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Above the planet of Dantooine, the Slave I came out of hyperspace, with Naruto and Jango looking down at the planet, where the pirates have set up base.

One the way there, Jango had taken the time to look through all the reports of where the pirates were spotted and luckily enough it seems they have set up their hideout near, or even inside, the Jedi Enclave. This gives them a chance to kill two birds with one stone, they can take out the pirates and search the Enclave afterwards without having to travel to two different locations.

Piloting the Slave I down to the planet's surface, Jango looked at his adopted son.

"Last chance, do you want to wait on the ship, and I'll deal with the pirates." Jango said, having given Naruto the chance to remain on Kamino and again to remain on the ship, he's giving him one more chance to back out if he wasn't ready.

"I'm ready, to prove myself as a Bounty Hunter and a Mandalorian, even if I'm not one by birth." Said Naruto, while sporting a look of determination on his face.

This made Jango smirk under his helmet and pat Naruto on the back, while knowing his adopted son was ready for this. Plus, it helped that Jango already had Naruto blooded, he made sure to always bring a target back to Kamino alive for Naruto to kill, usually one of the grunts or those whose bounties were worth more dead than alive. It was to help him get used to the idea and action of killing, and so he wouldn't freeze up after making his first kill.

It was the first kill Naruto made that was the hardest, always the first.


Jango sat beside Naruto after storing away the body of target he had just killed. He hadn't said anything after putting a blaster bolt through the man's head, but Jango could see his hands were still shaking.

"Does it, ever get easier?" Naruto asked after several moments of silence, Jango looking at him before looking forward deep in thought.

"…I wouldn't know, being a Mandalorian, I've seen plenty of death, while having killed dozens, possibly hundreds. Even before I joined the True Mandalorians, I knew how to kill if I needed to. For others, I'm not sure if gets easier." Jango said.

"Did you ever enjoy it?" Naruto asked, with Jango looking at him cautiously, before shaking his head.

"No, I never enjoyed it, anyone I ever killed it was always business." Jango said.

Were there people he enjoyed killing? Yes, there were several people he enjoyed killing. Was it the act of killing itself? No. For Jango whenever he enjoyed killing someone, it wasn't the act itself, but what killing them meant for him.

For the Death Watch members that attacked his home, it was avenging his family. The Jedi on Galidraan, because they attacked first and wiped out his allies and comrades. Vizsla, that was payback for everything he's done.

So, it wasn't the act of killing that Jango enjoyed, but what they meant for him. Now if he kills anyone, it's because he's hired to and it's only business.

"Did you enjoy killing that man?" Jango asked, as he would have a lot of work to do to make sure Naruto didn't become some lunatic who enjoyed killing, especially with his connection to the Force.

Though he was relieved when Naruto shook his head.

"No, I didn't like it. But I understand that sometimes killing is necessary, but I don't think I'll ever enjoy it." Naruto replied, with Jango patting him on the shoulder.

"Then you're better than most of the beings in the galaxy." Jango stated.

*End Flashback*

Jango had been surprised at Naruto's mature response and ability to not shut down after his first kill. Though he guessed that it made sense with all the Jedi and Sith Holocrons that he learned from, since it allowed Naruto to form his own opinion on certain matters. But Jango would prefer that over Naruto thinking too much like a Jedi or a Sith.

Add in Jango's own lessons on being a Bounty Hunter and a Mandalorian, along with keeping him up to date on events happening in the galaxy, Naruto has developed a more mature mindset for someone his age.

Pushing those thoughts aside and focusing back on the mission on hand. While Jango was wearing his new Beskar armor, Naruto was wearing Durasteel armor, since Jango figured it'd be better to wait until he's older to make him Beskar armor. Given they have a limited amount.

Naruto also wore a cloak over his armor, with both the cloak and armor being similar to attire worn by the Jedi Master Ven Zallow, with the cloak being black and the armor being red with an under bodysuit that was also black with silver highlights.

Soon they arrived at the Enclave, which was hidden deep in the mountains of Dantooine, far away from any civilization. Hiding on a ridge that overlooks the Enclave, Jango had his helmet zoom in to see how many pirates there were, finding at least a dozen outside, possibly more inside or hiding.

"Okay, I see at least a dozen; we'll take out those alone to keep the element of surprise. After that, we'll reveal ourselves and take the rest of them by surprise. With the ones we take out, it should lower their numbers to where the rest won't be much of a challenge." Jango said, with Naruto nodding.

Moving down the mountain while remaining hidden, Naruto and Jango split up and began systematically taking out the pirates, while hiding the bodies so as to not raise any alarms.

Even when the remaining pirates started getting suspicious and calling out to their allies, things still went pretty well. That is until two Jedi on speeder bikes showed up and alerted the pirates, making them call for a retreat to regroup.

Cursing the Jedi's arrival, Jango signaled to Naruto to jump out and simply take out as many pirates as they can, before they can escape. They were able to take out a few more, but the rest still managed to escape.

"Jedi, always showing up at the worst possible times." Jango stated as he looked at the two new arrivals, with him guessing the older one was likely a Jedi Knight and the other was his Padawan

Though Jango also recognized the older one as Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had taken part in the Battle of Naboo against the Trade Federation.

"Why are you here Bounty Hunter?" Obi-Wan questioned, willing to see if this could be ended peacefully, but ready to draw his Lightsaber, if it came to that.

"Well, we were hired to deal with the pirates, which we were doing until you two showed up ruining everything. Now they're aware and will be more alert and prepared. And after that we planned to see if anything of value was still here." Jango said, not mentioning Naruto's Force sensitivity as that would just invite all kinds of trouble.

"This Enclave belongs to the Jedi Order, as does any relics that remain. I ask that you both drop your weapons and leave us to our mission." Obi-Wan said, with Jango shaking his head at his words.

"We're Mandalorians, weapons are part of our religion." Jango said, while aiming his blasters and shooting at Obi-Wan, with the Jedi Knight quickly drawing his Lightsaber and deflecting them.

Anakin was about to help his master, but immediately jumped back when Naruto shot at him as well.

"Don't ever turn your back on your opponent, it might cost you your life." Naruto said, as Anakin activated his own Lightsaber.

Jango tossed a grenade at Obi-Wan, who quickly threw it into the air with the Force. Looking, he saw Jango holstering his blasters.

"Are you giving up?" Obi-Wan asked, only to be shocked when Jango pulled out a Lightsaber of his own, with him activating it, showing the glowing red blade.

"No, I just figured a change of weapons would help end this quicker." Jango said.

Naruto wasn't the only one who took advantage of the Holocrons' knowledge. Though granted, they had to write down the information as Jango couldn't activate the Holocrons himself. He mixed the Seven Lightsaber Forms with some Mandalorian Sword Styles, while mixing Mandalorian fighting tactics with Form Six Niman as a substitute for the Force, since he can't use it.

As for the Lightsaber, Jango had originally taken it off a Dark Jedi that he encountered while on a job. He planned to give it to Naruto, but to Jango's shock and pride, he declined. Saying that he would eventually make his own, or earn his own Lightsaber, rather than just be given one.

Obi-Wan quickly snapped out of his shock as Jango attacked him, with Obi-Wan having some difficultly as he was used to fighting those who use the Traditional Lightsaber Forms, while Jango's was very different in comparison.

Meanwhile, Naruto continued shooting at Anakin, who was having similar difficulties given he hasn't practiced with a Lightsaber for long, let alone in a real combat situation.

"Come on Jedi, is that all you can do, just deflect. And here I was hoping for a challenge." Naruto said mockingly, with Anakin glaring at the younger boy.

"At least I'm using a weapon that requires skill and practice. Something you clearly lack." Retorted Anakin, only to be forced to jump over a large container that was suddenly thrown at him.

Looking at Naruto, Anakin was shocked to see him levitating several objects around him.

"You wanted skills, how's this." Naruto said, while a smirking at the Padawan.

Anakin was forced to jump and dodge as Naruto flung several objects at him, while slicing through a few with his Lightsaber. Finally, Anakin sighed in relief at jumping over the last one, only to cry out in pain when Naruto shot a blast of Force Lightning at him, not strong enough to cause great pain, but enough to stun Anakin.

"How's that, a Bounty Hunter being better at using the Force than a Jedi. How shameful." Said Naruto tauntingly.

"I'm going to make you regret that brat!" Anakin said, as this kid knew how to get under his skin, as one thing Anakin hated was someone insulting his abilities, whether it was racing, mechanics, or his Jedi training.

"Bring it, Jedi." Retorted Naruto with a smirk adorned on his face.

However, before they could continue fighting, they, along with Jango and Obi-Wan, were stopped when they saw the pirates had returned along with their apparent leader.

"My, my, look at this, two Jedi and two Bounty Hunters interfering in our business." The man said, whom Jango recognized as Garth Ezzar, another Dark Jedi with a decent bounty on his head.

"While I'd enjoy watching you kill each other, your interference has cost me quite a good bit of helping hands, so I'm just going to blow you all to pieces." Garth said, pulling out a detonator and activating several charges that the pirates had placed to destroy the Enclave, once they were done here.

Jango cursed when he saw the explosives go off and went to run towards Naruto, but before he could reach him, the ground split open underneath them, revealing underground caverns.

'Damn!' Jango mentally cursed, while activating his jetpack to slow his decent into the tunnels.

Now he'd have to find his way out, though he had faith that Naruto would survive and find a way out, as well.


Anakin groaned as he woke up, while his entire body felt sore from falling into the cavern. Sitting up, Anakin immediately stiffened when he saw Naruto sitting by a fire and reached for his Lightsaber, only to find it missing.

"Looking for this." Said Naruto, while holding up Anakin's Lightsaber, making the Padawan curse at losing his weapon.

One of the first lessons that Obi-Wan taught him, was never lose his Lightsaber, and he loses it on his first mission from the Jedi Council.

Looking around, Anakin frowned at seeing how far underground they were, and yet he only felt sore when he should have worse injuries. Looking at Naruto, the Padawan saw he didn't look injured either.

"Why aren't we injured?" Anakin asked.

"I was able to keep myself conscious and used my pain from the fall, then turned it into anger, which I in turn used to perform some Force Healing techniques on us." Naruto answered, figuring he had a better chance of escaping with Anakin, than on his own.

"That sounds like a Dark Side technique." Said Anakin, now on edge that he knew how to use the Dark Side.

"I won't lie, I've studied from both Jedi and Sith Holocrons, along with ancient texts and tomes from both of the orders. But I wasn't raised under either orders' religious beliefs or practices. To me, the Light and Dark sides of the Force aren't inherently good or evil, it's only the intent of the wielder in using the Force." Naruto said, while Anakin was surprised that he has Holocrons of both the Jedi and the Sith.

"Well, would you consider giving them to the Jedi Order?" Anakin asked, since he's sure they'd appreciate the knowledge the Holocrons contain.

"No, I need them to continue my training in the Force. Besides, if I gave them to the Jedi, they'd either lock them up in some vault, gathering dust until a Master finally decides to look at them. Or destroy them, in the case of the Sith Holocrons." Naruto replied, refusing to let the Holocrons go to waste, or be destroyed and losing the knowledge they contain.

"Those artifacts are dangerous, if they fall into the wrong hands. At least with the Jedi, they'd be safe, since we're are the keepers of peace in the galaxy." Stated Anakin, only for Naruto to scoff at his words.

"Peace? really?! No, the Jedi are just a bunch of hypocrites. They claim to desire peace, and yet they performed a Sith Holocaust at the end of the Great Hyperspace War. Where the Jedi wiped out the Sith Empire, despite it being crippled and no longer a threat; regardless if those they killed were Sith Lords or Civilians! Or what about when they wiped out the True Mandalorians, who only fought to protect their people and comrades?! No, the Jedi aren't "keepers of peace", they're just a bunch of hypocrites, who don't even serve the Will of the Force, anymore. Instead, twisting it into the will of a corrupt government. That's not even counting their own bigotry towards other Force based Religions, including ones that follow the Light Side as well. Because they're arrogant enough to believe that they're the true Champions of the Light Side. With these Religions being assimilated them into the Jedi Order, whether through peace or force. Yeah, what a real peaceful Order." Naruto retorted, as Anakin looked shaken at hearing this, and couldn't even say that Naruto was lying, because he could sense it in the Force that he was telling the truth.

"How do you know all this?" Anakin asked.

"My fathers a Bounty Hunter, and before that, he was the leader of the True Mandalorians. He was able to learn a lot about the galaxy through the Galactic Underworld, and other sources. Plus, him and his associates don't see the Jedi and Republic through the rose-tinted glasses that the rest of the galaxy does. At least, those that weren't horribly wronged by those allied two factions, in some way. And he made sure I was kept up to date on events in the galaxy, both public and covered up ones." Naruto answered.

This silences Anakin for a moment, not sure what to say in response.

"Well, even if that's true, maybe I can change the Jedi Order into something better." Anakin said, wanting to become a powerful Jedi so he could one day return to Tatooine and get rid of slavery on the planet, as well as see his mother again.

"Perhaps you can, but I'm not holding my breath. You have just as much potential to become the typical arrogant and hypocritical Jedi. Or perhaps, you'll go down the path of a Dark Jedi, or even a Sith, once you realize the corruption in the Order, and it shatters you. We'll just have to wait and see, now won't we." Naruto said, before going to a corner and lying down, with his back against the wall.

"You have first watch, just in case my father or your master finds us. Or if the pirates come looking, to see if we survived." Said Naruto, before going to sleep, while leaving Anakin alone to his thoughts.

Anakin briefly considered getting his Lightsaber back but dismissed the thought. While he can tell that Naruto's asleep, he doubts that he let his guard down. Besides, at the moment, Anakin was more preoccupied with his thoughts of what Naruto told him, than his worry about getting his Lightsaber back.

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