"No matter what I say or do

I'm always runnin' back to you

No matter what the things I've said

You're still the voice inside my head

And it hurts, and it hurts

(Uprise, uprise to sunrise)

And it hurts, and it hurts

(Uprise , uprise to sunrise)

It hurts to talk to you."

There was a brief pause before the band picked up the instrumentals once again.

"One day, one day I'll be set free

One day you'll never talk to me

One day I'll be the voice of all these things

One day, one day I'll be set free

One day you'll never talk to me

One day I'll be the voice of all these things

One day is closer than it seems

It's closer than it seems."

Scott's funky bass pattern from the intro continued on to bridge the chorus with the next verse, almost a perfect transition.

"Everywhere I go I see your face

Extension of my human race

Everywhere I go I don't know what to say

Cause you're always clouding up my way

And it hurts, and it hurts

(Uprise, uprise to sunrise)

And it hurts, and it hurts

(Uprise, uprise to sunrise)

It hurts to look at you

Another brief pause took over the song, gaining a bit of anticipation from the listener. She bit her lip softly just as it picked up once again.

"One day, one day I'll be set free

One day you'll never talk to me

One day I'll be the voice of all these things

One day, one day I'll be set free

One day you'll never talk to me

One day I'll be the voice of all these things

One day is closer than it seems

It's closer than it seems."

"Now you'll never see

What you've done to me

Cause baby Life's a movie

And I ain't playin for free

I said you'll never see

What you've done to me

So take all that bullshit back

Run it , right along the stream

Away from me…"

The drums began to pick up more than anything, eventually being all that could be heard apart from some light bass. All of the instruments returned a moment later as the song prepared to draw to an end.

"One day, one day I'll be set free

One day you'll never talk to me

One day I'll be the voice of all these things

One day, one day I'll be set free

One day you'll never talk to me

One day I'll be the voice of all these things

One day is closer than it seems

It's closer than it seems

It's closer than it seems

It's closer than it seems."

The final line was sung by itself, no instrumental help or echo to focus it. It was almost poetic in a sense, atleast to her. She smiled as the song, Closer Than It Seems, finally stopped playing- she'd been compelled to check the song's statistics.

"130,375,090 listens." She said as she read the chart. See? She wasn't crazy for heralding this as one of her favorite songs, over one hundred million others thought the same thing. She smiled as she dragged it onto her playlist, yet another addition from Race To The Edge finding a home in Astrid Hofferson's personal music portfolio. They truly should feel honored by the gesture.

Astrid released a soft sigh as she laid back upon her pillows, allowing their softness to openly embrace her. She truly enjoyed the days she had off from work, they allow a good bit of soul searching, exercise and new experiences. Today's new experience included her adding some of Race To The Edge's songs to her playlist, though she told herself it was to appease her sister.

Her alarm went off after a few minutes of silence, and she tapped the screen of her phone with a huff before raising up in the bed. It was time for her daily jog, from here to the park and back. One thing she prided herself on was her fitness- and a good four mile jog never ceased to help her form. She quickly changed her outfit, and stepped out of the house in a pair of navy blue and black lined Nike track pants, some blue and yellow laced Nike running shoes and a sleeveless navy blue and black track shirt.

She set up her watch to track her mileage, tapping it to ensure it alerted her when she reached her two mile marker- aka her notion to turn around and head back. With a few silent words of prayer, she was off on a steady paced jog down the street.

She remained silent, apart from her calmed breathing while running, and soon began to select a song to listen to as she ran. Her Bluetooth earbuds gleamed with a blue light in her ears, indicating they were active. The music began to play then. A beautiful instrumental greeted her ears, preceding the actual lyrics.

"Up on Melancholy Hill

There's a plastic tree.

Are you here with me?

Just looking out on the day

Of another dream

Well you can't get what you want

But you can get me.

So let's set out to sea"

Gorillaz was always a win in her book, and this song always brought a sense of peace to her otherwise hectic days. She smiled before humming along to the song.

"'Cause you are my medicine

When you're close to me

When you're close to me"

Hiccup smiled as he stared over the lyrics sheet, his fingers placed across the first few frets of his guitar as he continued his acoustic cover. He loved this song, and he hoped the fans would love the cover of it.

"So calling all submarines

'Round the world we'll go.

Does anybody know, love

If we're looking out on the day

Of another dream?"

He strummed along to a soft bass line that Eret had sent him from Scott via audio share, and kept his smile as he sang the lyrics. The song, despite its short span of lyrics, was still beautiful to him.

"If you can't get what you want

Then come with me.

Up on Melancholy Hill

Sits a manatee, love

Just looking out for the day

When you're close to me.

When you're close to me."

Keeping a soft tempo the whole time, he prepared for that final line, albeit with a bit of dread as he truly didn't wish to end the song yet.

"When you're close to me."

He played out those last few notes without a sound from his body, allowing the E and G chords to subtly take the rest of the song away. And finally, he brought himself to end it, stopping the recording before setting the guitar down on his bed.

He laid back against the bed and released a breath of relief, then glared at the ceiling as his moment of peace was disturbed by the ringing of his phone. He sat up slowly and leered over at the screen, the raven haired girl that adorned it soon washing away his annoyance. He slid the call button over to answer it, then pressed the device to his ear.

"Hey." He said with a smile, practically able to hear the smile upon her lips through her response.

"You busy? Was hoping we could go out today, maybe a walk in the park?" She asked, not knowing he was nodding while moving to grab a change of clothes.

"I'd love to. Sounds peaceful." He said as he walked into his bathroom and began to run the water in the shower, waiting for it to get to the perfect temperature.

"Great, let's go at maybe...3:30?" She asked. He paused to look at the time. 2:30

"That's a perfect time." He said. Plenty of time to shower, feed Toothless and drive over to her house , which was a good twenty minutes away.

He ended the call and began to strip, ready for the sweet embrace of the shower. Fifteen minutes later, he found himself toweling off and brushing his teeth, then thoroughly flossing them. After that, he ran out of his room- car keys in hand.


The run had been rather nice so far, not many bystanders in the park from what she saw upon entry. She stayed focused on two things- the music in her ears and the pattern she kept while breathing; nothing else.

That being said, she wasn't paying enough attention to her surroundings, and soon found herself falling to the ground from a collision. As she tore her earbuds from her ears, her eyes grew in anger towards the blonde figure shifting around across from her. The person laughed- actually laughed before sitting up and looking at her.

"Yo, my bad." She said, tossing a few blonde braids aside. Her left arm was covered with a green and black sleeve tattoo of some strange two headed dragon - one head spitting some weird green substance and the other spitting some strange cloud.

She leapt to her feet and held out a hand to Astrid, pulling her to her feet. After doing this, she knelt down and picked up a skateboard from nearby- the deck decorated with the same dragon.

Astrid would've spoke back to her, but was taken aback by her face. She looked like a female version of Race to The Edge's drummer- Travis.

The girl waved a hand past the dazed Astrid and chuckled. "I look like my brother right? Yeah I get that a lot." She said as she looked at her black and acid green striped nails.

She held out a hand to Astrid then. "I'm Rydell Thorston, but most call me Ruffnut." She said with a smirk, watching as Astrid shook her hand.

"Astrid...I'm sorry did you say Travis was your brother?" She asked, trying to make sure. It started to hit her soon- she'd seen this girl before. At the Karaoke night, she was sitting there with RTTE.

"Yep, twins. Gotta love to hate it." Ruffnut responded with a barfing motion in tow. "That dork is my bro alright- and while he's off doing his little drummer boy act, I'm here running my store."

Astrid lifted an eyebrow at that. "Store?" She asked, watching as Ruffnut frantically nodded whilst reaching into her back pocket.

It was such a swift motion that Astrid barely even caught on, until she looked down to see the sticker that had been firmly planted upon her right breast by the girl.

"What the-"

"Ruffnut's Skate and Vape shop!" Ruff shouted with a crazed glee- pointing happily at the sticker she'd planted onto Astrid's chest. It was the same dragon design, surrounded by a ring of fire and her exact words written out in red and black.

"Like it? Hiccup drew it himself!" She said

"Uh...Hiccup?" Astrid asked.

"Yeah! Ya know, Hayden?"

"O-oh. Oh God is that some type of dorky nickname?" She asked with a chuckle, but stopped soon after. She didn't know how Ruffnut would take her laughing about her friend.

"Yep, courtesy of me and my brother. Poor ten year old Hayden had a major hiccup issue back then- so naturally we stuck em with that name." She said with a maniacal laugh. She nudged Astrid in the side then. "You're pretty cool- way cooler than the last few people I bowled over. Wanna go get some food? I owe ya for the crash." She said, watching as Astrid looked down the path she had been running on then back to her.

She shrugged. "Why not? I can finish my run later."

Ruffnut chuckled as she draped an arm around her neck, the two starting to walk away from the park. "I feel this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"And now he wants us to make a cameo on some Disney show." Hiccup said with an exasperated sigh as he sipped from his milkshake once again, the pink substance flooding his mouth almost instantly.

"Ah, the dreaded cameo. I'll be honest with you babe, it's actually pretty fun. Don't diss it, not quite yet."

She said with a smirk playing upon the edges of her lips. He took notice of this and gave a smirk of his own.

"Judging by that smirk, you're probably right." He said

"Per the usual." She said as she took a sip of her vanilla milkshake and looked back at him. "Just give it time- all of this stress will feel like nothing eventually."

He sat back in his chair and looked at the ceiling for a moment, resting his hands behind his neck. "Thor, I hope you're right." He said with a sigh.

"I am. Just trust me." She said with another sup of her drinks followed by the final bite from her burger. After swallowing and wiping her lips with a napkin, she looked back to meet his stare. "What?"

He smiled as he looked away. "Nothing...just amazes me how pretty you look even while eating a burger half your size."

She giggled at the comment, then paused to wipe her mouth with a napkin. "Thanks. Always quite the charmer."

He shrugged at the comment. "You know I try." Was his response as he stood up, watching as she followed suit.

"So, where to now?"

"Now? I say we head over to the studio for a bit, just to bother Gobber."

Heather chuckled at the suggestion, whilst resting her head upon his shoulder. "Lead the way."

Berk's Dragon Barbecue

She didn't know what was more astonishing- the fact that she was sitting across from the sister of RTTE's drummer, or the fact that she'd just watched that same sister consume three racks of ribs with ease.

"Wow...you can eat a lot." Astrid said, a smirk playing upon her lips as she took another bite from her Pound burger.

"Of course! Food is a blessing from the gods, and I abuse that blessing happily." Ruff responded before taking another bite of her food. Astrid found herself laughing at the girl's antics, then returned to her own food.

"Stho-" Ruff began with a mouthful of food, swallowing promptly. "You a fan?"

"A fan?" Astrid asked , not taking her eyes off of her plate.

"Yeah, a fan of RTTE?"

"Oh uh...kinda? I'm honestly just getting into their music. I've met them before though." He responded as she bit down on a French fry.

Ruff chuckled. "Howd it go? Did Snot hit on you?" She asked

"Snot? What the hel kinda name-"

"Scott- the bassist. We have a lot of nicknames."

Astrid laughed in response before nodding. "Well yeah, yeah he tried it." She rolled her eyes as she recalled the memory, during the Christmas performance. "But he backed off."

Ruff's eyebrows furrowed in surprise. "Really? It's usually not that easy to get Snot off a girl. What'd you do? Did you spit on him? Cause that usually doesn't work."

Astrid shook her head, a small chuckle coming from her mouth as she did so. This girl was certainly strange, luckily in a fun way. "No, I just told him my age- I'm 17, turning 18 in two months." She explained.

Ruff took in her words with a laugh "That'll do it too, very well done." She commented the younger woman before taking a sip of her drink. "Ya know Ast, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Say, you wanna come with me to a talk show?"

Her eyes widened at the sudden question, but she found herself shrugging. "Sure."