Note: This is my first Crossover attempt, hope it works.

September 2001

Abe was looking at the tragically new scene of New York City, completely changed in only one day. In the days since, the world has completely changed.

'It's a tragedy, alright' Abe thought to himself, 'the fact that we are now at war.'

He grimaced at the thought

'I need a walk'


Abe was feeling slightly better as he was walking before he saw a team of FBI agents. They were noticeably tired and slightly covered in dust from the debris, obviously from the remains of the buildings.

'So grateful for them' he thought to himself as he walked up to them.

One of the agents looked up to him and looked shocked.

"Is something wrong?" Abe asked

The agent shook off his shock and shook Abe's hand.

"Sorry, you look just like my dad, who I just got off the phone with." The agent said, "He was really worried."

"I bet." Abe chuckled as he shook the man's hand.

"What's your name?" Abe asked

"Don Eppes." The agent said

"Pleasure to meet you." Eppes said as he walked away, smiling

"Same to you." Abe said

'Well' Abe thought, smiling, 'I think I just made someone's day.'

The End