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Two and a half years have passed since Jango had taken the mission to rescue Mon Mothma, having saved the girl, along with meeting his future apprentice and adopted son, Naruto U. Fett.

Since then, Jango has begun training Naruto in everything he knew; from fighting to piloting to using anything and everything he can get his hands on as a weapon. Naruto proved to be a prodigy when it came to fighting, being able to anticipate when he's being attacked or when danger is close, which Jango figured was the Force warning him. Not only that, but he had the drive of a hard worker, never stopping until he had mastered any given task. And even then, he still kept training to be better, which was good as it'd mean he'd never let his skills get rusty or become lazy in thinking he couldn't be beaten.

Jango has seen arrogance and laziness be the death of many beings, having killed/captured quite a few of those types of people as well.

Of course with how young Naruto was, Jango had to take the training slowly, less he run the risk of crippling Naruto's growth in the long run.

Jango has also managed to still take a few bounty missions to Jedi and Sith homeworlds, managing to collect a few Holocrons from past Jedi Masters and Sith Lords for Naruto to study and learn from. Not to mention collecting several, after calling in several favors and debts owed to him.

Currently, both Jango and Naruto were on the planet Kamino, home to the Kaminoans, a race of tall, elegant beings who were regarded as a mysterious species that tended to keep to themselves.

Jango was wearing a new set of Mandalorian armor, resembling the dark green/grey and red armor he wore during the battle of Galidraan. The True Mandalorian symbol was on the shoulder pads with a Mandalorian cape hanging behind it as well. Though what really made the armor different, was the fact that it was made out of Beskar, instead of Durasteel.

Thinking of how he was able to get a set of Beskar armor always gave Jango a headache, given who he had to deal with to get it.


'How long has it been since I was last here?' Jango wondered as he gazed out his ship to the homeworld of the Mandalorians, Mandalore.

Three weeks have passed since he returned Mon Mothma to her home planet and got the rest of his payment, along with taking in Naruto as his apprentice and now his adopted son. But while Jango could train Naruto to be an efficient bounty hunter, he could not train him how to use the Force, which lead to them traveling to Mandalore.

Personally, if it was up to Jango, he'd rather never set foot on Mandalore again. Not only because of how he grew apart from his people after dealing with Tor Vizsla, but now Mandalore was under the control of the New Mandalorians. But with how the Mandalorians have a history of fighting and being allied with both the Jedi and the Sith, this is the best place to stock up on Jedi and Sith knowledge and artifacts, at least until Jango can start taking missions that allowed him to do so himself.

Punching in the landing codes, Jango landed in the capital city, Sundari, while knowing things will be tense.

Exiting the Slave I with Naruto following him, Jango didn't even blink when he saw not only Duchess Satine Kryze and several other members of the ruling body of Mandalore, including Prime Minister Almec. Though Jango shook his head when he didn't see a single guard or droid, he didn't even see any weapons on their person. If he wanted, he could kill them all faster than they could blink.

"Duchess Satine, I'm honored you came to greet me personally." Jango said, with no one missing the sarcastic undertone.

"Jango Fett, any who would try to uphold Mandalore's discarded warrior traditions are forbidden from stepping foot on Mandalore, including you." Satine said tersely to the former Mand'alor.

"Then I guess it's a good thing the current government doesn't consider me Mandalorian anymore, Duchess." Jango retorted with some bite in his tone.

He may have grown distant from his people and willingly given up being Mand'alor, but that didn't mean he enjoyed being discredited and seen as just a bounty hunter.

"You were never Mandalorian! You were nothing but a common bounty hunter fueled by your own greed!" Almec said, while glaring at Jango, having never had a good opinion of the man, even when he was the Mand'alor.

"Thank you for agreeing with me. I'm just a bounty hunter, meaning there's no issue with me being on the planet." Replied Jango sarcastically, while smirking at turning Almec's own words against him, with the said man scowling, realizing he just backed himself into a corner.

Jango then turned back Satine.

"We aren't friends, never have and never will be. But you forget, the True Mandalorians were the ones who kept Death Watch off your back, when we could have let them wipe you out. And even after we were destroyed on Galidraan and I hunted down and killed Tor Vizsla, you still discredited us as only simple mercenaries. So, unless you've tossed aside your pride and honor, along with your warrior heritage, you'll repay the debt I'm owed. Given I was the one who killed Vizsla, which lead to Death Watch's collapse." Jango said, since if it wasn't for him, these pacifists would either be dead or living under Tor Vizsla's boot.

Jango and Satine stared each other down for several moments, before Satine finally relented.

"What do you want?" Satine asked, much to the protest of Almec.

"Duchess Kryze, you can't possibly be considering giving this bounty hunter anything?!" Almec said, only for Satine to silence him with a look.

"Enough Almec. Jango Fett is right, if it wasn't for his actions, loathe as I am to condone them, he insured Death Watch would not threaten Mandalore again. If nothing else, we owe him a debt for insuring Mandalore could become what it is now." Satine said, before turning back to Jango and motioning for him to say what he wanted.

Nodding, Jango put a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"This is Naruto, my adopted son and student. While I can train him just fine, he's also Force-Sensitive, which I can't help with. I would like access to all the Jedi and Sith artifacts that Mandalore has collected over the millennia as Spoils of War. I'd also request several pounds of Beskar to make some new armor, both for myself and for Naruto when he's older." Jango said.

"These are…reasonable enough. I shall grant these requests, if you'll follow me, I'll take you to where the artifacts are kept." Satine said, wanting to get this done quickly, while not liking the idea of Jango Fett raising a Force-Sensitive child to be like him.

"Let's go Naruto." Jango said, just as eager to get this done with.

Nodding, Naruto followed his adoptive father. Though as they walked, Naruto caught sight of a girl, a few years older than him, with red hair, following the Duchess.

Sensing eyes on her, the girl looked at Naruto, showing her light green eyes.

'Who is she?' Naruto wondered as the girl looked up at Jango for a moment, before looking away.

*End Flashback*

Jango had been grateful that they had complied with his requests, as he had been able to gather a number of Holocrons and other artifacts from both the Jedi and Sith, even being lucky enough that one such Holocron belonged to Exar Kun himself. Unfortunately, they were forbidden from taking Tarre Vizsla's Holocron, given how it was sacred to all Mandalorians.

Pushing those thoughts aside for the moment, Jango turned his attention back to a glass tank, where floating in the middle of the liquid was his youngest son and Naruto's little brother, Boba Fett.

It had been after he was assigned to either capture or kill the now late former Jedi, Komari Vosa, that he met Count Dooku, or as he now called himself, Darth Tyranus. Dooku himself had personally killed Komari, while Jango had taken some satisfaction in defeating her and then watching her be killed by her former master, given how she was the one who set off the Battle of Galidraan with her big mouth.

It was there that Jango was given the offer to become the template for the Clone Army of the Republic, something which the Sith will use to destroy the Jedi from the inside. Jango was more than happy to do this, as he still held a grudge against the Jedi.

But in addition to his payment, Jango had the stipulation of being given an unaltered clone as a son. While he may have adopted Naruto, he figured it'd never hurt to have another son to pass his legacy onto. Plus, Naruto might like the idea of having a younger brother.

'Naruto U. Fett and Boba Fett. They're going to do big things in the future.' Jango thought, giving one last look at Boba before turning to Naruto.

"Let's go, it's time for your first real mission." Jango said, making Naruto look up at him with wide eyes, before nodding with a serious expression.

"Where are we going and what's the mission?" Naruto asked.

"Dantooine. Some pirates have taken up residency there, we've been hired to take care of them. There's also the ruins of a secret Jedi Training Enclave, so we're also going to see if there's anything worth scavenging there, that you could use." Jango explained, with Naruto nodding, while containing his excitement at going on a mission with his father and the chance to get anything new learn about the Force.


"Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Council is assigning both you and your Padawan to travel to Dantooine, where some pirates have taken up residency near a former Jedi Training Enclave. Your mission to deal with the pirates and search for any Jedi artifacts to bring back to the temple." Said Jedi Master Mace Windu, with Obi-Wan nodding in confirmation.

"We'll depart within the hour, Masters. Let's go Anakin." Obi-Wan said to his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, who nodded.

"Yes Master." Said Anakin, following his Master out of the Council Chambers.

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