When Gothi had told Hiccup and Gobber that Hiccup was Freya-blessed the two had devised a plan to split Hiccups training in secret because the training of such gifts was usually left to the parent the blessing came from, however there were the times when neither of the parents were blessed and that is when the child is to be believed to be that of one of the gods.

This is the case with Hiccup neither of his parents were blessed and it was very obvious that neither had been with one of the gods for Hiccup himself carried features from both his parent and none that could be unexplained.

The only other theory that could explain the sudden magic was that Hiccup was a changeling, but after copious subtle tests that would expose a changeling that yielded no results.

Hiccup missed his family, it may have been over a thousand years since he had last seen any of them but it still hurt like a fresh wound especially since as time moved on and even the littlest things reminded him of what he gave up to fully protect both the dragons and the tribe.

"We can't stay here any longer, Grimmel can and will take everyone of our dragons and either kill them or force them to fight."

"So what do you suggest, send our dragons away, take our dragons and flee, leave the home of our ancestors!"

The hall was in an uproar, Vikings left and right yelling their anger demanding that the situation be fixed but offering no solution.

"Look, all he wants is our dragons, he doesn't care about the people that are attached to them or the land that they come from."

"Hiccup's right everyone, I think it best that we-" Astrid was cut off by Gothi and her elder stick.

"I may have a way to kill the,"Gobbber was whacked across the head, "Fix the problem, but I can only tell the chief in secret."

With that said the meeting was dismissed and the trio of Hiccup, Gobber, and Gothi retreated to the back room of the hall.

"Let me guess Gothi, the solution you have involves Hiccup's blessing?" Gobber said once they were sure that everyone had left the hall.

Gothi nodded and started to write down her plan, which involved a ritual that required a special sacrifice.

So it was that the villagers of Berk left their home island, their Dragons and the man that would always be chief to them.

The biggest sacrifice a chief could make to protect both species of his tribe would be to sacrifice his humanity to ensure everyone's protection.

The ritual was not hard to set up, nor to complete. However it was painful, both in physical, and psychological pain.

Hiccup knew that once everyone else had left the island none of the humans would be able to come back, they would only be able to remember the name and their history there.

Hiccup didn't know then but what Gothi had done had been a ritual to join his life-force to the entire species of dragon, something she had been doing since Hiccup had first come into contact with a dragon, as well as an early version of what would later be known as the Fidelus charm.