Disclaimer: I don't own Kids Next Door. They characters are creations of Tom Warburton. I also do not own any of the songs that are going to be used in the story.

The Teams

KND Global/ Ground Force Command

Numbuh 3; aka Kuki Sanban

Numbuh 4; aka Wallabee Beetles

Numbuh 5; aka Abigail Lincoln

Numbuh 83; aka Sonia May

Numbuh 84; aka Lee Witherton

Numbuh 86; aka Fanny Fulbright

Sector Z

Numbuh 0.1; aka Bruce Perry

Numbuh 0.2; aka David Mathers

Numbuh 0.3; aka Ashley Perry

Numbuh 0.4; aka Lenny del Rio

Numbuh 0.5; aka Constance Jackson

Numbuh 1; aka Nigel Uno

Numbuh 362; aka Rachel T. McKenzie

The Air Berets

Numbuh 2; aka Hoagie P. Gilligan, Jr.

Numbuh T; aka Tommy Gilligan

The Kid; aka Ace Ferrara

Henrietta von Marzipan

The Basterdz

Numbuh 9; aka Maurice Phayton

Numbuh 60; aka Patton Drilovsky

Numbuh 274; aka Chad Dickson