Son of Daniel

Chapter 2: The Ambitious Three

'A faint ringing reaches my ears...'

Daniel thinks in his dream, slowly the ringing gets louder and louder. After a minute Daniel forces himself to sit up and looks at the sheets that covered his lower half, the ringing still echoing throughout the room. Slowly shifting his eyes to the clock, it read 8:00 on the digital display.

Blinking a few times at the display in an attempt to understand the numbers the display changed to 8:01. Finally understanding it was time to get up the tired student threw his covers off; the blanket flew towards the front of the bed landing in a heap. Twisting his head a bit he could feel the joints in his neck freeing themselves as a few cracks were heard in the empty dorm room. He then swung his feet off the bed to the floor only recoil back.

"S-Shit! That's cold!" He said as he quickly pulled his feet off the ground and rubbed them trying to get the warmth back. He then pressed the button on top of the clock to silence it, standing up he walked to the closet and opened it up taking out his school uniform. He didn't waste any time getting ready for school, the normal school was closed today but Cram School was still open.

"I think our tests come in today..." He mumbled to himself as he was finishing up, getting his black uniform jacket on. Looking himself over in the mirror he ran his hand through his messy hair not making it any better but it was good enough for him. Grabbing his school bag and his two keys he put the one for Cram School into his dorm room and turning it. Pulling the key out in an almost swift motion he open the door to reveal a large hallway, he was about take a step forward only to be cut off by someone colliding with him.

"Ouch..." Thatsomeone called out, Daniel staggered back a bit hitting his back on the doorway frame. Looking down to a young teenage girl with blonde shoulder length hair, dressed in a strangely colorful kimono rubbing her rump. Sighing lightly almost seeming annoyed he closed the door behind to seal his dorm room up so no one could enter without the key.

He then turns on his heels to offer a hand to the fallen girl, it took a moment for her to notice as her eyes were closed at the time. Though after a few seconds she open them only to see a hand in front of her. The brilliant green eyes trailing up the hand to the arm to finally rest on the owner's pale brown eyes. Taking a few moments for the eyes to sink into her mind a blush quickly spread across her cheeks.

This was normal to pale eyed boy, as the girl before him was naturally clumsy and easy to embarrass as she knew about her own clumsy nature. Course it didn't help that the girl always wore a kimono to class, which limited her movements to small steps. Clumsy girl plus small steps never mixes well as it normally resulted in her tripping over her own feet…

"Good morning Miss. Moriyama, we got to stop meeting like this" Daniel said calmly his hand still out to help her. Indeed, this was the fourth time this week they had the cliché girl doesn't pay attention and runs into boy scene that would normally only happen in a tv show…

Though it never bothered Daniel because he never got hurt though he wishes he could say the same for Moriyama. "T-Thank you Daniel… OH! And good morning!" Moriyama said as she gently took his hand, carefully he pulls her to her feet. Staggering for a bit she managed to regain her balance as she stood up, she wore the matching shoes that came with a kimono.

Moriyama normally called most people by their first names which Daniel didn't care much. She was just being a friendly person, mostly having a pleasent smile on her face. Releasing her hand once he was sure she wasn't going to fall again, he picked up the books she dropped and handed them over. Before continuing on his original path down the hall, Moriyama following behind quickly.

"Are you excited about the tests Daniel?" She asks with a cheerful and confident tone, rolling his eyes Daniel looks over his shoulder at her. Noticing the large smile on her lips, eagerness in her eyes. Herbs and medicine were Moriyama's favorite subject in cram school though he couldn't say the feelings mutual,

"No, I've never liked medicine much. I'm more of an action person, then a brainy person" He states, taking notice of her displeasure. He knew she liked having things in common with people so his little skill in herbs made her a little sad. Returning his attention forward, it had only been a week since she came to class as a new student.

He heard she had a medical problem and that she was well enough to return to school. Judging from Rin Okumura's reaction they knew each other, and their teacher Mr. Okumura seemed happy to have her in class so he must have known her as well.

"Why are you bothering him, Moriyama?" A snobby voice called out from behind Daniel and Moriyama, causing them both to stop to see Izumo Kamiki and her good friend Paku Noriko. Kamiki stood looking as stuck up as ever, with her friend smiling softly at Daniel and Moriyama.

"Good morning Blackwood, Moriyama" Noriko said softly, Daniel happen to notice Noriko was a good-natured person unlike her stuck up friend it made him wonder why they're friends to begin with.

"Good morning Noriko, and you too Kamiki" Daniel said with a hint of kindness in his voice, Noriko nodded and smiled but Kamiki merely looked away from Daniel looking annoyed as ever. Moriyama said "Good morning" to both of them as well, getting the same results as Daniel. They all continued to walk down the hall to their classroom where the rest of the class was already sitting waiting for the teacher.

Moriyama took her spot next to Rin Okumura as she always did since the start of her schooling. Both them starting to chat away asking normal things, the two girls sat in their normal spot. Daniel sat in his desk alone as always two desk behind the girls, he exchanged his normal hellos with the three boys, Suguro or Bon as his friends called him. Shima and Miwa who were cheerful as always. The bald boy was looking less nervous as the days went by…

"Good morning class!" Mr. Okumura called out as he entered the classroom, his briefcase in one hand a stack full of papers in the other. Which Daniel could only guess were the tests that were graded from the day before, the class all said "Good Morning, Mr. Okumura" minus the two silent people, Puppet Boy and Gender Bender as Daniel called them... since well... they didn't talk at all so he never really fully learned their names.

"I have your tests graded, I will call you up one at a time to hand them back. And offer advice if you didn't do well." The teacher called out, before going through his papers and called 'Kamiki' first, who stood up going to the front. Grabbing her paper looking it over once seeming rather pleased with the results.

Her friend... on the other hand looked distressed. Daniel noticed she always did when it came to work, like she really didn't want to be here only forcing herself to be.

"Don't worry Paku, I'll help you next time." Kamiki said with a kind voice, seeming only kind to Noriko. Her short haired friend looked to her smiling though her smile seemed uneasy.

'Was she here only cause of Kamiki?' Daniel thought as he watched the two girls for a moment before his name was called, he stood up and walked to the front collecting his paper.

"Not bad Mr. Blackwood, you seem to grasp the concept of the subject." The teacher said, Daniel looked at the paper seeing a "75" on it. He nodded once, he could live with this easily it was better than failing he thought. Walking past the two girls who were still talking, as he did he caught a glimpse of Kamiki stealing glances at his paper as if wondering what he got. But he didn't tilt it enough to show her as if pretending he hadn't notice her looking.

The results continued for a while until Moriyama was called up eagerly standing up and making her way to the front with a large smile on her face. She must be expecting good results thought Daniel but as the teacher handed her the paper, her face turning white.

"It's okay to make up names for herbs but from now on please use the real names. If you did, you would have got 100" The teacher said with a smile on his face, Rin broke out laughing at her reaction. Her reaction looked kind of cute Daniel thought making him smile a bit since she had a pout on her face.

Kamiki laughed too only her laugh was as always stuck up, her friend sighing lightly. Daniel was guessing Moriyama did better than Noriko, even with her goofy fake names. Rin continued to laugh until the teacher slams his test paper on the desk making Rin fall back words in his chair.

"I don't know what your laughing about idiot!" Mr. Okumura yelled at his older brother who was sitting back up in his chair taking his paper to look at it his face dropped in defeat. Daniel moved his head a bit to look at Rin's paper... "2?..2?!" Daniel's eyes widen, how the hell does someone get a grade that low when their younger brother is the teacher?!

"I couldn't do that bad if I tried. You're too busy flirting with girls. You disgust me." Suguro/Bon called out as he walked past Rin to get his paper. "Well done Mr. Suguro." The teacher said with a large smile on his face, handing Suguro/Bon his paper. The boy smirked and walked to Rin showing him the paper, Daniel could make out a... "98?!" Daniel blinked, 'Holy shit, the dude who looks like a punk did a hell of a job.' Daniel thought, Kamiki coughed hard seeing the score like she couldn't believe it.

"Guess Suguro did better than her." Daniel said to himself earning a glare from Kamiki, ouch looks like his guess was right. She looked away from Daniel, Rin stood up with a stunned face.

"I d-don't believe it! A guy like you can't get 98 points! That's impossible!" Rin yelled out in amazement, Suguro/Bon crushed the test paper in his hand glaring at Rin.

"What?!" He yelled at Rin, making Daniel sigh lightly. Though he wasn't alone some of the students sighed as well some saying "There they go again." This wasn't the first time they have been at each other's throats, they seemed like rivals only Suguro/Bon was a genius while Rin was a slacker but he did seem to have the drive to work but only certain things…

As the two fought Daniel caught a glimpse of Mr. Okumura's eyebrow twitching in annoyance, and his shoulders began to tremble as he struggled to control himself.


As Daniel counted down in his head the whole classroom shook. "ENOUGH YOU TWO SIT DOWN!"The teacher screamed out making Rin and Suguro/Bon jump away from the teacher shaking in fear. Daniel smirked softly, it always nice to have the teacher freak out since it shut them up.

Shima laughed lightly under his breath as Suguro/Bon sat back down in front of them looking pissed still. Rin was grinding his teeth in annoyance, sneaking glaring glances at his rival. Class went by without another outburst as Mr. Okumura continued to help the students with things they missed.

A few classes later...

"GRRAAAH!" Two idiots screamed out like battle cries. "Slowpoke! HeeHee! Brains won't save you in afight!" Dumbass One screamed out as he ran slightly out of breath.

"Argh..." Dumbass Two said running out of steam as he ran as fast as he could but he struggled to keep up with Dumbass One.

"What the?" Kamiki said in confusion as she watched the two running like they were trying to out run Satan himself. Though all they were really doing was trying to out race each other... totally defeating the reason for today lesson. Her friend beside her shook her head in confusion as she watched the same show.

"Ha ha... and I thought Bon was fast!" Shima said putting his hand above his eyes as if to see them running in the distance. Miwa simply nodded beside his much taller friend in agreement, Moriyama stood by the edge looking surprised. Still... dressed in a kimono. Daniel sighed lightly watching the two running like idiots competing with each other.

"I got the feeling this won't end well..." Daniel mumbled to himself, he was standing behind Kamiki watching as well. Expecting her to get annoyed by him talking but she simply nodded once in agreement. Sure, enough three seconds later.

"In a fight... all that matters is, who wins!" Suguro screamed out as he jumps kicking Rin in the back sending him flying forward, but because he did this he was stopped in place landing on his knees.

"Grooar!" A frog like demon roared as it leaped at the defenseless Suguro, who screamed "Yikes!".

"Knew it" Daniel mumbled as he face palmed himself shaking his head feeling tired, he didn't even go yet.

"Enough!" A man in a lookout overlooking the arena the class was in screamed as he jerked a lever back. Cutting a chain off that was attached to the frog stopping it in midair it slammed back onto the ground, rolling back over so it faced Suguro who was out of breath.

Rin forced himself to his feet stomping over to Suguro like a bull seeing red, he then slammed his forehead into Suguro glaring him down.

"What are you two doing trying to get killed!?" The man with 5 o'clock shade screamed at his two students, but they ignored him as they became to start fighting once more.

"Idiots" Kamiki said, Daniel nodded in agreement with her. Before the teacher scream out his name to help break it up along with Shima and Miwa. Sighing he jumped down, landing on the slanted hill along with the other two. They then ran over to the two morons, Daniel grabbed Rin alone pulling him away from Suguro while his two friends did the same pulling him from Rin.

As Daniel pulled Rin he felt just how strong Rin was when he tried resist it was slightly startling to him. Finally, the teacher came down and grabbed Suguro pulling him away for some reason making Daniel release Rin.

"What is it with him?!" Rin screamed in annoyance Shima walked up behind Rin and gently patted Rin's shoulder as if to calm him down. Daniel sighed lightly walking away ignoring most of Shima's words until one sentence made him freeze.

"Bon... wants to be an Exorcist so he can defeat Satan" Shima said with a hint of sadness in his voice, Daniel took a deep breath before turning his head a little to Shima listening to him. But he caught a glimpse of Rin's face he looked surprised for some reason, did he think it was funny?

"Bon is working hard to restore our temple, it... was ruined during the Blue Night." Miwa said softly looking down at the ground as if living a nightmare. Daniel's eyes looked down at the ground... "The Blue Night..." He mumbled to himself... remember that night very well... even though he was only 2 at the time...

"What's that?" Rin asked tilted his head in wonder, Daniel jerked around fully facing a confused looking Rin.

"Do you really not know you moron!?" Daniel said in a hint of annoyance it made Rin jump back in surprise, Daniel hadn't yelled at Rin since they first met in the hallway with Faust. Growling faintly, he sighed once... Rin really is a moron.

"The Blue Night was 16 years ago, when that bastard Satan killed almost all the big shots! Only a hand full of them survived that hell filled night!" Daniel said still pissed off before walking off to the ladder, as he grabbed the railing he caught a glimpse of Kamiki staring at him in surprise from his words and sudden outburst. Though as he looked at her fully she looked away quickly as if to pretend she wasn't staring, as Daniel looked around he noticed all eyes on him right now.

"Fuck..." He mumbled before climbing that ladder going back to the second floor where all the students were sitting, he didn't mean to freak out. It wasn't like him to, he leaned against the wall close to Gender Bender. Who happened to take a glance at him before returning to their PSP playing again.

Daniel watched at the two boys explained what happen with Suguro, but the story ended quickly as the teacher and Suguro came back. Rin looked at Suguro with a strange look as if respecting him...

"Maybe I should of heard the story..." Daniel mumbled to himself, all the students came back up. The teacher for the lesson went back to the lookout manning the levers agains he then picked up his clipboard and looked at the students.

"Blackwood... and Kamiki!" Daniel's eyes flicked up quickly to the teacher who called him and then looked at Kamiki as she stood up. She then glanced at him before sliding down the hill into the arena, sighing once Daniel moved away from the wall and followed behind her quickly as they took their places at the starting mark. The teacher called out to them...

"Remember you're to predict the movements of the Leaper... NOT HAVE A FOOT RACE!" The teacher said last looking at Suguro and Rin, some of the students snickered. Kamiki looked at Daniel for a moment before saying.

"Don't get in my way" She said sounding like a snob like always, then went into a crouching position like runners do to get ready.

"Yes princess" Daniel said before taking his hands out of his pockets, he got a glare from Kamiki like always before he crouched down a little to ready himself like her.

"Go!" The teacher screamed out, as he hit the release lever. Kamiki took off without a pause smirking back at Daniel who didn't move for a moment as if waiting for something. The frog/Leaper lunged at Daniel who looked at it for a moment, he then ran at it quickly before diving down like a baseball player sliding right under it.

It landed on the ground turning its head a few times as if it was trying to realize what Daniel just did. Daniel then walked calmly in the direction Kamiki was running from, she slid to a stop right in front of him stunned that the Leaper totally missed him.

"Yo princess, I suggest you duck." He said before placing his hand on her head since she couldn't see past him, he then gently pressed down on her forcing her into a ducking position. Daniel ducked down as well as he did the Leaper was jumping at them both only to miss once more sliding on the ground, turning around since it saw Daniel duck this time.

"Now run." Daniel said gently grabbing Kamiki's hand pulling her along to get her going, her face was bright red trying to figure out what was happening right now. As they ran the Leaper jumped behind them trying to catch up, Daniel released Kamiki's hand since he knew she could out run it now since she figured out what just happened. But her face turned into a scowl as if trying to burn a hole in the back of Daniel's head as she struggled to keep up with him. Daniel smiled lightly before laughing.

'She's kinda cute when she behaves' He thought to himself as he glanced at her taking in her appearance, she wore a simple purple sweatpants that showed off her legs a bit from the knee down. And a pink sweater that had a small flower design on it, the sleeves of the sweater cut off a little after her elbows. It did look nice on her Daniel thought, turning his head to front to see where he was going.

It was about ten minutes of Daniel helping Kamiki dodge the Leaper several times before the teacher pulled the lever to stop the Leaper. As they came to the stop Daniel looked at Kamiki who was struggling to catch her breath, while he was hardly out of breath. He could have ran faster but he just wanted to keep up with her so he didn't need to push himself too much.

A small amount of clapping were heard making Daniel look up at his fellow students some of them looked stunned, Kamiki looked up at him glaring her face still red a little from when he'd grab her hand during the running to help her dodge. Her mouth opened as she was about to scream at him, though the teachers screams were heard first.

"Well done Blackwood, Kamiki! I'm impressed, you two worked well at avoiding the Leaper!" Daniel smiled at Kamiki who looked at her teacher in surprise, she then looked at him making her glare soften a little. Still wanting to yell but knowing it would have been messed up even for her since the teacher congratulated them both.

"Yamada and Shima, your turn!" The teacher called out as the two reached the ladder, Daniel moved off to the side to let Kamiki on first. As she grabbed the railing she turned to face him.

"Don't ever do that again" She said in a stern voice giving Daniel a death glare making him bow to her a little.

"As you wish my princess." He said in a mocking tone to her, earning him am evem darker glare that could scare even Satan. Backing up a bit his hands went up in defense, even he knew to stop pushing it now. Looking away from him she climbed up the ladder to the student platform, Daniel followed up as well once he reached to the top a hand was offered to him.

"Here... let me help you." Suguro/Bon said, Daniel blinked a little surprised before taking his hand. With a little strength Suguro pulled him, Daniel stretched his back as he stood up straight.

"That was pretty good..." Suguro mumbled to Daniel making him smile lightly before walking past Suguro patting his shoulder once.

"Thanks man..." Daniel mumbled back for Suguro to hear him, he then leaned against the wall watching as Yamada and Shima ran around. Though all they did was run, just trying to avoid the Leaper. A whispered reached his ears as Noriko spoke to Kamiki peaking at Daniel who was looking at the ceiling as if not hearing.

"He's not such a bad guy huh Izumo?" Noriko complimented, though Daniel just closed his eyes as if to pretend to doze off.

"Heck no! He's a jerk!" Kamiki said loud enough for everyone to hear making Daniel's eyebrow twitch a bit. He then looked at Kamiki whose face was slightly red as she glared down at the arena watching. 'Maybe I should say sor..."'


Daniel's thoughts were cut off as someone's phone rang.

"Hello honey?" Everyone looked around then their eyes rested on the teacher who was talking to someone on the phone...

"But I'm working Kitty Cat... ohh you're so demanding" The teacher pulled the lever stopping the Leaper dead in its tracks. It slammed onto the ground on its back but once again rolled onto its feet looking into the distance. The two on the arena floor slowed down to catch their breath more like Shima... Yamada just walked back to the ladder calmly. Shima soon followed.

"Now class there is a... urgent matter I must attend. Let's take a break for now, now then I don't want anyone going onto the arena floor. Leapers can sense emotions like fear, anger, happiness and so on. It can read your mind as well so stay away from it!.. Now then... I'm coming Kitty Cat!" The teacher took off running down the hallway going off to God knows... never mind don't think even God wants to know.

Everyone looked stunned as they watched the dust the teacher kicked up as he ran away to attend to 'Urgent' matters... Shima was the first to talk. "Hear that? Teach called someone a kitty cat" Daniel laughed once before moving away from the wall and taking a few steps to the area edge looking down at the Leaper who just simply yawned.

"We're taking a break for a booty call" Kamiki said sounding annoyed, this time Shima was the one to laugh at her words. Noriko spoke after "Are teachers allowed to do that?"

"Unbelievable, and he calls himself a teacher. True Cross is supposed to be a place where the best of the best come. Even the students suck!" Suguro said glaring at Rin, 'Again?' Daniel thought glancing at them.

Rin didn't look amused at he just stayed quiet, Suguro didn't stop though. "You're just a slacker who got here on a free pass!"

"Come on man let it go" Shima said, Miwa nodding in agreement "Leave him alone Bon" Suguro glared at them waving his arm once to silence them.

"Shut up I know what I'm doing!" Suguro turned his attention back to Rin "You say you're not a slacker, then prove it!"

Rin tilted his head a bit, Daniel raised his eyebrow in wonder at what Suguro was going to suggest.

"By touching the Leaper!" Suguro pointed at the Leaper who wasn't even looking at us. "If you can touch it and come back without it attacking you win!"

"Huh?" Rin said, Suguro grinned at him. "When a Leaper looks into your eyes, it's going to try reading your mind. Fear and anger, Sadness and Jealousy. Whatever it can use it will, if you look away your dead. But if your calm you will be fine, and I'll leave you alone!"

Rin merely blinked at Suguro who was glaring still, he then continued speaking. "And I'll do it too just to prove a point!" Daniel looked at Suguro about to open his mouth until Rin count him off.

Rin smirked for a moment "Sure why not!?" Suguro's grin turned to a smirk, smirking back excited until Rin looked away picking his nose "Yeah right, like I'd want to die over something so stupid" Rin said calmly.

"We both have the same goals so why should I prove anything to you?" Rin said before looking to Suguro, who was glaring at him then to his friends.

"You told him about me?!" Shime and Miwa looked away trying to pretend they didn't hear him.

"You're just chicken!" Suguro continued being pissed, his anger only seemed to grow. Rin merely shrugged once ignoring Suguro.

"Doesn't it piss you off to be underestimated?! Fine then, stay there I'll do it!" Suguro said before sliding down the arena side, Rin reached out to stop him but didn't reach him in time.

"Is he really going to do it?" Noriko said sounding concerned for him, Kamiki shrugged once sounding bored as she spoke. "He's not going to do anything this is so lame"

Suguro stomped to the Leaper who turned its head to look at him, Suguro was mumbling to himself as he walked until he was in attacking distance of the Leaper who stared at him.

"I'm going to be a real Exorcist someday, and I'm going to defeat Satan!" He screamed out as he faced the Leaper, there was an intense silence for a moment before snickering was heard. Daniel turned his head to its source seeing Kamiki laughing.

"Did you hear what he said? He's going to defeat Satan?! Seriously?" She continued to laugh at him, while Suguro stood there stunned at her laughter. As he stood there the Leaper roared out lunging at him, Suguro snapped out of it shielding himself with his arms.

"Bon!" Shima screamed out as he took a step, Rin lunged out jumped off the edge of the arena. But he wasn't alone as Daniel jumped too but he was a second slower then Rin as the both landed and Rin got between the Leaper who was in midair and Suguro still blocking himself looking stunned.

The leaper bit into Rin's body for a moment, until for some reason it looked scared of him and backed off backing up a bit. Daniel stood beside Suguro who look stunned at this, Suguro was stunned as well til Rin turned to him turning his back on the Leaper.

"What do you think you're doing? Are you insane?" Rin said looking at Suguro then to Daniel who was still surprised for a moment before lunging at Rin who moved back a little as if to dodge only Daniel moved past him slamming his foot into the Leaper's face who was in mid jump again. It flew back several feet slamming into the cages knocking one down that fell on top of it pinning it down.

"Are you insane!? Didn't you hear what Suguro said?! If you turn your back on it, it will attack! You moron!" Daniel screamed to Rin before slamming his fist over Rin's head, Rin quickly grabbed the back of his head trying to rub the pain away.

"S-Sorry.. forgot... but anyway Suguro. I will be the one to defeat Satan!" Rin said quickly looking at Suguro who was still stunned for a moment longer.

"Like hell you will! Don't steal my ideas!" Suguro said glaring Rin down, Rin once again glared him down before Daniel got between them pushing them apart. He then looked at the two of them sighing lightly.

"Get in line you two... because I've wanted Satan dead before you both were born..." Daniel said in a dark almost deadly tone, a voice that almost didn't sound like his. Almost sounding possessed, the older boy then walked between the two. Walking away from the two boys who stared at his back stunned...

"They're all morons..." Kamiki said softly while watching Daniel walk away...