Aura Awakening


No One's P.O.V

Ash panted hard as he jogged down the stone road, his hurt Pikachu close to his chest. The young Aura Trainer just entered Viridian City and was making a B-line for the Pokémon Center.

"Damn... it, I'm so tired." Ash thought in his head as he pushed his body despite his fatigue. "I used too much Aura healing Pikachu."

Despite how tired he felt Ash pushed his body and continued to run down the road.

"Hold it." Ash felt someone yank the back of his shirt in a strong grip, bringing him to a stop. "And just where do you think you're going with that Pokémon, young man?"

Ash turned around so see a young woman in a police outfit glaring at Ash.

"It's my Pokémon and it's hurt." Ash snapped at the woman, making her blink. "And I've got to get it to the Pokémon Center as soon as possible."

The police woman's face soften as she looked down at the injured Pikachu. "Oh I'm sorry. I thought you might be stealing this Pokémon." She said in a soft tone before looking to Ash. "Just show me your ID and you can go."

"Okay, sure." Ash said as he brought up his Pokédex and flipped it open.

"I'm Dexter, a Pokédex programmed by Professor Oak for Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum of the Town of Pallet." Dexter said as it showed a picture of Ash. "My function is to provide Ash with information and advice regarding Pokémon and their training. If lost or stolen I can't be replaced."

"Huh, your the forth person I've seen that came from Pallet Town." The Police woman said as Ash put Pokédex away.

"So Gary already beat me, huh." Ash muttered before shaking his head. "Listen I need to get to the Pokémon Center as soon as possible! Pikachu's really hurt."

"Let me help, I'll get you there in no time at all, come on!" The Police woman said as she lead Ash to the a garage and quickly hopped in to a motorcycle.

Ash climbed into the passenger car and held Pikachu tight.

"Sit back, hold on, and don't yell." The Police woman said with a grin before she shot off.

Ash grit his teeth as the police woman drove fast enough to give a Rapidash a run for it's money. "H-how long before we reach the Pokémon center?" Ash said while gritting his teeth.

"Just a few minutes." The woman said, not even fazed by the speed. "So, mind telling me how your Pokémon got so hurt?" She said before she turned a corner.

"W-we were attacked by a flock of Spearow!" Ash said as he held onto Pikachu a little tighter.

"I heard that Spearow were causing trouble, but a whole flock is something." The police woman said as she made a cut turn, nearly making Ash nearly lose his lunch. "So why isn't your Pokémon in it's ball?"

"Pikachu hates being in his Pokéball!" Ash said as he gripped the sides of the sidecar. "Are we there yet!?"

The police woman gave cut nod. "Just hang on, we'll be there soon." She said before making the motorcycle go faster.

The next 10 minutes were filled with cut turns and it wasn't long before the sun had set and the night came.

"There it is." The police woman as she drove towards a large round building in the distance.

"Whoa," Ash said as he looked the building over. "It's gigantic." Ash then notice the police woman wasn't slowing down, but speeding up. "Umm, miss?" Ash said in a worried tone.

"This is tricky. Just hold on." The police woman said with a grin. "Here we go!"

"Wait, wh-AT!" Ash screamed in shock as the police woman kicked up the bike and drove into the Pokémon Center.

Just as it looked like they were going to drive into the glass doors they opened at the last second. The Police woman used the brakes and slid the bike all the way up to the front desk.

There a pink haired woman glared at the officer with a peeved look on her face. "We have a driveway, you know, Officer Jenny."

"Sorry, but this is a Pokémon emergency Nurse Joy!" Officer Jenny said as she got off her bike.

Ash climbed out of the bike on shaky legs and walked up pink haired woman. "My Pikachu's hurt bad."

Nurse Joy looked the Pokémon over and gave a cut nod. "We'll do what we can." She said moved to a computer and started typing. "I need a stretcher for a small electric Pokémon, stat."

A moment later, two large, round shape Pokémon came in rolling a stretcher up to Ash.

"Chansey." Both Pokémon said with a smile.

Ash placed Pikachu gently on the stretcher with a worried look on his face.

"Rush this Pokémon to the critical care unit." Nurse Joy ordered, getting a nod from the two Chanseys before they pushed Pikachu away. "And you, I need to know what type of injuries this Pikachu has taken. You shouldn't push your Pokémon in battle to get it this injured." The Nurse said in a serious tone to Ash.

"But we didn't battle, we were attacked!" Ash started to explain his day to the two woman and how Pikachu got so injured. By the end of the story both woman looked at Ash with a sad but impressed look on their faces.

"You've been through a lot today." Officer Jenny said while placing a hand on Ash's shoulder.

Ash sighed and looked to the nurse with a pleading look on his face. "Please heal Pikachu."

Nurse Joy gave a smile. "We'll do everything we can." She said before rushing away. "We'll begin treatment right away." She said while putting one some pink cloves.

"Don't worry." Officer Jenny said while giving Ash a smile. "I know Nurse Joy will take good care of your Pikachu."

"And please," Nurse Joy said with a peeved glare at the Officer. "Next time, use the drive way." She said while pointing to the bike parked at the front desk.

"Hehe, sorry." Officer Jenny said while she rushed to her bike and Nurse Joy walked away.

Ash gave a long sigh and slumped down, letting the exhaustion flow over his body. The young Aura Trainer shuffled over to the waiting area and flopped onto a bench next to the front desk.


Glancing up Ash saw it was 7 PM.

"Wow, time flies." Ash muttered as he rubbed his face. Glancing to the red light above the white door Ash felt complete worry like never before. "Please be okay Pikachu." Looking next to the white doors Ash saw a Communication Computer with a phone attached to it. "I guess I should call home."

Shuffling over to the computer Ash sat down in front of it and quickly called his mom.

"Hello, this is the Ketchum residence." Ash's mom Delia said through the phone.

"Hey, mom?"

"Oh! Hi, honey. Is everything okay?"

Ash gave a sigh but put on a smile. "Things could be better."

"Where are you Ash?" Delia asked as her face popped up on he computer.

"The Pokémon Center in Viridian City."

"Your already in Viridian City, wow? It took your father four days to get there when he started Pokémon training."

Ash blinked of the mention of his father. Ash's father wasn't around and Delia hardly ever talked about him.

"Your growing up right before my eyes, spreading your wings and soaring like a Spearow!"

That made Ash groan as he rubbed his face. "I feel more like a fallen Pidgey."

Delia blinked at her son's lack of confidence before noticing how scuffed up he looked. "Ash, what happened?"

Ash sighed as he stared to explain his day to his mom, about the Spearows and Pikachu. By the end Delia gave him a sad smile.

"Ash, I am proud of you for fighting so hard for your Pokémon. You can't let what happen eat you up, you need to move forward, not just for yourself, but for your Pokémon as well."

Ash nodded to his mom's words slowly before a small smile graced his face. "Thanks mom, you always know what to say to make me feel better."

"That's what mom's do best. I love you."

"I love you too mom, bye." Ash said before he ended the call. As Ash ended the call he started to think about the giant bird he saw. "I might as well call Professor Oak."

As soon as Ash punched in the Professor's number Ash was surprised to see the Professor's face almost immediately.

"Hello? Oh Ash, what a surprise."

"Hey Professor Oak, I'm calling from the Viridian City Pokémon Center." Ash said with a smile as he whipped the dirt from his face.

"I know, your mom just called me and I was about to call you." The Professor said with a smile. "The other new Pokémon trainers made it there with no problem and I'm pleasantly surprised you got there so soon."

Ash sighed and gave the Professor a small smile. "Well, I did have a few problems, but I made it in one piece." He said, getting a raised brow from the professor.

"I see, and were you able to handle that Pikachu?"

Ash rubbed the back of his head. "Things are still a working progress," He said before remembering Pikachu fighting for him against the Spearows. "But I think we made some serious progress together."

"I'm glad to hear. You know I had some doubts if you can handle that Pikachu even with your Aura. But when my grandson Gary said you wouldn't have a single new Pokémon by the time you got to Viridian city, I bet him a million dollars that he'd be wrong!"

Ash felt as if he was punched in the gut by a Machoke.

"Well, money isn't everything, right?" Ash said with a nervous laugh.

That made the professor drop his head drop his head. "Oh, why do I even bother?"

"Sorry professor, a lot happened after I left Pallet Town." Ash said as he started to explain the storm and being attacked by a flock of Spearow.

Professor Oak nodded his head in understanding and gave Ash a smile. "I see, you had a rough start to your journey. But don't discourage, just keep moving forward."

That made Ash smile. "Thanks Professor Oak." Ash said before he remember the feather in his bag. "Oh Professor, I might not have caught a Pokémon, but I did see something interesting."

"Interesting you say?" Oak asked in an exited tone

"Yeah, after the storm ended I saw a giant golden bird flying under a rainbow. I'll send you a the video and pictures I took." Ash said as he inserted his Pokédex into the computer.

After a few seconds Oak received the video and photos and started to watch them. After a few seconds the Professor went bug-eyed and his jaw dropped.

"Ash, do you have any idea what this Pokémon is!" Oak shouted with an amazed look on his face, shocking Ash a little.

"No, I tried to use my Pokédex but even Dexter didn't know." Ash said with a shrug. "Why, what is it?"

The Professor turned to the side and grabbed the top book on a small stack of papers. Flipping through the book Oak soon showed Ash a picture of a giant golden bird.

"This is Ho-Oh, a legendary Pokémon." Now it was Ash's turn to go bug-eye. "It's a well known Legendary Pokémon from another region, that's why Dexter didn't know it, he's only set for Kanto native Pokémon." Oak said as he looked to the book and started to read. "Ho-Oh, the Rainbow Pokémon: Legends claim this Pokémon flies the world's skies continuously on it's seven-colored wings. Legends also came that the Sacred Ashes it leaves can heal any and all wounds." Oak said before he closed the book. "Ash, most people only dream of seeing just a glimpse, but you have managed to catch it on video. This is a spectacular feat."

Ash then remembered something else from the day. "Oh professor, that's not all!" Ash said as he reached into his bag. "While I was recoding something fell out of the sky," Ash said as he took out the case and showed Oak the feather, making the Professor's jaw dropped further. "I think it's one of it's feathers. Even though it's not attached to the Pokémon, I can still feel it's Aura."

Oak gave a laugh as his smile widen. "Ash, though you didn't catch any Pokémon, you saw, recorded, and grabbed something much more rare. Once you make your way back to Pallet Town one day, will you aloud me to study the feather?" Oak asked in a hopeful voice.

Ash nodded with a smile. "Of course professor, I just hope you can wait."

"Thank you, and my best wishes you and your Pikachu." Oak said before the door bell ringed. "Ah, there's my pizza. Coming! It was very nice talking to you, Ash. And good luck." Oak said before he walked away, but didn't end the call. "Mm, anchovies, spinach, and pineapple pizza."

Ash shook his head with a laugh before he ended the call. The young Aura Trainer stared at the feather in the metal case for a long while. The fact this feather belonged to a legendary Pokémon was something amazing.

"Better keep you somewhere save." Ash muttered to himself as he placed the case in his bag.

"Now I got you!"

Ash jumped at the sudden voice as he spun around.

There he saw a familiar, but pissed off redhead holding a charred bike in her hands.

"...Ah crap."

The young redhead was panting hard as she held the broken bike over her shoulders with one hand.

"I knew I'd find you here." She growled.

"Listen, I am so, so, so sorry about you bike." Ash said as he clapped his hands together. "I honestly did plan to keep it in one piece, but one thing led to another and-"

"And you destroyed it, you loser!" The redhead cut him off with a glare. "I can't believe I trusted a complete stranger to take care of my stuff! This is what I get for being nice." She growled as she took a step forward. "Now I can see why your Pokémon is in the-Whoa, Whoa," The redhead started to wobble with the bike on her shoulders. "Ah, ah, ah!" She screamed as she started to fall back.

Ash acted fast and managed to grab her arm just before she fell. "Are you okay?"

The girl sighed before sending Ash a glare as she slapped his hand away. "I don't need your help and you're going to pay for what you did to my bike."

Ash rubbed the back of his head. He would be more then happy to pay of the damage he did, but he didn't have enough money for a brand new bike right now. Maybe after he battled some strong trainers he could get some money from winning, but until then he only had enough for the essentials.

"I promise, when I get the money I'll pay for the damage I've done, really." Ash said with a sigh. "You really did help me by lending me your bike, and I am sorry I destroyed it."

The girl kept the glare on her face before turning away with a huff. "Just pay for it when you get the money."

"I will it's just not right now since my Pikachu's... not doing so good." Ash said as he glanced to the hospital doors with a sad look in his eyes.

"Huh?" The girl said with a much softer look on her face. "Is it very serious?"

Ash just gave a helpless shrug. "I don't know, I healed him as best I could on my own, but they won't let me see him. Those Spearows did a serious number on him."

The girl looked to the boy she just met and noticed all the bruises and scuff marks around his body. "You don't look so good yourself." She said with some concern.

Ash fallowed her eyes and gave a small smile. "I'm okay, Pikachu really saved me when those Spearows attacked." He said, bringing a small smile out of the girl.


The white doors slid to the side, revealing Nurse Joy, a Chansey, and Pikachu on a stretcher.

"Huh?" Both teens said before they rushed over to the nurse and Pikachu's side.

"Pikachu, are you alright?" Ash asked in a worried tone as the Pokémon laid with some kind of light bulb device around it's head.

"Ch~" Pikachu said with a small smile before closing it's eyes.

"Your Pikachu's resting. It's a good thing you got it here so fast." Nurse Joy said with a smile. "The procedure went well, and it should be fine."

"Thanks to the Pokémon Center." The redhead said with a smile.

Ash bowed to the nurse. "Thank you so very much Nurse Joy!" Ash said with a smile of relief on his face.

Nurse Joy gave a smile. "Your very welcome. Now your Pokémon needs a good rest in the recovery room. You could go with it Ash."

Ash nodded and gave the nurse a grateful look. "Thank you again." He said before turning to the girl. "Listen, before I do anything to help you I need to make sure Pikachu's alright. So please just wait a little longer."

The redhead looked ready to argue before she looked to the wounded Pokémon. "... Damn it, I need to stop being so nice." The girl sighed before looking to Ash. "Fine, take care of your Pikachu now, then we'll settle up later."

Ash gave the girl a smile and nodded his head. "Okay."

Suddenly out of nowhere the alarms start to go off, grabbing everyone's attention. Soon Officer Jenny's voice came on the speakers.

"Your attention please. Our Viridian radar sensors have detected an aircraft belonging to a gang of Pokémon thieves. If you have a Pokémon in your possession, exercise extreme caution."

"Pokémon thieves?" Ash said in confusion and worry.

A moment later a window on the ceiling broke as two Pokéballs fell to the ground before two Pokémon appeared.



"An Ekans and Koffing!?" Ash said with a shocked look on his face before the Koffing started to release a large cloud of smoke in the room. "Where did they come from?"

"Don't be frightened, little boy."

"Allow us to introduce ourselves."

Soon the smoke fell revealing two older teens in uniform. One was a young woman with long red hair, the other was a young man with short blue hair.

"To protect the world from devastation..."

"To unite all people within our nation..."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love..."

"To extend our reach to the stars above..."



"Team Rocket, blasts off at the speed of light."

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight."

"Meowth! That's right!"

Ash started at the people and Pokémon before him before he blinked once, twice, thrice, then he rubbed his eyes. He then turned to the girls next to him. "Do you see the talking Meowth too?"

Both girls nodded slowly, shocked looks on their faces.

"Good, so I'm not crazy." He said before turning to the two strange people. "So... what the heck is going on here!?"

Jessie gave a snort. "He just doesn't get it, dose he."

Ash just shrugged with a glare. "To be far, your... intro... motto... theme song?" Ash said before shaking his head. "Whatever, point is I am not the only one lost here?"

"We're here for your Pokémon." James said with a grin.

That made Ash tap his fist into his palm. "Oh, so your the Pokémon thieves... Hey, your not taking my Pikachu!" Ash yelled as he stood in front of the crooks.

Jessie flipped her hair with a huff. "A Pikachu? We're not interested in one little electric rat."

"We seek only rare and valuable Pokémon." James said while sniffing a rose in his hands.

"Then your wasting your time." Nurse Joy said with a glare. "This is a center for weak and injured Pokémon."

"Well, that may be so," Jessie said before a wicked grin crossed her face. "But I wouldn't be at all surprised if we find a few little Pokémon gems among all the junk.

Ash sent a glare to the thieves. "You're starting to seriously piss me off."

"Aw, the little boy doesn't like us. How cute." Jessie said, bringing a laugh out of James.

"Meowth. Let's squash him."

"Koffing, attack!"

"Ekans, go!"

"Girls, let's move!"

Ash acted fast and pulled Pikachu's cart away just as the two poison Pokémon started attacking randomly. Destroying computers and the furniture.

Nurse Joy led the young teens to a room filled with dozens Pokéballs, just escaping the poison Pokémon chasing them. As the door closed the lights started to flicker before shutting off.

"Hey, the lights!"

"They must've cut the power." Nurse Joy said in a worried tone before a smile crossed her face. "But we've got our own Pika-Power source."

"Pika-Power?" Ash asked with a confused look on his face.

"Pika, pika, chu, chu! Pika, pika, chu, chu! Pika, pika, chu, chu! Pika, pika, chu, chu!"

A moment later the lights came back on. Ash turned to the side to see about ten Pikachus running on a round treadmill at the end of the room. There bodies sparked as the energy was absorbed by the strange machine.

"Oh, look at all the Pikachu!" The redhead teen said with an amazed look on her face.

Just then a computer near by turned on. "A crises situation has arisen. Initiating emergency Pokéball transport sequence."

"We have to save those Pokéballs!" Nurse Joy said in said in a firm tone as the machine started to grab Pokéballs one by one and send them to another Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy ran up to the computer and started sending the Pokéballs to another location. "This is the Viridian City Pokémon Center. We have an emergency situation. Transporting Pokéballs."

"This is the Pewter City Pokémon Center. Downloader activated."

As the machine started to send Pokéballs away Ash noticed the door to the room start to fill with smoke.

"Girls, we got trouble." Ash said as he took a step back from the door.

A second later Koffing came crashing in through the doors, knocking a shelf full of Pokéballs down to the ground.

"Grab those Pokéballs!" Nurse Joy shouted in worry.

"Right!" Ash said as he reached down for the metal balls scattered across the floor.

"This is war. Don't just hold them, throw them!" The girl shouted said while reaching into her bag.

Ash thought about it for a second before he nodded his head. His only Pokémon was still injured and he was still too low on Aura to fight himself. If he wanted to keep the Pokémon safe he would have to use one not his own.

"Alright." Ash said as he grabbed a random ball off the floor. "Go, Pokéball!

The Pokéball hit the ground and a round rock Pokémon appeared.


"Alright, a Geodude!" Ash said with a grin. "This is perfect for poison Pokémon!

"Ha, don't think you can take both of us with one pebble." Jessie said with a laugh.

"Well he's not alone." The redhead girl said while bringing out her own Pokéball. "Nurse Joy, don't stop sending the Pokéballs. We can take care of these clowns."

"That's pretty big talk coming from such a little lady." Jessie mocked with a grin on her face.

The redhead teen just grinned at the thieves. "Well, your right about the pretty part. Thanks for the compliment."

"So the girl think she's pretty." James said with a mocking laugh.

"I think she's pretty too. Pretty pathetic."

That brought a growl from the girl. "I'll show you. Pokéball, go!" She shouted as she throw the ball to the ground.

A moment later a Goldeen appeared, flopping around the floor. This brought a shocked look to the three thieves and everyone in the room, but Ash didn't wasted the distraction.

"Geodude, Rollout!"

"Geo!" The rock Pokémon cried out before it scrunched up into a ball and rolled into the thieves and their Pokémon. This was so sudden it knocked all of them out of the room as if they were bowling pins.

"Geodude, return!" Ash said as the Pokémon returned to it's ball. "Now let's move!" Ash said as he pushed Pikachu out of the room. "Come and get me you creeps!"

"Goldeen, return!" The redhead said as she fallowed Ash.

"Nice distraction, you gave me an opening!" Ash said as he pushed the cart.

"Distraction, I was waiting to make my move." The girl said with confidence making Ash sweat-drop. "Anyway, you do know their chasing us now?" She asked while glancing back, seeing the two poison Pokémon chasing after them.

"That's the idea." Ash said as he turned a corner. "So do you have a better Pokémon other then Goldeen, because we're going to need it soon!"

"You didn't hang onto that Geodude!" The girl shouted at Ash in an angry tone.

"It wasn't mine! I can't keep that Pokémon when all the others are being sent away! What if the transporter got destroyed, then that Pokémon may not have seen it's trainer for a while." Ash defended making the girl hesitate.

"Still, now you have no Pokémon."

"We'll manage some-" Ash was cut off when the stretcher slammed into something. Looking down Ash saw a familiar charred bike. "I'm starting to think this bike is bad luck."

Pikachu slowly opened his eyes and started to look around. "Pika, Pika!" It called out in a weak tone.

"Pikachu!" Suddenly dozens of Pikachus called out as they all rushed to Ash's Pikachu and made a large pile on him. Soon all their cheeks started to spark. "Pika-chu!" They shouted as every single one let out a Thundershock at Team Rocket and their Pokémon.

The goons cried out in pain as they were shocked with tones of electricity at once. Once the attack stopped Ash's Pikachu climbed to the top of the pile of Pikachus, looking much better then before.


"Pikachu, your okay!" Ash shouted in relief.

"Do I have to do everything?" Meowth said as he jumped in front of the charred goons. "That mouse is cat food. Meowth!" Meowth said as he extended his claws and started to move forward. "Just wait Pikachu, you're mine."

"Pika, Pika." Pikachu called out to Ash, grabbing the Aura Trainer's attention.

"You need... more power?" Ash guessed as best he could. He seemed to be right as Pikachu nodded with a smile, bringing a grin onto Ash's face. "Well, I don't have much left in me," Ash said as he moved behind Pikachu and placed his hand on Pikachu's back. "Put it should be enough for these creeps!" Ash said before his eyes turned blue.

"Pika... Pika!" Pikachu said slowly as his whole body turned blue and sparks started to shoot out from his cheeks.

"Huh?" The three Team Rocket members said in confusion.

"Pikachu, Thundershock!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted before sending a large bold of electricity at Team Rocket, shocking all of them at once.

This went on fro several second before Koffing let out a cloud of smoke from it's body. A moment later the electricity hit the smoke, igniting it.


The explosion was big enough to send the three Team Rocket members flying into the sky. At the same time a good chunk of the waiting room was destroyed, sending everyone else tumbling back.

Ash pushed himself off the ground and gave a weak chuckle. "Definitely an interesting way to start a Pokémon Journey." Ash said before he flopped to the ground, completely exhausted.

The next day Ash didn't wake up until it was close to late noon. None of the Pokémon in the Pokémon Center were stolen and the Center itself was mostly intact. He and Pikachu were also back to full power and completely healed.

Ash received thanks from Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy for helping them fend off the thieves.

The young Aura Trainer was currently making his way through the Viridian Forest with Pikachu on his shoulder, who was now 100% healed. Nurse Joy had told Ash the nearest Gym was in a place called Pewter City, just through the Viridian Forest.

"You know," Ash said as he glanced back at a particular redhead teen. "You don't have to hang back, you could walk next to us."

"Pika." Pikachu said with a nod.

The girl gave Ash a stern glare before she caught up to him. "Listen, I might of forgiven you for destroying my bike. But don't think I'll let you off the hook that easy."

Ash sighed and nodded his head. "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten." He said before sticking his hand out to the girl. "So since you'll be traveling with us for a while, how about we intradoses ourselves? I'm Ash Ketchum, and this is my partner Pikachu."

"Pikachu!" Pikachu called as he raised his hand with a smile.

The small yellow Pokémon brought a smile to the girls face as she took Ash's hand. "Misty Waterflower."

"So Misty," Ash said as the two continued to walk down the path. "You have any destination your aiming for?"

"Not really," Misty said with a shrug. "You can say I'm on my own journey. I want to be a Water Pokémon Master and catch all the Pokémon in the world!" She said with stars in her eyes.

"So your specialty is Water Pokémon?" Ash asked as he tilted his head.

"Yup, you see I used to be-Ah!" Misty suddenly screamed in fear as she hid behind Ash.

"What, what is it!?" Ash shouted as he swept his eyes across the forest.

"Look!" Misty shouted as she pointed to the ground.

Ash fallowed her finger and blinked at what he saw. "Oh, cool, it's a Caterpie. A Bug-type Pokémon." He said with a big smile on his face.

"Even if it's a Pokémon, bug-type are disgusting and I don't like them." Misty said in fear as gave a look if disgust. "Do something!"

"Alright." Ash said with a determined look on his face as he glanced down to Pikachu. "What do you say partner, what to catch it?"

"Chu!" Pikachu said in a determined voice as he nodded it's head.

Ever since the Pokémon Center Ash could feel and see that Pikachu now trusted him completely. The Pokémon also seemed to have a better opinion on humans altogether, since Pikachu seemed to like Misty and Nurse Joy.

"All right!" Ash said as he turned to the Caterpie by the tree, who finally turned to Ash. "First we need to weaken it buddy, Pikachu, start off by using Tackle!"

"Chu!" Pikachu shouted before charging at the Caterpie and slamming it's body into it.

The Caterpie cried in surprise at it slammed into a tree. The Pokémon then picked itself of the floor and glared at Pikachu.

"Pi!" Caterpie shouted before something white shout out of it's mouth and hit Pikachu.

"String Shot. Now Pikachu will have a touch time moving." Ash muttered while snapping his finger.

With Pikachu stuck the bug Pokémon charged at Pikachu, but Ash was far from done.

"Pikachu, fire a Thundershock!"

"Pika-Chu!" Pikachu shouted as it's body shot off a bolt of electricity.

"Pie!" Caterpie shouted as it's whole body was electrified by the attack.

"Now," Ash said with a grin as he reached for a Pokéball on his belt. "Go, Pokéball!"

The ball slammed into Caterpie's head before opening and sucking Caterpie in a bright light.

The Pokéball then fell to the ground and started to shake gently from side to side, the red-light on the ball blinking contently.


After a few intense seconds the ball stopped shaking and the red-light went out.

Ash grow the biggest grin on his face ever as he ran to the ball. "We did it, we did it Pikachu!"

"Pika-Pi!" Pikachu cheered with a smile on his face.

Ash picked up the ball from the floor and held it up high. "We caught, a Caterpie! Our first Pokémon on our Journey!"

Misty gave the new Trainer an amused smile. "Well you seem happy."

"Of course!" Ash said with a grin. "This Pokémon is the first one me and Pikachu caught together, heck, it's the first one I ever caught in my entire life!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said with a nod.

Misty then gave a weak smile and took a step back. "Just try to keep that Pokémon away from me."

Ash gave Misty a small nod. "I'll try, but you do know I'll need to take Caterpie out in order to feed and train it."

"I know, but just try and keep it away from me when you do." Misty said with a shiver.

Ash sighed and nodded. "Okay, but just to warn you, I'm taking Caterpie out right now."

"Now!" Misty said in shock. "Why!?"

"I want to get to know it," Ash said as he pulled out his Pokédex. "I also want to find out what kind of moves it knows, it's ability, even it's gender." Ash said before he blinked as he turned to Pikachu. "Come to think of it, I never did look up your move set, or anything about you really." Ash said, getting a tilt from Pikachu's head. "So let's do you both at the same time, and meet Caterpie!" Ash said before he throw his Pokéball at the same time Misty ran behind a far tree.

Caterpie came out in a bright light right at Ash's feet.

The Aura trainer knelt down with a smile on his face. "Hey Caterpie, nice to meet you! I'm Ash, your trainer, and this is Pikachu!" Ash said, getting a tilt from Caterpie's head. "So, let's find out more about you." Ash said as he pointed his Pokédex at the Pokémon.

"Caterpie-the Worm Pokémon: It's short feet are tipped with suction pads that enables it to tirelessly climb slopes and walls."

"So, you like climbing, huh?" Ash asked the bug Pokémon, getting a nod from it. "Now let's see what you can do." Ash said as he scanned his Caterpie with his Pokédex.


Type: Bug

Gender: Male

Ability: Shield Dust-Prevents status effects

Current Move: Tackle/String Shot

"Wow, that's a really useful ability Caterpie." Ash said with a smile, getting a happy trawl from the Bug-Pokémon. "But I think I read somewhere that you can learn another useful move. Let me check it out." Ash said as he started to look through his Pokédex. "Here it is, Bug Bite, with some work you might just be able to use this attack."

Caterpie gave a happy trawl at the thought of getting stronger.

"Alright Pikachu, your turn." Ash said while pointing his Pokédex to the yellow mouse.



Type: Electric

Gender: Male

Ability: Static- A 30% chance that the attacking foe will be paralyzed if a contact-making move hit's the Pokémon.

Current Move: Thundershock/Thunderbolt/Agility/Tackle/Quick Attack

Ash blinked at the second attack with some amazement. "Whoa, Pikachu, I didn't know you knew Thunderbolt! That's amazing!"

"Pika." Pikachu said with a blush on his face as it rubbed the back of it's head.

"Pie." Caterpie said in a down tone as it looked to the ground, something Ash noticed instantly.

"Hey, don't get so down." Ash said as he put his hand on Caterpie's head. "That just means you can get stronger, and I'm going to help. After all, that's what a trainer is suppose to do."

That seemed to get a happy look from Caterpie at the thought of getting stronger.

Ash lowed his hand to Caterpie with a smile. "Want to climb on my shoulder Caterpie?" The Worm Pokémon nodded as it easily climbed onto Ash's shoulder with a happy look in it's eyes. "You know, I heard that some Pokémon like to be given a nickname by their trainer, would you guys like a nickname?" Ash asked his two Pokémon.

"Pikachu." Pikachu said while shaking his head. He liked his name and didn't want another, even if it was from Ash.

"Pie!" Caterpie however seemed exited at the idea.

"Alright Caterpie, let's think of a nickname for you?" Ash said as he placed a hand on Caterpie's head and started to use his Aura, feeling Caterpie's emotions. "Your a loyal Pokémon with a lot of determination. Hmm... how dose Brave sound?"

Caterpie had a thoughtful look on it's face before it jumped up and down on Ash's shoulder, making him laugh.

"Brave it is!" Ash said with a smile as he knelt down to Pikachu. "Come on Pikachu, let's get moving." He said as the Pokémon quickly climbed onto his shoulder.

"Y-your not putting that Pokémon back in it's ball?"

Ash turned around to see a scared Misty peak her head from around the tree. Ash rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, he had forgotten she was their.

"Yes, I want to bond with Brave, and I can't do that while he's inside his Pokéball." Ash said before he gave her a smile. "Come on Misty, Brave isn't so bad."

When Ash took a step to her she took one back. "No way! Bug Pokémon are just disgusting!"

That brought a sad look to Brave as he lowered his head.

"Hey, that's not nice Misty, your hurting Brave's feeling!" Ash said as he comfort his Pokémon. "How would you feel if someone insulted your Water-Pokémon, just for being that type?"

That made Misty flinch, she would of probably bonked anyone on the head for insulting her Pokémon. When the redhead saw the sad look on Brave's eyes she did feel a little bad, but was still scared and disgusted.

"S-sorry Brave, I just can't handle Bug-Pokémon." Misty said before she hid behind the tree again.

Ash sighed and rub the back of his head. He could understand being scared of some Pokémon, he just hopped Misty would get along with Brave eventually. Looking up Ash saw the sun was starting to set and the sky turning a bright orange.

"We better get moving, it's going to be dark soon and the last thing we need to do is wander the forest in the dark."

Misty glanced up and slowly nodded her head. "R-right."

The two trainers started to walk down the road, Misty walking a safe distance away from Ash and his Caterpie. It wasn't long before night time came and the two set up camp in a small clearing.

"Your still not going to put Brave back in it's ball." Misty said as she climbed into her sleeping back.

"Don't worry Misty, I promise Brave won't go near you in your sleep. Right Brave?" Brave gave a nod as he climbed onto the stump next to Pikachu.

"Alright..." Misty said in a worried tone as she laid down on the ground.

"Good night you guys, don't stay up too late. I want to do some training with Caterpie tomorrow." Ash said with a smile before he closed his eyes and quickly went to sleep.

Pokémon P.O.V

Pikachu sighed as he sat down on the stump. Despite Ash carrying him around on his shoulders the Pokémon still felt tried from the day before.

"Hey, hey, check this out!"

Pikachu turned around to see Brave looking up at the sky.

"The sky's so pretty!" Brave said while looking at the night with amazement.

Pikachu fallowed Brave's eyes and his own widen in amazement. "Your right."

The two Pokémon stared at the star filled sky as the fire crackled behind them.

"So, your Ash's first Pokémon?" Brave asked while looking to Pikachu.

Pikachu rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, but only for about two days."

"That's so cool!" Brave said in an exited tone. "I can't wait to get stronger, hopefully I'll evolve soon!" Brave said as he ran around in a circle. "Oh I can't wait, I hope Ash really trains me!"

Pikachu smiles and nods his head. "Don't worry, Ash is a very good person, he isn't the type to lie!" Pikachu said with a smile. "When I was in trouble Ash did everything he could to help, and because of that I'm all better!"

"He dose seem really good." Brave said while glancing at the sleeping human. "By the way Pikachu, what was that thing I felt from him? It was like I could feel his emotions."

"I don't know?" Pikachu said while folding his arms. "I never met a human who could do that before. I think only Ash can do that." He said before smiling. "But whatever it is, I don't think it's bad. That power was able to heal me and made me stronger!" Pikachu said as he did a flip.

"So cool!" Brave said in excitement as he turned to the night sky. "I really, really hope I evolve soon. And fly in the night sky." Brave said in a wanting voice as a random Butterfree flew overhead.

Pikachu fallowed Brave's eyes and nodded to himself. Since Pikachu himself is a Pokémon he could understand wanting to evolve.

"All right, let's get stronger together Brave!" Pikachu shouted while pumping his fist.


No One's P.O.V

Misty's eyes fluttered open as she heard thud sounds rapidity.

Sitting up in her sleeping back Misty looked around to see neither Ash or his Pokémon. For a second Misty thought Ash might of left her in the woods until she saw his bag and stuff next to the stump.


"What is that sound?" Misty muttered to herself as she climbed to her feet and went to investigate.

Walking over some bushes and around a tree Misty found the source of the sounds, and what she saw was somewhat shocking.

Not too far away was Ash hitting a tree in a steady pace with a light blue glow over his body. Ash wasn't alone, as Pikachu was running around a tree with impressing speeds and Brave was biting into a somewhat large log.

"Ha!" Ash shouted as he punched the tree hard, making it shake for a good second.

"What the heck!" Misty couldn't help but shout in shock, making the Trainer and Pokémon jump in shock.

Ash whipped around to see Misty gapping at him. "Oh, it's you," Ash said with a sigh as he put a hand over his heart. "Good morning Misty."

"Forget 'Good morning' what the heck was that!?" Misty said while pointing to Ash.

"This, oh well it's training, Pikachu's improving his speed and endurance while Brave works on Bug Bite. I think he almost has-"

"Not that, I'm talking about you!" Misty said as she ran up to Ash. "You were glowing blue and making a tree shake with just your punches."

"Ah," Ash said as he rubbed the back of his head. "I guess I should explain myself a little." He said before turning to his Pokémon. "And I should tell you guys too."

Soon everyone was back at their camping spot. Misty, Pikachu, and Brave all sat down in front of Ash, who was now changed back to his normal cloths.

"Where should I start?" Ash muttered to himself before he held out his hand. "I guess the best way to explain this is, I'm not like most people." He said before he hand glowed blue.

"Pi." Pikachu said as he tilted his head at the strange power.

"Wow," Misty said with some awe and amazement. "What is it?"

"Aura," Ash said in a proud tone. "All living things, from trees, to people, to even Pokémon all have Aura. However, some, like me, are born with more Aura then most. With so much Aura in one person, that person can use Aura."

"Use it for what?" Misty asked while paying close attention to Ash.

"For a bunch of things!" Ash said with a grin. "I can use Aura to make myself stronger, faster, heal myself and other, and even use it to protect myself from attacks." Ash said with a proud look on his face. "But that's not even the best part."

"What, there more?" Misty said in a shocked tone.


Ash nodded his head. "Right, one of the most useful things about Aura is that I can sense other's Auras. So even if my eyes are closed I can still 'see you'. Not only that, but I can even feel other living things emotions."

"You can feel emotions, like you can tell if I'm happy or sad just from my Aura?" Misty asked while tilting her head.

"Not just people, even Pokémon." Ash said as he looked to Pikachu. "Remember how I knew you didn't like your Pokéball?" Pikachu nodded. "Well I used my Aura to feel your emotions, and I could feel that you didn't really like being in a Pokéball."

"Pika-chu!" Pikachu said with an amazed look on his face.

"Wow," Misty said for the third time. "To think you had this kind of power." She said before blinking and realizing something. "Hey, if you had Aura why did you keep running away from those Team Rocket goons?" She asked with a peeved look on her face.

Ash gave a weak shrug. "Because I was out of Aura." Ash said as he put a hand on his chest. "Just because I have more Aura then the average person doesn't mean I have an unlimited source. I used most of my Aura healing Pikachu, and if I use too much I can seriously hurt myself."

That brought a concern look on Misty's face. "It's that dangerous?"

Ash nodded with a serious look on his face. "Yup, that's why I have too keep training." He said before a much more cheerful smile crossed his face. "It's not my Pokémon that's only getting stronger on our Journey, I'm getting stronger too." Ash said before looking to Brave. "Speaking of stronger, want to show Misty how strong you got Brave?"

"Pi!" Brave shouted with a sharp look in his eyes as he rushed to Ash's side.

"Alright," Ash said as he picked up a nearby log and placed it on the ground. "Now Brave, use Bug Bite!"

Brave charged at the log and started to bite into it as hard as he could. Soon their were several holes in the log.

"So, what do you think?" Ash said as he grabbed the log with a grin. When the Aura Trainer looked up Misty was nowhere in sight. "Misty?"

The Water Trainer poked her head out from behind a far tree with a scared look on her face. "I'm sorry, but bug types still freak me out!"

That got a sad look from Brave as it looked ready to cry.

Ash knelt down to the Pokémon and pet it's head. "Hey, don't worry buddy, we'll show her how awesome you are." He said, getting Brave to perk up.

Suddenly something flew overhead grabbing everyone's attention. Not far a bird Pokémon landed on in the tall grass, picking at the without a care.

"Whoa, a Pidgeotto!" Ash muttered as he pulled out his Pokédex.

"Pidgeotto-the Bird Pokémon and the evolved form of Pidgey: It is armed with sharp claws and dives from the sky to capture it's prey. Unlike the more gentle Pidgey, Pidgeotto can be dangerous. Approach with extreme caution." Dexter warned.

"A Flying-Type would be very useful to have." Ash said with a grin as he pulled back his Pokédex. "Pikachu, you ready for a fight?"

Pikachu stepped forward but was stopped by Brave. "Pie-Pie!" Brave said with a sharp look in it's eyes.

"Huh, you want to battle Brave." Ash said in a worried tone as he knelt down to the Pokémon.

"Pie." Brave said with a nod.

Ash rubbed his chin. "Well... okay, but just so you know you'll be at a disadvantage. Bug-Type Pokémon like you are weak against Flying-Types like Pidgeotto." Ash warned.

Brave seemed to hesitate for a second before hit nodded. "Pie-Pie!"

"Okay, but as soon as things look rough I'll call you back." Ash said as he stood up. "Go, Brave!" Ash shouted while sticking out his hand.

Brave charged forward while tensing it's body. Pidgeotto looked to the bug Pokémon and started to fly into the air, but it didn't look like it was leaving.

"Let's slow it down a bit. Brave use String Shot and bring it down!" Ash shouted while pointing to the flying bird.

Brave shot a long silk string right Pidgeotto and hit it right in it's chest. The bird Pokémon was covered in the sticky silk and forced to land on the ground.

"Alright, now use String Shot on Pidgeotto's feet!"

Brave aimed and fired, but unlike last time Pidgeotto jumped out of the way and charged at Brave. Once Pidgeotto was close enough it slammed it's beak right into Brave, sending it flying.

"Brave!" Ash shouted in a worried tone as Brave hit a tree. "Brave, can you still fight?" Ash asked in a worried tone, Brave's ball ready in hand.

Brave struggled for a bit but eventually pushed itself up.

"Pika-Pi!" Pikachu cheered on while waving it's hands.

Ash saw Pidgeotto charge right at Brave with it's peak pointed out. The Aura Trainer was about to call Brave back before an idea hit him.

"Brave, use String Shot at a branch above you and pull yourself up!" Ash shouted while pointing up.

While Misty and Pikachu looked confused but Brave did exactly that and when zooming up. Pidgeotto slammed beak first into the tree resulting in it being stuck, making Ash grin.

"Nice! Brave, fall and use Tackle on the back of Pidgeotto's head!"

Brave severed the string and started to fall head first at Pidgeotto just as it pulled out it's beak. However it was too late at Brave slammed it's head into the back of Pidgeotto's skull. Pidgeotto gave a cry of pain as it started to stumble around with swirls in it's eyes.

"Alright," Ash said as he moved his cap back and pulled out an empty Pokéball. "Go, Pokéball!"

The ball slammed into Pidgeotto's side and the bird disappeared into the Pokéball.


The Pokéball shook for a few intense seconds before the red-light went out, making Ash smile even bigger.

"Alright!" Ash shouted as he grabbed Brave and held him up in victory. "We got Pidgeotto!" He shouted while he and Pikachu put up a V.

"Wow, I have to say I'm somewhat impressed." Misty said with a smile. "When you brought up your Caterpie I thought you were making an amateur mistake. But you handle that battle really well."

Ash gave the girl a smile as he petted Brave. "Well I can't take all the credit, Brave did fight hard." He said, getting a happy squeal from the Pokémon. "You did great buddy." Ash said as he picked up Pidgeotto's ball. "You can't be afraid of type disadvantages. Sure they play a big roll in battling, but I feel like type isn't everything." He said, making Misty hum.

"Hahaha!" A wicked laugh grabbed both teen's attention.

"So we meet again."

Ash and Misty turned to the dirt road to see three figures in the distance.

"To protect the world from devastation..."

"To unite all people within our nation..."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love..."

"To extend our reach to the stars above..."



"Oh, these goons again." Ash said while face-palming.

"Team Rocket, blasts off at the speed of light."

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight."

"Meowth! That's right!"

"Uh," Ash sighed as he put his hands behind his head. "We're kind of busy now, so if you-"

"Quiet, little boy." Jessie cut him off.

"Little..." Ash muttered with a blink before glaring at the goons.

"We're not here to listen to you. We're here to get your Pokémon." Jessie said while pointing at Pikachu.

"Hand over that Pikachu." James said with a grin as Meowth climbed onto their shoulders.

That made Ash glare at them as he took a step forward. "Sorry, but this is my partner. You want a Pikachu, go out and find your own."

"The only Pikachu we want is that one." Jessie said with a wicked grin.

"We're only looking for the rarest, most valuable Pokémon in the world, kid." James explained.

"And that special Pikachu's just that kind of Pokémon we need."

Meowth for some reason was pissed off as he started scratching both Jessie and James faces.

"You idiots, stop giving away all our secrets!"

Ash wasn't fazed by the threat as he glanced at Pikachu. "Well Pikachu is special to me, but why the heck to you want him?" Ash asked as he recalled Brave back to his ball.

Meowth landed on the ground and crossed his arms. "Your Pikachu's powers impress even me. I really got a charge out of it's incredible attack the last time we met." Meowth said, remembering the explosion at the Pokémon Center. "Despite their being over 30 Pikachus, that one was able to give out just as much voltage if not more! It's power exceeded it's evolutionary level-"

Meowth was cut off as James and Jessie started to stomp on the Pokémon.

"Now your the one giving away all our secrets!" Jessie yelled in rage.

"Shut up before you tell them everything!"

Ash leaned over to Misty and whispered into her ear. "Are we completely positive these clowns are apart of some evil organization?"

Misty sweat-dropped at the 'criminals' antics before she whispered to Ash. "I'm not 100% sure, but let's be on guard just incase." She said, getting a nod from the Aura Trainer.

Just as the teens parted away the criminals got their selves together.

"Make things easy and hand over that Pikachu."

Ash just snorted. "Do I seem like the kind of person to give up on his Pokémon?" Ash asked with a glare.

"Then you leave us no choice!" James said as he and Jessie pulled out their Pokéballs.

"Pokémon battle! Ekans, go!"

"Koffing, go get them!"

Both Poison Pokémon appeared before the teens and gave them a glare.

"So, a tag team battle." Ash said while glaring at the goons. "You want to give me a hand Misty?"

The Water Trainer was by Ash's side in a second with a Pokémon ready. "Of course, I need to pay them back for calling me pathetic."

"Just please don't call out Goldeen in the woods." Ash muttered with a sweat-drop.

"Go, Pokeball!" Misty shouted as she throw the ball.

As soon as the ball hit the ground a star shape Pokémon appeared with a huge red gem in it's center.

"Ha!" The Pokémon yelled.

"Pikachu, your up!" Ash said with a sharp look in his eye.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted with a determined look in his eyes as he ran next to the star Pokémon.

"Ha, don't think just because you have two Pokémon now things will be easier." Jessie said with a cocky look on her face.

"Koffing, use Sludge!" James ordered the poison Pokémon, trying to blindside the trainers.

Koffing spat up a giant ball of black sludge and it was flying right Pikachu.

"Pikachu, use Quick Attack!"

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted as it's body glowed and it zoomed right at Koffing with blinding speeds.

The black sludge flew over Pikachu as the mouse's body slammed into Koffing, sending it flying back.

"Ekans, use Bite!" Jessie called with a glare.

"Oh no you don't, Staryu, use Swift!"

"Ha!" Staryu shouted as several yellow stars flew out of it's gem and hit Ekans head on.

This made Jessie click her teeth. "Ekans, use Dig!" A moment later the snake Pokémon quickly made it's way underground.

"Koffing, blind then with Smokescreen!"

Koffing opened it's mouth wide and a large ball of smoke landed on the ground, bringing everyone's vision to a haze.

"That won't work on me." Ash thought with a grin as he closed his eyes and used Aura Sight. "Pikachu, jump to the right!"

Pikachu didn't hesitate to do what Ash said, and a moment later Ekans came out of the ground just where Pikachu was. The snake Pokémon didn't give up as it tried to bite Pikachu, but the electric Pokémon was too fast for it.

"We're going to get a Pokémon! We're going to get a Pokémon!" Team Rocket cheered with a cocky attitude while doing their own little dance.

"No your not! Staryu, Water Gun!" Misty called out with an annoyed look on her face.

"Ha!" Staryu fired a jet of water from the end of one of it's points. It hit dead on Koffing and Ekans and send the two Pokémon flying into a tree.


Seeing the Pokémon so close together gave Ash an idea. "Pikachu, return!"

"Pi?" Pikachu looked confused but did what Ash said and ran to his side.

"Ash, what are you doing?" Misty asked while keeping her eyes on Team Rocket.

"Trust me Misty." Ash said as he pulled out a Pokéball. "Go, Brave!" Ash shouted as he throw the ball.

Brave came out onto the open field, still a little roughed up but nothing too bad.

Team Rocket however were laughing up a storm. "A Caterpie, a pathetic little Caterpie!"

Ash however just grinned. "You won't think so much after this. Brave, use String Shot!"

Just as Ekans and Koffing manage to pull themselves up they were soon wrapped up together with String Shot, as if they were mummies.

"Now Brave, Bug Bite!"

Brave charged on all it's little legs and attacked as hard as he could. The attack was strong enough to send both Ekans and Koffing flying back.

"Huh?" Team Rocket said with their mouths hung open. "Beaten by a Caterpie?" James said in shock.

"That really 'bugs' me." Jessie said with a growl, pun indented.

Meowth however still looked cocky. "Now watch a real Pokémon in action." He said as he slowly walked up to Brave.

Brave, however, had different idea. Without being told the Pokémon quickly fired off a wave of String Shot at Meowth and in just a few seconds, the talking Pokémon was wrapped up like a mummy.

"It's time Team Rocket blasted off." Jessie said as she and James grabbed Meowth and quickly ran away with their Pokémon.

"Hey, get back here! I'm not finished with you!?" Misty called out with an angry look on her face.

"You may have won this round, but we'll be back!" James called back before Team Rocket disappeared into the distance.

"Cowards!" Misty called out before sighing. "Well, you were great Staryu." Misty said in a loving tone as she knelt down to her water Pokémon.

"And you were amazing Brave!" Ash said with a grin as he picked up the small Pokémon. "I doubt any Caterpie in the forest can say they beat two Poison Pokémon!" He said before turning to Pikachu. "And you were great too Pikachu, you were so fast Team Rocket couldn't keep up."

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said with a grin as it gave Ash a 'V' sign.

Ash smiled before he noticed the scuff marks along Brave's body. "Let's get you cleaned and healed up for all your hard-" Ash was cut off when Brave suddenly let out a string shot, though this one was different. "Brave?" Ash said in confusion as he placed Brave on the floor.

Misty noticed the bug Pokémon and her eyes widen. "Ash... I think... I think Brave is evolving!"

Ash's eyes went wide as Brave slowly changed right before his eye. Soon a completely different Pokémon stood where Brave once was. This Pokémon had two yellow eyes and a long green body. Ash wasted no time pulling out his Pokédex.

"Metapod, Caterpie's next stage. It has encased it's body in a hard shell. This specimen reaches this stage faster then any previously discovered Pokémon of this variety."

"So that means Brave will evolve into it's final stage soon, even after it just evolved?" Ash asked himself with a grin on his face.

Pikachu smiled at Brave, seeing as it's dream of flying was soon going to come true.

"Congratulations Brave." Ash said as he picked up the Pokémon. Brave just blinked at Ash, making him laugh. "I guess it's kind of hard to talk, huh?" Ash said with a laugh.

Misty saw the interaction and couldn't help but smile. "I never known anyone like him. He really does care and love his Pokémon." Misty muttered to herself.

Ash picked up Brave and turned to the redhead girl. "So Misty, are you still afraid of Brave?" Ash asked as he held out the Pokémon.

The redhead gulped and took a small step back. "I-I think it will be a while before I'm comfortable around him." She said with a small laugh.

"Don't worry Brave." Ash said as he spun Brave around. "Well show her how great you are."

"Metapod." Brave said while shaking in Ash's hands.

"Let's heal you up real fast." Ash said as he held Brave close to his body and a blue glow covered them both.

Both Misty and Pikachu watched with slight awe as the Aura covered the two. After a few second the glow died down and Brave looked shiner.

"Feel better Brave?" Ash asked, getting a few shakes from the Pokémon. "Good, you deserve a good rest." Ash said as he returned Brave back to his ball. "Wow, what a day. First I catch a new Pokémon, then one of my Pokémon evolves." Ash said before he blinked. "Speaking of new Pokémon, I should meet Pidgeotto." He said before grabbing a Pokéball and throwing it.

In a flash of light Pidgeotto appeared on the ground. The bird Pokémon looked around for a moment before it's eyes met Ash's it tilted it's head in curiosity.

"Nice to meet you Pidgeotto, I'm Ash, your trainer." Ash said with a smile as he held out his hand.

Pidgeotto stared at Ash's hand for a bit before it leaned in with a soft thrall. Ash smiled before he sent a small wave of Aura through the Pokémon. For a single moment both trainer and Pokémon felt one another and understood each other.

Ash smiled again as he pulled away from Pidgeotto and pulled out his Pokédex. "Let's see what you can do?"


Type: Flying/Normal

Gender: Male

Ability: Keen Eye-Prevents the Pokémon from losing accuracy.

Current Moves: Guest/Quick Attack/Sand Attack/Peck/Whirlwind/Wing Attack

Ash nodded at the move set before giving Pidgeotto. "Your pretty strong," Ash said as he rubbed Pidgeotto's head. "I'm sure it won't be long before you evolve again." Ash could instantly tell that perked the Pokémon right up. "Hey, Pidgeotto, how would you like a nickname?"

Pidgeotto seemed thoughtful at this before it nodded it's head slowly. Ash put a hand on his chin and started to think.

"How about... Sky?"


"No good, huh?" Ash asked with a small laugh as he tried to think again. "Then how about Birdy?"


"Hmm," Ash hummed in thought as he looked into Pidgeotto's eyes. "Well, you got those sharp eyes, what about Snipes?"

Pidgeotto looked thoughtful before nodding his head.

"Snipes it is!" Ash grinned before he held out his Pokéball. "Why don't you rest in your ball for now, I'm sure I'll need you soon." He said as he returned Snipes to his ball. "Alright, let's get moving." Ash called as Misty walked next to him and Pikachu climbed up his shoulder.


Ash sighed as he and Pikachu looked back to see Misty hanging from a tree. It's been a few days since the trainers fought Team Rocket and Brave evolved. Since then any and every small noise had set Misty off, she really didn't like bug Pokémon.

"What's wrong now?" Ash asked with a small sigh, Misty's constant screaming was getting annoying.

"I think I see another bug! Gross!" The Redhead yelled in a panic while pointing off to the side.

Ash sighed before a grin crossed his face. "Maybe it's a... Cow-terpie!"

"Ugh!" Both Misty and Pikachu hit the ground at the bad pun. "Your the worst, you know that." Misty said with a peeved glare while Ash laughed.

"Just trying to defuse the situation." Ash said with a grin.

"Well it's not helping!" Misty yelled while pointing back. "You know I hate bugs and I saw one right over there!"

Looking behind her Ash saw a worm like Pokémon with a horn on it's head crawl to them. In an instant Misty hid behind Ash.

"A Weedle!" Ash said with a grin while pulling out Dexter.

"Weedle-The Hairy Bug Pokémon: The stinger on this Pokémon's head guarantees that any attacker will get the point right where it hurts."

"And Misty doesn't like my puns." Ash muttered as he pulled Dexter away. "Well, I wouldn't mind adding him to my team."

"I don't care what you do, just make it go away!" Misty said with a scream while cringing at the Pokémon.

"Fine, fine, hold your horses!" Ash said while holding his hands up. "Let's go Pikachu." Ash said while looking to the side.

"Pikachu." Pikachu said while laying down in a small bed and going to sleep.

Both Ash and Misty tripped over their own feet at the Pokémon's act before they straighten themselves up.

"A little head's up is needed buddy." Ash sighed before bringing up his other two Pokémon. "Well I still have Brave and Snipes, they should be more then enough for the job." Ash they turned back to the Weedle, only to find it gone. "Hey, where's Weedle."

"AH!" Misty screamed, making Ash turn to see the Pokémon rubbing against Misty's leg. "Don't just stand there! Catch it!" Misty yelled as she ran away deeper into the forest.

"Well have to fear, Ash is here!" Ash said as he pulled out one of his Pokéballs and throw it. "Snipes, I choose you!"

In a flash of light Snipes appeared before the wild Pokémon.

"Snipes, use Gust!"

"Pigeo!" Snipes cried out as it started to flap it's wing. The Pokémon flew into the air before swooping down and blowing Weedle away.

Weedle hit the ground hard put it seemed to still have a lot of fight in it. Suddenly Weedle's horn glowed as it scrunched up it's body.

"Snipes, dodge it's Poison Sting!" Ash warned.

Just as Weedle jumped into the air Snipes just managed to dodge the attack at the last moment.

"Alright! Now use one more Gust!"

Snipes dove down and sent the bug Pokémon flying while kicking up some dirt.

When Weedle hit the ground Ash took out another Pokéball. "Weedle, I've got you now!"

Suddenly Ash felt a presents behind him, someone other then Misty, making the Aura Trainer tense a bit.

"Greetings." The stranger said in a calm voice, sounding just the same age as Ash if not a little younger. "Am I addressing the Pokémon trainer who comes from Pallet?"

"I'm a Pokémon trainer from Pallet, so yeah." Ash said as he kept his eyes on Weedle. "But I'm a little busy, so can you hang on a moment."

If Ash had turned around, he would of seen a gleam in the stranger's eye. "I have found you at last."

"Ash, behind you!"

Ash's eyes sharpened as he looked back. Their he saw a teen in samurai armor holding a sword above his head.

"Hiyah!" The samurai yelled as he started to bring down his sword.

Acting on reflex Ash brought his hands up and caught the blade between his hands. However, the Aura Trainer could instantly feel something was off with the so-called blade.

"Wait a minute, is this..." Ash growled before he kicked the teen in his armored chest, sending him back. "What kind of crazy person waves around a fake sword!" Ash yelled as he brought his hands up. "If you think that toy will help you steal my Pokémon, you got another thing coming." He said as Misty ran to his side.

The samurai patted his chest while giving a slight cough. "I am no Pokémon thief."

"Who are you then?" Misty asked in a worried tone.

"I am Samurai." The teen said with a proud look on his face as he bent his own sword. "I am also shrewd, fearless, and completely invincible in combat." Samurai said as he sheath his blade. "I have been searching the forest for you."

"Me?" Ash asked in confusion as he lowered his arms. "What do you want from me?"

Samurai grinned at Ash. "A Pokémon match." He said while bringing up a Pokéball. "Let us see who triumphs."

Ash sighed as he rubbed his face. "You know, you could of just asked to have a match with me instead of pointing a sword at me." When Ash went to grab a Pokéball he remembered the empty one he grabbed earlier. "Oh no! The Weedle!" Ash spun around to see the wild Pokémon slinking away. "Go, Pokéball!"

Just as the Pokéball was about to hit Weedle managed to move behind a tree just in time.

Ash moaned while rubbing his head, clearly upset at the Pokémon getting away. Sighing Ash looked to the sky to see Snipes still flying high.

"Snipes, return!" A red beam shot out before Snipes disappeared from sight. Ash then turned around and gave a glare to Samurai. "That Weedle got away because of you."

Samurai just gave a smirk. "Don't blame your failure on me. Your Pokémon handling is dim-witted and clumsy."

That seemed to anger Misty a bit. "He's not the one waving a sword in peoples faces, is that how you say hello to everybody!" Misty said with her own glare.

"You're lucky I didn't punch you in the face for that." Ash muttered while gripping his fist.

"If you want to settle our disagreement, then let's do it with a Pokémon match!" Samurai yelled with determination.

"Alright, fine." Ash said as he brought out a Pokéball. "Go, Snipes!'

In a flash of light Snipes appeared on the ground, it's eyes sharp.

"Didn't you just use that Pokémon in a battle, your blunder will cost you dearly." Samurai said in a cocky tone.

"Snipes just fought a Weedle, it's not like he took any damage." Ash said with a sweat drop.

"Pinsir, assume battle mode!" Samurai yelled as he throw his own Pokéball.

A large beetle like Pokémon appeared with two large pincers on it's head. Ash wordlessly pulled out Dexter and pointed to the new Pokémon.

"Pinsir-The Stag Beetle Pokémon: This fearsome Pokémon uses it's powerful claws to put the squeeze on it's opponents."

"That Pinsir look's tough, but I'm sure Snipes can beat it." Ash said with confidence.

"Pidgeo!" Snipes cried out with determination.

"Alright, Snipes, use Sand Attack!"

Snipes started to flap it's wings and a small sand storm blow into Pinsir's face. Despite the sand storm Pinsir didn't look even fazed.

"That's child's play!" Samurai shouted with a grin. "Pinsir, Tackle it!"

Pinsir shared through the sandstorm and nailed Snipes with a strong Tackle, knocking the bird Pokémon.

"Snipes, are you okay?" Ash asked in a worried tone.

"Pid-Pid!" Snipes called out with a hard look in it's eye.

"Alright, use another Sand Attack!"

Snipes did so and flapped his winds close to the ground.

"Don't think that will work on me! Pinsir, Tackle!"

Pinsir charged with it's head low and tried to hit Snipes, but the bird Pokémon was easily able to jump out of the way.

"What, but he was so close, it should of hit!?" Samurai shouted in shock.

"Sand Attack is good for blinding other Pokémon, and for lowering their accuracy." Ash said with a grin before he stuck his hand out. "Now Snipes, use Wing Attack!"

Snipes flew low to the ground with it's wings out stretched out. In a second the wing slammed into Pinsir, sending it tumbling back.

"Pinsir!" Samurai called out in a worried tone. "Quick, use Bind!"

"Oh no you don't, Snipes, use Quick Attack!"

Snipes moved at blinding speeds before slamming into Pinsir's body. The bug Pokémon hit the ground hard before fainting with swirls in it's eyes.

"Pinsir, return!" Samurai called as he called Pinsir back to it's ball. "Clever, quite clever." He said before pulling out another Pokéball. "Pokéball, go!"

As kept his eyes sharp for whatever Pokémon may come out. However, the Aura Trainer didn't expect a certain green Pokémon to appear.

"Another Metapod?" Ash said in confusion.

"Let's see your Pidgeotto handle this. Metapod, Harden!"

The Pokémon glowed for a single second before it shined in the light, it's defense raised.

"Now physical attacks won't do so good." Ash thought before he grinned. "Snipes, return!" Ash called out as he recalled the Pokémon.

"Giving up already?" Samurai asked with a cocky grin on his face. "I knew you were a novice!"

Ash's grin didn't fall as he brought up another Pokéball. "How about you save your insults after I win. Go, Brave!"

In a flash of light Brave appeared right before Samurai's Metapod.

"So, you think your Metapod can defeat my own?"

"If I'm right, then yes. Brave, Harden!" Brave's body glowed before returning to normal.

"Ha, Metapod, Harden like his!"

"Now Brave, Tackle!"


Brave's cocoon body lunged forward and slammed into the other Metapod's body. Despite the attack the other Metapod didn't even seemed fazed.

"Ha, my Metapod is too strong for you!" Samurai said with a confident smile. "Metapod, Harden again!" Metapod's body glowed before it returned to normal, it's defense higher then before.

"Keep using Tackle Brave, and don't stop!"

For the next 10 minutes Brave continued to bash against the other Metapod despite it's going defense.

"Metapod..." Brave panted as it gave another Tackle, pushing the other Metapod back to it's trainer.

"Ha, it's useless to attack! My Metapod's defense is impenetrable!" Samurai said in a cocky tone with his arms crossed.

Ash kept a calm look on his face as he looked at his tired Pokémon. "Are you okay Brave?" Brave shook softly, telling Ash he could still fight. "Alright, give Metapod one more Tackle, and give it everything you got!"

"It's useless!" Samurai said in a cocky tone as Brave charged. "It's impossible for your weak Pokémon to get past my-"

"Metapod!" Samurai was cut off as his Metapod cried in pain and went flying to his feet.

"Metapod!?" Samurai cried out in shock as he knelt down to his Pokémon, seeing it had fainted. Not only that their were tiny burses all over it's body. "But... how?" Samurai asked in shock.

Ash sighed before a grin crossed his face. "While Harden is a good move for raising a Pokémon's defense, that doesn't mean it's immune to damage. All I had to do was wear your Metapod down before it couldn't take any more." Ash explained, getting a shocked look from Samurai.

"Thank goodness." Misty sighed. "I thought we would be in this forest forever." Suddenly a loud buzzing sound grabbed the redhead's attention. "What's that noise?" Misty asked while looking around.

"A Beedrill swarm approaches." Samurai said in a worried tone.

"A swarm?" Ash asked in a worried tone, feeling a bit of deja vu from the Spearow attack a few days ago. Ash then pulled out Dexter to find out more about the Pokémon.

"Beedrill-The Poison Bee Pokémon: This Pokémon is the final evolved form of Weedle, fallowing its Kakuna stage. It's sting is highly poisonous.

"Aura Sight!" Using his aura Ash saw dozens of Beedrills flying right for them and it wouldn't be long before they reached them.

"The Weedle that got away from you has informed the rest of it's kind." Samurai said as he recalled his Metapod before he turned around and ran away. "Good day."

"What!?" Ash said in shock at the Samurai. "What happen to fearless?"

"Their is fearless and then their is foolish!" Samurai called back as he continued to run.

"Son of a-" Ash was cut off as a wild Beedrill swooped down and nabbed Brave, carrying him away. "What, Brave!" Ash shouted in shock before he quickly took out Brave's Pokeball. "Return!"

Just as the red beam was about to connect to the Pokémon the Beedrill flew out of the way. Ash fired a few more times yet the Beedrill kept dodging the red beam. It wasn't long before the two disappeared into the distance.

"Brave!" Ash shouted with a look of horror on his face. The Aura Trainer was so distracted he didn't see a Beedrill closing in on him.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu cried out as he jumped sent a Thunderbolt.

Unfortunately, the Beedrill was so close to Ash that when the electric attack hit the bug Pokémon Ash was also hit. The attack was so sudden that Ash didn't have time to bring up his Aura and just screamed in shock. Once the attack died down the Beedrill fell unconscious and Ash was left dizzy.

"Common Ash!" Misty yelled as she grabbed the Trainer's hand and began to pull him away, Pikachu right next to them.

"But... Brave." Ash managed to get out in all of the confusion.

"You can't help Brave if your hurt!" Misty reasoned and continued to pull Ash along.

Ash understood what Misty was saying. Even with his Aura and Pokémon, Ash couldn't take on the number of Beedrill chasing them. So with some reluctance Ash continued to run forward, fallowing Samurai. As they ran Samurai suddenly dove to the side into some bushes and Ash, Misty, and Pikachu fallowed suit.

Everyone sat quietly as the swarm of Beedrill flew past the bush. Once they were all gone the trainers all gave a sigh of relief. When Ash looked up he blinked in shock at what he saw not too far away, along with the the trainers.

"A whole hive of Kakuna." Samurai said in shock and awe.

Dozens of Kakuna littered a large tree, some were hanging off the trunk while others were hanging off a branch. Ash pulled out his Pokédex and pointed it at the Pokémon.

"Kakuna, a transitional stage between Weedle and Beedrill. Kakuna remain inactive until they evolve into deadly Beedrills."

When the Aura Trainer looked up he noticed a familiar Pokémon not matching any of the Kakuna.

"It's Brave!" Ash said before Misty put a hand over his mouth.

"Keep your voice down!" Misty hissed.

One of the Kakuna's eyes turned on the trainers and everyone stayed perfectly still. Then without warning the Kakuna started to break open while their bodies glowed.

"Oh, don't tell me..."

The trainers and Pokémon could only stair in shock as more then half of the Kakuna all evolved into Beedrills right before their eye.

"Beedrills... they've evolved." Misty said as she went pale.

The Beedrills didn't waist any time flying right at the trainer, forcing them and Pikachu to run away.

"Brave, I'll be back for you! I promise!" Ash called back as he ran away with Misty and Samurai once more.

"My cabin should be close!" Samurai called back as he ran as fast as he could.

After a few minutes of running the Trainers all saw a log cabin in the distance. Ash glanced back as he saw the Beedrills were getting closer and closer.

"Hopefully this will slow them down a bit!" Ash thought as his Aura flared.

Focusing his Aura into his leg Ash stomped the ground hard before kicking up a large cloud of sand. The closest Beedrills were thrown off course and force to fly up away from the trainers.

"There it is, we can make it!" Samurai yelled as everyone ran faster to the wooden cabin.

Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Samurai all ran into the log cabin before the armored teen slammed the wooden door shut. Just in time as several of the Beedrill's used Horn Attack on the wooden door, putting several holes in it.

The trainers tensed as several seconds passed by before the Beedrills pulled their stingers out and started to fly around the cabin.

Ash gave a small sigh. "That was too close."

"Ah," Samurai gave a sigh as well as he started to take off his armor. "I hope you've learned your lesson, novice." Samurai said with a glare, grabbing Ash's attention. "Your letting that Weedle escape almost cost our lives."

"What!" Ash growled while climbing to his feet. "You were the one who stopped me from capturing that Weedle when you came out of nowhere swinging your sword in my face! And what's with this novice crap, if I remember I beat you!" Ash said with a glare.

"You are a novice, maybe even less because not even a novice would abandon his own Pokémon as you did." Samurai said with a stern look on his face.

Ash felt as if he was punched in the gut by that comment. The Aura Trainer could only look away while gripping his hand in a tight fist.

"I tried to save Brave... I wanted too..." Ash said in a low tone as he looked down, his hat shading his eyes.

"Your Metapod will pay for your training inexperience." Samurai was not letting up with his speech. "The other trainers from Pallet would never have been so irresponsible."

"The other trainer's from Pallet?" Ash said in a confused tone. "So you had a Pokémon Match with Gary and the others?"

A smile crossed Samurai's face as he looked to the side. "Ah. There were three spectacular matches, each more challenging then the last." He said while remembering the battles. "Those trainers really knew how to raise Pokémon. Even though I was defeated all three times, I was inspired to redouble my own training. I have been eagerly preparing for that day when finally I would beat the next Pokémon trainer from Pallet."

"So that's why you've been waiting around here for Ash to show up." Misty said in understanding as she stood up.

"Compared to those other three, novice here is a joke." Samurai said with a laugh.

"I seemed to recall me beating you before the Beedrill showed up." Ash growled at the arrogant teen.

"And you were the one to stop Ash from catching that Weedle when you shoved that sword in his face." Misty added with her own glare, making Samurai take a step back. "What was he supposed to do, ignore the weapon being pointed at him."

"W-well," Samurai stammered as he started to see their points. "He still abandon his Pokémon, there's no excuse for that."

"But Ash did try to get Brave back, he was just taken away by the Beedrill-"

"Misty," Ash said in a low tone, grabbing the redhead's attention. "Samurai's right about that," He said making the two blink. "Brave is my responsibility, I should of did something to save him."

"But-" Misty tried to reason only for Ash to shake his head.

"No buts, this is on me." Ash said as he sat down on the floor away from the two.

"Chu..." Pikachu said in a soft tone as he went over to Ash.

Their was a somber air in the small cabin as no one spoke for a long while, only the sound of the Beedrill flying gave them any noise.

"It will be night soon," Samurai said as he turned away. "We and our Pokémon must rest."

With that the trainers waited for the Beedrill to leave as everyone got ready for the night.

Ash laid down in silence as Samurai's words rang in his head. Despite it being in the middle of the night the Aura trainer was wide awake, just staring at the sealing.

"I know he was just being a jerk... but he was right about Brave." Ash thought as he gripped his fist. "Brave is my Pokémon, I shouldn't have left him behind for no reason."

Filled with a sudden determination, Ash made up his mind for tomorrow as he slowly closed his eyes.

When the sun started to rise Ash silently left the log cabin without waking anyone up. The Aura Trainer was making his way to straight to Brave, at the Kakuna and Beedrill hive.

Once Ash reached just outside the nest he crawled on the ground while peeking over the tall grass. In an instant he saw Brave exactly where he was yesterday, leaning against the large tree at the bottom.

"OW!" Suddenly something landed on his head hard, making his face hit the dirt.

"Meowth!" A certain talking Pokémon said as he stood on Ash's head. "Do you know what Meowth's favorite game is?"

"Ugh!" Ash grunted as he throw the talking Pokémon off his head. "Get off!"


Ash blinked as he felt a sudden pain on his face as Meowth held up his claws.

"Scratch and Sniffle." He said in a cheeky tone.

As grit his teeth as he held his slightly bleeding face while trying not to scream in pain. Luckily the cuts weren't very deep to the Aura Trainer, so he started to use his aura to heal the wounds.

"Guess who."

Looking up Ash saw a familiar duo standing on top of a large rock.

"Prepare for trouble."

"Make it double."

"To protect the world from devastation..."

"To unite all people within our nation..."

"To denounce the-"

"This is seriously not the time!" Ash hissed while keeping his eyes peeled for any Beedrills.

Jessie growled while growling at Ash. "Never interrupt the Team Rocket motto."

"Listen, their are Beedrill-"

"Ahem." Jessie cleared her throat as she started off once again, ignoring Ash. "To denounce the evils of truth and love..."

"To extend our reach to the stars above..."



Ash thought about warring the thieves before an idea struck him. "If they want to make so much noise, maybe I can use that." Ash thought as he carefully thought of a plan.

"Team Rocket, blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!"

With that the damage was done. All the Beedrills in the large tree woke up and started to fly straight into the air.

"Oh damn." Ash muttered while sweat ran down his face. Their seemed to be even more Beedrill then last time.

"Little boy," Jessie said, not even noticing the large swarm of Beedrill heading for them. "Why don't you give us your Pikachu? There's no use trying to resist us, so be smart and hand over that Pokémon."

"Sorry to break it to you, but I don't have Pikachu on me," Ash said as he saw the swarm heading right for them. "Besides, you have bigger troubles!" Ash said as he ran for the tree.

"Get back here!" Team Rocket yelled as they jumped off the large rock and ran after Ash.

"If I dive just at the right moment under the swarm, the Beedrill should go after Team Rocket!" Ash thought as he ran faster.

Team Rocket ran after the Aura Trainer while the Beedrill swarm pointed their stingers at Ash. Just when it looked like they were about to hit Ash dove to ground and rolled under the swarm with a summersault, making it past the swarm.

Team Rocket stopped running when they saw a giant wall of Beedrill coming after them.

"The tank will surely come in handy now!" Jessie said with confidence without looking the least bit worried.

"It was worth the struggle dragging it here." James said as he pulled something large behind some bushes, only to see something wrong. "What?"

"Meowth!" Meowth shouted in shock as he noticed Weedle were eating their so-called, tank. "They're eating the tank!"

"Well, we made it from paper to reduce the weight!" James defended getting a glare the talking Pokémon.

"Who knew?"

"You numskulls!

With no defense and the Beedrill closing in Team Rocket was forced to use their last plan, to run away! Taking the swarm of Beedrill with them.

Ash gave a sigh of relief as he made his way over to Brave.

"Brave, I'm here!" Ash said with both happiness and relief as he pulled out Brave's Pokéball. "I'm so glade your safe, once your back in your ball we'll-"

Ash was cut off when Brave moved away from Ash, much to the trainer's shock. "Metapod, Metapod."

"Brave..." Ash said in a slow tone before he place a hand on the Pokémon.

Using his Aura Ash was able to understand what Brave was feeling, and the Aura trainer couldn't help but feel guilty. Brave felt betrayed by Ash for leaving him, as if he abandon him. Brave was also scared of being in a Beedrill nest all night, worried that the Pokémon would realize he was not their kind. Ash could only lower his head in shame, it was his responsibility to keep Brave safe and he failed that.

Ash opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the sound of buzzing. Looking back Ash saw a lone Beedrill flying right for them with a gleam in it's eye.

Acting fast the Aura Trainer grabbed his Pokémon before running away.

"Brave, I'm sorry I ran away!" Ash said as he ran across the field. "I didn't know what to do, their were so many Beedrill and-"


Ash looked back to see the Beedrill firing a Poison Needles at him. Ash acted fast and brought up his Aura while holding Brave protectively while the attack slammed into his back.

The attack was strong enough to send Ash tumbling to the floor, but he manage to hang onto Brave.

"...And nothing." Ash said as he pushed himself up, his hair shadowing his eyes. "I'm your trainer, and their should of been no reason for me to leave you behind!" Ash said as he pushed himself to his knees while placing Brave gently on the ground. "I didn't train my Aura to run away, I trained so I can protect my friends, that means you. I'll never turn my back on you or anyone ever again."

Brave's eyes started to water as he could feel Ash's emotions through his Aura. He now understood that Ash never intended to leave him behind for a single second, that he always planned to come back for him.

"Ash, behind you!"

Ash looked back to see Misty and Samurai across the grassy field inside a makeshift net. The Aura Trainer also saw a Beedrill dive bombing him with it's two large stingers pointed at him.

"Watch out for it's Twineedle Attack!" Samurai warned.


Ash stood in front of Brave protectively while concentrating his Aura into his hands. "I need to time this just right, one wrong move and-" Ash was cut off when the most shocking thing happen.

Just as the Beedrill was about to make contact Brave jumped into the Beedrill's attack and took the full force, resulting in one of the Beedrill's stinger shattering to pieces. With that the Beedrill quickly flew away back to it's swarm.

"Brave!" Ash shouted in shock as he caught the Pokémon in his arms. He then instantly noticed the large gash across Brave's body, much to Ash's horror. "Misty, I need a potion, NOW!" Ash shouted, making the redhead jump.

"I-I didn't bring our bags!" She said in worried as she, Samurai, and Pikachu moved closer.

Ash clicked his teeth before he looked to Brave. "No chose. Don't worry Brave, everything's going to be fine. Just give me a second to-" Just as Ash was about to use his Aura Brave's body started to glow, shocking everyone.

"Pika, pika." Pikachu muttered in shock and awe at what he saw.

Slowly Brave's body changed right in Ash's hands as a brand new Pokémon formed.

"Free, free!"

This new Pokémon was a purple butterfly with big red eyes and large white wings.

"Brave... you evolved... into a Butterfree." Ash said in awe as he stared at Brave's new form as it flew in the air.

"Oh, it's so beautiful." Misty said in awe.

"Pika." Pikachu nodded with a smile on his face, happy his friend was able to become what he always wanted.

Ash pulled out his Pokédex and pointed it at Brave.

"Butterfree-The Butterfly Pokémon: In battle, it flaps it's wings at high speeds, releasing highly toxic dust into the air. It is also noted that Butterfree gain a new ability different from it's previous evolutions, this Butterfree has the ability Compound Eyes-Increasing the accuracy of moves by 30%."

(Butterfree's new moves: Confusion/Poison Powder/Sleep Powder/Gust)

Brave continued to fly around with pure joy and Ash couldn't help but smile at his Pokémon.

Suddenly a loud buzzing sound was heard, grabbing everyone's attention.

"Here come the other Beedrills!" Misty said in worry as she saw a large swarm heading for them.

Ash turned to the large swarm with a glare before noticing Brave flying right next to him.

"Brave?" Ash question before noticing the determined look in his eyes. "You think you can take them?"

"Free, free!" Brave nodded to Ash while flying forward.

Ash couldn't help but feel pure joy that Brave not only forgave him, but also wanted to battle with him. "Okay, let's show these Beedrill your the strongest Butterfree in the forest! Make a large cloud of Sleep Powder then use Gust to blow it in their faces!"

Brave did so as he flew up to the swarm. The Beedrill didn't stood a chance as one by one they fell from the sky and hit the ground, sleeping almost peacefully. Even the nearby Weedle were sleeping from the attack.

"Alright!" Ash cheered. "You're the best Brave!" He said as he hugged Brave, who hugged Ash back.

"You were able to handle your Butterfree so well just after it evolved." Samurai said with some shock before a grin crossed his face. "Most impressive."

"Pikachu!" Pikachu cheered along Ash and Brave, happy that Brave finally got to become a Butterfree and that Ash got Brave back.

After everything settled down Samurai led Ash, Misty, and Pikachu out of the Viridian Forest. From what Samurai said, if they followed the dirt path they should reach Pewter City in just a day.

"I must apologize to you Ash." Samurai said as he bowed to Ash, much to everyone's shock. "After some self reflecting I realized that I have not given you much respect. You are a strong trainer who cares deeply for his Pokémon, not a novice."

Ash smiled while waving his hand. "It's fine, in the end everything worked out." Ash said as he stuck his hand out. "Let's battle the next time we meet and show how much stronger we become!"

"Agreed!" Samurai said with a smile as he shook Ash's hand. "It will be a spectacular match!"

"Just promise not to match Metapod vs. Metapod again, that battle took forever!" Misty said, getting a nod from Pikachu.

"Promise Misty." Ash said with a laugh as he started to walk. "Until then, Samurai!" Ash called back as everyone started to walk away.

"See you!"


"Farwell!" Samurai called as he watched Ash, Misty, and Pikachu diapered into the distance.

Ash walked ahead with a huge smile on his face. He had two new Pokémon and on his way to get his first gym badge.

"I can't wait to face the Pewter City Gym leader! It'll be my first step to coming a Pokémon Champion, then a Pokémon Master!"

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