Note from Me: *Bows* Hello everyone, those who followed me from my old account page welcome back! Those who happened to find this story from just looking up Blue Exorcist then hello and welcome as well. This was one of my first stories back when I first joined years ago. One I put a lot of heart into but my life became too difficult to continue it, but I decided to try my hand at it again. I've worked on some bits and pieces in each chapter to make the story a little better. I hope you all enjoy it, have a nice day or and Happy New Years wherever you are in the world! ~Jester~

Son of Daniel

Chapter 1: First Day of Cram School

"Day one huh?" A young man said as he walked along the hallways of True Cross Academy, spinning a strange looking key on a keyring around his finger. As he watched the key with his pale brown eyes he flicked it off his finger into the air, watching it come down it caught it in his hand and glanced at a janitor's closet.

"That bastard Faust said this key works for any door.. and it will lead to the cram school. I hope he left my stuff in the classroom, like I asked..." Bring the key to the lock he slowly inserted it into the keyhole, with a small twist he unlocked the door. Pulling the key out swiftly he stuffed it into his pocket and took a deep breath.

"I swear if I end up opening a janitor's closet.. I'm going to be pissed at that freak.." He said to himself imaging that bastard Faust laughing at him for opening the door and seeing nothing but a mop and broom.

Sighing lightly, he turned the doorknob and pushed the door in revealing a large hallway. With several doors with what looked like stain glass windows instead of the normal see through windows.

"Are you sure you want to be an Exorcist?" A familiar voice calls out to a strange boy with slightly pointy ears, dark blue hair, and eyes to match. He wore the same uniform as all the boys at True Cross, he seemed to also carry a sword of some kind on his back in a red sleeve. He looked like a punk really, but the young man learned a long time ago to never judge someone by appearance...

"Of course I am!" The boy with the slightly pointy ears said to a much taller man, the young man who just entered the scene saw the man dressed as a clown his hair purple with green eyes. Pale skin and slightly pointy teeth "Faust" the young man thought as he closed the door behind and walked up behind the man name Faust.

"Faust! Where is my stuff!?" The young man called out annoyed, making the boy with the sword on his back jump back. The boy quickly composed himself and glared at the young man who screamed out.

"Hey asshole! It's rude to yell at someone!" Screamed the boy with the sword in return, the young man glared back at the boy.

"Oh is that why you screamed at me in return!?" The boy glared hard his eyes looking pure white like demon, he then grasped the sword on his back growling like a feral dog. Faust quickly grabbed the boys ear pulling hard on it snapping him out of his anger, Faust then reached for the young man's ear grabbing hard on it as well.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow!" The two said in unison as Faust pulled them off the ground like two children. The boy with the sword grabbed Faust's arm trying to pull away from him only to fail. The young man did the same not fairing any better, sighing Faust spoke.

"Mr. Blackwood, for now your items have been confiscated by the True Cross Order. To make sure your claims about your items are all true" The young man called Blackwood growled finally being released by Faust, he landed on the ground rubbing his ear hard to ease the pain. The other boy landed on his feet as well glaring at Faust then at Blackwood.

"What do you mean? Are you calling me a liar?" Blackwood said in annoyance, Faust nodded once before continuing to speak.

"Your items will be returned in time for now please wait, don't worry we won't break them or anything" The clown laughed lightly, despite Blackwood's annoyance he then tipped his top hat and spoke once more.

"Mr. Blackwood please get along with everyone, the same goes for you Mr. Okumura. Now then eins zwei drei!" A large puff of pink smoke exploded between the two young men causing them to cough lightly. As it cleared a small dog sat there wagging its tail, the two looked at it.

"Shall we go in you two?" The two jumped back in surprise saying at the same time "You can talk!?" they then glared at eachother saying "Hey!" at the same time, after blinking a few times they looked away going "Tch!" again at the same time. They then paused before walking into the classroom, Blackwood let in Okumura first the dog went in after. Blackwood merely watched as the dog went in with a small glare.

"I'm Rin Okumura, nice to meet ya" The boy who went in first said to the class who were watching him, none seemed to care about him though. His voice sounded kind of cocky though, again.. the appearance of a bad ass punk. Sighing Blackwood looked at the stain glass window looking his appearance over once. He gently touched his light brown hair it was messy like always just the way he liked it, he had a small scar on his right ear on the lobe area. Another on his left cheek right on the cheek bone, residing himself to his fate he ran his hand through his hair to prepare himself.

Letting his hair fall back into place he followed after Rin. "Names Daniel Blackwood. I just started today" He said quietly before walking to a desk located a few desks behind girl with purple hair, and her friend or they seemed to be friends with how they talked back in forth. The purple hair girl looked strange her hair put into twin ponytails, her eyebrows were smaller than normal it made her look like she was scowling a lot. And her eyes were red to boot, it looked so weird. The other girl had short brown hair with purple eyes, turning his attention to the other students he peeked one more glance at the purple haired girl.

"She's kinda cute… in a weird way." He said to himself, before turning his full attention to the others. He first noticed a bald-headed kid though it was more shaven like a monk with glasses as well. He was chatting with a pink haired boy who even though he was talking to the shaven boy he was staring at the two girls smiling like an old man.

"Weirdo..." Daniel mumbled before looking at another boy who was sitting in front of them reading a book. He looked like a rooster with his hair styled up, it was mainly brown with a yellow streak through the middle of it. He seemed to be mumbling to himself as he read it looked like he wanted to be an Aria..

Daniel then noticed a boy in the front with puppet it looked like some child's attempt at a bunny with button eyes. This class was getting weirder and weirder Daniel thought he then turned his attention to one last student who was sitting in the back with a PSP, black hoodie that hid his or her face mostly but he could make out their lips. They looked female but they composed themselves like a man, gender confused maybe?

"I'm your instructor, my name is Yukio Okumura." A voice called out turning Daniel's attention to the front, where a young man wearing an Exorcist cloak stood behind his desk. He wore glasses and had a few moles on his face, his hair was dark brown with blue eyes.

'Okumura? That's the same last name as that kid who cut me off outside the classroom' Daniel thought to himself, and sure enough two seconds later...

"What the hell Yukio!?" Rin stood up pointing at the teacher, so they were related. Just as I thought, they looked like twins almost. Yukio continued to talk while Rin tried cutting him off only to fail. Geez this Rin kid sure was hot blooded, Daniel thought and sure enough Rin made his way up to the front desk. Obviously pissed for some unknown reason, he proceeded to grab Yukio by the front of his Exorcist coat.

"Hold up a sec, we need to talk a minute man!" Yukio looked at Rin for a moment before sighing once and asking the class to please leave while they spoke. Daniel pushed himself to his feet, and walked past the front desk with all the other students.

Taking one last glance at the two brothers, seeing how calm Yukio or.. Mr. Okumura since he was a teacher was in this situation. Rin on the other hand looked pissed beyond all reason, as the class left Daniel walked to the oppisite wall of the door and leaned against it crossing his arms as he waited.

"Man that kid is a pain in the ass!" Someone yelled out, Daniel raised his head to look at Rooster Boy who was talking to the two boys, Pinkie and Que Ball.. since he didn't know their names he came up with nicknames instead. They'd work for now until he learned their names, he then looked at the two girls who were chatting still about the teacher and Rin wondering what their history was. Puppet Boy and Gender Bender were off doing their own thing.

"Geez..." Daniel mumbled before looking at the ceiling as he did he saw a strange demon floating through the air and go into the wall. That looked.. like a Goblin Daniel thought, weird though they were all over the place too since they were so weak.

Shrugging it as a mere coincidence he looked back at the class who were chatting away, his mind wandered off to what Faust said about his things being taken away. His father gave him those items, well his main weapon at least… his other was from his mother.

He had every right to his belongings, it pissed him off that Faust thought he was lying about how he got his things but he had no choice but to wait there was no way of knowing where they were located. At least not with how large the school was and he knew Faust's home was almost larger...

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting class, shall we continue our lesson for today?" Mr. Okumura called out as he opened the door, everyone walked back into the class once more to hopefully get this show on the road. Daniel moved away from the wall following after them only to hear someone call out.

"Wh-What happen in here?!" The girl with brown hair called out in surprise, Daniel looked up to see what she meant. A few desks were over turned laying on their sides or upside down completely. Daniel looked up to also see a few bullet holes in the walls and ceil, then back to the ground seeing the empty casings. He blinked in amazement, as he did a scent of rotten animal blood reached his noise causing him to scrunch up his nose in disgust.

"What's up with the room?" Que Ball called out, Daniel's eyes shifted to the two brothers casually smiling. "Forget the room, what's up with them?" Rooster asked, indeed what did happen with them? They seemed to get along now, like that outburst before never happen. Sighing in annoyance Daniel walked past them and went to the same desk he used a little while ago and moving his foot under it. Flicking his foot a bit the desk spun back to its feet settling, he then sat in his chair and looked to the front.

"What's his problem?" The purple haired girl whispered to her brown haired friend they were both watching Daniel. 'I think. I'll call her Pissy, and her's friend Wimpy' Daniel thought looking away from the two girls back to the front. The rest of them started to move the desks around and settling in once more before the teacher spoke once more.

"Before we get started with the lesson I want everyone to stand up and introduce themselves." Everyone groaned once in unison, but nodded in agreement. Mr. Okumura pointed to Rooster first, who stood up almost proudly.

"Ryuji Suguro, I'm 16 years old from Kyoto!" He then sat down, so his name was "Ryuji Suguro"? Interesting name Rooster, then Que Ball stood up seeming a bit nervous to be the center of attention.

"I-I'm Konekomaru Miwa, I'm 15.." He sat down quickly, looking away from the others who were looking at him. Expect Gender Bender, and Puppet Boy who were still doing their own thing. So 'K...Kone..komaru.. what the hell kind of name is that' Daniel thought but looked at the next one up Pinkie.

"Yo I'm Renzo Shima, I'm 16." The boy said not even standing up, he just waved calmly. His head rested in his other hand as his elbow was propped up on the desk. So, he's a laid-back type of fella?

"Yamada" The boy/girl with the PSP said they're feet still up on the desk not even looking at anyone. Daniel didn't even have time to do commentary on Yamada before he stood up shoving his hands in his pockets. He never liked to be starred at by others…

"Once again I'm Daniel Blackwood, 17. Son of Daniel.." He said before sitting back down not even bothering to take his hands out of his pockets. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the desk, no one seemed to pay attention to him as he said 'Son of Daniel' which was good at least.

"I'm Noriko Paku, 16." The girl with brown hair stated as she stood up, she smiled kindly to everyone causing Daniel to peek an eye open at her then to everyone else round him. Gauging their reactions noticing Shima seemed to smile the most out of anyone in the class at her, yup he's a pervert. Daniel's one open eye shifts to Paku's friend who was standing up before Paku even sat down, Pissy Girl.

"I'm Izumu Kamiki, I'm 16 and a shrine maiden" She said with a stuck-up attitude fitting of the aura that surrounded her. Opening his second eye now he looks up at the girl, noticing she was staring straight at him "A shrine maiden huh? Interesting" Daniel whispers then rested his head back on the desk. And finally, Puppet Boy spoke up or more to say his puppet did...

"Nemu Takara, what's up idiots!?" The bunny said, Daniel's head shot up looking at the doll a faint growling came from under his breath. Damn this kid was already getting on his nerves, just like the person who came last.

Rin Okumura stood up about to talk until Rooster yelled. "We already know who you are sit down!" Suguro yelled at Rin making the pointy eared boy whip around glaring and shouting back.

"Shut up asshole!" Rin screamed out back at, Suguro stood up at well slamming his hand on the desk only he didn't stop there. He left his desk stomping towards Rin. They both slammed their heads into each other grinding hard against each other. "You've already taken up enough class time so shut up and sit down!" Suguro screamed out at Rin, who of course didn't back down.

"What idiots" Shima said with a laugh, Miwa sighed shaking his head several times. As they continued to glare each other down the bell rang making them both snap back to reality. Mr. Okumura sighed once and pushed his glasses up before slamming his book on the desk making everyone look at him.

"Well thanks to Mr. Okumura and Mr. Suguro we'll have to get your temptans tomorrow." The teacher called out making some people groan in annoyance. The two boys looked at each other and then bowed saying in unison "Sorry Sir!" . They then glared at each other again, Kamiki stood up with Noriko making Daniel look up at them raising an eyebrow. Kamiki glanced at him before jerking her head away to ignore him.

"Ow." Daniel said before stand up and walking past Rin and Suguro who were still glaring at each other. Exiting the classroom, a small dog was waiting for him. Looking up to him it started to bark, though Daniel wasn't going to fall for the dog act…

"Save the barking Faust what is it?" The dog snickered smiling wildly with an almost demonic grin, making Daniel glare even more feeling as if the dog was taunting him. Faust held up another key for him in his mouth, kneeling down he took it out of Faust's mouth looking it over.

"It's the key to the dorm you're going to be staying in, you'll be sharing the dorm building with Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura. Though your room will be on the third floor so they are well out of your way." Daniel nodded once at Faust, he preferred things that way. So being in a dorm room by himself didn't bug him in the least.

Assuming Faust was finished Daniel stepped around the dog, walking away from it. He began to spin the key between his fingers not bothering to even look at Faust as ran to catch up with the boy.

"One more thing you'd best avoid Rin Okumura at all costs." Faust added causing Daniel to stop in his tracks. He looked down at Faust as if asking for an explanation but none came as the dog was mysteriously gone. Glancing down the hallway he couldn't see the small dog only his classmates going the other way.

Deciding not to take the dogs cryptic warning seriously he turn to a new door inserting his key into the door. A small twist later the door opened up to reveal his new home during the school year, though this brought a frown to the boys features. It was covered in dust!

"Great.. time to clean huh? Couldn't even pay for a maid service Faust?!" He entered the bedroom swiftly as he didn't have that much time to relax. As he closed the door behind his annoyance of Faust brought back the thoughts of warning…

"Wonder why Faust doesn't want me around Rin Okumura.. granted the kids annoying.." Tossing the two keys onto the desk in his dorm room and looked at his things that were already in his room. It was best to think about the strange warning later, for now he had work to do…

"Best.. get unpacked and clean up.." He took his uniform jacket off setting it on the empty chair, then rolled up his sleeves and got busy…