The Arctic Base

Speeding towards the Arctic Base, Maurice and Chad are more than prepared to fight.

"This shouldn't be too bad." Chad comments.

"How can you say that so calmly?!" Maurice argues.

"Knowing Patton as well as I'll do, he'll get everyone outta there and fight them using the tunnel systems O had installed. Fight like the Viet Cong did." Chad explains.

Chad lands the ship about 100 yards away from the base entrance, and then leads Maurice to a tiny cave.

"What are we doing here?" Maurice asks curiously. Cha then hits a secret button that reveals a hidden chute.

"I had it installed after Numbuh 100 put me in charge of the Base. The only other one who knows about it is Patton. The only ones who know about the hidden tunnels are me and him." Chad explains. "This'll lead us right into the main office, let's get down there."

Without a second thought, Maurice follows Chad down the chute.

Inside the Arctic Base, Numbuh 60 is leading a defensive assault on the teenagers. Though it seems as if they are backing him and the other operatives into a corner, he is leading the operatives to escape pods to face the teenagers alone.

"Bartie, get everyone back to the Moonbase. I'll handle them here." He orders Numbuh 35.

"But Patton, how are you gonna…." Before he can finish his thought, Patton grabs him by the collar.

"Don't ask questions, just go!" Patton then throws him into the ship and prepares to face off against the teenagers.

As they approach him, The Steve steps forward and boasts, "Looks like we got you trapped now little dude."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Patton quips.

He then jumps towards a button on the wall and sets off an explosion. The explosion buries The Steve and other teenagers in a mound of snow. Using time to his advantage, Patton slips into a hole with a chute. Sliding down the chute, he lands in his office where he sees Chad and Maurice. They two of them are geared up and ready to fight.

"You guys came, thank God." Patton sighs in relief.

"Good to see you again, give us a sitrep." Chad requests.

"Well, this place is crawling with a handful of those teenage fucks. The only KND operatives on the base are the three of us. The biggest threats here is The Steve. Now we can't get back up the way I came it's cut off by the snow mound. I buried The Steve and some others in it, but I don't know if they got out." Patton explains.

"What about any prisoners, could they break them out?" Chad asks.

"There are no prisoners right now. We haven't taken prisoners since the TREATY incident." Patton explains, much to Chad's surprise. Though Chad decides not to focus on that right now.

"Are the tunnels and booby traps still good to use?" Chad asks.

"Top notch. I had a feeling you'd wanna fight VC style. And hey, the sound system still works." Patton comments.

"Why do we need a sound system?" Maurice asks curiously.

"Because it's a good way to distract them. What's something we've learned about the Teenz we've had to spy on?" Chad asks.

"Oh that's easy, they hate good music." Maurice correctly states.

"Exactly." Chad pulls out a boombox and connects the sound to the Arctic Base's PA system.

"Let's pop in something I burned together just for this kind of occasion." Chad says, putting in a CD. Patton gears up and hands the other trackers so that they can find each other in the tunnels.

While the music starts to play, the three of them make their way into the hidden tunnels in the walls, ceilings and floors. This helps them hunt down the teenagers without being spotted.

Elsewhere, two Teen Ninja girls are wandering the corridors hunting down any remaining operatives.

"Like Elsie, where is this brat?" The blonde girl, Tammy, asks.

"I don't know, Tammy, but we gotta find him, like The Steve said." The brunette named Elsie replies.

All of the sudden, they hear the music playing and begin to cringe.

"Oh god, what is this crap?" Elsie complains.

Hearing them whine through a vent, Patton pops out and shoots the both with a customized SPICER which blinds the two teenagers; before he gets back inside and keeps moving.

Strange days have found us

Strange days have tracked us down

Chad looks through a vent and hears three teenagers talking.

"God, why do these little shits have such bad taste in music. Chad's a traitor but even HE doesn't listen to this crap." One of them whines.

"Oh you're right about that." Another one comments.

"No he's not." Chad pops out to surprise them.

They're going to destroy

Our casual joys.

We shall go on playing

Or find a new town.

Before they can take aim, Chad triggers an electric booby trap that immobilizes the three Ninjaz and hops back into the tunnels to hunt down more teenagers.

Strange eyes fill strange rooms

Voices will signal their tired end

Maurice is able to work his way through the tunnels with ease. And located another large group of Ninjaz right below him.

The hostess is grinning

Her guests sleep from sinning

Hear me talk of sin

And you know this is it.

To cut off their escape route, Maurice sets off explosives which opens up a giant hole underneath them and also buries a large mound of snow on top of them.

Strange days have found us

As they each pick off their enemies, eventually the three of them manage to meet back up in the main chamber.

And through their strange hours

We linger alone,

Bodies confused,

A couple remaining teenagers attempt to attack them, but are more than easily subdued.

Memories misused,

As we run from the day

To a strange night of stone.

"Okay, I think we got most of them. I didn't see The Steve though." Chad comments.

"Maybe he got a…" Before Maurice can finish his thought. The music suddenly cuts off.

"You crazy bastards. You think you can take me on. I'm the Steve. Ain't nobody can fuck with me." The Steve shouts over the intercom. The three operatives realize where they are standing and back away 10 extra feet from each other.

"If y'all wanna fight me. Come find me." The Steve boasts.

"Whatever you say, asshole." Patton quips. He then pulls out a small detonator and hits the button in it. This causes the ceiling to explode and for The Steve to come crashing through, as Patton's office was right above them. When The Steve pulls himself together, he looks up to see Patton pointing a SPICER in his face.

"Stand up." Patton orders, but the teenager doesn't budge.

"Yeah, like I'd ever take orders from a…" He is then kicked in the face and pulled to his feet by Chad.

"Stand the fuck up and look at me." Chad pins the teen to a wall.

"Now listen, I'm gonna ask you some questions. And I want them answered immediately. What was your plan here? And who told you guys I was in the KND?" Chad asks.

"We was always watching you, buddy boy. Cree managed to find out you was still working with those brats." The Steve answers.

"That sadist bitch. Do you know where she is now?" Chad asks, wanting to hunt her down.

"I got no idea. We ain't seen her in months. But… she did give me a little something, something before she ran off." The Steve jokes.

"This isn't the time for jokes ya tool. Now tell why you attacked the Base." Chad demands.

"For him." The Steve points his head towards Patton.

"Why did you want me?" Patton asks.

"For the master plan. Father wants you brats gone." The Steve.

"Yeah we know that, but how?" Patton presses further.

"Ya stupid little bastard. Nothing you do can make me tell you." The Steve boasts. Chad looks at Patton and Maurice with a slight smirk.

"So we're bastards, eh?" Maurice asks sarcastically.

"You guys MAY wanna leave the room for this." Chad pulls out a pair scissors and a marker. Taking note, Patton and Maurice leave the room and wait for Chad to finish. For the next ten minutes, all they hear in the other room is the Steve's cries of despair.

Chad then walks into the room and shows them what he did to the Steve. The Steve is crying over his broken sunglasses and the beautiful that Chad completely cut off. Across his head is the phrase: "This is what the Basterdz do to Villains."

"What did he tell you? And why did you spell bastards like that?" Patton asks, laughing at the Steve.

"They're sending Villains all over the globe to find KND operatives and Delightfulize them. Our mission is to hunt them down before they can do that. And I spelled it wrong because we know it'll screw with their heads and distract them. It'll come in handy for what we have to do. What to say? Basterdz?" Chad puts his hand out.

"Basterdz." Maurice puts his hand in.

"Basterdz." Patton puts his hand in.

"Now how do we explain this to Global Command?" Patton asks.

"I'm due time, Patton. But first let's lay low for the night. We're gonna need rest, because we're gonna start finding the Villains tomorrow." Chad informs him.

"Well, let's just head back to my place. We'll be safe there." Maurice says.

The three of them exit the base, but not before blinding The Steve with a SPICER blast, to prevent him from escaping.

They all make their way back to Chad's ship and take off into the night sky.

End of the chapter. It took me a while to figure out the role of the Basterdz in this story, but I like what I was able to come up with, and I hope you do too. The next chapter is going to be about Fanny helping Sector W defend their treehouse. An old enemy will be returning for that chapter. Until the next update, happy reading!

P.S. The song used in the story was "Strange Days" by The Doors. I've been listening to The Doors nonstop throughout the pandemic.