor Oak nodded, it was one of his jobs to issue trainer licenses. "Very well, I'll pull up test for your son to take. Once he passes I can give him his ID and a starter Pokémon."

The older man gave another small laugh and snapped his fingers. "I'm sure we can make some... arrangements for anything unnecessary." He said as he snapped his fingers and one of the black suited men pulled out a silver case. Opening the case the man revealed a tone of money, shocking both Ash and Oak. "Also, let's not go with any starter Pokémon. How about something well trained and obedient too."

"And nothing lame." The boy said but still didn't look up from his game. "I don't want any weak looking Pokémon or anything lame. I only want strong ones, like a Dinosaur Type."

Oak felt his eye twitch as he rubbed his face. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline your offer, sir." Oak said as he pushed the case down. "If your son wants a Trainer License then he'll need to take the test. If he wants any Pokémon he'll have find them on his own. It takes more then just having Pokémon to be a good trainer, it takes knowledge of Pokémon, a certain mindset to handle the strain of battle, and a connection with your Pokémon, that's what it means to be a trainer."

Ash smiled up at Professor Oak with great admiration at the passion in the old man's voice. "Maybe... maybe I should try to study more. Even if it's just to help my Pokémon."

The man scowled and snapped his fingers, the goon slamming the case shut. "I think your making a mistake, this is a lot of money my friend. My son wants to be a trainer, so I suggest you take the money and do what I say. Unless you want things to get..." The man then glanced at Ash, making the boy shrink. "Messy."

Oak glared at the man and seemed to release a presents that made the man take a step back. "I would suggest you not threaten me, or the people close to me."

The fat man started to sweat bullets and even the boy looked up from his game, a scared look on his face. "Do you really want to do this old man," When the fat man saw Oak reach for his waist he snapped his fingers. "Get him!"

The two goons were on Oak in a second, pulling his arms away from his Pokéballs.

"Ash, run!" Oak yelled as the goons held the Professor.

Before the 8 year old could move the fat man grabbed his shoulder and yanked him back hard, getting a cry of pain from Ash.

"Don't you touch him!" Oak yelled as he struggled with the man.

"I'll let him go as soon as you do what I say!" The fat man said as he throw Ash to the side with a thud. "Now make the damn license and give me your Pokémon!"

Ash fell to the floor with a hard thud. The young boy felt fear like never before, he felt scared for Professor Oak, he was scared for the Pokémon. How could they take Pokémon that didn't belong to them just because they wanted to. Pokémon weren't things, they were friends, partners, family.

"S-stop!" Ash yelled as he got up and pulled at the fat man's arm, pulling him to the side in surprise. "Let Professor Oak go!"

Oak's eyes widen at this. "No Ash, run!"

The fat man glared at Ash as he tried to pull away, only to feel Ash's iron like grip. "Let go you little shit!"

"NO!" Ash yelled in a much louder voice as he glared at the man. "I won't let you steal any Pokémon!"

Oak blinked for a split second as he saw Ash's eyes glow blue as a light glowed around his body. "I-is that-!"

"Ah!" The fat man screamed in shock as the little boy was able to not only push him, but send him flying a few feet back.

"Boss!" The goons shouted in shock as they quickly charged the kid.

Seeing an opportunity Oak pulled out a Pokéballs. "Go, Venusaur!" In a flash of light a large plant type Pokémon appeared.

"Sar!" The Pokémon shouted with a glare.

"Use Vine Whip!"

The Pokémon launched vines at the goons and quickly held them down easily.

"Now use Sleep Powder!"

A green mist flew from the giant flower on it's back and easily knocked the goons, fat man, and the bratty teen out.

Giving a sigh, Professor Oak quickly turned to Ash with a worry expression, still shocked to see a blue glow around him.

Ash looked at his hands with a shocked expression as he turned to the Professor. "Professor... Oak..." Ash muttered before he fell unconscious.

Just before Ash hit the ground the old man moved at surprising speeds before catching him. Oak put a finger to Ash's neck before breathing a sigh of relief as he felt a steady beat.

Reaching for his phone the professor quickly called the authorities. "Hello, Officer Jenny, this is Professor Oak, there's been an incident in the lab..."

Ash's eyes slowly fluttered open before he pushed himself up. "Ow, my head..."


Ash was quickly enveloped in a hug by his mom, who was crying up a storm.

On reflex Ash hugged his mom back.

"Oh thank goodness my baby's okay!" Ash's mom cried as she held her son close. "I was so worried when the Professor called me and said you were hurt!" She said as she pulled away from Ash and looked him over frantically. "Are you okay, are you hurt anywhere?"

Ash shifted his body and felt nothing was off. "No, I feel fine, but my head hurts." He said while rubbing his head, trying to remember what happened before it hit him. "Oh, those bad men, they grabbed Professor Oak and-"

"Everything's fine dear." Delia said while putting a hand over her son's. "Officer Jenny came and took the bad men away. Professor Oak is fine and so are the Pokémon."

Ash sighed in relief and laid back in the bed, before realizing he wasn't in his bed. "Where are we?"

"Professor Oak placed you in his guest bedroom, we're still at his lab." Delia said while smiling at Ash, but it was filled with worry. "Are you sure your feeling well Ash?"

Ash nodded and gave his mom a smile. "Yeah mom, I'm just tired right now."

"Then get some rest sweetie." Ash's mom said in a soothing voice and the young boy quickly fell asleep.

After a few minutes Professor Oak came with something in hand.

"Oh wonderful, you awake Ash." Oak said as he made his way to the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired mostly, and my head hurts a little." Ash said as he rubbed his head.

"I expected as much, considering what you pulled off." Oak said with a small laugh.

That made Ash blink before he remember the fight. "Oh right, Professor, why was I glowing blue?"

"Glowing Blue?" Delia asked in a confused tone as she looked to the Professor for more answers.

Oak nodded with a smile on his face. "That's what this for," Oak said as he brought up a very old brown book with an interesting picture on the cover. The older man then turned to Ash's mother with a questioning look. "Delia, has your family ever shown any... interesting abilities?"

Delia looked confused by the question before looking up in thought. "I remember my father telling me that my great grandfather could talk to Pokémon, or something similar. Why do you ask?"

Oak pulled up a chair and opened the leather brown book. "During my travels I have encountered many things over the years. Most of them were interesting Pokémon, but I have encountered interesting people as well. People with special abilities such as Psyches with abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis, and... Aura users."

"Aura?" Both Ketchum's said in confusion.

Professor Oak nodded while looking down at the book. "In the past there were people called Aura Guardians that could sense and control it's power. Aura allows a person to use protect and defend against most threats... and I believe Ash has this ability from what I seen."

Now both Ketchum's jaws drop at the Professor's explanation. "Y-you think I can use aura?

"It's the only explanation I can come up with." The Professor said with a shrug. "I've never met an Aura Guardian, their very rare now a days."

"Is this dangerous?" Delia asked like a worried mother.

That made Professor Oak sigh. "Yes, but it'll be more dangerous if Ash stays ignorant of this." He said, bringing a worried look from the two. "Aura Guardians use aura, the life energy of all things. If they use too much or in a wrong way, they can hurt themselves, like Ash as he fell unconscious."

Delia gained a very worried look now. "Will this... training be dangerous."

Professor Oak sighed once more. "I have no idea, there are no Aura Guardian in the Kanto region as far as I know, and the only material I have is this old book."

"...I want to learn."

Both adults turned to the young boy to see a determined look on his face

"But Ash-"

"I want to learn mom." Ash said in a determined tone. "I want to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world, and if this can help protect those close to me, I want to learn."

Both adults looked at one another for a long moment, Professor Oak with a passive expression while Delia had one of worry.

After a full minute Delia sighed in defeat. "Oh alright, you can learn this... Aura ability of your Ash." She said, bringing a smile from the small child. "If you can use it to protect yourself, how can I say no."

"But don't think it's going to be a cake walk Ash." Professor Oak said in a stern tone. "From what I read from this book, being an Aura Guardian takes a lot of skills, training, and mental studying. Not to mention all the studying you need to do in order to become a Pokémon trainer."

"And don't forget school." Ash's mom said with a sickly sweet smile on her face.

Ash started to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the studying in his future. He could barely pass his normal classes.

However the young boy quickly stood on the bed. "If being the best takes passing a test, then I'll pass all of them!" Ash cheered... before flopping down to the bed. "Right after I get some rest." He said in a tired voice, getting a laugh from the adults.

6 Years Later

"Ash, where are you?" Delia called her son as she searched the house. "It's already 11, you should be in bed."

Just as Delia was about to check the bathroom she heard the sounds of soft thuds in the distance, making her sigh.

"Of course, the back."

Moving to the back yard Delia came face to face with her 14 year old son, Ash. The young man was currently hitting a thick padding around a tree with a light blue glow around his body.

Ever since the young teen discovered his Aura abilities he honed them over the years, not only resulting his body becoming well in shape, but his mind becoming somewhat sharper. He study the old book Professor Oak gave him every day to the point he practically memorized it. If that wasn't enough Ash also took of some mix martial arts to help hone his combat abilities. Ash was Delia's little warrior.

At first Delia was worried about her son's training in Aura, but after she saw how much stronger and happier he became she could only feel happy for him.

"Ash!" The teen gave surprise yelp and jumped a good foot in the air. "It's already 11, you should be in bed!" She said in a stern tone.

Ash rubbed the back of his head and gave his mom a smile. "Sorry mom, it's just... tomorrow I begin my Pokémon Journey." Ash said while pumping his fist. "This is what all the training, studying, and more training was for!"

True to Ash's words six years ago he study all he could on most Pokémon. Now he could identify most types and attacks without even trying, it was how he got one of the highest scores on the license test last month, though he was still behind a few others.

Delia smiled but pointed to the house. "I understand, but you need your sleep. With your training you'll be dead tired in the morning you might miss getting a Pokémon."

That seemed to get a sigh from Ash as he nodded. "Alright, let me just take a quick shower before heading to bed."

"Alright, goodnight sweetie." Delia said before she walked back into the house.

As stretched his body before making a be-line for the shower, his mind wandering to tomorrow.

"Tomorrow's the big day, I get my starter Pokémon. My choses are Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur!" Ash thought with excitement as he took his cloths off in the bathroom. "All are good and well rounded in their own right. Squirtle has high defense, Bulbasaur is the most well rounded, and Charmander has the highest attack. It'll be tough to chose just one."

As Ash's mind wondered he stopped to look at himself in the mirror. Thanks to his Aura training and training in martial arts Ash was very fit for someone his age, not even the Great Gary Oak was not close to Ash's level of fitness.

"Tomorrow's the big day." Ash said before hopping in the shower.

"I'm Late!"

It was nearly three in the afternoon and Ash was beyond late.

The young teen bolted out of his home in nothing but a black tang top and black shorts. Moving at speeds that could give a Rapidash a run for it's money.

"Damn it, I knew I should of gotten that reinforced alarm clock!" Ash said as he was leaving a trail of dust behind him. "Please, please, PLEASE let their be some Pokémon left, I'll take anything!"

By the time Ash reached Professor Oak's lab he saw a huge crowed of people chanting one thing over and over again.


Gary Oak was the grandson of Professor Oak and the pride of Pallet Town. Gary had genius level smarts, good looks, a prodigy in Pokémon, and even had his own fan base in Pallet Town. He was also the biggest jerk to Ash in the entire town. Any chance Gary got he would try and show up Ash in some way to make himself feel superior.

Ash will admit Gary was smarter then him, the guy was already aloud to drive a car at just 14, but Ash felt he was more creative in battles strategies.

As the young Aura Guardian walked up to the large group he heard several cheerleaders chanting Gary's name.

"Excuse me!" Ash said as he pushed through the crowed.

"Huh? Well if it isn't Ashy-Boy."

Gary was the name age as Ash with long spiky brown hair, a long blue sweeter, and a necklace around his neck.

"Hey Gary." Ash said while folding his arms.

"That's Mr. Gary to you, show some respect." Gary said while putting his hands behind his back. "Well Ash, you snooze you lose, and your way behind right from the start. I've got a Pokémon and you don't."

"Congratulations Gary, your," Ash glanced at his non-existence watch. "Five minutes ahead of me. Hold this win for as long as you live, it's the only one your going to get." Ash said in a deep mocking tone, making Gary glare at him. "So, what Pokémon did you choose?"

"That's none of your business, since you didn't bother to show up on time. And I got the best one possible, it's good to have a grandfather in the business!" Gary said as he spun said Pokéball around his finger. "People of Pallet I, Gary Oak, promise to become a Pokémon master and put Pallet Town on the map!" Gary shouted, making the crowed cheer his name.

Gary then rushed to a red sports car and quickly sat in the back with someone driving for him.

"Thank you for coming to see history in the making! Now I, Gary Oak, am off to learn the ways of the Pokémon trainer!" Gary called as he drove away, the crowed of people fallowing him. "Smell you later Ashy-Boy!"

Ash grit his teeth in annoyance as he glared at the car. "I'll show that jerk!" Ash muttered.

"So, you decided to show up after all."

"Huh," Ash turned around to see Professor Oak. "Sorry Professor, I stood up late training and lost track of time. Then I kind of busted my alarm clock."

"That explains why you look ready for bed." Oak said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, well now I'm ready for my Pokémon and to start my Journey!"

"No!" Ash said in depression as he opened the last ball, only for it to be empty.

"The early bird get's the worm, or in this case, the Pokémon." Oak said as he scratched his chin.

"Dose this mean your out of Pokémon?" Ash asked with a depressed look on his face.

Oak had a thoughtful look on his face. "Well, their is one left-"

"I'll take it!"

Oak sighed but pressed a button on the casing and a moment later a forth Pokéball appeared.

"I think I should warn you, their is a small problem with this last one." Oak warned with a wary look on his face.

"I need a Pokémon Professor Oak, I can't become a trainer without one." Ash said with pure determination.

"Well, alright." Oak sighed as he handed the ball to Ash.

Ash quickly opened the Pokéball and was blinded by a bright yellow light. A moment later a tiny mouse was standing on the casing.


"Whoa, a Pikachu!" Ash said in shock as a big smile crossed his face as he gently picked up the Pokémon and hugged it. "Hi Pikachu!"

If Ash had been paying closer attention he would of seen an annoyed look cross Pikachu's face, unfortunately, it was too late.

"AAHH!" Ash screamed as he felt his whole body being shocked.

"It's known as the Electric Mouse Pokémon, it's known to be shy, but as you can see it's got an electric personality." Oak said while placing his hands behind his back, not even fazed by the attack.

"You don't say." Ash said while coughing a puff of smoke, if it wasn't for his aura he would of easily been knocked out.

"Shocking, isn't it." Oak said with a nod as he held up two items. "Now take these, your Pokédex and your Pokéballs."

Ash slowly reached for the items. "Thank YoU!" Ash shouted as he was shocked again, along with Professor Oak.

"YOuR WElComE!"

Walking out of the lab Ash was treated to the sight of his mom along with a few close friends of the family. Their was even a small sign that said 'Go Ash Go'.

The young teen smiled at this as he walked out of the lab.

"Hey mom," Ash said with a smile as he walked up to her. "Sorry for running out so sudden, I lost track of time."

"I can see." Delia said with an amused look on her face as she glanced at Ash's cloths. "Ash, I'm so proud of you." She said in a loving tone. "Your finally going to start your dream and start your Pokémon training. I... I'm going to miss you." She said in a sad tone as she hid her face behind Ash's backpack. "Oh my little boy."

Ash quickly went to his mom and gave her a hug. "Mom, it's alright, I promise to call as often as I can. Plus you know I'll be back." He said as he pulled the bag down. "So please, don't cry." He said, making her smile.


Delia opened the bag and quickly started to pull stuff out. "I backed your sneakers and jeans, and nice clean shirts and underwear, along with your Aura Book and..."

Before Delia could get too far Ash quickly took his bag back. "Mom, mom, I don't want you to show my underwear to everyone." Ash laughed with a blush.

"I understand." Delia then noticed something by Ash's feet. "Is that your Pokémon?"

"Yeah, it's name is Pikachu." Ash said, making the mouse look away with a huff. "...We're working out the kinks."

"Why is he out of his Pokéball?" Delia asked while tilting her head.

"Um," Ash rubbed the back of his head as he remember his attempt to get Pikachu back in it's ball. "Well, he prefers to be outside rather then inside a ball."

"I see," Delia said as she knelt down to Pikachu, making both the Pokémon and Ash stiffen a bit. "Please take care of my son Pikachu." She said with a smile as she reach forward.

Pikachu stiffened as he felt Delia's hand on his head. But instead of feeling worry Pikachu felt an almost loving feeling come from the human.

"Chu~" Pikachu cried out in a happy tone as he leaned into Delia's hand.

"...It's times like this I wonder if mom has Aura as well." Ash thought with a smile.

"Ash, before you go, there's one more thing I must show you." Oak said grabbing the teen's attention. "Can you bring up your Pokédex?" Ash wordlessly did so and the Professor brought up his own. "Now let me just connect it..."

After a few moments Ash's Pokédex beeped. "What did you do?" Ash asked while looking at the device.

Oak smiled as he put his own Pokédex away. "I gave your Pokédex two functions the normal ones don't have. The first is the camera and recording function, allowing you to easily take photos and video of anything interesting you find on your journey. The second is a Field Researcher ID."

"You made me a Field Researcher!?" Ash shouted in shock, getting a few shocked looks from the other people around.

Oak nodded with a smile. "I know you have a knack for getting your hands dirty and with your adventurous personality, I know you'll see a lot of interesting places. I can only hope you remember to take pictures and a video and tell me everything."

"I won't let you down Professor." Ash saluted to the older man. "This is it, the start of my Pokémon Journey!"

"...You know, I pictured my journey starting differently." Ash sighed as he glanced back. "Much, much differently."

Ash was currently wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and a simple blue jacket. On his head was his special cap he won in a raffle when he was just 10 years old.

The young Aura Guardian was currently pulling his Pikachu by a rope while wearing pink rubber gloves.

"He doesn't like me... or any human really."

Thanks to his Aura training Ash could feel the emotions of Pokémon and get a better understanding with them. When Ash felt Pikachu's emotions, he could instantly tell he didn't like small places and he didn't like Ash.

"Well, if I want to be a Pokémon Master, I need to learn how to handle Pokémon like this."

Ash stopped in the road and gave a sigh. "Listen Pikachu, we need to talk." Ash said as he turned around and knelt down to the small Pokémon, who ignored him. "Listen, I get why you don't want to be in the ball, and I won't force you to either. So you think we can try to get along?"

"Pi." Pikachu just turned away from Ash, making him sigh.

"Hear, let me take this off." Ash said as he throw the rope and cloves to the side. "If we're going to be partners we need to trust each other. So how about it?" Ash asked as he stuck his hand out, only for Pikachu to lick his paw. "Still nothing?" Ash asked with another sigh. "This is going to take some time."

Suddenly the sound of grass moving made both trainer and Pokémon look to the side. Not far away they saw a bird like Pokémon pecking at the ground.

Ash wordlessly grabbed his Pokédex and aimed it at the Pokémon.

"Pidgey, a Normal/Flying Type Pokémon. Among all the flying Pokémon it is the gentlest and easiest to capture. A perfect target for the beginning trainer to test his Pokémon skills." Dexter said in a robotic voice before it switched off.

"Not bad, a flying type on my team will be good." Ash said with a smile as he looked down to Pikachu. "What do you say, will you at least try to work with me?"

Pikachu seemed hesitant for a slit second before turning away with a huff. Though it was enough for Ash to notice.

"Well, at least I'm getting through to him, if only little by little." Ash thought as he turned to the Pidgey. "I could easily catch it on my own with my Aura, but that just feels... a little cheap. Pikachu is my first Pokémon, if I don't catch my second Pokémon with him, it'll feel fake."

Just as Ash finished his thought the Pidgey noticed him and Pikachu and quickly flew away. This made Pikachu laugh thinking Ash had missed an opportunity.

Ash sighed in annoyance, this Pikachu's attitude was starting to seriously get to him. "Can you please stop laughing." Ash said as he kicked a stone hard, accidently using some Aura to do so.

The stone flew and smacked into a group of birds, hitting one on the head.


Ash and Pikachu turned to see a different bird Pokémon with a large bump on it's head.

"A Spearow?" Ash muttered as he brought up Dexter.

"Spearow a Normal/Flying-Type: Unlike Pidgey Spearow has a much more aggressive attitude. It is very wild and will sometimes attack other Pokémon and human."

"...Ah crapbaskets."

Ash looked up just to see the Spearow dive at him. The Aura Trainer easily ducked under the attack and kept his eyes on the bird.

"My Aura should protect me from any attacks it throws. It's more on the weak side if anything."

Ash moved around the Spearow's weak Tackle attacks before he noticed his eyes it's eyes change targets.

"Pikachu, dodge!"

The mouse Pokémon looked up just in time to dodge the bird attacking him.

"Wild Pokémon tend to be jealous of human trained Pokémon."

"Jealous?" Ash said in shock before he noticed Spearow coming in for another dive. "Pikachu, use Thundershock!"

On reflex the yellow mouse Pokémon let out bolt of electricity, shooting the bird out of the sky.

"Nice, Electric attacks are strong against Flying-Type Pokémon!" Ash said while pumping his fist.

The Spearow pushed himself off the ground and glared at both Ash and Pikachu before turning to the side and letting out a cry.

Ash then heard the sound of flapping making him pale. "Aura Sight!" Ash yelled in his head as he closed his eyes.

The world turned gray and in an instant Ash could see farther and more clearly then before. In the distance not too far Ash saw a giant flock of Spearow flying right for them, all of them angry.

"Pikachu, we got to move!" Ash said as the two quickly sprinted off.

Despite the head start the Spearow quickly got up to them, but most made their way to Pikachu.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock!"

This time the Pokémon made it a point to ignore Ash and try to run ahead. This only allowed the Spearow to peck at the Pokémon before it fell down.

"Get away from him!" Ash yelled as his Aura flared, pushing back some of the birds.

The young Aura Trainer quickly scoped up the beaten Pokémon before sprinting forward. Though it didn't take long before they reached the edge of a cliff.

Ash looked down to see a large river at the bottom of the cliff before glancing back to see the Spearow closing in.

The Aura trainer narrow his eyes at the moving river before moving his hat backwards.

"Well, looks like I have no chose!" Ash muttered before his Aura flared over his body and he jumped off the cliff.

Ash soon felt the chilly river water cover his entire body before he was swept up in the current, passing some water Pokémon along the way.

"Going to need air soon!" Ash thought before he felt something snag his shirt. "What now!?"

Ash felt something tug on him strong stopping him in the river. This gave the Aura Trainer enough time to see a short ledge not for from him and pull him and Pikachu out of the water.

"What, a kid?" A female voice said in shock.

Ash ignored the voice and sat on the ground while coughing up some water.

"Oh, what a cute Pokémon! Are you okay?"

Ash looked down at Pikachu to see him wet and covered in light scuff marks. "I'll live but Pikachu needs some help." Ash said before he looked up.

Ash came face to face with an orange hair girl with a short yellow shirt and blue short-shorts.

"Well don't just sit their, it needs medical attention!" The girl said in a demanding tone while looking to Pikachu.

Ash nodded and reached for his bag. "I should have a Potion or two in my bag." Ash said as he reached into his bag but found nothing. "Damn it mom, you said you packed everything." Ash said while closing his bag before looking to the girl. "You wouldn't happen to have a potion you could spare?"

The girl winced and shook her head. "Sorry, I used my last one about an hour ago." She said before snapping her fingers. "But there's a Pokémon Center not to far from here!"

"How long on foot?" Ash said as he climbed to his feet.

The girl looked thoughtful. "About... 20 minutes?"

"That's too long!" Ash cursed as he gently held the weaken Pikachu. "I can run faster if I use my Aura, but I can't use it for that long. Maybe I can use Aura Transfer to heal some of Pikachu's injuries, but I'm still not good at it and I could end up using everything. That'll leave me defenseless." In the end Ash could only shake his head. "I'll need to start moving now." He said while narrowing his eyes.

The orange hair girl rubbed the back of her head. She felt bad for the obvious up and coming trainer and his Pikachu. He obviously cared about his Pokémon and wanted to heal him as soon as possible.

After glancing to the side the girl sighed. "Sometimes I'm too nice," The girl thought before she spoke up. "Listen, if you take my bike you can cut the time by half."

Ash looked at the girl with a shocked look as he saw an orange bike with a basket on a dirt road. "Are you sure?" He said as he took off his jacket and wrapped it around Pikachu.

The girl nodded with a smile. "Sure, I'll meet you at the Pokémon Center and take it back. Now go, hurry!"

Ash rushed to the orange bike and placed Pikachu in the basket. Glancing back Ash was shocked to see a huge flock of Spearow flying from the distance.

"Don't those birds ever give up!" Ash said as he hopped on the bike and started to peddle away. "I'll see you at the Pokémon Center, thank you again!"

Ash started to peddle hard across the dirt road as fast as he could, sending worried glances to the barely conscious Pikachu. "Hang in there buddy, it won't be long now."

As the Aura Trainer road he saw the sky become dark and the sound of thunder was heard. "Well hopefully the storm will keep the Spearow away." He thought as the rain started to poor.


Whipping his head back Ash's jaw dropped to see the same flock fallowing them in the distance.

"Oh come on!" Ash yelled as he peddled faster. "Don't they have any self preservation with this storm!"

Despite his best efforts the Spearow quickly caught up with Ash and started pecking at him and blocking his vision.

"Move you stupid bi-WHOA!"

Ash was cut off as he flew off a cliff and crashed into the ground, falling off the bike in the proses.

The Aura Trainer push himself off the ground with a groan before he opened his eyes. Ash was shocked to see Pikachu laying helpless on the ground, barely moving.

"Pikachu!" Ash said as he rushed to the Pokémon's side and gently touched him. "Pikachu, hang in their!"

"Pi...Ka..." Pikachu gently moaned in a weak tone.

Ash gripped his fist tightly as the sound of thunder and Sparrow were in the distance.

"There's no choice..." Ash thought as he placed both hands on Pikachu

"Pi...?" Pikachu muttered in confusing.

"Everything's going to be fine Pikachu." Ash said with a smile before his hands started to glow blue.

"Pika-Pi..." Pikachu muttered with an amazed look on his face as he felt a gentle warmth cover his entire body and filled him with energy.

Ash concentrated as best he could before letting out a sigh and pulling his hands back. "I healed you as best I could." Ash said as he brought up his Pokéball. "Now I need you to get in your ball. I know you hate it, but it's the only place for you to be safe." He said as he gently placed the ball in front of Pikachu before giving him a smile. "Don't worry, by the time you come out we'll be at the Pokémon Center." He said before he stood up and turned around.

"SPEAROWS!" Ash shouted at the top of his lungs making grabbing every birds attention. "I don't know why your after me and Pikachu, and I don't care! As long as I'm an Aura Trainer I'll never let you lay a single hand on my Pokémon!" Ash shouted as his Aura flared until his entire body was covered in a blue light. "I won't let you hurt Pikachu!"

Pikachu stared at the Aura Trainer in amazement as he could easily feel Ash's feeling to protect him. Despite Pikachu shocking and ignoring him Ash cared for the small mouse more then anything.

"I don't care if I have to beat and capture you all, if it's to protect Pikachu then I will." Ash shouted with a grin on his face. "So bring it on!"

Despite Ash's large and intimidation Aura the Spearows all charged at Ash with the intent to hurt.

Everything slowed down to a crawl as thunder boomed in the distance. Ash's Aura flared to the point it nearly blinded the Pokémon.

But just as the Spearows were about to attack Ash felt something land on his shoulder before jumping off.

"Pikachu..." Ash thought in shock at the Pokémon's action.


Ash's eyes fluttered open and he instantly felt pain all over his body and the bright sun shining down. He also came face to face with a tired Pikachu.

"Well, looks like we beat them." Ash said with a weak grin, getting a weak smile from Pikachu.

"Chu..." Pikachu said with a nod.

Ash closed his eyes and used Aura Sight to see if their were any Spearows in the area, but found none. Ash's eyes then snapped open as he felt a large Aura in the sky.

Looking up Ash was in awe seeing a giant golden bird flying overhead, leaving a trail of sparkles as it flew.

"I've never seen a Pokémon like that before, it looks too different to be something common." Ash muttered as he pulled out his Pokédex and started to record.

"No data, their is still Pokemon yet to be identified." Dexter said as it continued to record.

"Huh?" Ash said with a weak grin as he pushed himself up. "Well, at least I saw something interesting today." He said as the Pokémon flew into the distance under a rainbow.

Ash then noticed something gently falling from the sky. "What's..." Ash thought slowly as he stuck his hand out and caught something in his hands.

Bringing the thing to his eyes Ash discovered it was a feather, but not just any feather. This feather was red, white, and green, and seemed to give off a mysterious shine and aura around it.

"Even though it's just a feather... I can still feel that Pokémon's Aura." Ash thought with amazement as he remembered the situation he was in.

Putting the feather in a special case Ash turned to Pikachu and gently picked it up.

"Hopefully I have enough Aura for this." Ash muttered as a gentle glow covered both him and Pikachu.

Pikachu was again amazed by he felt his strength return to him little by little, even his wounds healed. After a few moments Ash's Aura died down and he let out a breath, panting for air.

"Sorry... buddy... that's the... best I can do." Ash panted as he smiled at Pikachu.

"Cha..." Pikachu said softly as it licked Ash's cheek, bringing a smile to the Aura Trainer's face.

"Things might not have started like I hopped," Ash thought to himself as he started to walk down the road. As he did so he passed the girl's burnt bike making him wince. "But in the end it did start." When Ash saw a city in the distance he smiled along with Pikachu. "And I wouldn't change it for anything else."

"This is my Pokémon Journey."

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So most of you in the Pokémon Community have never heard of me, no surprise really. There are a lot of communities around and this is my first Pokémon story, trying to branch out a bit. But if you want to learn more, please check out my Profile and other stories.

But before that, let me tell you something about myself.


To all those who don't know me, I suck at spelling. Not in 'I spell words wrong' but as in 'I use the wrong words a lot'. It's just how it is with me. I used to have Grammarly to help me correct anything, but with my Wifi going out I can use it as often.

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Now to clear some things up, because I'm sure most of you instantly noticed the changes.

1: I changed something things in this story, one of them being the age a Pokémon Trainer starts. It never sit well with me that a 10 year old was supposed to be mature enough to not only take care of themselves while traveling a country, but super animals as well. I have a 10 year old brother, he forgets to give water to our spider all the time. So the starting age for a Pokémon trainer is 14, not 10.

I also put in the Licensing Test. Every license I got required some kind of test to take in order to get the license, and a Pokémon Trainer should be no different. I mean, would you give a person a driver's license and a car to someone if they didn't even know the rules of the road, or a loaded gun. It makes much more sense for their to be a test of some kind.

This also leads to my second topic.

2: Ash is not an arrogant idiot.

I hated how Ash started off his Journey as a clueless kid. Seriously, he didn't know the basics of Pokémon, such as electric attacks don't work against Rock and Ground-types. Or that Water is strong against Rock and Ground. This is the most basic of basics, kids younger knew more then he did. If it wasn't for Brock and Misty I'm positive Ash would of never made it to the first Pokémon Tournament. Also, Ash was annoyingly arrogant, and half the time he hardly ever backed it up. He always assumed he would win every battle with no sweat, as if it was his destiny.

The only silver lining is that over time Ash matured and started to learn more about Pokémon. But it took several years and generations to do so, I'm going to cut that time.

In my story, Ash has above basic knowledge on types, attacks, abilities, and Pokémon. He's far from a genius, but he's confident, not cocky and hopping for the best.

3: Pokémon, there will be more.

I get why the writers limited the number of Pokémon Ash caught, keeping track of them all would of been a pain in the ass. But in hindsight, if Ash is going to become a Pokémon Master, he's going to need a bit more then about 52 Pokémon, not including the 30 Tauros he accidently caught. Hell, during Ash's first Tournament he only had access to about 8 different Pokémon (Not including the 30 Tauros again) one of which, Charizard, would not listen to him and cost Ash the tournament. That felt like the biggest F-U to end a season.

In this story, Ash will catch more Pokemon and try to evolve them, unless they don't want to. However I will try not to make catching Pokémon too easy and unrealistic like in this story. I hate how in some stories the writer just gives Ash super strong Pokémon, and some he didn't even battle them, they just wanted to be with Ash. This leads to something else.

I will not be giving Ash any legendary Pokémon! I hate how in some stories Ash is given, yes given, legendary Pokémon like nothing and he uses them. You know how unfair it is for someone to fight with a legendary Pokémon. I got one name for you.


I might give Ash one or two of the minor legendary Pokémon, but nothing top tear.

4: Field Researcher ID.

With all the legendary, mysteries, and unique Pokémon Ash sees on a near daily bases, it's a wonder why Professor Oak didn't give him some kind of recoding device after his first Region.

The Researcher ID is just to let Ash explore more and to send Oak back anything interesting he finds.

5: Aura, what most of you people are reading this story for.

Aura was barely touched in the story, it was one of the few abilities humans had other then Psychics and Martial Artists. If that wasn't enough Ash is one of the few people on the planet who has enough Aura to be an Aura Guardian. The only reason Ash never learned how was because some bullshit like 'I want to focus on become a Pokémon Trainer'. Sure, Aura takes time and effort to learn how to use properly, but do you know how easy Ash's life would of been if he learned how to use Aura?

Well now you will with my stories!

Here's a list of Ash's Aura Abilities that will pop up in the story!

Aura Sight/Vision: A second source of sight that allows a person to see far and wide with only little effort.

Aura Transference: Can transfer one's Aura to another to heal and strengthen another. However, transferring too much Aura may be fatal to the wielder.

Spiritual Sensory: The wielder can feel the thought and emotions of any individual, this can also be used to anticipate their actions.

Projection: The wielder can manipulate their aura to conjure barriers and Projectiles to help then in protect or for self defense.

Aura Sphere: Gathering power deep within the wielder can release a devastating blast of Aura. The attack is always certain to hit.

Enhancement: Aura can be used to enhance the users strength, speed, and stamina in bursts. Aura can also be used to heal the wielder over time, unless their aura is depleted.

Battle-Bond: By a wielder building a bond with another individual the two can join power and become stronger. However that strength can only be transferred to one individual and after use the wielder will be drained of aura. It is also noted that the wielder will take the same damage as the partner and vice-versa.

Yes, I will be using Battle-Bond in this story. It was by far one of the coolest things introduced to the show and it was a power unique to Ash and one of his Pokémon. The power alone was only rivaled by a Mega-Evolution. I will show both a few times in the story, but not very often, only for the really big fights.

Obviously I won't make this power Greninja exclusive, but I also won't give it to every Pokémon Ash catches. Ash will also be given a limit of one use per-battle, since Battle-Bond will drain him of his aura.

Don't worry, I'll only use Battle-Bond for the serious fights later on in the story. I'll even bring up Mega-Evolution a few times for Ash to face.

That's all for now.

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