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I've seen the Disney version of Tuck Everlasting a few times and I started reading the book. I thought of doing a Tuck Everlasting fan fic with a Miles & OC pairing (I thought Scott Bairstow who played Miles in the movie was cute), but I wasn't sure how I could pull it off. But lately, I've been reading a few Miles/OC stories, and I came up with an idea.

I want to do my own take on the story, combining elements from the movie and book. As I read the book, I noticed that Miles is portrayed as soft to a certain degree. So, I'll use both the book and movie version of Miles, hopefully he won't be too out of character.

Also, I'm going to do a completely different backstory on my OC, you'll find out.

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Tuck Everlasting does not belong to me. All rights go to Disney and Natalie Babbitt. I own nothing except for my OC, Rosalie.

Chapter 1

Winnie Foster and her cousin, Rosalie both laid on the grass, breathing in the air and enjoying the summer day. With school officially out, the two girls could relax and take a break from schoolwork. Although they were cousins, Rosalie and Winnie had a close bond, like sisters…always there for each other. Rosalie lived with the Fosters when tragedy befell her parents. They had dropped off their only daughter to stay with Winnie, Winnie's mother and father; for they were going on vacation. Unfortunately, neither of them came back for Rosalie. She soon learned her parents died in a terrible car accident. Rosalie's father was an only child, her mother and Winnie's dad were siblings. Therefore, Rosalie ended up being in the care of her aunt, uncle, and cousin. She was devastated by the loss of her parents and missed them terribly. Since then, Winnie supported Rosalie through thick and thin.

"Winifred! Rosalie!" Mrs. Foster called. "Winifred! Rosalie!"

The girls sighed.

"Yes, Mother?" Winnie asked.

"You rang, Auntie?" Rosalie asks.

"I need a new name, Rose. One that's not all worn out from being called so much." Winnie said.

"Noted and understood." Rosalie agreed. "I want a guy someone I can admire and look up to…naturally, I'd like to get married and have a family. Just with the right one,"

"I want a guy who's free spirited, full of life, and fun loving." Winnie said. "Someone who could care less about being proper."

"Rose, how do you know when finding the right man?" Winnie asked.

"Well, Winnie…when you find that special someone and make a connection, you just know." Rosalie responded, snapping her fingers.

"Come inside this instant." Mrs. Foster commanded. "You're both getting filthy!"

Rosalie and Winnie quietly moaned, reluctantly getting up and going into the house.

Inside the bedroom the girls shared, Mrs. Foster tightly laced up Winnie's corset, while a housemaid did Rosalie's.

"Oh!" Rosalie gasped as she felt the undergarment gripping her body.

"Ow!" Winnie winced in pain. "I can scarcely breathe."

Mrs. Foster spoke something in French. "'You must suffer to be beautiful.' So, say the French." She pats Winnie's hips with her hands.

"The French are crazy," Winnie commented.

"Ludicrous," Rosalie scoffed, gritting her teeth.

Winnie and Rosalie both found the formality in their lives stifling. They both hated wearing corsets and croquet games bored them to tears. While Winnie was tasked with work on her etiquette, Rosalie was pushed to perfect her calligraphy skills a bit more and find a husband. Rosalie preferred that she marry for love and not just to please the adults around her.

Both girls longed to escape from their suffocating home lives, while at the same time…they dreamed about finding a man somewhere out there who'll love them as they are.

One afternoon, Mrs. Foster took Winnie and Rosalie into town to run an errand. The car comes to a stop.

"Wait for me in the car." She instructed them. "I won't be a minute."

"Yes ma'am," said Rosalie.

Winnie nodded.

The chauffer opens the door and Mrs. Foster gets out.

Once Rosalie made sure her aunt was inside the bakery, she opened the door and stepped out.

"What are you doing?" Winnie asked.

"Getting some air," Rosalie replied, smirking.

Winnie shook her head as Rosalie leaned against the car, elbows propped up on the doors.

A group of boys who were playing baseball, caught sight of Rosalie watching them, as well as Winnie who was still inside the car.

"What kind of a funny hat is that?" One boy laughs.

"Well, lookee here," The ringleader remarked, amused approaching the duo. "If it's not Miss Moneybags in her fancy car along with her sister."

"I'm her cousin," Rosalie pointed out.

"Oh, excuse me," The self-proclaimed leader taunted. "You two don't want to get your feet dirty?"

"Do we look scared to you, huh?" Rosalie challenged, raising an eyebrow; while Winnie frowned at him.

She and Winnie exchanged looks.

"Come on, Winnie. Let's liven things up, shall we?" Rosalie asks; opening the passenger door.

Winnie hesitates and gets out.

The next thing they knew, the girls joined in on the fun .

"Winnie Foster? And Rosalie Foster?" One other girl asks. "You've got to be kidding!"

Winnie hits the ball with a bat and ran.

"Wow!" A boy exclaimed in awe.

"And she's off!" Rosalie announced.

"Winnie, run!" Another girl called.

"Run, Winnie, run!"

Winnie kept running until she makes it to the base and slides.

"And she makes it!" Rosalie shouted.

"Winifred! Rosalie!" Mrs. Foster screeched, her voice shrill.

The girls faced the Foster matriarch.

"And that's all for us, folks!" Rosalie declared jokingly, as Winnie frowned.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!

Rather than start off the story with Winnie and Rosalie getting kidnapped by Miles (it's coming soon though), I'd begin with this little introduction to them. I came up with the idea of Rosalie having calligraphy skills, there's also another artistic talent she has; more on that later.

For this story, I'm envisioning Rosalie as feisty, a non-conformist, and a bit of a rebel. The person I imagine playing Rosalie is Emilie de Ravin of Once Upon a Time.

As far as ages go, Winnie is 15 (like in the movie) and Rosalie is 18 in the story.

Coming up, the girls meet the man in the yellow suit.

Another chapter coming soon!